Check out the huge mansion Zari Hassan owns back home in her motherland

Zari is indeed the boss lady when it comes to showing off her expensive cars and huge mansions just as a reminder to all those who keep assuming that Diamond Platnumz was the one paying for her expensive lifestyle!

Zari with her late ex husband

After spending Christmas in South Africa, the mother of 5 decided to fly into her home country where she has been staying with her kids for the past few days.

Zari’s mansion in Uganda

What many didn’t know is that late husband Ivan Don did not leave her empty handed before his death.

Well, rumor has it that the late Ivan left Zari one of his fancy mansions in Uganda where she can be staying with her children whenever they are in town.

Though getting the full rights (title deed) took a while due to family issues – it now appears that the lady won the case against her late husband’s family and is now the rightful owner of one of the houses owned by the late Don.

Zari shows off her cars including the Late Ivan Don’s hammer

Zari shows off her home

Through her Instagram page Zari Hassan did not leave any room for haters who once laughed off after being evicted from Diamond Platnumz mansion in South Africa.

The mother of 5 went on to show off her mansion not forgetting to also parade the parking area which had several cars that could have also been left in her care.

Anyway, judging from how the mansion looks – we can all agree that Zari is doing just fine…right?

Zari explains why Diamond Platnumz never visits his daughter, Tiffah

After their nasty break up on social media, it seems like Diamond Platnumz and Zari no longer see eye to eye and if anything the Tanzanian star has barely seen his children since separating with Zari.

A while back while speaking to Millard Ayo, Zari says that Diamond Platnumz and his family tried to have her take the children to Tanzania but since this was not her responsibility – the mother of 5 says she decided to hold back.

Seeing that there were no signs of children traveling to Tanzania, Zari says Diamond Platnumz offered to have a ‘friend’ fly in with them but being a cautious mum – Zari refused to hand in her children to a stranger they barely knew or felt comfortable around!

Zari blames Diamond Platnumz ego

Well, one of her fans recently reached out to inquire why Diamond Platnumz no longer flies in to see his daughter, Tiffah.

Judging from how the fan posted her question, one would easily assume that Zari has been holding back from letting Diamond Platnumz see his children; only to realize that he has barely reached out to ask about their whereabouts.

According to Zari, Diamond Platnumz ego is the main reason he has not been seeing his children for almost a year now!

Zari’s comment

From King bae to Ben 10? Meet the young man keeping Zari Hassan’s bed warm throughout this cold season

Word making rounds on social media is that Zari Hassan moved on with yet another young man she refers to as king bae.

Well, after hiding him for such a long time – the young man’s face has finally been unveiled and boy is he the perfect Ben 10!


This comes shortly after Zari was said to be involved with her manager who also happens to have a wife and family.

Zari’s King bae aka Manager

According to several gossip tabloids, Zari had apparently been using him to show off on social media but once the fans unveiled him – he then decided to quit the fun and games to save his own family.

Meet Zari young man

However turns out that Zari bagged herself a new light-skinned fella that will leave many filled with jealousy and lust.

Zari’s Ben 10

Well, let’s just say that the mother of 5 does know how to play her cards when it comes to her men….and the video below just proves this!

Friends for keeps! Zari Hassan and a dear P-Square´s Peter Okoye, re-ignite the flames [video]

Zari is one person we know to stick to friendships regardless of what the masses have to say.

Not so long ago, her ex, Diamond Platnumz exposed her for allegedly cheating on him with P-Square´s Peter Okoye before both parties denied the allegations.

The dust eventually settled and many might have speculated that the two broke off from each other and communication was cut off.

Zari Hassan and P-Square´s Peter Okoye alleged to have been getting intimate with each other, previously

But Zari just confirmed that Peter Okoye is her friend for keeps, whether we like it or not.

It was Zari´s BFF, Sheila´s birthday and the Boss Lady asked Peter Okoye to wish her best friend a happy birthday, all the way from Nigeria.

True to it, Mr P obliged and sent exactly a clip as he wished the beauty a happy birthday. Through her Instagram posts, Zari expresses deep gratitude for the kind gesture from her ¨MVP¨.

