On Valentine’s Day, Rapudo shows Amber Ray a lot of affection

Businessman Kennedy Rapudo has once again expressed his love for his partner Amber Ray on Valentine’s Day. The couple shared official portraits for the occasion, dressed elegantly in a photoshoot conducted at Amber Ray’s luxurious home.

Rapudo accompanied the images with a heartfelt message to the mother of his daughter:

“In a world filled with chaos and uncertainty, you are my constant, my anchor, my haven. From the moment you stepped into my life, you brought with you a sense of peace and serenity that I never knew I was missing.”

Despite previous incidents that led to Amber Ray moving out, the couple seems to have reconciled and possibly moved back in together. Rapudo continued his message with love and gratitude:

“Your love has been a guiding light, leading me through the darkest of times and illuminating the path to a brighter tomorrow. Today, as we celebrate our love on Valentine’s Day, I want to express my deepest gratitude for your unwavering presence, your boundless affection, and your infinite patience. Here’s to many more Valentine’s Days together, my darling.”

Amber Ray reciprocated the affection, thanking Rapudo for the profound love they share:

“With you, I’ve discovered a love so profound that it has changed me in ways I never thought possible. You are my forever and always…Happy Valentine’s my love.”

Amber Ray, known for her fashion sense, wore a delicately designed red gown on Valentine’s Day, while Rapudo complemented her look with a blue suit, red tie, and black shoes.

Kennedy Rapudo issues a warning to Edgar Obare and Andrew Kibe

Kennedy Rapudo, during a segment of “Celeb Ride with 2mbili,” expressed his strong disapproval of having Andrew Kibe and Edgar Obare in his luxurious Range Rover.

Rapudo emphasized that he doesn’t know the two individuals personally, but he has issues with the way they create their content. He particularly criticized their controversial opinions shared online, stating, “Why would a man spend time talking about another man? You are a man, and you want to spend your time talking about another man, bro, it doesn’t work like that.”

Rapudo suggested that while he appreciates the content, there should be boundaries in addressing matters. He urged for a more civil approach without resorting to insults, emphasizing the importance of conveying points in a positive and inspiring manner.

Expressing his thoughts on Kibe, Rapudo commented on the age factor and the influence Kibe may have on younger individuals, especially given that he has daughters. He encouraged a more responsible and respectful approach when addressing women.

Turning to Edgar Obare, Rapudo raised concerns about boundaries, specifically referencing the blogger’s coverage of a court case involving Rapudo’s son. He questioned why sensitive issues related to minors should be publicized, emphasizing the importance of ethical considerations.

Rapudo challenged both Kibe and Obare to use their platforms more responsibly and avoid resorting to insults and negativity in their content creation. He emphasized the need for a clean and respectful approach, stating that success can be achieved without the need for verbal abuse.

As they get back together, Rapudo gives Amber money as an apology [Video]

John Kennedy Rapduo has been listening to Amber Ray whenever she discusses the value of money in her life. After an argument, the two are said to have briefly parted ways, and she moved out.
But six days ago, they were spotted together at her birthday celebration and when she was having her official birthday photos taken.

After that, internet users were persuaded that the two had never split up. Now, the duo has shown to their followers that they are still together.

In a bed video, Rapudo watches as Amber tries to move the cover away from her body and fill her pillows so she may sleep on the other side of him. She raises the cushions and displays astonishment at finding cash beneath them.

She breaks into a wide smile.

“Who else loves such kind of apologies ?? 🤣”

Hours after Amber announced that they were leaving their Sh270k-a-month Penthouse, Kenyans implied that Rapudo was impoverished and had trouble covering these expenses. This financial apology was made. There were five bedrooms in the penthouse.


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Amber Ray denies ditching Kennedy Rapudo for being too broke to pay rent

There have been rumors that Kennedy Rapundo’s failure to pay the rent caused Amber Ray and him to split up. Now that Amber’s desk has finally been approached by these rumors, she feels compelled to address them.

