Zari gifts herself a new ride worth Ksh 7.9M (Photos)

The boss lady seems to have a lot money sleeping in the bank and for this reason she has now bought herself a new Mercedes Benz E 250 CDI estimated to cost Ksh 7.9 million.

Zari Hassan’s new car

She has however been trying to hide it from her social media pages but since she is among the top known celebrities in East Africa the lady shared a glimpse of her new ride through her social media page (Snapchat) leaving many assuming that she is now taking advantage of the late Ivan Don’s money.

Looking at her the photos of the new ride their is no doubt that Zari wants to roll like a boss and despite the issues she is now facing with Diamond Platnumz and Hamisa Mobetto her life has to keep moving on.

Zari Hassan’s ride


How much did Zari Hassan’s ring cost, you will not believe your eyes!

Word around social media is that Diamond Platnumz bought his first baby mama Zari Hassan a new engagement meaning that this was the second he got on his knees to ask for hand in marriage.

    Zari’s ring

As expected, Zari Hassan shared a photo and videos of the ring on her social media pages flaunting the ‘diamonds’ on her latest accessory giving many a reason to talk.

Judging from her lifestyle and that of Diamond Platnumz, many thought that the ring could have cost millions of money but a new picture making rounds online says something totally different.

The ring has been estimated to cost $9 which is equivalent Ksh 900. Checkout the photo below;

“It’s so sad” Zari and her sister get emotional as they celebrate 40 days after their mom’s death (Photos)

Zari’s mother Halima Hassan passed on in the morning of July 20th at Nakasero Hospital in Kampala where she had been hospitalized for close to three weeks.

The deceased succumbed to diabetes after a long battle with the chronic disease. She was buried a day after her death in accordance with Islamic burial rituals.

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Zari’s mother Halima Hassan

Yesterday August 29th marked 40 days since Halima Hassan passed on. A celebration is usually held on the deceased’s 40th day as this is believed to be the day he/she ascends into heaven, according to most religions.

Zari and her sister Asha celebrated their mother in emotional posts to mark 40th day after her death. The two expressed the pain they were still feeling for losing their mother.

Zari and her sister Asha

“My Angel today marks 40days since your gone. But always in our hearts?❤️❤️. R.I.P. Bibi ???????? I will say it like Princess Sonia say. INVISIBLE BIBI.??” Asha wrote.

“She is at peace…. miss her sana. It’s so sad.. one min your here the next your gone???….” Wrote Zari Hassan.


#The real Eneka! Zari Hassan throws shade a few days after Hamisa Mobetto revealed her son’s name, Abdul Naseeb!

If the kitchen is too hot to have two women in it then I guess one has to leave – but in Diamond Platnumz case both his women are not willing to step down.

After Hamisa Mobetto revealed that her son’s father is Diamond Platnumz…there has been a lot of name calling from the Tanzanian singer and to even make it worse he now trolls her using his music, just like what he did after dumping Wema Sepetunga.

Anyway, Zari who had maintained her silence has finally opened up to throw shade Hamisa Mobetto’s way. Well, in the post Zari is seen singing along to along to Diamond Platnumz song Eneka but her caption is what caught my attention. Well she described her self as the real Eneka – which obviously meant that the other women are nothing but side dishes to her hubby. Checkout the video below;

Wedding bells: Diamond puts an expensive wedding ring on Zari’s finger

Diamond Platnumz is set to officially exchange vows with Zari Hassan if the huge pricey gem on his baby mama’s finger is anything to go by.

The power celebrity couple has been shaken by Hamisa Mobeto’s shenanigans. The Tanzanian model-cum-video vixen sensationally claimed her son was fathered by Diamond, and she even went ahead and named her son after Diamond.

Hamisa’s malicious moves have sparked anxiety among Diamond’s fans as many people believe she is determined to ruin his marriage at all cost.

This is perhaps the reason why Diamond was quick to put a ring on Zari’s finger. Mama Tiffah was seen flaunting her expensive ring on social media with the caption reading ‘I love them huge…”


Zari Hassan finally responds to reports claiming Nillan is not Diamond Platnumz biological son (Photos)

Businesswoman Zari Hassan has lately been a low profile on her social media, unlike before. Well, this is because her big boys are currently on holiday and just like any other mother, she has been spending a lot of time with her babies now that they only have one parent to depend on.