Zari Hassan and Peter Okoye spoil each other with charming words

She captions:

Thank you @peterpsquare you still my MVP of all times
Love you always????

On her Insta stories, Zari shares a similar clip and with a kiss, calls out Mr P:

You still my MVP???? @peterpsquare  so sweet.

Mr P reveals that Zari asked her to do this and wishes the two ladies a beautiful day as the celebrate each other.

MVP has most often been used to mean ¨Most Valuable Player¨.



Before and after! Zari flaunts her gorgeous smile after facing the horror of adult braces

Yesterday definitely a big day for Zari the boss lady as she finally got her braces off.

The mother of 5 had been wearing them for a while but on Thursday 5th, she was suitably excited to say goodbye to the metals inside her mouth.

Zari with braces

We can understand her excitement, since it’s not fun wearing braces as an adult. Also being popular has made it harder for Zari who often finds herself smiling all the time due to people taking photos of her.

Goodbye braces

Zari’s not the only celeb who’s turned to orthodontics during their career though. Among those who wear braces is Elizabeth Micheal, Stevo simple boy among other known faces on social media.

Anyway below are a few photos of Zari flaunting her fine new set of teeth and gorgeous smile.

Zari after braces
Zari after braces

Miss Independent! Inside Zari Hassan’s multi million mansion!

Zari Hassan is undeniably one of the most stylish women we have come to know from social media.

Zari’s new home

Just one look at her outfits, cars she drives and    houses it’s evident that Zari Hassan definitely does spend a lot of money to achieve the sophisticated and classy look!

After moving out of Diamond Platnumz house in South Africa, Zari is said to have bought herself another multimillion mansion which she moved to just a few weeks ago.


Stylish mother of 5

Well, Zari has finally decided to show us how her home looks like from the inside.

Judging from the few photos shared on her Instagram story, we can confirm that Zari is quite the stylish and expensive mother who enjoys the finer things in life.

Not forgetting that she is also the brain behind Diamond Platnumz Madale’s home that looks like a palace.

Anyway below are a few photos from her new home.

“Dear mama I am doing just fine” Zari Hassan message to her late mum

Boss lady Zari Hassan has been doing everything possible to keep her money coming in especially now that she is a single mum of 5!

So far we all understand that the yummy mummy is business minded and if anything, one of the most hardworking women from East Africa.

Anyway, after parting ways with her baby daddy, Diamond Platnumz, the lady continues to maintain her famous status on social media where her life has become everybody’s source of entertainment.

Zari remembers late mum

Just recently through her Instagram page Zari went ahead to remember her late mum in one of her posts leaving many consoling her.

On the post shared on her Instagram page Zari went ahead to write saying;

Dear mama, I’m doing well hope you are too. Give my regards to God. Tell him I’m grateful????????

Kondegang Boss Harmonize drops new jam “Uno” its worth your time

After ditching Wasafi records to start his own label Konde Music Worldwide Records,Harmonize has finally released his first song “Uno”.

Before leaving the Diamond Platinumz run  Wasafi records, Harmonizeiss considered second in the team. Furthermore, his numbers are still  skyrocketing by the day-from the views on youtube.


As we wallow on  speculations around his exit from Wasafi by the day, the fans are more anticipatory on his music. Will his success in music remain intact? Or will it dwindle? Again its a wait and see.We got you!

Regardless, this new jam has been well received by Konde Boy’s audience.The beats and its structure are clearly a factor that is going to put him high in the charts.


“Uno “loosely translates to mean the waist. In what seems like a praise to how a whining the waist can cause all sorts of trouble. Yes, that waist.


What’s more, Harmonize  has managed to drag Diamond Platnumz’s baby mama,  Zari Hassan, in the song.

Payback? Remember when Diamond exposed Harmonize”s fiancee for having an affair with Mwarabu?

Yeesss that song, Inama that he featured Fally Ipupa. Well,  you be the judge. But for me I think its just about that.

In his part, Konde Boy claims that Platinumz’s  waist- ‘Uno’ is making Zari lose weight.He says, “Uno la Chibu Chibu  Linamkondesha Zari………”

Anyway who knows what else that waist has? I know what you thinking.