The mother of two has refuted that claim as the primary cause of their breakup. She gave an explanation on her Instagram stories, stating that their decision to split up was brought on by their disagreements. She goes on to say that although people speculate, their separation was real and not the result of clout chasing.

The social worker demonstrates that lack of money was not the cause, citing the fact that their current rent at each of their separate houses is higher than it was at their former home.

” Firstly, Ken and I separated because of our differences, not because we couldn’t keep our house afloat. And it was certainly a clout chase. I do not clout chase, especially not with personal matters. Despite most people already aware of what happened, it is still a private matter, and it is one that is being sorted out.

Second, the rent was never an issue. I moved out mid-month, and Ken did a while after. It would make no sense for him to stay in a 5-bedroom house alone. That said, the rent for both our current apartments combined far exceeds the rent we used to pay in that house. So, we never had arrears and were not kicked out.

I am not trying to justify myself, but I wouldn’t want to tarnish my reputation with false information online. And with all due respect people should mind their own business. So please have some grace and kindness, we are both human beings and have struggles just like anyone else.

The best thing to do is to have positive energy around you, and that is what I want to give and receive. In a world full of negativity and chaos, doing good to others goes a long way to making it easier. A lot can change in your life if you choose to put a smile on someone else’s face. So I hope that the positive energy I choose to give to everyone reflects back tenfold because God knows I need it.”

Kennedy Rapudo tries to win back Amber Ray

Recent events imply that Kennedy Rapudo, also referred to as Tajiri, and socialite Amber Ray might be getting back together after he sent her a meaningful birthday letter. Due of their tumultuous relationship, the two had previously made headlines.

Rapudo wished Amber Ray a happy birthday on social media, posting a message that sparked suspicions of a potential reconciliation. He wrote a heartfelt message to her, expressing his profound affections, and it was a poignant way to celebrate.

“When the universe brought us together, it was the best thing that’s ever happened to me. Wishing you the most wonderful birthday yet. Happy birthday mama @africanahrapudo. Pop champagne watumie tajiri bill,”

Their relationship’s state has come under suspicion as a result of these feelings.

The couple announced their split only a few weeks prior following a reported altercation that allegedly occurred when both of them were intoxicated.

A number of posts that Amber Ray shared on social media appeared to be hints of problems in their relationship.

In response, Rapudo recognized the event and the separation that followed, emphasizing that it was an isolated instance.

“A lot has been said, but I’ve not had the strength to address it. Yes, we’ve separated over an incident that happened while we were both drunk on the night of the 13th of this month. It’s an event that should have never happened, and I feel very sorry and in deep regret that it happened, mostly to the person that I swore to protect and love with all that I had.”

Jimal Roho Safi mocks Amber Ray after Kennedy Rapudo beats her

Kenyan businessman Jimal Rohosafi has released a karaoke video of himself singing a song about not beating wives, which has raised eyebrows considering the recent allegations of domestic violence against his ex-girlfriend, Amber Ray.

In the video, Rohosafi can be seen singing along to the song “Whozu – Waume Wenzangu” which contains lyrics that urge husbands not to beat their wives. The lyrics are as follows:

“Waume wenzangu, tusidharau wake zetu Wao ni mama wa watoto wetu Wametuvumilia sana, wametuvumilia sana Wametuvumilia sana, wametuvumilia sana Tuwapende, tuwatunze, tuwajali”


“My fellow husbands, let’s not despise our wives They are the mothers of our children They have endured us a lot, they have endured us a lot They have endured us a lot, they have endured us a lot Let’s love them, let’s take care of them, let’s cherish them”

Rohosafi’s video has sparked a debate online, with some people praising him for speaking out against domestic violence, while others criticizing him for hypocrisy.

Amber Ray has accused Rohosafi of physically assaulting her on multiple occasions during their relationship. Rohosafi has denied the allegations.

It is important to note that Rohosafi is presumed innocent until proven guilty. He has the right to a fair trial and to be represented by an advocate of his choice.

Kennedy Rapudo profusely apologized for the physical incident he and Amber had on Sunday night when it was made public.