But despite keeping quite and minding her business, social media users will always find a way to irritate her. Surprisingly this time around Zari Hassan did not keep quite as she went ahead to bash Instagram Idlers who are spreading rumors about her youngest son, Nillan Dangote.

Apparently many have been claiming that Nillan is Ivan Ssemwanga’s son since they both have striking resemblance especially around the mouth area and their chubby cheeks.

However, Zari has brushed off these rumors through her social media pages where she came out strong saying Nillan is a 5 star baby and people should think twice before messing with him. She wrote saying;


Unlike her 1st big birthday party, this is how Diamond Platnumz daughter celebrated her 2nd bash (Photos)

Word making rounds on social media is that Tanzanian singer Diamond Platnumz is a father of many but so far he has only acknowledged two kids that is; Tiffah and Nilan Dangote.

His first born Tiffah Dangote turned 2 years on 6th August and unlike the first time – Tiffah did not have a big bash to mark her special day this time around.

However from her mum’s social media pages we have learnt that the little girl spent her special day in the company of her 4 brothers who have become fond of her.

The baby girl however got a special photo shoot session and from the new photos – it is clear to see that Tiffah is following in her mum’s footsteps.

Her parents on the other hand shared the special messages below as they celebrated their only princess. Zari wrote to say;

It’s princess’ world….happy birthday my one and only. My princess…may God see you through with nothing but the best. May you be blessed from this day forward. Most of all, may you be a Godly child. Without God we are nothing. Happy birthday @Princess_Tiffah

Diamond Platnumz on the other hand added to say;

Happy 3 years mama, words can’t express how much I love you my Tee.

Checkout the photos below;

Zari’s brother reveals how much she contributed to their mother’s 55 million shillings hospital bill

Diabetes was the root cause of Halima Hassan’s death contrary to earlier reports that she succumbed to heart disease. Zari’s brother revealed how much it cost them to treat their mother before she finally died.

In his eulogy, Zari brother revealed that his mother was suffering from diabetes and that her pancreas had swollen as a result. He said the chronic disease was the cause of his mother’s death.

Zari’s brother also disclosed that their family spent 55 million Ugandan shillings or Kes 1.5 million in the treatment of their mother. He stated that his sister Zari contributed the bulk of the amount – 12 million UGX or Kes 346,334.

Zari’s brother addressing mourners during his mother’s burial

Meanwhile Zari’s sister Asha famously known as Ashutalal also opened up and said that her mother knew she was going to die thus requested to leave South Africa (where she was first admitted to hospital) for her native Uganda.

“When I used to live with my mom in South Africa but when she started getting sick she told me that she wanted to leave because she didn’t want to return to Uganda in a coffin. I think she felt that her time to leave this world had come and she wanted to go back to Uganda while she was alive,” Asha told mourners during her mother’s burial.

Watch the video of the funeral service below:

Ivan Ssemwanga’s family launches fresh bid to oust Zari from managing ex husband’s property in South Africa

Family feud is another headache Zari Hassan will have to deal with despite the pain of losing her mother and her baby daddy in a span of two months.

After Ivan was buried sometimes in May, a committee of four members was formed to determine how his assets were to be managed. The committee agreed that Zari was to manage Ivan’s schools that include Brooklyn College in South Africa.

Ivan Ssemwanga died on May 25th 2017 at Steve Biko Hospital in Pretoria, South Africa

They also decided that Zari should live with the kids in one of Ivan’s houses in South Africa while the other house should be rented out to provide financial support to the family.​ The committee was to execute its duties until Ivan’s three children turn 18.

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Well, Ivan’s family is on a mission to overrule the committee’s mandate and deliberation in the managing of Ivan’s property.

Zari Hassan with her sons who were fathered by Ivan Ssemwanga

Ugandan news outlet – BigEye reports that one of the late tycoon’s close relatives traveled to South Africa recently and has vowed to petition the South African authorities to claim his estate as the rightful heir.

