Zari announces she’s done mourning her fallen baby daddy – Ivan Ssemwanga

Ivan’s death devastated Zari Hassan even though they had already split years ago. Zari has now got over the death of her baby daddy.

The death of Ivan was a tormenting experience for Zari, she was forced to fend off opportunists who were eager to get their hands on Ivan’s property while at the same time she was struggling with grief.

Diamond’s wife was overwhelmed with emotion during Ivan’s requiem mass in Kampala and his burial in his rural home, she was inconsolable.

Zari’s sons console her during Ivan’s burial

Whoever said time heals all wounds was right, Zari has since recovered from the painful experience. She took to the social media to reveal that she had gotten over the death of Ivan.

She shared her photos and captioned them with words that revealed she was full of energy – she has brought back her old self

Zari’s caption: Me this morning. All you need is GOD and a THICK SKIN?

It’s called MANNING-UP?

Trouble in paradise; Is Diamond Platnumz taking shots at his baby mama in his latest photo?

Fans have started talking on social media and word has it that Diamond Platnumz and his baby mama Zari Hassan have not been getting along.

This all started when Ivan Don, Zari’s first husband passed away in South Africa and when his body was brought back to Uganda Diamond Platnumz did not attend the funeral leaving many wondering whether he was really there for his baby mama and her 3 sons.

Since then Zari has been in East Africa for about a week and she has not been spotted with Diamond Platnumz. Apparently the two have not met and if indeed their is trouble between the two then Diamond Platnumz has confirmed it on his latest post where he wrote saying that his mum is the only ‘real’ woman in his life. Checkout the post below;

“Vera Sidika reached out to me” Zari defends Vera and opens up about Ivan’s poisoning claims and the child he sired out of wedlock

Zari Hassan has finally opened up about everything; cause of Ivan Ssemwanga’s death, the fights with Ivan’s family and the alleged kid Ivan fathered out of wedlock.

Zari has defended Vera Sidika against critics who called her a fake friend for failing to attend Ivan Ssemwanga’s burial.

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In an interview with Millard Ayo TV, Zari said Vera had always contacted her to check on her throughout the entire period.

“Nimeona Vera Sidika was attacked ‘you didn’t even support Zari’ but she has been reaching out to me. Nimekuta a lot of her WhatsApp ‘Hi Zari how you, yani what’s going on I can’t get you. Sio lazima aende social media” Zari Said.

Zari Hassan (fourth on left) and Vera Sidika (sixth on right) during a White Party

She also rubbished claims that Ivan was poisoned, Zari made it clear that Ivan died because of the stroke he suffered which ruptured veins in his head resulting to blood flowing in his brain.

“Ivan was never poison, Ivan alikua na high blood pressure na hajawai kupima na if alipima he’s never taken it serious that he needs to take his medication. So what happened alipata stroke, vile alipata stroke high blood pia ikapanda. Now during the stroke akawa paralyzed one side of the body which is the left. And during the stroke venye imempiga, imempiga vibaya akapasuka vein in his head…in his brain…mshipa right? That thing in the head ikamwaga damu in his brain so daktari wakaniambia most of the patients like him, 80% of those patients like they die immediately. Wakaniambia 20% wenye wamebaki usually they die within a month and the other 10% hao…if they come back, if they make it wanakua fully dependent yani kumvalisha pampers, kumogesha, kumkulisha and things like that.

Ivan Ssemwanga in hospital

“So nkamuuliza ‘doctor what’s going on with my patient I wanna know’ akaniambia ‘look we are only trying to see what we can…wakamfanya operation to reduce the pressure on the brain ya ile damu lakini the operation also wasn’t successful because during the operation pressure ilikua inapanda inashuka inapanda inashuka and then also during the same operation he over bled so they didn’t continue with the operation because he was going die immediately, wakamrudisha in the ward to try stabilize him so that they can see if they can perform a second operation. So during that time when they were supposed to go back hali yake ikawa it’s just getting down and then towards the last day wakanipigia simu ‘look it’s not good you need to come and say goodbye because tumeona blood pressure kwanza ilipanda sana 220, normal blood is about 120/125. Ivan alikua 220 ilikua so bad ikakataa, sasa vile imeshuka ikashuka to 36 which was really bad. So wakatuambia come and say goodbyes tukasema our goodbyes tukarudi nyumbani because that day imepita nothing happened. Usiku around 2 o’clock on am…was it Tuesday or Wednesday 2am wakanipigia simu your patient has passed on, lakini during the day they had already told us that he’s on the process of passing on, wakatuambia no more visitors let him pass on, let his soul go in peace. It’s not poison, amekufa kwasababu of a stroke which ruptured vein in his brain coz a lot of bleeding, it was bad.” Zari explained.

