“He refused to talk to me for 3 years” Bahati’s baby mama reveals Dad’s reaction to her Pregnancy

Yvette Obura who is the mother to Bahati’s eldest daughter, Mueni has shocked after revealing her dad refused to talk to her until her daughter turned 2 years.

Yvette Obura with her brothers

Having been raised in a strict family, Yvette had to deal with her dad’s cold reaction after he found out she was pregnant.

The lady revealed this in a new long post where she not only revealed a few details about her family; but also went ahead to celebrate her dad and brothers on Father’s Day.

Dad goes mute

According Yvette, her dad is a superhero who ensured that his family lacked nothing. He ensured that his 10 kids and wife were well taken care of despite the hardships.

Mr Obura

However, the day he learnt that his youngest daughter (Yvette) was pregnant is the same day he chose to silent treat her. She revealed this through her Instagram where she narrated her story saying.

Yvette’s Instagram post

¨Waa aki men!!¨ fans lash out at Bahati for neglecting 1st baby mama, Yvette Obura on Mother´s Day

Bahati and Diana Marua cuddle each other with sweet heartwarming words over the weekend but fans in response question his unstated motive with his first baby mama, Yvette Obura.


As this past weekend saw Mothers shown nothing but love and warmth, gospel star, Bahati showered his second baby mama, Diana with well-picked words captioning:


That is fine, there is nothing totally wrong with it, the only itch is the message in his words:

Thank you for giving me a Chance to be Called a Father.
Thank you for Being the Best Mum to my Kids.
HAPPY MOTHERS DAY LOVE ❤️ @diana_marua

It is quite evident that EMB King is more than grateful to have been accorded the title ´Father´ but from who?


However, if any one is to take note, the singer has 2 blood daughters, from 2 different mothers.


Yvette Obura graced Bahati´s heart first, blessing him with his first born daughter, Mueni Bahati before calling it quits.

As we speak, the youthful artist fathers 3 children, 2 girls of his blood and one son, from Diana´s previous relationship.



Yvette too would deserve to be appreciated for bringing to life a lovely daughter whom Bahati cherishes, the first of his blood line.


Bahati had it rough with fans after being questioned for leaving Yvette out of the entire ¨Happy Mother´s Day¨ mix:

You do know you can wish both mama Mueni and Diana happy Mother’s Day?

Being married to one doesn’t negate the fact that you have another woman raising your child.

In concurrence:

Wisdom sister


good point



Further on:

N mama mueni alifanya uitwe mama? Just asking


U didn’t wish mama mueni yet she gave ur first born? waa aki men!!

Pretending to love pple yet can’t tell them the truth….
A first born is God’s blessings n I nid to appreciate their mother s nkts
Na mama mueni?
Yvette was the first to make you a dad..happy mother’s day Yvette and Diana

Wedding bells? Bahati’s baby mama to finally settle down with her new man

Yvette Obura who is Bahati’s first baby mama is among the very few women who don’t practice baby mama drama!

Well, many people on social media consider her wise and above all – a woman many should learn a thing or two from.

Deapite having a child with the popular gospel singer, Yvette managed to keep the information on the low; until the singer decided to share the news through his social media pages.

However, just like most couples Yvette and Bahati decided to raise their baby girl Mueni separately after their relationship did not work out.


According to Yvette, co parenting only works when boundaries are respected. The lady says that she has managed to work with her baby’s father because they are also seeing other people on the side.

During a question and answer session on her gram, Yvette revealed that she is cool about meeting Diana Marua when time is right.

In another post she also hinted about a possible wedding with her current man who is from Mombasa. Hopefully she will also introduce him on her Instagram soon.

Body goals! Bahati’s baby mama shows off new figure after shedding off baby fat

Bahati’s baby mama Yvette Obura is on a mission to get her body back in shape. The lady who is widely known thanks to the baby girl she had with Bahati recently came out to encourage her fans on the importance of weight loss.

Yvette Obura

Just like most new mum’s Yvette struggled with baby fat after welcoming her first child. Well, shedding off baby fat has always been a challenge to most mum’s and this could be the reason it took the young mum 3 years to get where she is today.

8Kgs down

Through her instagram page Yvette revealed that in the month of January she managed to shed off 8kgs. This is however the beginning as she plans to cut down more weight. She wrote saying;

Bahati’s baby mama

“If this doesn’t motivate someone out there then I don’t know what will… Am not yet there though but yoooo am super proud of myself .7inches down around my tummy. 8kgs down. 2 sizes down exactly a month to my 26th birthday I can’t wait to drop more kgs this month,”


Cold war! The real reason why Bahati’s baby mamas Diana Marua and Yvette Obura don’t talk to each other

Bahati’s wife Diana Marua and his other baby mama Yvette Obura don’t talk to each other, it appears the two are embroiled in some sort of cold war.