My time with ❤️

♬ original sound – Jimal_Rohosafi

He said it was an isolated incident and blamed being inebriated, saying nobody should take it to represent who he was.

A few days prior to making his testimony, Amber had left Kennedy at her home and posted a few mysterious words online. She also appeared to have gone for her other residence.

The fact that she had lost her engagement ring was even more troubling, as seen by astute observers.

Oga Obinna sets his eyes on newly separated Amber Ray

Oga Obina makes fun of Amber Ray and Rapudo’s split and adds that he would be willing to look after Amber Ray’s children.

The former Kiss 100 host has always had a tremendous crush on Amber Ray, and he once said that the only woman he was ready to wed was Amber Ray. His ideal automobile was a Range Rover sports.

Oga Obinna’s best friend is Amber Ray, despite the fact that their friendship has never been the subject of any amusing “Bestie Bestie” scandals. Oga has always expressed interest in Amber.

The stand-up comedy was quick to take action and defend Amber Ray after learning about Rapudo and Amber Ray’s breakup.

He thinks Amber shouldn’t surf around him and that he would take Amber Ray now that the chance has been presented to him.

Oga Obinna is shown in a video on his Instagram page flaunting his Range Rover Sport and saying that he is heading to Amber Ray’s house to console her.

Amber Ray leaves Kennedy Rapudo, moves out of his house

Amber Ray appears to be announcing the breakdown of her relationship with Kennedy Rapudo, the father of her second child. Amber is not at the opulent mansion she formerly lived with Kennedy Rapudo in a recent Instagram video.

Her stunning engagement ring was missing, which her admirers noticed as well. On Saturday, October 14, Amber Ray posted pictures on her social media accounts, igniting speculation about her living situation and relationship status.

The socialite appeared in a completely different environment in these photographs. The new home was somewhat smaller than the lavish penthouse, yet it was equipped with familiar things from her prior home.

The mother of two children revealed on October 13 that she was dating Kennedy Rapudo, the father of her youngest child.

“The love and unity that a marriage should stand on becomes blurred, and eventually it leaves you drained. I have been in that environment for a while now, and my peace and safety have made it impossible for me to stay. The bruises and scars go beyond the physical, and for my own sake, I have to choose me.”

The socialite made additional inferences about the difficult times she expects to face soon.

“I know it will be a long couple of days/weeks for me, but I’d rather be at peace inside than project a false haven on the outside. I’d rather speak my truth than let gossip tarnish what I have built for me and my family thus far. Things in my household have not been okay… but they will be. My family will be okay. And eventually, I will be okay. I have always been a champion for love and marriage, knowing too well the joys of having a family. Having kids that look up to you, cherish and adore you because all you can do is give them what you never had, plus much more,”

Kennedy Rapudo apologizes and discusses beating Amber Ray

Kennedy Rapudo, a wealthy businessman who is married to Amber Ray, has opened up about claims that they have split up. In a series of Instastories, Rapudo explained that the couple had separated over an incident that happened while they were both drunk.

“There’s been so much activity concerning my marriage in the public domain these last couple of days,” Rapudo began. “Like any other marriage, we’ve had our moments of ups and downs and ours isn’t perfect either. A lot has been said but I’ve not had the strength to address it.”

Rapudo went on to say that he and Amber had indeed separated over the incident, which he deeply regretted.

“Yes, we’ve separated over an incident that happened while we were both drunk on that night of 13th this month,” he said. “It’s an event that should have never happened and I feel very sorry and in deep regret that it happened mostly to the person that I swore to protect and love with all that I had.”

Rapudo did not provide any further details about the incident, but he said that it was something that should have never happened and that he was deeply sorry for the hurt that he had caused Amber.

“What caught me by surprise is the manner in which the writer chose her words! One single isolated incident doesn’t mean that I’m a violent person-I’ve never been and I’ll never be! I’m raising two beautiful girls and I will never advocate for any domestic violence or gender-based violence.

I am man enough to admit when I’m in the wrong and on this particular incident, I was in the wrong but it doesn’t change who I am. I will continue to raise my children the best way I can and fight for my family off the media. To the mother of my beautiful daughter, I am deeply sorry and sincerely regret my actions in that moment of weakness. XoXO.” 

