Tanasha Donna shares hot youthful photos of her mum at 50 years

Singer Tanasha Donna is quite excited for her mum who recently celebrated her 50th birthday on Wednesday 12th; but what’s more exciting is that she barely looks her age!

The excited singer unveiled the never seen before photos of her mum through her IG stories where she not only celebrated the 50th birthday; but also got to show a photo of young Tanasha Donna that we never knew existed.

To mark this special milestone, the singer cum Diamond Platnumz 3rd baby mama went on to  write;

Happy 50th birthday to my mother!!! Thank you for raising me to be the woman I am today. Thank God for your beautiful heart. I ❤️ you.

Tanasha’s mum

And in another post, Tanasha went on to add;

Mommy. Can’t wait to see you this summer.

Tanasha’s mum

Young Tanasha Donna

For those who don’t know – Tanasha Donna grew up both in Kenya and Europe where her mum lives with her step dad.

And although her dad May have walked on her mum when baby Tanasha was just a few months old; she still got to live her best life courtesy of her dear mum and the below proves this.

Young Tanasha Donna with step dad

Who’s laughing now? Tanasha Donna shares twerk video weeks after comedian Mammito mocked her poor dancing skills

Tanasha Donna has been trolled for her poor dancing skills, stiff waist and I also hear Juma Lokole claims she is poor in bed. Not quite sure why or how he found out; but truth is, Ms Donna has tried to prove herself but her critics cannot let her prosper.

During her last visit to Bongo – Ms Donna for some reason joined baby daddy Diamond Platnumz on stage; where they performed their hit song Gere. As seen on the video Tanasha is sensually whining on Diamond and the crowd could not keep calm.

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However later on when the videos surfaced on social media; the same old critics that once praised her – started pointing out how bad her dancing skills are. To our surprise comedian Mammito also joined in to make fun of Tanasha Donna; leaving her online followers in snitches thanks to the hilarious video.

Tanasha claps back

Having seen how bad the comments were; Tanasha Donna decided to perfect her dancing by putting in some good work – which can be seen in the latest video shared on her stories.

Well, for those who thought she has a stiff waist, watch Miss Donna whine her ‘boneless’ waist as entertains fans on her page. I bet with this, no one will be trolling her anytime soon.

Tanasha Donna claps back at tattoo girl tarnishing her image online

Hustle goddess – who was once part of Nairobi Diaries has picked a fight with Diamond Platnumz baby mama, Tanasha Donna. This is after she accused Ms Donna of not paying a certain makeup artist; who also doubles up as a good friend to Ms Goddess.

However having been given a chance by Eric Omondi to speak about the ‘Eric Omondi’ tattoo; the lass grabbed this opportunity to also expose Tanasha for dodging the make up artist she owes – hoping this would remind her to pay up. And it worked!

We understand that Tanasha has already came across this story and to control the damage; Hustle goddess says the singer reached out to Eric Omondi to have the post pulled down. Through her gram, Hustle Goddess wrote;

Tanasha claps back

Of course this not being the first time Tanasha Donna is being accused of not paying for something; fans in the comment section could help but call out Tanasha for being cheap.

Seeing how everyone is acting on social media; Ms Donna on the other hand decided to give Hustle goddess a low blow as seen on Instagram. Judging from a caption used on Donna’s latest photo, we can see her accusing Hustle Goddess of using her name for fame as she wrote;

Donna =Content.????????????

But since Tanasha Donna has another version of the story; we honestly cannot wait to hear of it. But what’s up with debts following a big star like Tanasha?

‘Mom guilt’ leaves Tanasha Donna pouring out her heart to son, Naseeb Junior

As a mum, there is no worse feeling than experiencing mum guilt. This often happens when you leave a child home (supervised) to run errands; and times one (mum) needs to stay away for days – and this is the worst part about parenting.

Tanasha with son on their Prado TX

Well, looks like Tanasha Donna recently went through one of these phases; after leaving behind her son to handle business else where.

Judging from the post dedicated to Naseeb Junior, we see the singer asking her son to hang in there; as everything she has been doing for the few days he had not seen her home – was all in his favor.