Further on, He goes on to mention the celebrities that have waists that clearly turn necks. He mentions Ray C, Fally Ipupa saying those two have no bones in their waists.

Come to think of it, these Uno’s are a big deal in their music videos.Especially Fally Ipupa eissh that man. I leave it at that.

Flip side

For what its worth, Harmonize has tried though the Lyrical break down is not as Intricate as his earlier songs. To give him a benefit of doubt lets just say it was a launch of his studio project and we will be on stand by for more music.

It was produced by Hunter and Bonga.

For rating will go with a 7/10.What say you?

Zari Hassan’s response to Kenya Airways after they offer to help investigate her stolen goods

Zari Hassan recently called out Kenya Airways after her expensive perfumes were stolen from her suitcase as she travelled from South Africa to Entebbe via Nairobi.

Zari’s outfit

According to Zari, this is not the first time this is happening; The Ugandan socialite says that she has lost a number of things before but chose to keep quite until just recently when her expensive perfumes got stolen.

In a detailed post shared on her Instagram page, Zari accused Kenyan Airways for theft saying;

Zari vs KQ

So disappointed in Kenya Airlines. I’ve been loyal, but you always do me wrong. The other times I’ve ignored, but not today. All my perfumes i received as gifts from my friends in Dubai just disappeared. What am i suposed to wear for my meeting. Let’s not ignore the fact that your flights are always delayed and no explanations is given to passengers, still I ignored. I’ve never been on a KQ flight thats on time. Shame on you. @officialkenyaairways you have my return date better make sure someone finds me in the lounge and return what belongs to me. I didn’t travel for free, you set me back $2440, now i want what’s mine back Periodt! And we will end this relationship in peace

KQ response

Responding to Zari’s accusations, Kenya Airways offered to help investigate the stolen property saying;

Dear Zari, we desire for all our customers to have a positive experience. We’ve reached out to you to obtain your travel details to enable us to coordinate w/ the management at the airports of transfer (JHB, JKIA and EBB) to establish what happened. We kindly await your response,”

Zari on the other hand responded saying “Thank You” before deleting her previous post.

Zari blasts Kenya Airlines after being robbed special gifts worth Ksh 244,000

Zari Hassan is one unhappy woman with KQ whose staff have allegedly been robbing their passengers for a while now.

In a post shared by the mother of 5, Zari goes on to expose KQ for being an irresponsible airline since it has been losing her luggage for a while now not forgetting being robbed.

Zari’s outfit

The lady went to call out the airline saying this time around her expensive perfumes worth $2440 were removed from her suitcase – but unlike before she was not ready to keep quite about this.

Shame on you

Being the boss lady, Zari went on to issue a warning to the Kenyan flight saying that this time around they had no choice but return what belongs to her. She wrote;


“So disappointed in Kenya Airlines. I’ve been loyal, but you always do me wrong. The other times I’ve ignored, but not today. All my perfumes i received as gifts from my friends in Dubai just disappeared. What am i suposed to wear for my meeting. Let’s not ignore the fact that your flights are always delayed and no explanations is given to passengers, still I ignored. I’ve never been on a KQ flight thats on time. Shame on you. @officialkenyaairways you have my return date better make sure someone finds me in the lounge and return what belongs to me. I didn’t travel for free, you set me back $2440, now i want what’s mine back Periodt! And we will end this relationship in peace,”

Zari Hassan’s birthday message to baby daddy as he celebrates 30th birthday

Rumor has it that earlier this morning Zari sent out a birthday message to Diamond Platnumz as he hit the 3rd floor.

Apparently she commented on the singer’s post giving many a reason to talk. From the screenshots making rounds on social media, it’s evident that Zari certainly hit Diamond Platnumz by surprise with her message.

She went on to wish him a happy birthday with a controversial message saying;

Happy birthday mwanaume suruali


Zari and Diamond

The former couple however continue to stay quiet about each other but a while back the two couldn’t see eye to eye since Diamond Platnumz was not supporting his children.

Thanks to an exclusive interview aired by Millard Ayo, Zari went on to expose Diamond Platnumz for neglecting his children.