In December 2018, Diana said that she didn’t know Yvette in person while speaking during an interview with Massawe Japanni on Radio Jambo.

“We don’t know each other because she was in a relationship with Bahati and when I came in, she was not in his life. Her daughter comes home at least once a week. She is innocent and she doesn’t have to be involved in all what people are saying,” said Diana Marua.

Mueni’s birthday

In a recent interview with Word Is, Yvette Obura revealed that Diana and her don’t talk to each other. She however said that she would have invited her to Mueni’s birthday if they were talking to each other.

“We don’t talk but if we did, I would have invited her. After all, she is the wife to my daughter’s dad, and she bonds and even talks with my daughter,” said Yvette.

So the reason why Bahati’s baby mamas don’t talk to each other is because they have no interest to talk to each other, this despite the fact that Mueni spends time with her father at Diana’s house.

L-R: Mueni, Bahati, Diana Marua and baby Heaven
L-R: Mueni, Bahati, Diana Marua and baby Heaven




Yvette Obura speaks on Bahati paying 160k per term for their daughter’s school fees

Gospel singer Bahati recently revealed his plan to send his daughter Mueni to Potterhouse school where parents folk out as much as Kes 160,000 per term in school fees.

Bahati’s baby mama Yvette Obura has expressed her opinion about her daughter joining Potterhouse school. Speaking during an interview with Word Is, Yvette said that she couldn’t stop Bahati from doing anything he pleases for their daughter.

“I don’t have anything to say because it’s her dad who is paying for her school fees. If he can afford it okay, I am very happy because my child will be in a good school. Anything that Bahati chooses to do for his daughter Mueni, I cannot stop him. After all, he is the dad and I don’t want him to feel like I am putting a wall to block him from supporting his child,” said Yvette.

Yvette Obura with her daughter Mueni
Yvette Obura with her daughter Mueni

Yvette also spoke about her relationship. Bahati’s baby mama is dating again after breaking up with the gospel singer years ago. The two went their separate ways shortly after Yvette got pregnant with their daughter Mueni.

The mother of one revealed her current boyfriend is such a nice person and that she wouldn’t want to post him on social media.

“This guy, even thinking about him alone gives me chills because he is such a nice guy. I only posted him once, although I did not show his face. I love him so much and I thank God for him as well,” said Yvette.

Adding that;

“I have not told Bahati anything about my personal life because everything we discuss is about Mueni.”





Bahati’s ruthless reply after fans asked him to treat his baby mama with holiday trip

Gospel singer Bahati has a baby mama, Kisha Yvette Obura and together they have a daughter.

Bahati, who also has a baby with wife Diana Marua, has being doing all things possible to ensure he spends time with her daughter. Yvette is currently engaged but has a co-parenting arrangement with Bahati.

“Funny enough, my baby calls my fiancé uncle. She doesn’t call anyone else ‘Baba’. She loves him too much that I get scared at times… She’s always like ‘Mama wapi baba? Mimi taka baba!'” said Obura in an interview after revealing she moved on to another man. 


The singer usually picks his daughter up weekly and enjoys some daddy time with her. A curious fan on social media, however, wondered why Bahati has never treated his baby mama with trips and outings like he does to their child.

Bahati had a every interesting answer to that question saying that he treats her daughter because he gave birth to her and not the baby mama.


“Tunakuwanga na arguments” Yvette Obura explains the pain of co-parenting with Bahati now that he’s married

Diana Marua factor has complicated matters for Bahati and his baby mama Yvette Obura who are co-parenting to raise their daughter Mueni Bahati.

Speaking while making her debut on reality TV show ‘Being Bahati’, Yvette disclosed that she argues a lot with Bahati because they are both hard-headed.

“Co-parenting si rahisi, you know he has a wife halafu maybe am in another relationship. Halafu unajua kuna zile time hatuwezi pigiana pigiana simu ati Mueni anataka hii. Sisi wote ni vichwa ngumu, tunakuwanga na arguments, every now and then the main focus ni Mueni, sisi ni non-foctor,” said Yvette.

English/Swahili conflict
Bahati with his daughters Mueni and Heaven
Bahati with his daughters Mueni and Heaven

Yvette further revealed that she clashed with her baby daddy because he wants her to teach Mueni English whereas they leave in Eastlands where Swahili is the most spoken language.