Diamond’s wife also denied claims that Ivan had fathered a child out of wedlock, she explained that the said child was actually fathered by Ivan’s brother who died during a robbery at Ivan’s house in Kampala. Zari said they adopted the kid after the incident.

Zari Hassan with her boys whom were fathered by Ivan Ssemwanga

“Ivan amekuwa na watoto watatu, he had three boy and that’s it, the whole world knows.  The kid they are talking about in question…way back, tulipata wajambazi when I was still with him and then they came home ah hmmm…. Until today I don’t know what they wanted. So as we were driving they came in with arsenal wakatuambia ‘give me the handbag, where is the safe’ nini nini…and then I said there is no money kila kitu. So Ivan was in town nika negotiate nao sana sana. So during the negotiation kakake Ivan he was a little bid mentally kidogo tu disturbed sio sana but you know saa zingine ziko and then… so when he came out of the house, nlikua nje nimesimama bila kuingua ndani ya nyumba but we were already inside the yard. So ye alikua ndani so when he heard the whole misunderstanding outside he came out to stab one of the guys, he shot him, he died. So Brian alikua na huyu mtoto Winny. And Winny was I think six or eight months… So Ivan said your father died because he was saving my family am going to adopt you and make you my own child. I will take care of you na kila kitu. So that’s Ivan’s brother’s kid. But we adopted her and take care of her, until today she calls me her mom. So it’s not like kuna mtoto nini, no no no!” Zari explained.

Watch the whole interview in the video below:

Zari seeks solace in a top Ugandan male socialite whom she spent a night with (Photos)

Zari Hassan hasn’t returned home in Dar es Salaam to be with her husband, she was seen having a good time with a male socialite.

Uganda top socialite and fashionista William Bugeme popularly known as Boss Mutoto has offered Zari Hassan a shoulder to lean on.

Zari Hassan, who is still grieving her ex husband’s death, hasn’t travelled back to Tanzania to be with her husband Diamond Platnumz.

Mama Tiffah is staying at her home in Uganda where people are still streaming in to console her. Boss Mutoto is among the few people who spent a night with Zari to offer her solace.

Zari and the popular Uganda socialite who is a member of The Money Team (TMT)- a rival gang to Ivan’s Rich Gang, spent the night eating sausages and offering each other comfort on the couch.

“I can’t eat sausage it late Williams … just one ?… And she said yes ?.@zarithebosslady ##BossMutoto #TMT #TBE” Boss Mutoto captioned a photo of Zari eating barbecued sausage he had prepared.


“My Mayweather I appreciate you?@williamsbugeme” Zari also captioned a photo of Boss Mutoto and her relaxing on the couch.

The two – Zari and Boss Mutoto were also tight during the entire time that preceded Ivan’s burial.

Diamond Platnumz manager reveals the main reason the artist did not travel to be with Zari in Uganda

There are different stories making rounds on social media claiming that Diamond Platnumz and his baby mama are not in good terms with his baby mama.

This came after the singer failed to attend Ivan’s funeral in Uganda a few days after he confirmed that he would be present to support the boys and Zari.

Well, Salaam who happens to be Diamond Platnumz manager has come fourth to reveal that the reason they could not avail themselves for funeral is simply because at the time Zari’s family had already moved to the village where Ivan was to be buried. This made it hard for them to travel as Diamond had a few businesses he was to attend to and having gone to the village would have affected his plans.

Anyway listen to the audio below:

“You might not be physically here but you will forever be remembered” Zari Hassan beautiful message to her late husband

It’s not everyday you find women wishing their exes the best. In fact, most wish death on them (sooo true) but Zari Hassan is proving to be different. From her posts one can clearly see her wishing that Ivan wouldn’t have left them so soon.

