Kenyan celebs who attended the most expensive schools in Kenya

Kenya has some very expensive and exclusive schools that have attracted the children of the who-is-who. The type of schools where school fees for one semester is worth more than a lot of Kenyan households earn in a year.

And the crazy thing you wouldn’t believe is that some Kenyan celebs actually studied at such schools. Yup, they attended schools where their parents had to pay north of half a million shillings per semester.

Let’s dive right into Kenyan celebs who attended Kenya’s most expensive schools:

#1. Nick Mutuma

The actor attended Braeside for his high school education. The school is a part of the Braeburn Group of Schools. The school fees per term of Braeburn International school is Ksh. 782,310 per term.

#2. Joey Muthengi

She attended Rift Valley Academy which is one of the most exclusive schools in the entire East African region. Interestingly enough, her brother, Holy Dave attended Machakos Boys… I laughed so hard when a good friend of mine revealed this fact. Talk about disparity.

#3. Anne Kiguta

She attended Rusinga School. Interestingly, she was classmates with yet another well known and celebrated Kenyan who also became a media personality; Waihiga Mwaura.

#4. Size 8

The gospel singer turned evangelist attended State House Girls before transferring to Hillcrest. She attended the school on a scholarship.

#5. Edith Kimani

Like Size 8, Edith Kimani started her high school education at State House Girls before transferring to Hillcrest on a scholarship.

#7. Michelle Morgan

She attended Hillcrest where the lowest amount of school fees a student would pay (or rather, have their parents cough up) is 567,000 per semester.

#8. Fena Gitu

The singing sensation too attended Hillcrest school. It’s almost like they were vying in an unknown contest to create the most Kenyan celebs.

#8. Almasi (Ian Nene)

The Machachari actor attended school at Brookhouse. This school whose main building looks like a castle is one of the most expensive schools in Kenya. Parents of a Grade 5 student have to pay 2.07 million Kshs per annum.

#9. Janet Mbugua

She too attended school at Brookhouse. And just to give you how bonkers the fees can become, Grade 12 parents pay a minimum of 2.37 million shillings a year as fees.

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Why Janet Mbugua Is On The Spot Over Eddie Ndichu’s Behaviour

Janet Mbugua is back in the news for all the wrong reasons and what is sad is the fact that it is not because of anything she did but rather over the actions of her “better half”, the man with whom she chose to settle down with and start a family, Eddie Ndichu.

Wapi Pay co-Founders Eddie Ndichu and Twin, Paul Ndichu issue statement regarding Ole Sereni i******t

It’s tough but such is life, the minute you say “I do”, we forever tie your partners’ misdeeds to you. The inverse would also be true but it is not Janet Mbugua who is doing any of the misbehaving. Let’s get on with it.

Janet Mbugua pregnant?

Eddie Ndichu and his twin brother were allegedly captured on candid camera, engaging in a brawl that featured them allegedly slapping some ladies. Additionally, they attempted to break some vehicle side mirrors but stopped they were unable to destroy said items. The witness account of what happened, however, is way more interesting.

IG Mutyambai Responds To Viral Video Of Janet Mbugua’s Husband & His Twin Assaulting Ladies In At Ole Sereni

According to people who were at the party venue -Ole Sereni- the brothers had checked into the hotel with four women. Later on, while at the rooftop bar, they attempted to hit on other women not part of their party. I want to categorically say that there is nothing wrong with this. Men are hunters and they owe no man outside of their inner circle any form of honour. It is the women’s job to self-police.

What they however did that was egregious, is fighting with the ladies who turned them down. Again, allegedly. That was some sub-par reaction on their part. Does it deserve punishment? I am not here to pass judgement. However, it was “not a good look”.

“I condemn all forms of Gender-based v******e“ Janet Mbugua speaks after ex husband’s s*****l

But the thing here is, why hasn’t Janet Mbugua spoken up as unequivocally as she did when she was condemning other men like Shaffie Weru? Why does she only wear her feminist hat when it does not have any repercussions to her personal life? Why is she picking and choosing her battles?

Beyond that, there is the cloud hanging over her head as everyone wonders whether Janet Mbugua herself has been a victim of such actions. Has she been on the receiving end of the rage we witnessed between her and her (former) husband?