Apparently Ivan’s schools and property in South Africa were registered under ownership of Ali Senyomo, an alias that Ivan Ssemwanga adopted and was using to conduct businessman in South Africa following his ban there.

It is this technicality that the said relative is hoping to exploit, even when it will expose the fraud committed by Ivan and risks the family losing the entire property.


Zari writes message to fans after her mother’s burial

Zari Hassan’s mother Halima Hassan was finally buried in central Uganda on Friday July 22nd. The deceased passed on at Nakasero hospital on Thursday morning.

Zari’s mother was buried in accordance with Islamic tradition that demands that the deceased should be laid to rest within 24 hours of death.

Zari with her late mother

Ms. Halima Hassan was 58 years old at the time of her death, she is survived by eight children – seven of them still alive.

Diamond Platnumz was among mourners who attended the burial of Zari’s mother which was held in Kalama, central Uganda.

Diamond Platnumz at the burial of Zari’s mother

Zari expressed her gratitude to everyone who was with her and her family during the burial period, she penned a heartfelt message to her fans on social media.

“My family and I would like to extend our gratitude towards everyone who has been here during this trying time after the passing on of our beloved Mother Ms Halima Hassan. May you be blessed more by the Almighty for your kind hearts. Thank you? Sleep well mama?, till we meet again?” Zari wrote.


Zari’s late mum given her final send off (photos)

Mama Zari, Halima Hassan was laid to rest this past weekend after passing on 4 days ago as revealed on social media by Zari Hassan.

The socialites late mother had apparently been struggling with some heart issues that later on overpowered her leading to her untimely death.

She was however laid to rest on Saturday – something that left many muslims shocked as they took about 4 days before burying the body which is not acceptable with the Islam laws.

Anyway, Zari and her siblings were joined by close family, friends and Diamond Platnumz’s family who came to console them. Judging from the photos, this time around the children were not involved and I am assuming this was to protect them from the trauma of losing their favorite grandmother.

Below are a few of the photos that have been making rounds on social media.

Zari Hassan leaves tongues wagging after posting a photo spending time with her late husband

It has not only been hard for Ivan Ssemwanga’s family but also for his ex wife Zari Hassan and his sons. Since his departure, things have not been the same for Zari who is now proving the father of her three older boys.

This past weekend the mother of 5 shared a photo sitting on her late husband’s grave and from her caption it is no secret that the two had a strong connection that cannot be changed by death.

Zari wrote expressing how she had missed Ivan’s and since it had been a while since she passed by to check up on him…this past weekend just sounded perfect for her. She wrote saying;

Bin a minute bro, passed by to see how you keeping. Gone but not forgotten.

Fans on the other hand could not hold back from asking whether she was regretting having left Ivan for Diamond Platnumz who has lately been making headlines for all the wrong reasons? Well, we have no idea but you can checkout Zari’s post below;

“I need prayers for my mum” cries out Zari Hassan

A few weeks ago Zari Hassan revealed that her mum had been hospitalized following a short illness. However, the businesswoman cum socialite did not get into details to reveal what her mum was suffering from.

Anyway, just when we thought things were getting better for their family, Zari Hassan has come out for the second time pleading fans to pray for her mum who seems to be in a bad condition – judging from the emotional post she shared on her Instagram page.

The mum of five wrote saying,

I can’t explain it…but all I can request for is prayers for my mother. It is a very difficult time for my family

We are however not sure what could be the problem as the Ugandan socialite has been keeping her family’s life on the low since the death of her ex husband, Ivan Ssemwanga.

More details to follow up about Zari’s mum’s health.

Zari hospitalized a few days after her mother was also admitted to popular hospital

It is not quite clear what is happening around Zari’s family but what we are certain of is that she was rushed to hospital yesterday after falling ill as revealed by several online news outlets.

Well, the mother of 5 is seen laying on a hospital bed as she receives some IV Fluid probably dehydration and exhaustion. Her condition has however left fans questioning whether this is another move just to keep social media a users talking, but we cannot confirm this.