Despite having separated, she was still close to him for the sake of their sons and their friendship that began even before they became man and wife. Now that Ivan’s body was buried and is now in a better place…Zari Hassan shared a photo showing the shrine she made for him at her house to pray and remember him.

She wrote saying,

“Death robbed you from us but I strongly believe you are in a better place now that you are with God. Your physical presence will be missed but you will forever be remembered. Till we meet again, Rest in internal peace Ivan the Don.”

Her sons have also been doing the same but their fathers death came at a time when they did not expect it!

“You won’t attack Diamond Platnumz who was performing in Kenya but you attack me?” Vera Sidika goes ham on fans after accusing her of being a fake friend to Zari Hassan

Vera Sidika was among the first friends who reached out to Zari Hassan after her ex husband, the late Ivan Don passed on. She went ahead to post a message comforting the mother of 5 and her sons through her Instagram page.

However, most fans think that she did not do what a true friend would have done. According to her she has been receiving messages on her IG and snapchat from fans who claim that she was not there when Zari Hassan needed her the most.

According to them she did not make an effort of going to Uganda for the funeral like most of Zari’s friends did. But, Vera says that she did not need to be there physically to show her support. She went on to add that she was communicating with Zari the whole time and for this reason people should stop calling her names as they do not understand what was going on.

She however fired her guns after hinting that these fans should have been questioning Diamond Platnumz for now being there for his wife and not her since their level of friendship cannot be compared to what Zari and Diamond Platnumz share:

Vera Sidika revealed this through her Instagram stories and you can see her posts below:

Zari’s remarks during Ivan Ssemwanga’s requiem mass proves she’s an iron lady

Zari Hassan is being fought left right and center by Ivan Ssemwanga’s family. But Diamond’s wife is an iron lady who doesn’t cow to intimidations.

Zari’s woes with her ex husband’s family and close friends started in South Africa a few days before the fallen tycoon passed on.

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Ivan’s family is treating Zari like a totally stranger who is out to grab their kin’s property. Ivan’s uncle Herbert Luyinda blamed Zari for the tycoon’s death and even dared said that she should take DNA test to determine whether her three boys are Ivan’s biological children.

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Well, Zari remarks during Ivan Ssemwanga’s requiem mass proved she’s an iron lady – the church service was held at Namirembe Cathedral on Monday.

Zari stated that she was strong despite everything that was thrown on her path. She made it clear that her mother single-handedly raised her to be a strong woman and that she will do the same with her kids.

Zari Hassan with her sons during Ivan Ssemwanga’s requiem mass at Namirembe Cathedral on Monday

“My mother raised me single-handedly and taught me to be strong. I will do the right thing for him (Ivan) and the boys.” Zari said.

Ivan body was transported to his ancestral home in Kayunga after the requiem mass, he will be buried today May 30th.

Ivan’s family blames Zari Hassan for their sons death and demand DNA for her 3 sons

Things keep getting hard for Zari Hassan as Ivan’s family and relatives have been giving her a hard time now that they blame her for their sons death.

Herbert Luyinda who is Ivan’s uncle and the one acting like their father right now claims that Zari is to blame for the death of Ivan as she put him through a lot since she walked out on him. Speaking to a popular Ugandan tabloid, Herbert says that Ivan always opened up to him about the troubles he was facing now that Zari had moved on with Tanzanian singer Diamond Platnumz. He said,

“As a family, we have no doubt that Zari is the cause of Ivan’s suffering that led him to die. Ever since the two separated, Ivan has never been the same. Our son loved that woman so much. He took care of her in all situations but Zari with her bad manners decided to dump him for Diamond. This disorganised him so much. He started developing hardships in his heath”

In other news, now the family demands a DNA of Zari’s three sons just to be sure that they are Ivan’s biological kids. From the videos making rounds on social media, Ivan’s friends and family are seen sideling Zari and her sons while at the funeral service held in South Africa.