Paul Ndichu exposed for cheating on his wife with younger girls

If so, then why did she opt to remain silent about his actions? Why didn’t she seek help and publicise his actions? That could have gone a long way in ensuring they were brought to book so no one else had to suffer at their hands. Social responsibility. Think of it like not reporting a murderer. If they go on to kill again, are you not culpable in some small part?

The Ndichu brothers

Anyway, another major reason why she is currently being mentioned by everyone is the fact that she is a public figure and she is the partner more known to the public. Newspapers got to sell and blogs need to get clicks. And I say that unironically.

There is also the fact that a lot of people are enjoying some form of schadenfreude. Seeing a lady who many thought was perfect, in a perfect marriage and in a perfect family was now falling from grace. Whether or not it is due to her own actions or those of her partners is immaterial. Have I missed anything? I don’t think so…

But it’s not all gloom and doom for Janet Mbugua. At least she has managed to get the spotlight on her. Hopefully, she can use her time in the sun to market and push her Inua Dada initiative.

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Kenyan celebrities talking about American race issues is hypocrisy

Kenyan celebrities are weighing in on the recently cowardly and callous killing of George Floyd by Minnesota police officer. And while there is nothing wrong about Kenyan celebrities with no connection to the political temperature in America adding to their voice to the millions of others calling out the institutionalized racism in America, one has to also look to see whether these same guys speak up when things are thick in Kenya.

Who did it better showing off guns? 15 photos of Kenyan celebrities brandishing deadly assault rifles

And we did some checking and realized that the same guys currently touting their global villager citizenship are usually mute when Kenya is up in flames. These same Kenyan celebrities are clowns.

You see, as trump pointed out, Kenya is a shithole nation. We have so many issues at the moment that we need to address. But be that as it may, Kenyan artists would prefer to virtue signal and talk about distant issues over in the land of the brave, the home of the free where they will suffer no repercussions.

Mwakideu: It’s time Kenyan celebrities also storm Tanzania and steal their women like they are doing to us 

When post-election violence erupted, how many people came out to denounce it early on rather than waiting for ethnic and tribal diatribe to be drawn up for them? How many Kenyans recently spoke up about the disputed and divisive general elections that had to be re-conducted? How many Kenyan celebrities have been talking about the still existing internally displaced people? Or the rampant and widespread corruption that has seen our shithole country sink to demoralizing levels of depth that threatens the wellbeing of future generations?

I will wait for you to point them out.

I would love to see the Jua Calis and the Janet Mbuguas raise their voices when Kenyan police batter protesters. i would love to see Kenyan celebrities talk about unlawful and cruel evictions.

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Janet Mbugua finally clears airs that she has been dumped by husband

Former Citizen TV news anchor Janet Mbugua has finally addressed rumours that her marriages went to the dogs and is no longer with Eddie Ndichu.

Speaking on Upclose and Personal TV show, with Betty Kyalo, Mbugua denied that she has been having troubles at home and that her marriage has crampled. She started by urging Kenyans to take their time before starting a family and only to do it when completely sure.

“I always tell those who keep on saying: ‘Oh my God, I can’t wait to start a family…’ I say two things: ‘Take your time, and make sure that you are ready; because you could be good at being in love, but you do not really need to be married’. Mbugua stated.


Janet Mbugua with Baby Huru

The 35-year old also spoke about balancing her work with family saying:

“Trying to balance family, work and expectations is really hard…I love my family, I love where I am.

“And, I know, the moment you say it is not easy, I can predict what the blog posts would say… But, it is fine, they would talk about it” said the mother of two.

Tunawapeleke na rieng! Fans try to read in between lines after Janet Mbugua unfollows husband on social media 

Janet Mbugua’s husband Eddie Ndichu was recently on social media to share some touching posts.

“Choosing to stay positive despite the highs and lows literally brewing exhaustion through my eyes! Resolve your state of mind to having done your best today and leave tomorrow to God!” he posted. 

According to some, such posts usually don’t just pop up and they sure have meaning.

Apparently, some believe that Ndichu and Mbugua might be undergoing a rocky phase. When some fans went digging they came up with report that a hardworking Janet, who has been married to Ndichu for five years now, has just unfollowed him on social media.