Anyway, we cannot confirm whether the two still communicate but word has it that Diamond Platnumz already deleted the comment Zari left on his post.

Zari Hassan giving many men a hard-time after leaving no room for imagination with her see through dress!

Zari, mother of 5 is not your ordinary soccer mum as she has refused to age like most mums in her age group!

The lady who just celebrated another year added into her life recently left many men pocketing all day thanks to her black lace dress that literally left all her goods out in the open.

Zari’s birthday outfit

Well, many claim that Zari left her house half naked while others tried to figure out whether there is a nude lace under her dress – since Zari appeared as if she had forgotten to fully dress up.

Zari’s outfit

Zari’s lit birthday

Thanks to her new man, Zari Hassan this year celebrated her birthday in style and just as classy as she is….. the lady couldn’t hold back from sharing the photos on her Instagram page.

Zari’s birthday outfit

Zari’s close friend Akothee also went on to celebrate her with a special message where she wrote;

Wait a moment ! The candy that every man’s mouth is watering for ! My Abuju buju, ????If I was a man,you would be my everyday crush even if my wife is commiting suicide ????????, the only problem is that, I am straight????????????and my love for you comes from the bottom of my heart ! You give me energy thateveryfriend would need ! Just one zari in my life is enough @zarithebosslady let me announce to them that it’s your birthday week HAPPY BIRTHDAY MY QUEEN Help me wish my QUEEN LE GENERAL A HAPPY BIRTHDAY (for those asking for women conference! Sorry we shall announce the new dates soon ! Asour calendars got busy like I already told you ! It’s not easy multitasking between career showbiz and family )


HAPPYBIRTHDAY MOMA @zarithebosslady

Zari’s birthday
Zari’s birthday

“You keep hating me because you’re all ugly!” Zari Hassan responds after her real age is exposed

Zari Hassan has been fighting her online battles with her ‘frenemies’ who follow her on Instagram; and from the look of things she will not be bowing down anytime soon!

The mother of 5 has now come out to claim that her haters are jealous of her because they are ugly.

This is after a screenshot of her passport was shared online showing that she was born in 1978. However in her latest post Zari denies this saying she was born in 1980 but since she needed a South African citizenship; then she had to fake her age on her passport.

In her post Zari is heard saying;


“Everyone out here posting my passport showing 1978, that was for my citizenship but I was born on 23rd September 1980. Y’all b!tches be hating cause y’all ugly and I’m still beautiful even when you want me to be 50, so suck it up!”

Zari’s real name

According to a few gossip tabloids, the boss lady’s real names are Zaituni Kiligwaijo. Apparently all her classmates from back in the day know her as Zaituni and not Zari.

Zalinah also changed her surname to Tlale after she getting married to a South African man for the sake of papers!

Zari claps back after Diamond Platnumz sister mocked her during a recent interview

Zari Hassan has clapped back at a statement made by her former in law, Esma Platnumz.

Apparently the two who were good friends have now become great enemies following Zari and Diamond Platnumz split up.

Judging from an interview conducted by Wasafi TV; Esma Platnumz was heard praising Tanasha Donna as her favorite In law since she finds her humble.

Esma went on to add that among all the women Diamond Platnumz has ever dated, Tanasha Donna continues to stand out as she rarely shows off.

Zari offended

The singer’s sister gave an example of one particular former in law who records everything for the gram and surprisingly Zari felt offended by this and decided to respond.

Through her Instagram stories Zari posted videos of her new home where she couldn’t help but brag about the custom made furniture she got from King bae.


From her videos one can tell that the mother of 5 was shading Chibu’s family for acting rich yet they own China made furniture.

Well, not quite sure how the war between Zari and Chibu will last but the drama might just escalate after Millard Ayo releases his exclusive interview with Zari.

Zari’s post

“Zile hasira amezihamishia watoto” Diamond Platnumz finally addresses his issue with Zari

Diamond Platnumz is no longer holding back after being accused of neglecting his so Nillan and daughter Tiffah.

A while back Zari came out to claim that the Bongo singer was no longer helping out with the kids. She went on to add that their was no way she was going to let her kids board a plan to Tanzania alone after her exes family asked her to let them visit their dad.