Zari Hassan breaks down during the late Ivan’s funeral service in South Africa

It has been tough for Zari, her sons and family at large to accept that Ivan Ssemwanga is gone. This has clearly been seen in the videos and photos making rounds on social media from the funeral service held in South Africa on Saturday hours before his body was moved to Uganda where he will be laid to rest tomorrow.

For those who did not think that Ivan Don’s death would affect Zari then they were wrong. Zari was spotted breaking down helplessly during the funeral service and despite having her friends with her, the mother of 5 could not hold back her tears.

The memories, laughter, tears and times she shared with her late ex husband always kept them close when he was still alive. They coparented in ways no one understood and seeing her break down was enough proof to show that they still had some connection.

Below are a few photos and a video clip showing the lass tear down as she said her goodbyes to her late friend and father of her 3 boys.

Beautiful photos from the late Ivan Don and Zari Hassan’s simple wedding

A lot has been said about Zari especially now that her ex husband passed on this past Tuesday and confirmed the news on Thursday after she publicly announced that he was no more.

There are fans who have been encouraging her while others have been criticizing her for leaving the fella only to fight for his property when he is dead. However what many don’t know is that the late Ivan Don loved Zari Hassan until his last day on earth.

The two are said to have had a relationship that many could not understand simply because they had 3 sons together and as far as matters are concerned….Zari was his first love. A few years ago the two made their union official by holding a traditional wedding that many know nothing about. I however bumped into a few photos from the wedding and you can check them out below:

Shocking details of how Zari and Lawrence Kiyingi were thrown out of hospital for fighting over Ivan’s property days before he died

Ivan Ssemwanga’s best friend Lawrence Kiyingi aka King Lawrence and his ex wife Zari Hassan were locked in a fierce tussle over his property days before he passed on.

The brawl started after the two learnt that Ivan had negligible chance of surviving following the deterioration of his condition after suffering a stroke.

Ugandan news outlet Big Eye, who interviewed a close relative and friend of Ivan, reported that the deceased businessman could only produce hissing sounds during his last days on earth.

Zari and her ex husband Ivan Ssemwanga during happy days

“He would smile at his hospital visitors, wink but no words came out except hissing sounds that had come to define his new language. “’Mmmmmmm mmm ooommmm ommmmm,’ that’s all I ever heard from Ivan when I visited him in hospital. No words, nothing. I remember being there when Zari visited, he held her hand, pressed it hard then went off in ‘mmmm oooo mmm’,” a close friend of Ivan was quoted by Big Eye.

Meanwhile King Lawrence, a member of Ivan’s Rich Gang crew, was busy combing Ivan’s house in South Africa in search of the Don’s financial documents, titles, and all keys to his wealth.

Ivan Ssemwanga (center) the godfather of the Rich Gang. King Lawrence (left) was Ivan’s best friend. Other members of Rich Gang include; Shafiq Katumba (Katsha) and Eddie Kyeyune (Ed Chuene)

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Lawrence faced off with Zari who accused him of wanting to reap from where he did not sow. Lawrence and Zari’s fight also happened in hospital a few days before the Ugandan businessman passed on.

“At one point, these fights reached hospital and the two together with other family members had to be thrown out of hospital for the peace and sanity of the sick person. Ivan saw these fights, read some on Facebook but he just could not reply to anything. Someone had to hold the phone for him. And he had no reply just the hissing sounds. Deep down, he must have felt betrayed, used and abandoned by those he considered his closest,” the source said.

Apparently Ivan died on Tuesday morning a few hours before Zari was called to bid her ex husband the final goodbye. Big Eye says that doctors told her that Ivan would die anytime since his organs had all failed.

After doctors pronounced Ivan Ssemwanga dead, Zari approached senior management at Steven Biko hospital in Pretoria and asked them not to tell others about the death of Ivan.

Ivan Ssemwanga at Steven Biko hospital in Pretoria, South Africa

She explained that she needed time to get everything in order to prevent King Lawrence and other family members from taking her ex husband’s wealth which was supposed to be inherited by her three boys whom she sired with Ivan.

The hospital management gave her an extension of a day and today Wednesday May 25th Zari broke the sad news to the whole world.

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But Zari isn’t out of the woods yet, a major confrontation awaits her in Uganda as the body of her ex husband is expected to be buried in his native country.