Anyway, looking at her social media pages you will notice that she has not been active as usual , meaning that she might actually be ill. While other fans continue to call her out for the ‘stunt’ most are assuming that she is expecting another child – which is somehow impossible for now since her son is barely 1 year.

Ivan Ssemwanga’s sons celebrate him on Father’s Day with heartwarming messages that will leave you feeling the pain of losing a parent

It is now a few since Ivan Ssemwanga was laid to rest and his sons still remember each and every memory they shared with their father.

We saw this during his funeral service when his son stood to eulogize his dad in a moving message that left many in tears.

Anyway, the boys still hold on to their father’s memory and for this same reason they joined the world to celebrate him on Fathers Day with moving messages that clearly show how much they love their dad even though he is no longer with them.

His eldest son Pinto wrote saying,

Happy Father’s Day. Miss you.


While Raphael wrote to say,

You may be gone but you’ll forever be our dad. Happy Father’s Day.

The last born son wrote the following message that has left his social media followers feeling his pain for losing his daddy at such a young age.

“Wishing my father a happy Father’s Day in heaven. Dear dad, although you are no longer with me, I just wanted you to know how much I loved you when I was lucky enough to have you in my life. I want you to know that even if you are no longer here I still think about you and will forever love you?. On this special day, dear angels please guard him with gentle wings and tend him with special care for he was someone wonderful and words cannot justify how much we wish that he was here once more with us today.”

Zari’s special message to Diamond after breakup rumors

A week ago Diamond and his wife had friction after Zari was seen in a pool with Edwin Lutaaya who turned out to be Ivan Ssemwanga’s cousin.

Diamond complained about the incident on social media leading to speculations that he was breaking up with his baby mama.

The ‘Marry You’ hit maker however rubbished separation rumors when he shared a clip of Zari and him having a nice time in South Africa.

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Yesterday Sunday June 18th was Father’s Day and Zari was quick to send Diamond a beautiful message recognizing his contribution in her life and that of their kids.

The message confirmed Zari and her husband are still tight despite what happened a week a good; in the message Zari asked God to keep Diamond safe for their family.

“Happy fathers’ day Le Hubby, may the Good God keep you safe for us. We appreciate all your efforts.? @diamondplatnumz” Wrote Zari.


“I didn’t touch Zari’s bums” Edwin Lutaaya man who almost broke Diamond’s marriage apologizes

Diamond was quick to complain after seeing a photo of Zari Hassan and Edwin Lutaaya enjoying a nice time in a swim spa. The photo was the genesis of Diamond and Zari’s breakup rumors.

Zari was quick to explain that Edwin Lutaaya was Ivan’s cousin and that the photo was taken by his wife who was also in the swim spa with them.

Diamond later on downplayed separation rumors by posting photos of Zari and him enjoying a nice time in South Africa.

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Edwin Lutaaya has also stepped forth to set the record straight; in a telephone interview with Kakensa Media, Edwin denied ever touching Zari’s bums as claimed by some blogs.

Edwin Lutaaya

Speaking in both Luganda and English, Edwin apologized to Diamond saying that he had no interest in her and that there was no way he could have touched Zari because his wife and kids were also in the swim spa.

“This goes out to Diamond, I know you can’t hear much of Luganda… I never meant to offend you neither did I touch Zari’s bums, you misquoted the whole situation. That picture was taken with decency, we never even took any closure next to each other. Deep down in my heart I don’t have any intentions of hitting or proposing to my in-law (Zari), in our custom it doesn’t allow that. And I want to make it very clear this this moment… please I respect your family and I respect your relationship with Zari. I can never come in between us or anyone in our family, I will never come between you,” Edwin Lutaaya said.


Diamond Platnumz dumps Zari Hassan

If you thought Diamond Platnumz post claiming that he was single was a joke then you are in for a big surprise. The Wasafi Records CEO is done and tired of having Zari Hassan on his side and if I am not wrong then he just dumped her through his social media pages.

For the very first time the singer went ham in a post that has left many wondering what really went on between him and the mother of his two baby’s. The photo he posted on his Instagram one is able to see Zari Hassan in the pool with some other fella who has been identified as Williams Bugeme and since Diamond could not handle it, he went on to fire shots like any hurt and bitter man.