This is after their nasty break up back in 2018 where Zari Hassan shared a detailed post stating that she was done being played and was now going to live alone.

Diamond Platnumz speaks

Speaking with the press on Tuesday 25th, Diamond Platnumz opened up about a few things that many knew nothing about.

For the first time he went on to admit that he indeed has issues with his ex Zari who apparently seems not to have accepted the fact that they are no longer an item.

The singer went on to add that Zari is using the kids to get back at him now that they are no longer. He however went on to praise Hamisa Mobetto who has moved on with her life and has accepted to coparent despite their differences in the past.

Watch the interview below;

“When you marry a wife, you marry her for yourself not your mother!” Zari Hassan taking shots at baby daddy?

Even with a new man and a new house which she now calls home seems that Zari Hassan is not over her baby daddy Diamond Platnumz.

For some reason the lady has lately been firing shots at Diamond Platnumz and his family confirming that she could be bitter about the fella.

Well, just after rumor had it that Tanasha and the Bongo singer were allege expecting a baby; Zari went on ahead to share a post that has left many talking.

Zari revealing why she dumped Diamond Platnumz?

In a way she makes it look like Mama Dangote could have been the reason why her relationship with Diamond Platnumz did not work. Zari’s post read to say;

MEN, when you marry a wife you marry her for yourself not for your mother. You should stop making your mothers shareholders in your marriages, your mother is your father’s wife not your first wife. You are making life difficult for your wives….


Zari fires at Diamond

We however cannot confirm whether this post was targeting Mama Dangote; but it’s evident that Diamond Platnumz is way too close to his mum.


Zari Hassan wakes up at dawn to thank God for the amazing man in her life

Zari Hassan has revealed how healthy a relationship she is in with her new King Bae, but does not forget to thank God for waking her up to this amazing man.

In one of her posts, both cuddling in the sheets, the Boss Lady expresses:

Thank you God that I wake up to this amazing man, my husband to be.

Thank you for our relationship, thank you for your amazing graze and never ending love.

Thank you for being the centre of all this.

We love you Lord and always welcome you here. ????????

Adorable! King Bae takes cares of Diamond´s children when Zari is away (videos)

Zari Hassan´s King Bae has proven victorious as Diamond´s replacement both in the way he treats the Ugandan beauty and his role as a dad.

Anyone can be a father but only a special person can afford the title ´dad´.

And King Bae has proven to be that special person in Diamond´s kids´ lives.

He might be a Politician, yes, but with a soft spot for children and specifically for Zari´s young ones.

Mr M has taken up the responsibility as his own by spending time with Nillan and Tiffah.

Therefore assuring Zari that she has to worry less when she leaves them under his care.

While away

Zari Hassan is out on a business trip and King Bae is seen bonding with Prince Nillan and Princess Tiffah as well as ensuring their safety.

On Monday, the mother of 5 took to her Insta stories sharing a clip of King Bae with Nillan and Tiffah conversing,  captioning:

Missing you much my fam.

Aww! King Bae has such a deep South African accent! You definitely can tell.

Zari has been away but feels honored to have such a Gentleman right by her side.

Clap back

Zari slams baby daddy, Diamond for abandoning his own blood subsequently showering her Papichullo with praises:

Such a clean Gentleman taking care of ur kids dat u abandoned ????,,,,

Instead of thanking God dat there is a man who helps u do wat u incapable of doing,,,,,r here exposing ur stupidity????,,,,,,,,

According to the Boss Lady, the least Diamond could do was appreciate the special father-figure in his kids´ lives instead of throwing shades.

Wama thx #kingbae we love you and we promise you are here to stay????????????????????

The Ugandan beauty reiterates how much the 3 [Zari, Nillan and Tiffah] love him [King Bae] and promise to walk this journey with him, all the way.


Soon after Zari and Diamond Platinumz´ break up, the two kids had to gamble between spending time with mum or dad.

So Zari´s home carried the day with expectations of Diamond Platinumz frequently visiting his children which apparently never worked out.

According to Chibu, Zari never allowed him to see them let alone spend time with his kids but Zari slammed him right back.