Tanasha obsessed with son

Just like most first time mums, clearly Tanasha Donna was having it rough not seeing her munchkin for days. Through her Instagram stories, Mama Naseeb wrote;

See you in a day son. ???? mommy’s working super hard for you.

Naseeb Junior

However the good thing is that Diamond Platnumz got to hangout with his baby boy during his short visit to Nairobi; but since both parents have to keep chasing paper for his sake – I guess the nannies have to step in.

Diamond Platnumz giving his other baby mamas a reason to hate on Tanasha Donna (Photos)

Diamond Platnumz and his Kenyan baby mama, Tanasha Donna may not be together; but trust me, the two have been giving many a reason to believe that there could be more than meets the eye.

Probably this is because Diamond continues to shower his Kenyan son, Naseeb Junior with nothing but love. During NJ’s visit to Tanzania – fans got to watch his parents that is Ms Donna and Diamond Platnumz party together; something we did not see during Zari’s visit.

Tanasha Donna links up with Diamond Platnumz in Tanzania

Of course this makes his other baby mamas uncomfortable with the fact that it’s obvious that he favors Ms Donna. Others have even gone ahead to confirm that Tanasha is the only baby mama the Bongo singer follows; and knowing how proud he is – clearly something must be up.

Diamond’s baby mama

As for Zari and Hamisa Mobetto they remain unfollowed on social media; probably because the singer remains uninterested in what they post on their pages.

Tanasha on the other hand is a fashion killa who helps Diamond Platnumz keep up with the latest trends. Truth is, Tanasha has that effect on the Simba and although he insists that he is to another woman – were yet to see one that can out do Ms Donna.

Also, the fact that Tanasha’s son looks everything like Diamond Platnumz – makes it easy for the singer to love the lady.

Tanasha Donna serving body goals with new bikini photo

Miss Tanasha Donna is slowly getting back to her old body, especially now that all the baby fat has started to disappear.

Well, before the birth of baby Naseeb Junior, Ms Donna used to weigh around 50-60kgs; but after giving birth – she struggled with baby fat like most fans.

Tanasha Donna’s editing skills exposed online

However, after months of self discipline in terms of diet and lifestyle; Miss Donna started to slowly fall back into her old body and as you read this – I bet she remains one of the hottest ex’s Diamond Platnumz has ever parted ways with.

New body

To prove this, Miss Donna recently left many on social media drooling over her latest bikini photo that has her showing acres of skin and of course a petite figure.

Singer Tanasha Donna

From the photo shared below, we can confirm that Miss Donna is undeniably yummy and hot to look at. After months of editing photos, the lass can finally display her hot body without the fear of being judged by the online community.

Anyway checkout the hot photo giving the male species sleepless nights courtesy of Tanasha Donna.

Miss Donna looking like a shnaack

Get it girl! Tanasha Donna reunited with her Prado TX back (Photos)

Tanasha Donna needs to school some of these baby mamas – causing drama for their baby daddy’s on social media! Despite her painful and bitter break up between Diamond Platnumz – the 24 year old singer did not jump from one station to another looking for approval or petty sympathy.

Tanasha handled herself like a mature person and till date, we really don’t know what went wrong – but hey – the queen back on her thrown!

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Queen T rolling like a boss

As many remember Tanasha did not leave Bongo with her Prado – gifted to her by baby daddy on her birthday.  Unlike most women, she opted to leave it behind; a move that left most single mums calling her out on social media.

What they did not know is that Tanasha was smart enough not to show interest in the material things; and for this reason – her actions not only proved that she is loyal but pulled Diamond Platnumz closer to her more than ever.

Diamond gifts Tanasha with a Prado TX

Rolling like a boss

By now one would have expected Diamond Platnumz to have sold this car; but it turns out that he kept it for her and now that Tanasha is in Bongo, this is the car she has been rolling around in. Get it girl!

She proved this with several photos of her seated on the drivers seat; and in another photo Tanasha is seen with her main man, NJ just chilling!