The couple’s separation is a reminder that even the strongest relationships can go through difficult times. It is important to be understanding and supportive of your partner during these times, and to work together to overcome the challenges that you face.

Amber Ray reveals her baby’s face

The face of Amber Ray’s daughter has now been disclosed by her father.

They introduced newborn Africana in a video posted on their daughter’s page with the caption:

I did enjoy my first meal, yes.

For a long, the couple avoided being photographed with their daughter Africana and only shared images of her that did not show her face.

Before today, when they decided to disclose her face, the photographs only showed her legs and an emoji-covered face.

Their daughter, Africanah Ochieng, has an Instagram account where she updates followers on topics that are important to her.

Imagine a newborn with an account that has 46.3k followers but her face is hidden.

People’s reactions to the face reveal have definitely left them in awe of how much the daughter resembles her father Rapundo.

The video was shared after the account had originally tweeted a picture with the caption “guess who started eating” and an emoji on top.

Although she previously stated that she was not nursing her kid, it appears that the child has passed the winnowing stage and is ready to eat.

Kennedy Rapudo baby mama denies him access to his son

Businessman Kennedy Rapudo’s lavish plans to celebrate his 8-year-old son’s birthday flopped when the baby mama failed to drop him off at the event.

Rapudo took to Instagram to express his disappointment, sharing photos and videos of his beautifully decorated home balcony, where he had set up a feast for his son.

The emotional post sparked a debate among Kenyans online, with some calling on the baby mama to let Rapudo co-parent their child, while others empathized with her, saying that taking their son to Rapudo’s fiancée Amber Ray’s house was a bridge too far.

Rapudo, who has two other children from different baby mamas, has been in a long court battle for child custody of his son with the unknown baby mama.

Despite the setback, Rapudo’s fiancée Aamber Ray assured him that he was a good father. She commented on his Instagram post, saying “@kennedyrapudo You are a good father …… never forget that!😘❤️❤️”

It remains to be seen what the future holds for Rapudo’s relationship with his son, but the Kenyans who weighed in on the situation were clear: co-parenting is the best way for both parents to be involved in their child’s life.

Amber Ray opens up about her relationship with Kennedy Rapudo.

Popular socialite Amber Ray has spoken out about the ups and downs of her relationship with her baby daddy, Kennedy Rapudo. The couple has had three significant breakups, and Amber Ray has now revealed the underlying causes of these break-ups.

The first breakup occurred when Rapudo asked Amber Ray to make him tea one morning, and she refused. Amber Ray said that she was willing to be submissive, but only if she was treated with respect. She felt that Rapudo’s request was disrespectful, and she left the house.

The second breakup occurred when Rapudo asked for a break. Amber Ray said that she was not willing to do this, as she wanted a committed relationship. She felt that the first breakup had taken a toll on her emotionally, and she did not want to go through that again.

The third and most recent breakup occurred while Amber Ray was pregnant with their daughter. Amber Ray said that she was not sure why Rapudo broke up with her, but she suspected that it was because of her pregnancy.

Despite these break-ups, Amber Ray and Rapudo have since reconciled. They have moved into a new house together and are raising their three children.

Amber Ray’s story is a reminder that relationships are not always easy. There will be ups and downs, and there will be times when you want to give up. However, if you are willing to work through the tough times, you can come out stronger on the other side.

Amber Ray spends Ksh 158,000 on shopping!

Socialite Amber Ray has shared a video of her fiance, Kennedy Rapudo, paying for a shopping spree worth 158,000 Kenyan shillings (approximately $1,300).

In the video, Amber is seen pushing five carts full of groceries and other items. Rapudo then swipes his credit card at the checkout counter, and the total amount is displayed on the receipt. Amber reacts with surprise, saying “weuh.”

Amber captioned the video, “Get married to a man with money.” She also added the hashtags #Bibiyatajiri (which means “wife of a rich man”) and #endmonthshopping (which means “end of the month shopping”).