Watch: Zari Hassan moves into her spacious house with a completely new set of furniture and decor

Zari Hassan has proved Diamond Platinumz wrong after walking out of his house and now moves into her spacious new house with a completely new set of furniture and flashy decor.

Ramadan season is here but seems it´s not all fast for her because the season is bringing her plenty of good tidings.

In a video clip seen by Tanzania´s Udaku Chamber, the Boss Lady is seen flaunting a new set of furniture, all being moved in and set up for her soon-to-be full house.


The mother of Diamond´s 2 kids got trolled for living in the star´s house even after they separated and seems she has had enough.

King Bae has come out to prove them all wrong after seeing his prospective wife, acquire a new home as well as fill it with the love and warmth needed.

Well, seems the South African-based business woman will be moving in pretty soon, probably over the weekend because her house is being stacked up  for a home.

Well, Zari Hassan is definitely making Boss moves.

Comment section

Fans come out to applaud the Boss Lady for shaming her haters:

Ndio wajue kua kuna k. Zingine ni zaidi ya dhahabu….s????????


mie ningeishi kwenye zote mbili manina.

Kule ni nikiwa na kingbae weekend na kwa Dai ni shuleni Monday to Friday.

Yaani siachii nyumba manina si yawatoto lol!


Wajanja walipe jeuri????‍♀️

????????????????????????????????The way M happy lyk M the one moving in

????????????????????????ooh keeping up with Ma very own African/Ugandan made Kardashian

????????????????????much live n respect

You killed slowly Mama Te

Mambo ni ????????????????


This all went down yesterday.

Exclusive breath-taking chandeliers hanging from the ceiling speak class.

And with a backyard that is complete with a horse stable, probably a house race course?

Watch out!

Videos: Fans scold critics who think Diamond Platinumz made Zari who she is, in revealing TBTs

Thursday will historically be remembered for it´s TBT revelations that put many to shame and Zari is not left behind after exposing Diamond before fame, who was way rustier than her.

For this particular case, the dais is set with a comparison of the past and the present between Zari Hassan and ex-lover, Diamond Platinumz during their music hey days.


We get through a flashback of 8 years, that is 2011, with Diamond Platinumz´ ´Kamwambie´ jam video.

This they caption:

TBT…..This was Domo in 2011…..????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????……compare Zari’s music video in 2011 and this one of Domo in 2011…….who is Domo?

Uhm……when I see you people acting like you want Zari to bow down for this Domo… I just laugh …..????????????????????????????????????????

even now Domo is nothing more than …….. our ZARI THE BOSS LADY! PERIDOT! ZARI IS THE REAL DEAL…..NO HYPE! REAL BOSS LADY TO THE WORLD ….????????????????????????

…’s always good to appreciate how far you have come and those that have helped you along the

In yet another video, we see Zari´s son, same year where the boss lady was apparently doing way better than the then Diamond Platinumz.

The caption for this reads:

TBT……This music video was shot in 2011…… Zari was directing and shooting music videos almost 8yrs ago….Where was Domo then? ????????????????????????

……when I hear people saying Zari is famous because of him … like where bitch? ZARINAH HASSAN KYUMA KYA MUDUTCH

……She has sustained her Brand and maintained consistency…..there is a lot to learn from this woman.

Leave alone those haters ……the same haters are following in her foot steps, patterning down her every move…. from music, to themed parties, to sleeping with her exes…

….to showing us their fake lives on social media ???????????????????????????????????? they want what she has but yet pretend that they are different…

…eti I am too classy to sleep with a gym instructor ???????????????? but you used to be prostitute in Dubai……????????????????????????????????FOH.

Further on, fans give us a glimpse into Zari Hassan´s mega white party done in Uganda back in 2011 when Diamond could hardly think of expensive shoots.

This is now captioned:

Throwback Thursday to 2011…..ZARI ALL WHITE PARTY….with the pioneer of themed parties in East Africa, founder and CEO @zarithebosslady????????????????????????.

The last ZARI ALL WHITE PARTY was held in LONDON last year 2018……despite the flopped pyjama party masikini trying to derail it from happening….????????????????????????