He wrote saying;

“That’s why sometimes I see its best I eat and run,because they’re are never worth the sacrifice and appreciation and they can’t be trusted” when translated to English.

So does this mean that the empire they were building has finally crashed? Well, as you think about that…I am sure his DM is currently receiving messages from all socialites looking to replace Zari.

Some few minutes later Zari responded by saying;

“I never slept with Zari’s man when she was with him” Huddah finally speaks out, but what does she mean?

Huddah has given her fans something to talk about after she came out claiming that she never slept with Diamond Platnumz as many believe.

The business lady cum socialite revealed this through her Instagram stories where she went on to say that she never sleeps with married men. Before all this she started by joking about how restless married men get after having sleeping out with their side chicks simply because they are worried about getting back home to their wives.

This was followed by her confession where she came out clean claiming that of all men she had been with Diamond Platnumz is not one of them. Her statement however left me questioning what she really meant as she wrote saying… “Even allegations that I slept with Zari’s man when she was with him are all lies”….so what does it mean? Did she sleep with him when he had not met Zari or what?

Anyway checkout her posts below;

Here is her confession;

Is Diamond Platnumz mum taking shots at Zari’s youngest son for having ‘old man’s skin’ (Photo)

Kendrah Micheal is happy to have Tiffah and Nillan aka Lanny Dangote as her grandchildren and just like any proud grandmother she cannot help but flaunt them on her social Media pages once in a while.

Before Lanny was born Kendrah’s favorite grandchild was Tiffah but she now seems to love them equally. However, I cannot say this about her daughter in law, Zari Hassan who happens to be stuck on kendrah’s bad side. From the rumors making rounds on social
Media these two women still have bad blood and this might not change anytime soon.

Anyway…Diamond Platnumz mum has left many wondering what she meant by captioning baby Lanny’s photo using an old mans emoji on Instagram. From the photo she uploaded it is a bit obvious to see the young boy sort of looked like an old man – however this is something common with baby’s especially new borns who take longer to arrive.

Fans on the other hand however felt like Kendrah was taking shots at Zari for having given birth to a baby who looks old due to her age….but this one I will have to disagree with since Lanny is still growing and pretty much soon he will take after his other three brothers.

Zari leaves Uganda after committee allowed her to stay in Ivan Ssemwanga’s house in South Africa

A committee of four members was formed to determine how the late Ivan Ssemwanga’s assets will be managed. Zari left Uganda after the committed gave her one of Ivan’s houses in South Africa.

Apparently Ivan didn’t have a will by the time he passed on, this is why a committee was formed to determine how his assets will be managed.

The committee comprised of Ritah Ssemwanga (Ivan’s sister), George Ssemwanga Pinto (Ivan’s elder brother), Lawrence Kiyingi Muyanja aka King Lawrence (Ivan’s best friend and now the presumptive leader of Rich Gang) and Zari Hassan.

Also read: Shocking details of how Zari and Lawrence Kiyingi were thrown out of hospital for fighting over Ivan’s property days before he died

L – R: King Lawrence, Ivan Ssemwanga and Zari Hassan

The committee, which deliberated on Ivan’s assets last Saturday, agreed that Zari was to manage Ivan’s schools that include Brooklyn College in South Africa.

They also decided that Zari should live with the kids in one of Ivan’s houses in South Africa while the other house should be rented out to provide financial support to the family.​ The committee will execute its duties until Ivan’s three children turn 18.

Zari with her three sons during Ivan’s requiem mass in Kampala

Zari left Uganda for South Africa on Sunday evening after the meeting with the committee, it’s not clear whether she will be staying in Ivan’s house in Pretoria or she will move in with her kids to the mansion her husband Diamond Platnumz bought in Johannesburg.

Watch the video below to see Diamond’s house in SA:


Did Diamond Platnumz publicly declare he is single? (Photo)

Things continue to change between Diamond Platnumz and his baby mama Zari Hassan now that she is managing her late husband’s property worth millions.

At first it all started as s joke that Zari and Diamond Platnumz were not talking. The online community quickly jumped in to see what was going on between Diamond Platnumz and his woman.