“Huko Instagram unaeka picha ya Mueni watu wanauliza kwani haendangi shule, baba yake at ooh mtoto hanafaa kujua English, mi siongeangi English, so mi nilidecied to kucall the Dad so atakuwa anamchukua yeye mwenyewe huko Eastlands anampleka mpaka Runda, labda Mueni atatoka huko na Pizza tutakula pia sisi,” said Yvette.



“Am not single” Bahati’s baby mama Yvette Obura flaunts promise ring

Yvette Obura has come out to set the record straight about her relationship status. Most people thought she was single but it turns out she is in a serious relationship.

For starters, Yvette and Bahati are raising their daughter Mueni Bahati separately after parting ways years ago. The two dated before Bahati became a celebrity.

Yvette answered questions about her relationship during Q&A session with her fans on Instagram. She made it clear that she wasn’t single.

Promise ring

Yvette also revealed that her sweetheart had given her a promise ring. Her profile picture on Instagram shows the promise ring on her finger.

Promise rings are gaining popularity among couples that may not feel the need to put a label on their relationship or stick to a timetable. For them, a ring is an outside symbol to people who move in together and have no immediate plans for marriage but are clearly in a committed relationship. If an engagement ring comes along in the future, the promise ring often moves over to the opposite hand.[sic]


Bahati’s baby mama Yvette Obura working tirelessly to get rid of her pot belly (Photos)

Yvette Obura is on a mission to get her body shape to a much more desirable look. The mother of one shared photos showing her progress in losing weight.

Yvette flaunted her current shape in photos posted on social media. She gained weight during her pregnancy and now she is tirelessly working to regain her sexy self.

Not yet there

Bahati’s baby mama wants to completely get rid of her pot belly, perhaps to have six pack abs like Akothee. The bulging bellies are usually caused by fat, good physical exercise could rid the body of the fats.

Bahati’s daughter falls sick again

Bahati’s firstborn daughter Mueni Bahati has fallen ill again. It’s the second time in a short period that the kid has become sick again.

Mueni fell sick just a while back after her young sister Heaven Bahati was discharged from hospital. It was not clear what was ailing the kid but sure it was a hard time for Bahati whose daughters fell ill within a short interval.

Bahati with his daughter Mueni Bahati
Bahati with his daughter Mueni Bahati
Keep fighting baby

Mueni’s mother Yvette Obura broke news about her daughter falling ill on social media on Wednesday July 4th. Her words seem to indicate that Mueni is in a critical condition.

“Keep Fighting Baby I Know God Got you and I Got you too, You’ll will be well babyy???…” Wrote Yvette Obura.



Bahati and his baby mama Yvette Obura flirt with each other on social media

Bahati and his baby mama Yvette Obura seems to be getting on each other’s good side. The two have clashed before in the past but now there seems to be a silver lining in their relationship.

Bahati and his baby mama have been on opposite ends for quite a while. At one point Yvette took subliminal shots at Bahati for being absence in their daughter’s life.

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Mothers’ Day

Bahati jotted down a touching message to Yvette on Mothers’ Day. The gospel singer told her baby mama that he respects her for being the mother of his firstborn.

Yvette Obura with her daughter Mueni Bahati
Yvette Obura with her daughter Mueni Bahati

“Happy Mother’s Day Mama Mueni. I Respect you as the Mother to my First Born Daughter @Mueni_Bahati,” wrote Bahati.

Yvette also took to social media to commend her baby daddy on acquiring a new van. Bahati bought the van for his record label EMB Records ahead of a planned tour to different towns in Kenya.

“When i talk of God’s blessings, i see that in you …. proud of you baba mueni?,” wrote Yvette Obura.




Bahati spends time with firstborn daughter after baby mama complains about absentee parents

Bahati’s baby mama Yvette Obura expressed her frustrations about absentee fathers in a message seen to be directed to her baby daddy.

Bahati’s attention has been on his newborn daughter Heaven Bahati. The ‘Ten Over Ten’ singer became a father again on February 14th when his wife Diana Marua gave birth.

Yvette Obura took a subliminal shot at Bahati for giving his firstborn daughter the cold shoulder. She says parenting is not about child support money but presence.

“I’ve been talking to people around me about absentee parents and it’s never about money but presence,” wrote Yvette Obura in part.

Bahati gets the message

Bahati decided to spend Easter holiday with his firstborn daughter Mueni Bahati following Yvette Obura’s protest. He shared photo to show how he is a caring father to both of his daughters.

“Dinner with my First Born Daughter? @mueni_bahati #HappyEasterFromUs ❤” Bahati captioned the photo he shared.

Bahati with his firstborn daughter



“I will raise her according to my capability” Bahati’s baby mama shuts down purveyors of moral correctness

Bahati’s baby mama Yvette Obura has responded to people telling her how to raise her daughter Mueni Bahati. Yvette had no kind words to say to those teaching her how to be a mother.