The video has been viewed over 100,000 times, and many people have commented on it. Some people have expressed envy of Amber, while others have criticized her for her spending habits.

It is unclear what items Amber bought during her shopping spree. However, the receipt shows that she purchased a variety of items, including personal care products, food, and soft drinks.

Amber’s video has sparked a debate about the role of money in relationships. Some people believe that it is important for a man to be financially stable in order to provide for his family. Others believe that money should not be a factor in relationships.

Kennedy Rapudo finally reveals the true source of his wealth

In an extensive interview with Obinna, Kennedy Rapudo, the fiancé of Amber Ray, opened up about his personal life, his upbringing, and a lot of other little-known details about himself.

Kennedy said that during his formative years, he had resided in Kisumu, the Rift Valley, Western Kenya, and other places.

“Nilizaliwa Mombasa and then my mum had different jobs so i have been to different places. Nimeishi Kisumu, Rift Valley, western, niko kila mahali,” he admitted.

Many people are unaware of the fact that Rapudo sold things like flasks on the streets of Nairobi as a hawker after completing form 4.

Not only that, but the father of two also ventured into the brick industry and poultry farming in search of his financial niche and the path to financial independence.

“I did that one and then at some point I went back home. Nilikua nachoma matofali. I also tried my hands in kufuga kuku. I have been here and there trying to hustle”.

The successful businessman began working for numerous oil businesses including TULO and Africa Oil after earning a Master’s degree at the University of Nairobi.

“Tulikuwa tunafanyia different oil companies in Kenya. One of them was TULO. There was also Africa oil. We were doing research for them. After that I went back to USIU to do my second Masters because I loved their programs.”

Rapudo’s entrepreneurial adventure began to take off eight years ago when he began driving multiple cars for Uber.

He would later get his biggest break with a Dutch travel agency, for which he planned tours for customers from the Netherlands, and it was just the beginning for him.

“I quit my job in 2015 after that and started a few businesses. Magnari ni likuwa. Following that, I began working for a Dutch company where we ran tours and excursions. We mostly dealt with inbound traffic. The majority of the clients were from the Netherlands.

Rapudo made the decision to launch his own tour company and seek out “God” after the Covid outbreak decimated the business he worked for.

Kennedy’s explanation of how he acquired his income would undoubtedly put an end to the unneeded conjecture that has plagued her for the past year regarding his source of wealth.

Kennedy Rapudo Reveals Amber Ray Spends KSh 120,000 Every Month On Skincare

Kenyan socialite Amber Ray is known for her luxurious lifestyle, and her skincare routine is no exception. Her boyfriend, Ken Rapudo, recently revealed that she spends a whopping KSh 120,000 every month on her skincare regimen.

This revelation came to light when the couple made a friendly bet on the outcome of a football match between Arsenal and Manchester City. Rapudo, who is a fan of Arsenal, bet that his team would win, while Amber Ray, who is a fan of Manchester City, bet that her team would win.

The couple agreed that the loser of the bet would have to reveal their most embarrassing secret. Amber Ray lost the bet, and as a result, she revealed that she spends KSh 120,000 every month on her skincare regimen.

Rapudo was shocked by Amber Ray’s spending habits, but he also admitted that he was impressed by her dedication to her skincare. He said that he would never spend that much money on skincare, but he respects Amber Ray’s right to spend her money however she wants.

Amber Ray’s skincare routine is certainly expensive, but it is clear that she is passionate about it. She believes that her skincare routine is essential for maintaining her youthful appearance. She also believes that it helps her to feel confident and beautiful.

Whether or not you agree with Amber Ray’s spending habits, it is clear that she is committed to her skincare. She is an inspiration to anyone who is looking for ways to improve their skin health and appearance.

Rapudo reveals details about how he won Amber Ray from Jimal Roho Safi

Kennedy Rapudo and Amber Ray are a couple who have captured the public’s attention. In an interview with Oga Obinna, Rapudo shared the story of their love journey, from their initial meeting to the recent addition to their family – a daughter.