For those who still doubt that Diamond may still have feeling for Tanasha – then check the photos below.

Tanasha with son on their Prado TX
Tanasha aka Queen T
Singer Tanasha in Bongo

Tanasha Donna speaks after Diamond Platnumz snubbed her kiss while on stage

Tanasha Donna has been making headlines since the weekend began all thanks to her Tanzanian in laws. So far we are told that she jetted into Bongo for her son to see his dad; but judging from the weekend activities – let’s just say there was more to the visit.

This is because Donna not only club hopped with Diamond Platnumz; but also got a chance to perform for her Tz fans – and that is where all hell broke loose.

Tanasha Donna and Diamond Platnumz reunite

Well, Ms Donna got to twerk on her baby daddy and when things got too heated up; she may have assumed that ending the show with a kiss would do it for them – but what an epic failure.

The embarrassment

As seen on the viral videos making rounds on social media, one can see the awkward moment when she tried kissing Diamond Platnumz; only for him to move the opposite direction. I mean, why???

Although this cannot be undone, many continue to feel sorry for Miss Donna for being  too ‘naive.’ However addressing some of the critics mocking her online, Donna made it known that she is unbothered and has no reason to stoop low by hitting back at haters. She wrote;

It is what it is. Let them have fun reacting the whole scenario

But come on Donna!

Savage! Mammito mocking Tanasha Donna with new dance video?

Okay we all by now know that Miss Tanasha Donna cannot dance like we would want her to; but truth is, she tries.

So far Tanzania claim that she has the most stiff waist they have ever seen; but after practicing for months and months – Donna finally proved them wrong during her performance with Diamond Platnumz this past weekend.

Problem is, her dancing skills haven’t improved that much and since she tried so hard; fans and even Mammito have been applauding on social media.

Mammito trolling Tanasha Donna?

Speaking of Mammito, there is a video shared on her page where she is seen dancing; and from the comments fans feel that she may be imitating Tanasha Donna.

If this is true then I bet it was on a light note as Mammito has given many a reason to smile thanks to her creativity. This is not the first time the funny lady is coming up with such videos and the best part is that her fan base keeps enjoying her fresh content as seen on her page.

Well, after watching the video it’s obvious to see what she did there; and yes, we cannot get enough of Mammito’s stiff waist on this specific video.



“I used to do it for the likes” Tanasha Donna speaks of empty life before converting to Islam

Tanasha Donna is slowly leaving back her old life. I mean so far she has cut off a number of friends from her former circle; and lately she seems more of a private person unlike before.

The party lifestyle has also been reduced to nothing; and judging from her IG stories, I bet Miss Donna now prefers to stay indoors with her young man than jump from one city to another in the name of fun.

Former friends Shaq The Yungin and Tanasha Donna

She however owes all this to Diamond Platnumz; the man that changed her life and career overnight. As we all know, Tanasha Donna’s fame grew after getting into a relationship with Bongo singer, Diamond Platnumz. As much as some of her friends would disagree; truth is, Tanasha was famous before Diamond – but this same man is the reason her name spread like wild fire in Africa. Right?

Ex-couple, Tanasha Donna and Diamond Platnumz

Changed woman

Anyway despite all these things, Ms Donna recently went on to share a new post talking about her empty life she once used to live. According to Tanasha, almost everything she did was for the gram, likes, views and validation from people she knows nothing about.

However with time or rather after seeking wisdom from the Quran – which she sttudies night and day; Donna now says that she has realized the only validation she needs is from and for God.

Through her IG page Mama Naseeb junior wrote;

Tanasha Donna

I used to do it for the likes, or the views, or the validation… Till I realized likes doesn’t mean I’m actually liked, views DON’T pay & the only validation I need is God’s. #onmyownlane ????????????‍♀️????????

There you have it!

Tanasha Donna opens up about son’s new found relationship with daddy, Diamond Platnumz

Tanasha Donna may have walked out on ex boyfriend Diamond about 8 months ago but the young mum has no reason to keep son Naseeb Junior away from his papa. After months of not communicating or receiving no child support, seems like Tanasha and ex have finally settled their issues.