Zari Hassan with her boys who were fathered by Ivan Ssemwanga




Beautiful photos of the late Ivan Don spending time with his 3 sons and ex wife Zari Hassan

Before Zari Hassan got involved with Diamond Platnumz, to be honest we didn’t know much about the lass and her family. However, with time we learnt about her sons and her ex husband Ivan Don who was a socialite, businessman and a Ugandan tycoon.

Unfortunately Ivan Don as he is known is said to have passed on in the wee hours this morning leaving many shocked as we never saw it coming. The late dad of three boys apparently suffered a heart condition that left him lifeless a few days after being admitted to the ICU.

Though he is gone, I have a compiled a few photos of the guy spending some quality time with his ex wife and their sons when he was still alive. These are the times he looked happier compared to their photos we have come to see since he split with his ex wife.

If I am not wrong, Ivan Don never married again after Zari nor does he have any kids outside that we have heard of (yet). Anyway checkout the photos here.



Family, friends and fans mourn the life of Ivan Don moments after his ex wife confirmed he had passed on

It is indeed a sad morning as Africa has woken up to news confirming that Zari’s ex husband had passed on in the wee morning hours today. He has been admitted at the ICU following a heart condition that saw him lose the battle this morning.

Ivan passes on
Ivan passes on

Zari who happens to be his ex wife and mother of their 3 boys confirmed that Ivan Don had died through a moving message she shared on her social media celebrating him for the life he had lived and how great he had been to their family.

After her message, friends and fans flooded on her post leaving messages of condolences to Zari and her sons as they go through this hard time. Among them is Ugandan singer Eddy Kenzo who wrote saying…

We cannot explain the pain all his fans and family are feeling but we send out our heart felt condolences to his family.

Sad! Zari Hassan confirms her ex husband Ivan Ssemwanga has died

Ivan Ssemwanga has passed on while receiving treatment at Steve Biko Hospital in Pretoria, South African. The deceased was the father of Zari Hassan’s three boys.

Zari has confirmed her ex husband has died; yesterday social media was awash with rumors of Ivan’s passing but no one really knew the truth of the matter.

“God loves those that are special and that’s exactly who you were & I guess that’s why he wanted you to himself. You have touched and helped thousands, you did wonders and I remember you telling me “life is too short Zee let me live it to the fullest.

“This very dark hour it makes sense why you always said those words to me. To your sons, you were a hero-some kind of superman. Anyone who has ever been in your presence knows what a charming person you were.

“You will be missed and remembered in so many ways. You were IVAN THE GREAT!” Zari wrote on social media.

Unconfirmed report claims that Ivan went into cardiac arrest and failed to recover. The family is yet to release details of his death.

Meanwhile Ugandan celebrities and people from all over have been sending their condolences to Ivan’s family following confirmation of his death.

“Inna lillahi wainaileihi raju’un,We have lost the strongest ,biggest and irreplaceable pillar in our society @ivandon been a brother a friend ,u inspired and motivated most of US with you love and hardship RIP Chairman #President #King #RichGang May The Almighty judge your soul with mercy Aameen ????” Eddy Kenzo wrote.


Update on Zari’s ex husband: Another heartbreaking photo of Ivan Don on Life-support machine

It is true that money cannot buy life or good health. Some of the richest people in the world can confirm this including Ivan Don, who is currently battling for his life after he suffered a heart attack a few days ago.

According to the stories making rounds on social media, the Ugandan tycoon has not regained his consciousness yet and is still breathing through the help of a life machine that is keeping him alive. Friends have been posting photos of him as they ask fans to join in and pray for the fella’s health as his family is suffering to see him in his current condition.

His latest photo that was posted on social media shows Ivan Don on his hospital bed looking totally different from the Jovial party person we are used to. Though his close friends are however complaining about this photo making rounds on social media, we are not quite sure who shared it since his family and friends are the only people who are allowed to visit him at the hospital.

We however pray that the father of three boys will soon get better and reunite with his family. Checkout the photo below:

Zari Hassan rushes baby Nillan to hospital a few days after her ex husband was hospitalized

Things don’t seem to be going very well for Zari Hassan as she woke up to announce that she had to rush her last born son to the hospital after a short illness a few days after her ex husband and father of her three boys was admitted in the ICU ward following a heart condition.