The couple met at DNM Park in Mountain View during the height of the Covid-19 pandemic. They were both dating other people at the time, but Rapudo was immediately drawn to Amber. He chose not to pressure her, however and gave her space.

“When we met, we used to fight a lot especially because of messages. She doesn’t fight but she is kichwa ngumu (hard-headed). She is ever happy. She used to be insecure about people who texted me. We still fight but we have found ways of resolving it. Women fear Amber Ray so much, they have stopped sending me messages.”

Amber’s initial intentions were quite different. She had planned to introduce Rapudo to one of her friends after he broke up with his then-girlfriend. However, when she found out that he was interested in her, she changed her mind.

Their relationship experienced its share of ups and downs. They faced challenges, such as insecurities and misunderstandings. However, they also found ways to overcome these challenges and build a strong foundation for their relationship.

“My advice to men is to be intentional with the woman you meet for a wife. Don’t play her too much. When you meet the love of your life, you do anything to make her happy.”

Rapudo is grateful for Amber and the love they share. He advised men to be intentional and sincere in their pursuit of a life partner. He also emphasized the importance of making their loved ones happy.

Kennedy Rapudo Opens Up About His Humble Beginnings

Amber Ray’s fiance Kennedy Rapudo, recently opened up about his humble beginnings, sharing details about his childhood and his early struggles.

Rapudo revealed that he grew up in a single-parent household, and that his mother had to move around a lot for work. This meant that he lived in different places throughout his childhood, including Kisumu, Rift Valley, Western Kenya, and beyond.

After completing his Form Four education, Rapudo started working as a hawker on the streets of Nairobi. He sold goods like flasks to make ends meet.

Life was tough for Rapudo in his early adult years. He even ventured into brickmaking and poultry farming as he searched for a stable source of income. However, the hustle and struggle only made him stronger.

“The hustle and struggle defined my early adult life, molding me into a relentless go-getter,” he said.

Rapudo’s story is one of perseverance and determination. He overcame many challenges in his early life, but he never gave up on his dreams. He is now a successful businessman and the fiancé of a popular socialite. His story is an inspiration to anyone who is facing challenges in their life.

Rapudo takes haughty jabs at Amber Ray’s ex Jimal Roho Safi

Kennedy Rapudo has persisted in demonstrating his undying devotion to socialite Faith Makau, a.k.a. Amber Ray, his wife and fellow parent.

The father of two made it obvious in his remark on Tuesday night that he doesn’t care who the attractive socialite was with before him while pointing out that he looks better with her now.

“I don’t care who was with you first and I don’t care who was with you the longest, because the truth is, you look better with me,”

Rapudo continued by making a lovely promise to his wife: “I will take care of you and your heart better than anyone in your past, and that is true.”

The mother of two responded by thanking her husband Rapudo for mend her broken heart caused by previous boyfriends.

“Thank you for your willingness to fix what you never broke,”

On Instagram, Amber Ray addressed her husband’s assertion. The two lovers had been dating since the middle of 2022.

They began dating in May of last year, not long after Amber Ray ended her relationship with Jimal Rohosafi, a businessman she had dated for about a year.

Amber Ray disclosed when she met Rapudo on her YouTube channel in March and that she never imagined they would end up dating.

She noted that she was hesitant to introduce romance at the time because she thought it might damage their relationship.

Rapudo rebels against Amber Ray’s wishes for him to become a politician

Rapudo, who is a businessman, said in an interview with Mungai Eve that he is content with his current life and does not want to get involved in the “dirty game” of Kenyan politics.

He also denied allegations that he is involved in the “Wash Wash” business, which is a slang term for money laundering.

Rapudo said that he lives a clean life and does not want to be constantly watched. He added that he would only reveal his business dealings if he ever runs for a political office.

Amber Ray, on the other hand, is eager for her boyfriend to join politics.

She believes that he has a “big heart” and could help a lot of people if he were in office. She also said that she thinks Kenyan politics is changing and that there is a need for a “different kind of politics.”

Rapudo’s decision not to join politics is likely to disappoint his fans.