Well this was revealed by Tanasha who recently went on to reveal that ex Diamond Platnumz is currently supporting his son; and so far as baby Naseeb’s relationship with daddy is concerned – the two are just fine.

Diamond Platnumz sweetly comforting Tanasha in hospital on her delivery date

According to Tanasha Donna, Baba Naseeb has been paying for his son bills including future education; which is every single mum’s dream. At first many may have assumed that Diamond Platnumz would turn out to be a deadbeat dad but although he was for a few months – the fella at least now knows where his son sleeps, what he eats and pays for his entertainment too.

Speaking about this, Tanasha who has been keeping low profile about her son’s whereabouts said;

He is paying for his education right now, taking care of him and making an effort. I like what he is doing to his kids. He’s making an effort to be there for them and I’m proud of him


Although Tanasha Donna is not the first one to accuse Diamond Platnumz of being a deadbeat dad; we also saw Hamisa Mobetto and Zari Hassan do the same. However as time went by the Bongo singer eventually changed and has been quite active in his children lives.

Tanasha (centre) seemingly counters Diamond´s exes, Zari (left) and Hamisa (right)

Could be that he does this to frustrate his baby mamas but at the end of the day; it also hurt his kids, but hey…. at least he supports his babies, right?

“I trusted too much,” Tanasha Donna opens up on her biggest regret in life (Video)

Kenyan songbird, Tanasha Donna has come out to spill unknown details about her personal life, some of which she made bad choices that taught her life lessons.

During her recent interview on ‘Radio Maisha’s Celebrity Hot Seat’ show, Donna admitted she is one person who gave too many undeserving people the benefit of doubt who only came back to backbite her.

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The regrets

Talking of how she learnt her lesson the hard way after spilling all her secrets to a female friend back when she was 18-19 while in Belgium, who then used that against her.

Ms Tanasha Donna Oketch

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But that was not all, spilling;

“My biggest regret in my life is giving people the benefit of doubt. I kept people close, invited them into my life, only to end up betraying me and tarnishing my name on media. I was too nice to people who ended up stabbing me,” Tanasha admits.

Singer Tanasha Donna

Her sons visit to the Dangotes

Interestingly, following Zari Hassan and her kids’ recent visit to Dar es Salaam to see Diamond and family, Tanasha Donna had this to say regards also taking a trip with her son to Madale;

“I won’t go. I will probably let my son and the nanny fly over there but I will remain in Kenya. There is a lot of work to be done,” she categorically stated.

Have a listen to the Hot Seat;

Utaambia watu nini! Tanasha Donna hits back at Bridget Achieng with glorious clap back

Tanasha Donna and Bridget Achieng have been giving bloggers a reason to talk. This past weekend Bridget Achieng went on to bad mouth Tanasha in an interview done by Ngina on Jalang’o TV;  giving Mama Naseeb Junior a reason to hit back.

It all started with Bridget Achieng lying about Tanasha not performing during the Naifest 2.  I mean she lied about Reekado…why not about Tanasha, right? Well, Bridget Achieng claims Tanasha bailed out last minute – without an explanation as to why she was no longer attending the event.

In the interview she went on to claim that payment was not an issue; as they had agreed to sort each other through butter trade.

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The former socialite was to apparently pay for Tanasha’s flight to Nigeria; where Bridget was to set her up with a media tour to help in expand Tanasha Donna’s brand In West Africa. Being friends, this sounded fine (in terms of payment) but little did Tanasha know that Bridget would use this against her.

Tanasha shares side of the story

speaking in a viral video making rounds on social media; Ms Tanasha opened up admitting that indeed Bridget was to pay for her flight to Nigeria.

However, this is not because she could not afford her flight; but because she thought this was a good opportunity of friends helping each other out.

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But after coming across Bridget’s interview where she painted her as a self centered and rude person; Mama Naseeb in return decided to speak her truth.