ZARI should just throw one more this year in South Africa…..let THE ZEEHIVE descend on Pretoria so we can come full circle….. to rub it in you haters faces …..???????????????????? ????????????????

Well, I´m sure the message trying to be driven home already has.

From Zari´s end, Diamond´s presence in her life is not what has made her who she is today.

She had already made a name for herself!

¨Ukishindwa, njo uwalee vile wwe unataka¨ Zari Hassan gives fan a tip of her mind after questioning Nillan´s dressing

Brooklyn City College Founder, Zari Hassan dressed up her 2 young kids, for school but a fan thought they weren´t well dressed before Zari gave her a tip of her mind.

Just yesterday, the Boss Lady shared a snap of Prince Nillan all dressed and ready for school.

A hawk-eyed fan, did not fail to note that Zari dresses up her kids way differently from her own kind of wardrobe and questioned:

Ila zar unawalea watoto vizur sana ila kitu kimoja uwaviki vizur guo wanazo ila havai vizur kama wewe watoto wazur

Mashallah wakivaa vizur kila siku watazidi kua wazur


Zari does keep stuff to herself or just lets it lie low, if not pricked deep but this particular fan must have broken the rules.

The mother of Diamond´s 2 young kids decided to give the lady a piece of her mind:

@fa.tma3527 mtu unaka kwa joto kali Leo unishauri namna yakuvalisha watoto kwa baridi.

Learn to mind your own business sometimes.

Ukishindwa, njo uwalee vile wwe unataka.


My oh My!


Zari Hassan reveals details of Mr M´s profession as she looks forward to being a Politician´s wife

Zari Hasssan is unarguably slaying goals and her King Bae is top of the list as she comes out to reveal his wealth and professional line.

Exclusively with Millard Ayo, the elegant looking mother of 5 reveals that her hubby-to-be is into the construction industry as well as the world of politics:

Mume wangu saa hivi is more into construction, you know construction companies.

Kidogo anafanya ata vitu vya politics and what.

Saa hivi kama vitu vyake za construction naingilia kidogo.

Coz I love decoring things like that.

However she cites that politics is not her ´thing´ and does not aspire to venture into that even though her Mr M is so big along that particular line.

Zari Hassan further cites that she will give him full support as his soon-to-be wife.

The businesswoman responds with ¨Almost¨ when asked if we look forward to seeing her become a South Africa´s politician´s wife in the recent future.

The model however expresses that she does not feel the need to disclose further details of her Papichullo, however much of a public figure he is.

According to Zari, only when the time is right, will the world get introduced to her King Bae.

So, till then.

¨I salute you mama Tiffah¨ Diamond Platinumz now appreciates Zari Hassan for being a good mother to his 2 kids but fans think he´s just not moved on from Zari

Diamond Platinumz and Zari Hassan might not be under the same roof neither have frequent chats or visits but Diamond Platinumz comes out to appreciate the mother of his 2 young kids.

Up and close with a local Tz tabloid magazine, Diamond Platinumz expresses:

…sometimes we need to forget the past and appreciate some people…

I thank Zari for being a good mother to my kids amidst all the drama.

It has not been that easy but indeed she deserves a huge credit.

Wherever you are I salute you mama Tiffah.


However fans can´t believe this comes in right now aside from the fact that it was ¨Mother´s Day¨ and just believe he has not moved on from the Boss Lady:

Leave our beauty queen u ka-boy


Leave the woman and move on


Tanasha donnah have you seen it or you still blinded by the so called love


Attention seeker
Kano ka playboy ,leave our beauty Queen alone she moved on ,now what???
That’s what he always do he uses the women to promote his career and after he appo
Let him stay where he is.should leave our boss lady alone
BLOOD blood ,if ever get a woman who does not think of yo past yo are dating nonsense

King Bae treats Zari Hassan to a cosy night-out filled with romantic red roses amidst cheating allegations

Diamond Platinumz is keeping himself busy spitting venom at wife-to-be, Zari Hassan as King Bae savors the opportunity by spending on her.

Zari Hassan recently shared a clip referencing her soon-to-be wedding arrangements with King Bae that will be invites only.