He is a popular figure on social media and has a large following. However, it is clear that he is not interested in pursuing a career in politics.

It remains to be seen what the future holds for Rapudo.

He may decide to change his mind about politics in the future. However, for now, he seems content to focus on his business ventures.

Kennedy Rapudo addresses wash-wash allegations

Businessman Kennedy Rapudo has responded to allegations that he is involved in Wash Wash, a Kenyan slang term for money laundering.

The rumors arose due to his flashy lifestyle and his constant spending on his baby mama Amber Ray. Rapudo has denied the allegations, saying that he is not involved in any illegal activity.

In an interview with Mungai Eve, Rapudo said, “People have come up with a lot of theories, including that I am a Wash Wash guy. But you will never see me with Wash Wash guys. I live a clean life. I am not interested in Wash Wash. I do not want to live a life where I have to constantly live a life where I am being watched. Wash Wash is not my cup of tea.”

Rapudo’s baby mama Amber Ray has also defended him, saying that he does not have to justify how he makes money.

The couple recently caused a stir online after Rapudo bought his baby mama wigs worth Ksh420,000. The video of the purchase went viral, and many people commented on Rapudo’s lavish spending habits.

Despite the allegations, Rapudo has maintained that he is a legitimate businessman. He has said that he will eventually reveal his source of income, but for now, he prefers to keep it private.

It remains to be seen whether Rapudo will be able to clear his name of the Wash Wash allegations. However, one thing is for sure: he and Amber Ray are not afraid to flaunt their wealth.

Kennedy Rapudo & Amber Ray To Hold Private Wedding

Kenyan businessman Kennedy Rapudo and socialite Amber Ray are set to hold a private wedding ceremony soon.

Rapudo, who spoke to a local media house on Tuesday, July 11, said that he was grateful to have found Amber Ray, who he described as a caring and supportive partner.

He also said that they planned to add another child to their family, despite Amber Ray’s previous reservations.

As for the wedding, Rapudo said that it would be a small, intimate affair with only a few friends and family in attendance. He even hinted that the public might not even be aware of it until after the ceremony.

“It will be very private. And maybe you wont even know about it, you’ll just realize that we are married… few friends and family and that’s it,” he said.

Rapudo also spoke about the importance of finding a partner who does not put excessive demands on you. He said that in a world where many relationships are filled with expectations and pressures, Amber Ray’s presence was a blessing.

“I am grateful to have found someone who is not demanding, who is not putting pressure on me,” he said. “She is just there for me, and that is all I need.”

The wedding of Kennedy Rapudo and Amber Ray is sure to be a star-studded affair. The couple is known for their lavish lifestyle, and they are sure to pull out all the stops for their big day.

However, Rapudo has made it clear that he wants the wedding to be a private affair, and he has asked for the media to respect their privacy.

“We just want to have a small, intimate ceremony with our close friends and family,” he said. “We don’t want the media circus.”

Only time will tell when the wedding will take place, but one thing is for sure: it is sure to be a memorable event.

Rapudo buys Amber Ray Ksh 420K weave

When she posted a video of her future husband Kennedy Rapudo purchasing her three human hair wigs for Sh420,000, social media star Amber Ray shocked internet followers.

In a video she posted on her TikTok profile, while they were in a high-end hair salon, the new mother could be seen doing a small happy dance next to her and her spouse.

Two black bags filled with high-end hair products are sitting on top of the counter next to Amber Ray.

The shop staff shows the customers the final sum on the calculator, which reads Sh420,000. Without batting an eye, Kennedy takes his bag and distributes copious quantities of cash.

Amber looks fondly at her man and shines from ear to ear as Kennedy places the cash on the counter and then goes to retrieve his wallet to get his card to top off the amount.

Amber dances joyfully once again and compliments her sweetheart as he hands the key to the attendant.

“Repeat after me, ‘I can never date a broke man’,” the mother of two said as the video’s caption, followed by a series of laughing emojis.

When she tagged him in the video, she put blushing and love emojis next to his name. Online users went to her comment section to share their thoughts on the video.