Luckily the Tanzanian singer could not contain himself after getting in his feelings that somehow contributed to his ‘relationship’ quotes that clearly proved that things between him and Zari were not okay.

Anyway just before he declared that he was single….Diamond Platnumz shared a photo with his mum and captioned it in a way that showed that his mum was the only real woman in his life sparking rumors that Zari had dumped him now that she is weather.

Well, the singer is said to have confirmed that he finally single through a Facebook page leaving fans wondering what was really going on. Not quite sure as to how legit the post is but you can check it out below;

Zari announces she’s done mourning her fallen baby daddy – Ivan Ssemwanga

Ivan’s death devastated Zari Hassan even though they had already split years ago. Zari has now got over the death of her baby daddy.

The death of Ivan was a tormenting experience for Zari, she was forced to fend off opportunists who were eager to get their hands on Ivan’s property while at the same time she was struggling with grief.

Diamond’s wife was overwhelmed with emotion during Ivan’s requiem mass in Kampala and his burial in his rural home, she was inconsolable.

Zari’s sons console her during Ivan’s burial

Whoever said time heals all wounds was right, Zari has since recovered from the painful experience. She took to the social media to reveal that she had gotten over the death of Ivan.

She shared her photos and captioned them with words that revealed she was full of energy – she has brought back her old self

Zari’s caption: Me this morning. All you need is GOD and a THICK SKIN?

It’s called MANNING-UP?

Trouble in paradise; Is Diamond Platnumz taking shots at his baby mama in his latest photo?

Fans have started talking on social media and word has it that Diamond Platnumz and his baby mama Zari Hassan have not been getting along.

This all started when Ivan Don, Zari’s first husband passed away in South Africa and when his body was brought back to Uganda Diamond Platnumz did not attend the funeral leaving many wondering whether he was really there for his baby mama and her 3 sons.

Since then Zari has been in East Africa for about a week and she has not been spotted with Diamond Platnumz. Apparently the two have not met and if indeed their is trouble between the two then Diamond Platnumz has confirmed it on his latest post where he wrote saying that his mum is the only ‘real’ woman in his life. Checkout the post below;

“Vera Sidika reached out to me” Zari defends Vera and opens up about Ivan’s poisoning claims and the child he sired out of wedlock

Zari Hassan has finally opened up about everything; cause of Ivan Ssemwanga’s death, the fights with Ivan’s family and the alleged kid Ivan fathered out of wedlock.

Zari has defended Vera Sidika against critics who called her a fake friend for failing to attend Ivan Ssemwanga’s burial.

Also read: “You won’t attack Diamond Platnumz who was performing in Kenya but you attack me?” Vera Sidika goes ham on fans after accusing her of being a fake friend to Zari Hassan

In an interview with Millard Ayo TV, Zari said Vera had always contacted her to check on her throughout the entire period.

“Nimeona Vera Sidika was attacked ‘you didn’t even support Zari’ but she has been reaching out to me. Nimekuta a lot of her WhatsApp ‘Hi Zari how you, yani what’s going on I can’t get you. Sio lazima aende social media” Zari Said.

Zari Hassan (fourth on left) and Vera Sidika (sixth on right) during a White Party

She also rubbished claims that Ivan was poisoned, Zari made it clear that Ivan died because of the stroke he suffered which ruptured veins in his head resulting to blood flowing in his brain.

“Ivan was never poison, Ivan alikua na high blood pressure na hajawai kupima na if alipima he’s never taken it serious that he needs to take his medication. So what happened alipata stroke, vile alipata stroke high blood pia ikapanda. Now during the stroke akawa paralyzed one side of the body which is the left. And during the stroke venye imempiga, imempiga vibaya akapasuka vein in his head…in his brain…mshipa right? That thing in the head ikamwaga damu in his brain so daktari wakaniambia most of the patients like him, 80% of those patients like they die immediately. Wakaniambia 20% wenye wamebaki usually they die within a month and the other 10% hao…if they come back, if they make it wanakua fully dependent yani kumvalisha pampers, kumogesha, kumkulisha and things like that.