Zari´s Papichullo already set the records straight, according her the dignity and respect of being the Queen in his life and he is not done yet.

Zari got spoilt with romantic gifts and a night out.

His gift card reads:

To the New Mrs M

Countdown to our big day

From Kingbae.


And like the Papichullo we know, a bouquet of roses will always be the perfect top dressing for any occasion:

It sure gets cosy in the night since this weather is not one to bank on:

It is evident Mr M cares less about what Zari´s ex, Diamond Platinumz has to reveal from under the mattress, because all he cares about is his Mrs M.

Mr M might hail from South Africa but I have this feeling he was brought up in the Spanish world, where love is their national language.

Romance and splendour is Zari´s lifestyle with South Africa´s Mr M.

¨Mwenye uwezo wake aje anitoe¨ Zari Hassan dares fans who think they can vacate her from her South Africa house

Storm in paradise is a sure definition of Zari Hassan and ex, Diamond Platinumz´ this week´s exchange of packed words online.

The two have kept fans on their toes with exposes of their past relationship potholes, shade after another.

If by any chance you were in one way connected with either of the two parties, you found yourself in their red-hot pot boiling with a messed up past.

However, seems Boss Lady, Zari Hassan has stood her ground, slamming off all critics and ¨online relationship advisers¨ and still has a word for them:

Tabia za kuzaa na wanaume bile kutumia akili sio tatizo langu.

According to their relationship saga audience, she ought to vacate her house in South Africa, where she stays with her kids, claiming it belongs to Diamond.


However, walijua hawajui when the female business mogul told them off:

Wenye comment za toka kwa nyumba yetu.

Nilitumia akili zangu kununuliwa nyumba na watoto wangu.

Kumbuka nyumba ninazo 4 apa Sauzi.

Mwenye uwezo wake aje anitoe.

She tells off those who thought they knew how to manage family wrangles better than her, to utilize their brains a bit more wisely and if man enough, come face her.

According to Zari, the house belongs to her and her kids, an asset she settled lawfully while still married to bongo superstar, Diamond Platinumz.

Additionally, she articulates she does own 4 more houses in South Africa, so 1 should be the least of their worries.

Funny enough, a follower then urged her:

If I were you,I could just leave his house, mtoto mswahili sana huyo

And their ready comeback was:

Where is the bile???????????? is truth bile to you???????????? and I repeat if you are concerned about the house go and evict her????????


move out of yours woman, leave zari alone


calm down…u dont know the truth.Which house is his????????????????


Like minds to Zari´s actually did fuel her energy:

Enjoy mama T kuna watu wanakufa na jealous before king bae alikua kimya.

Baada tuu ya kingbae jamaa kichaa kimempanda hahaahha aibuuu mtu mzima hovyooo domo kama chai jaba aki ananisinyaa


umeonaee siku zote alikuwa wapi mbona alitaka kutembea na magoti mpaka south.

Kaona bae mpya anapostiwa jamaa akajua hapa hakuna kitu ngoja nimpige tukio Kama kawaida yke kisa amhalibie king bae mpya haaaaah


Anaitwa zari pasua kichwa???????????? you don’t fight with pettiness ????????????….


Nakupenda ww dada songa mbele usikubali kuyumbwishwa ????????


Amen and they cant touch God’s anointed child they are fighting with themselves not you❤️❤️❤️

“I loved Zari but I was not in love with her!” Diamond Platnumz confesses

For the past few days many have been talking about Zari and Diamond Platnumz following a few confessions by the Bongo star.

Well, apparently after leaving fans speculating as to why Diamond Platnumz was being unfaithful to Zari; the singer finally opened up saying that his baby mama had been cheating on him with Peter from P-Square and at the same time her personal trainer.

Apparently he came across a text on Zari’s phone that confirmed his fear. Later on, he realized that Zari was also getting intimate with her personal trainer in their bed back in Tanzania whenever he was not around.

Genuine love?

Thanks to this interview Diamond Platnumz also confesses that he loved Zari but not in the same way she loved him.

Judging from how he put it, Diamond Platnumz confesses for the first time that he loved Zari but he was never in love with her.