For starters, Bahati is a father to two girls – Mueni Bahati and Heaven Bahati. The gospel singer got his first daughter three years ago while his second daughter was born on Valentine’s Day 2018.

Mueni Bahati
No to societal pressure

Mueni Bahati’s mother has shut down purveyors of moral correctness who are dictating to her how she ought to raise her daughter.

Yvette Obura states that she has turned a deaf ear to what people tell her. She asserts that she will raise her daughter according to her capability and how my mother taught her.

Yvette Obura with her daughter Mueni Bahati

“No,I won’t raise my daughter according to society pressures or how social media expects me too..i will raise her according to my capability and how my mother taught me, because am just an ordinary girl trying to raise her child just like any other ordinary mother out there,no high expectations on this and if you expected more than what you see sorry to dissapoint you on this but she’s MY daughter not OURS?…” Wrote Yvette Obura.


Ultimate TBT: Unbelievable photos of Bahati and his baby mama Yvette Obura when they were ashy and worn out

Bahati and his baby mama Yvette Obura have had an amazing transformation over years. The two former sweethearts used to have the real ‘look of poverty’ before the fame.

For starters, Bahati is a father of two girls. His wife Diana Marua gave birth to a bouncing baby girl on Valentine’s Day. Bahati has another daughter Mueni Bahati whose mother is Yvette Obura.

Bahati with his daughter Mueni Bahati

Ghafla stumbled up old photos of Bahati and his baby mama Yvette . The photos are a demonstration of a boy and girl who rose above all odds to shape their destiny.

Take a look below:

Yvette Obura in present day
Yvette Obura back then



“My baby doesn’t call Bahati dad” Bahati’s baby mama Yvette Obura opens up

Mueni Bahati is having two father figures in her life – her biological father (Bahati) and her mother’s fiancé. Apparently the kid doesn’t even refer Bahati as ‘baba’.

Bahati’s daughter is being raised by her mother Yvette Obura who has moved on with her life since her relationship with Bahati hit rock bottom.

Bahati with her biological daughter – Mueni Bahati

Speaking to Word Is, Yvette Obura stated that her daughter doesn’t call Bahati ‘dad’. She also said that Mueni keeps on asking her where her father is.

“Funny enough, my baby calls my fiancé uncle. She doesn’t call anyone else ‘Baba’. She loves him too much that I get scared at times… She’s always like ‘Mama wapi baba? Mimi taka baba!” Yvette said.

Yvette Obura

The lass also disclosed that her fiancé was struggling to cope with the media drama that comes with being Bahati’s baby mama.

“He’s an easy and understanding man. That’s the goodness but he is human. You know, sometimes he’s like, ‘Babe this is too much to handle’ and I feel him, so maybe it’s high time for all this to stop,” said Yvette.


Bahati’s baby mama Yvette Obura changes her attitude towards Diana Marua

Initially there was bad blood between Yvette and Diana Marua, this was evident when Diana posed for photos with Bahati’s daughter – Mueni Bahati.

Yvette caught a major one when Bahati’s sweetheart bonded with her daughter, she threw shade at Diana for hanging out with Mueni.

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Diana Marua and Mueni Bahati

Well, Yvette has since changed her attitude towards Diana Marua, the lass revealed that she was cool with Diana taking care of her daughter. She even said that she’s happy to co-parent with Diana.

“I don’t see her as the stepmother, she is in fact the other mother to my daughter,” Yvette was quoted by Mpasho.

Yvette further stated that she had accepted Bahati had moved on with another lady, she made clear that she was happy for her baby daddy and his new sweetheart.

Bahati and his daughter Mueni Bahati


Bahati’s girlfriend attacked by his baby mama’s friend after sharing a photo of the little girl

The lady who has been identified as Bahati’s baby mama, Kisha Yvette Obura has not said anything since the young singer shared a photo of their daughter who was born 2 years ago. However, Yvette Obura’s friend has gone ahead to throw shade to Diana Marua after uploading a photo hanging out with baby girl Mueni Bahati.

Bahati’s baby mama, Yvette 

While going through the comments posted under the photo shared by Diana, I couldn’t help but see people congratulating her for being a good example to other women dating men with children outside. Others were a bit cold as they asked her to get her own child but what caught my attention is one lady by the name of Mueni__ who claims to be best friends with Bahati’s baby mama and the godmother of baby Mueni.

The lady went on to call out Diana Marua for posting a photo of the little girl without the mothers consent. She wrote saying,

However we are not quite sure why things are beginning to look ugly but hopefully the ladies will find a solution to this, right?