She however announced that she will now be spending more time in hospital after her baby boy fell ill. Zari announced this through her Instagram page where she posted a photo of the toddler cuddled up in his mum’s arms.

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We are not sure whether it is flu or something else but from her caption we can only hope that Diamond Platnumz son will be fine soon. She wrote saying,

My soldier is down…looks like more hospital days for me.

It is unfortunate that Zari Hassan has to go through this alone since Diamond Platnumz is in Tanzania carrying out some of his projects. We however wish him quick recovery.

Zari Hassan’s ex husband Ivan Ssemwanga put on life support machine as he battles to stay alive

Ivan Don who is the father of Zari’s three sons is now admitted at Steve Biko hospital, Pretoria, South Africa where he is reported to be fighting for his life after being hospitalized following a heart condition after two of his blood vessels burst.

As reported by several Ugandan tabloids Ivan Don has never suffered a heart condition before and as many know he is a man who enjoys going out with friends and living large as he is among the richest people we have in East Africa.

Zari's post
Zari’s post

Anyway a few hours ago Zari Hassan shared a photo of a lit candle as she asked her fans to pray for her baby daddy who is currently hospitalized. She wrote saying…

“Pray for @ivandon”

In another photo Zari is seen at the Steve Biko hospital in Pretoria, South Africa starring at her ex husband who is in coma fighting for his dear life. We are still waiting for more details concerning his health but we wish him a quick recovery.

Ivan fighting for his life
Ivan fighting for his life

“Anything you want I will give you” Diamond publicly tells Zari as he reveals the sacrifice she made to be his wife

Diamond Platnumz has publicly vowed to give his wife ANYTHING he can afford. The Tanzanian superstar narrated how Zari gave up everything to be his wife.

Critics have always said that Zari was just another gold-digger who was after Diamond’s money – this misconception was further fueled when Zari gave birth to two kids in rapid succession.

Diamond and Zari with their kids

However Diamond’s love for Zari is unwavering despite all that has been said about her, the ‘Marry You’ hit maker revealed how much he loves his wife on International Mother’s Day.

He said that Zari agreed to abandon her previous socialite lifestyle to be the mother of his kids, Diamond further disclosed that she was doing an excellent job being his wife.

Baba Tiffah stated that he couldn’t express in words how much he loves Zari, he vowed to give his wife ANYTHING she wants as long as he can afford it.

“Kupata mtu wa kuzaa nae inaweza isiwe tabu sana ila kupata Mwanamke atae kubali kuacha stareh zote za dunia na kukulelea watoto ipaswavyo sio kitu rahisi…. kazi yangu imejawa na vishawishi vigi sana, wakati mwingine napatia wakati mwingine nakukosea lakini siku zote umekuwa mwenye kunielekeza nikoseapo na sio kunihukumu…na ndiomaana siku zote chochote ukitakacho nikiwa nacho lazma nikupe pengine itanisaidia kukuelezea ni kias gani nakupenda na kukuthamini…. Happy Mother’s Day @zarithebosslady,” Diamond wrote.

Zari poses next to a Rolls Royce



All that money and you still borrow clothes: Zari Hassan trolled after she was spotted wearing her friend’s dress to a wedding

I bet many assume that Zari’s closet is full of beautiful clothes and probably new ones she has not had the chance to step out in, right? Maybe.

But this weekend Zari was spotted wearing one of her friend’s dress that has left many questioning where she takes her money to.

Diamond Platnumz baby mama had stepped out for a wedding and since most of her followers often keep up with her lifestyle, they couldn’t help but troll her for wearing a ‘borrowed’ dress.

Hassan Zari
Hassan Zari

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It is however not clear whether Zari had borrowed the dress or the design from her friend who had earlier been seen wearing the similar outfit. Looking at the two ladies it is easy to tell that they both different body shapes making it hard to believe that the dress the lass was seen in was borrowed.

Anyway, this time around Zari did not respond to her comments probably to avoid having a confrontation with her fans. All in all I must agree that she looked rather stunning in her bridal outfit.