Mother’s post

Also, on Mother’s day, Ndichu only posted a photo of his mother and showered her with praises.

He didn’t share a photo of Janet wishing her a happy mother’s day like the other years. Janet’s fathers day post is also missing.

So some believe all is not well and they are closely monitoring the two. So are we here at Ghafla.

Why 35-year-old Janet Mbugua has left social media

Former Citizen TV news anchor Janet Mbugua has taken a break from social media.

Though she shared it’s not permanent, the mother of two didn’t reveal when she might be making a comeback.

“It’s been such an incredible week! A lot of it spent online and now it’s time to be present offline, at least for a bit. A huge thank you to you who’ve participated in such key conversations around social issues, particularly on health and gender rights,” she posted on social media. 



“A special thanks to those who’ve signed and shared my petition. Let’s get more signatures on there! The more the voices, the better the progress. I’m bummed that I won’t make it to the Women Deliver Conference in Vancouver this year, due to unavoidable circumstances. For our national champions going, like @nicelengete and @josephinekulea among others, make us proud! To all of you, Happy Madaraka Day 2019, see you all soon!”

Janet might just be taking a rest from her busy schedule which has seen her travel to different parts of the country. She needs the rest.


The Mbuguas finally reveal face of second baby months after being born(photos)  

Former Citizen TV news anchor Janet Mbugua and her hubby Eddie Ndichu were recently on social media to share some cute family moments.

It has been eight months now since Janet delivered her second born, Mali. On instagram, Ndichu shared cute photos with his two sons enjoying a day out and it’s totally worth it.

Hell and Back

Janet shared how she went through hell and back to welcome her second bundle of joy after delivery. The former news anchor had to be hospitalized.

Mbugua, in a live session with her fans on Instagram, shared that she had to undergo surgery after delivering her new born.

“It was insane, I underwent a surgical procedure next to my newborn. I had multiple meltdowns and I thank my family members (both mine and my hubby’s) for being supportive. They were there for me. Most incredible families,” narrated Mbugua. 

Here are the photos:

Important things Janet Mbugua is addressing before she finally delivers her second born 

Veteran journalist Julie Gichuru has been in the business for a long time now and knows the ups and downs that come with the job. The mum of one is expecting number two soon and is doing everything possible not be caught off guard.

Paris visit

Mbugua announced her pregnancy on TV after she had taken a long break from social media to focus on her first trimester.

Now that she’s done with her long trip in Paris, France to celebrate their wedding anniversary, Janet shared that she’s getting ready to deliver.

Opening up on what she’s doing to face her finali trimester she said:

  1. I’ve upped my #supplements intake…and I feel so much better!
  2. Second trimester cravings are in full effect but I’m trying hard to maintain a decent diet.
  3. I’m already planning my delivery to-do list; getting in to the right frame of mind around birth the second time around, double checking my insurance, selecting the right hospital with good care. Speaking of ?? it’s appalling how many stories of quack doctors are still out there. We need to be fast in spreading word about this. Let’s keep that conversation open.

This is how Janet Mbugua and her family are enjoying their vacation (photos)

It has been all work and little play for Janet Mbugua and her family. The family has however decided to steam off a little and head to the beach for a short vacation together after having a long first quarter.

Mbugua, her hubby Eddie Ndichu, their two year old son Ethan Uhuru and a soon-to-pop one still stuck in the belly headed to Watamu beach to enjoy their holiday.

First trip in 2018

Mbugua hasn’t shared a lot about the vacation choosing to stay away from social media instead and enjoy her time out. It’s the first trip the young family has taken since 2018 started and it seems they are really having fun.

Here ares the photos:


This is Janet Mbugua’s message to women who fear criticisms 

Former Citizen TV news anchor Janet Mbugua has always tried to uplift and empower women as much as possible. The now pregnant journalist was recently on social media with a post advising women to keep going and avoid listening to naysayers who can derail them.

Stay focused and ignore the noise

As a woman, you need to stop listening to anyone who plans to bring you down and focus on becoming a better version of yourself, she argued.

“As a woman, the whole thing for tearing each other and feeling like one is important does not help much and women need to shine their lights and learn that they are important,” She said. Learn to do away with the noise and remember to remind yourself that you are doing the best that you can.”