Others poked fun of the two, pointing out that those who have money in the real world don’t have to show it. Some wished someone like Rapudo would come across them.

Rapudo set to gift Amber Ray millionaire’s dream car

Kennedy Rapudo had promised to buy his baby’s mother Faith Makau, a.k.a. Amber Ray, a sleek, opulent British automobile.

The soon-to-be wife was assured by the father of three children that she need not worry about working too hard or spending their money on luxuries since he would provide for her. Kennedy pledged to quickly procure Amber a Range Rover.

The roving businessman made a pledge to buy the socialite a Range Rover in a video that Amber Ray posted on her Instagram stories.

Kennedy boasted about himself and appeared to be dissing Amber’s boyfriend by promising he wouldn’t be one of those guys who took gifts back after a breakup.

Amber had confessed to her boyfriend that she was constantly working hard and hustling in order to finance a Range Rover.

This came after Kennedy accused her of consistently producing spills in his car and asked her if she realized how expensive the vehicle was. Their social media exchange went as follows:

Rapudo: You will not buy a Range Rover, I will buy for you a Range Rover. So relax, just be patient it is a matter of time…

Amber: Bora you promise hutaninyanganya, unajua mimi nilikataa story za magari juu ya kunyanganywa

Rapudo: When I buy for you a car it will be under your name, the logbook will have your name, not mine. Wachana na hao watu they buy a car for you but it is under their names. When I buy for you a car it will be under your name baby, okay?

Kwani Amber Ray alimroga? Jimal Roho Safi attacks Rapudo

Jimal Rohosafi, a well-known businessman who runs a matatu and finance credit business from his office, recently declared himself the richest matatu owner in Kenya.

In an interview on the Mungai Eve channel, he said that his wealth can be traced back to those jobs. Yesterday, Jimal posted a quote on his Instagram about being irritated by some businessmen who have no known offices or work descriptions.

“It’s irritating ???? to call yourself a businessman while we don’t know what you do or your office#jamalrohosafi.”

A day ago, Amber Ray’s son questioned what Kennedy Rapudo does for a living. The innocent 13-year-old was speaking to Amber on her Instagram stories and could be heard asking that to his popular mother.

This has led netizens to assume that Jimal is referring to Kennedy Rapudo, who has faced the same questions from Kenyans.

Pesa ni za wash-wash? Amber Ray defends Rapudo

Amber Ray, a socialite, has once again found herself in the middle of a contentious situation due to allegations that her spouse is involved in money laundering. The couple’s lavish lifestyle, as shown on their social media accounts, has only fueled rumors about how they came by their fortune. The socialite is seen conversing with her son Gavin and husband Rapudo in a recent Instagram video that Amber Ray published on her account after he gets home from work.
Gavin expresses amazement at Rapudo’s remark of the frequent meetings he is had as a result of his hustle and says he rarely sees his stepfather doing anything connected to work.
“I have never seen him at meetings or working. We always seem to have money, but he doesn’t seem to be working; it seems suspicious,” Gavin
Amber Ray supports her son’s assessment and discloses that her husband has been suspected of money laundering, with some attributing his substantial riches to these actions. Rapudo argues in his defense that it does not matter what people think of him as long as he can support his family. Rapudo firmly states, “I am smart and I have hired people to work for me, people who are as lethargic as those who are creating rumors about me. Rapudo and Amber Ray have already justified their expensive way of life. Rapudo recently said in an interview that their extravagant spending was due to divine favors bestowed upon them by God.

Amber Ray’s daughter has more followers than you!

Amber Ray, a socialite, posted a photo of her newborn daughter on Instagram. Under the user name Africana Rapudo Ochieng, the infant with the name Africanah has an Instagram account that her well-known mother set up for her.

On May 17, she gave the account information while pleading with online users to follow the toddler.

Over 6,000 people have followed the account so far. Possibly because the family is waiting for users to assemble, no posts have yet been published.

Africanah just had a six-day old baby. The happy news was revealed on Monday, May 15. Amber and her fiancé Kennedy Rapudo.