Ivan Ssemwanga in hospital

“So nkamuuliza ‘doctor what’s going on with my patient I wanna know’ akaniambia ‘look we are only trying to see what we can…wakamfanya operation to reduce the pressure on the brain ya ile damu lakini the operation also wasn’t successful because during the operation pressure ilikua inapanda inashuka inapanda inashuka and then also during the same operation he over bled so they didn’t continue with the operation because he was going die immediately, wakamrudisha in the ward to try stabilize him so that they can see if they can perform a second operation. So during that time when they were supposed to go back hali yake ikawa it’s just getting down and then towards the last day wakanipigia simu ‘look it’s not good you need to come and say goodbye because tumeona blood pressure kwanza ilipanda sana 220, normal blood is about 120/125. Ivan alikua 220 ilikua so bad ikakataa, sasa vile imeshuka ikashuka to 36 which was really bad. So wakatuambia come and say goodbyes tukasema our goodbyes tukarudi nyumbani because that day imepita nothing happened. Usiku around 2 o’clock on am…was it Tuesday or Wednesday 2am wakanipigia simu your patient has passed on, lakini during the day they had already told us that he’s on the process of passing on, wakatuambia no more visitors let him pass on, let his soul go in peace. It’s not poison, amekufa kwasababu of a stroke which ruptured vein in his brain coz a lot of bleeding, it was bad.” Zari explained.

Diamond’s wife also denied claims that Ivan had fathered a child out of wedlock, she explained that the said child was actually fathered by Ivan’s brother who died during a robbery at Ivan’s house in Kampala. Zari said they adopted the kid after the incident.

Zari Hassan with her boys whom were fathered by Ivan Ssemwanga

“Ivan amekuwa na watoto watatu, he had three boy and that’s it, the whole world knows.  The kid they are talking about in question…way back, tulipata wajambazi when I was still with him and then they came home ah hmmm…. Until today I don’t know what they wanted. So as we were driving they came in with arsenal wakatuambia ‘give me the handbag, where is the safe’ nini nini…and then I said there is no money kila kitu. So Ivan was in town nika negotiate nao sana sana. So during the negotiation kakake Ivan he was a little bid mentally kidogo tu disturbed sio sana but you know saa zingine ziko and then… so when he came out of the house, nlikua nje nimesimama bila kuingua ndani ya nyumba but we were already inside the yard. So ye alikua ndani so when he heard the whole misunderstanding outside he came out to stab one of the guys, he shot him, he died. So Brian alikua na huyu mtoto Winny. And Winny was I think six or eight months… So Ivan said your father died because he was saving my family am going to adopt you and make you my own child. I will take care of you na kila kitu. So that’s Ivan’s brother’s kid. But we adopted her and take care of her, until today she calls me her mom. So it’s not like kuna mtoto nini, no no no!” Zari explained.

Watch the whole interview in the video below:

Zari seeks solace in a top Ugandan male socialite whom she spent a night with (Photos)

Zari Hassan hasn’t returned home in Dar es Salaam to be with her husband, she was seen having a good time with a male socialite.

Uganda top socialite and fashionista William Bugeme popularly known as Boss Mutoto has offered Zari Hassan a shoulder to lean on.

Zari Hassan, who is still grieving her ex husband’s death, hasn’t travelled back to Tanzania to be with her husband Diamond Platnumz.

Mama Tiffah is staying at her home in Uganda where people are still streaming in to console her. Boss Mutoto is among the few people who spent a night with Zari to offer her solace.

Zari and the popular Uganda socialite who is a member of The Money Team (TMT)- a rival gang to Ivan’s Rich Gang, spent the night eating sausages and offering each other comfort on the couch.

“I can’t eat sausage it late Williams … just one ?… And she said yes ?.@zarithebosslady ##BossMutoto #TMT #TBE” Boss Mutoto captioned a photo of Zari eating barbecued sausage he had prepared.


“My Mayweather I appreciate you?@williamsbugeme” Zari also captioned a photo of Boss Mutoto and her relaxing on the couch.

The two – Zari and Boss Mutoto were also tight during the entire time that preceded Ivan’s burial.