In the detailed video, Tanasha explained the reason why she cancelled on Naifest.According to Tanasha, she tried reaching out to Bridget Achieng to discuss a payment plan after the ‘SARS police’ thing happened in Nigeria.

And now that they couldn’t travel to Nigeria for a media tour, Bridget Achieng had to pay Tanasha but the socialite kept avoiding her calls; forcing Tanasha’s management to cancel on the gig.

Bridget on the other decided to use this as a weapon in tarnishing Tanasha’s image; but as usual, Mama Naseeb decided to repay in kindness…as she refused to bad mouth or trash Mama Sekani. Watch the video below.


“That’s even why Diamond Platnumz dumped you!” Bridget Achieng fires shots at Tanasha Donna who failed to perform at Naifest 2 (Video)

A lot has been said about Tanasha Donna. Many say she is petty, bossy, lazy and now broke! Not quite sure whether the broke term fits her; but Bridget Achieng may have implied it during her latest interview as seen on Jalang’o TV.

Speaking for the first time after days of being accused for the murder of 17 year old Shanty; Bridget held a candid interview with Ngina – where distanced herself from the rumors as she insists that the boy passed on while at the hospital.

Bridget Achieng speaks after teenage boy allegedly lost his life at her Nai Fest event

Away from that, Bridget Achieng also talked about the Tanasha issue explaining why she failed to perform. According to Bridget Achieng – Miss Donna just changed her mind about performing at Naifest just few days to the event: despite the two having settled their agreement already.

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The drama

However her agreement with Tanasha was different. Speaking to Ngina, Ms Bridget went on to reveal that her spoken ‘contract’ with Tanasha was that she performs at Naifest 2; then in return she pays for Tanasha’s flight to Nigeria; but also introduces her to some of the big people she knows.

Tanasha Donna

However just a few days to the event, Bridget Achieng says Tanasha started demanding for a  down payment; something they had already spoken about and agreed upon – that they would help each other as mothers.

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But unfortunately it appears that Tanasha changed her mind as she opted for cash rather than flying to Nigeria. This however left Bridget quite bittter; to a point where she threw shade at Tanasha for being dumped by Diamond Platnumz.

According to Bridget Achieng – Tanasha’s diva character and indecisiveness may have been the reason why Diamond Platnumz even dumped her.

Watch the interview below;


Tanasha Donna’s manager Castro finally speaks after silently partying ways with the singer

It is no longer a hidden truth that Tanasha Donna and her manager, African Castro are no longer working together.

The beauty recently announced her partnership under a new manager, while African Castro unveiled his new other partnership as well.

While none of them came out to explain what has been going on, Castro finally gained the courage to speak up on the new developments.

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African Castro speaks up

David Munyua, alias African Castro, best known for his brand in digital talent management, confirmed to a local publication that he has indeed part ways with the Sawa hitmaker.

Tanasha with ex-manager, African Castro

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Turns out that the two actually went different ways roughly a month ago, leaving her in the hands on her new manager, Ciza Obare.

“It was amicable. And I will now be embarking on a different journey with my new company Established African,” the entertainment mogul mentioned.

A new home where he seeks to offer financial hacks to interested individuals in the digital space.

African Castro parts ways with Tanasha Donna

In September, during an exclusive interview, media personality Jamal Gaddafi who also happens to be Tanashas good friend, revealed he stepped aside from handling Tanashas music productions because he could not cope.

Instead chose to give in a hand in her charity foundation, Tanasha Donna Community that gives back to society.

“I’m still going to be one of her managers but I prefer to stay on the donation side,” Jamal confessed.

Tanasha aka Aisha and Jamal Gaddafi at Angels children home

The 25-year old beauty is yet to speak up on what transpired between her and African Castro. Instead continues to promote her music and upcoming performances.

The new drama between Tanasha Donna and her manager Castro is very telling

Tanasha Donna is having issues with her manager or should I say former manager, Castro. According to rumours, the two are no longer seeing eye-to-eye and a recent post by Tanasha Donna seems to have solidified the validity of the rumour as she took to her Instagram account to announce the fact that she is now working with a new manager.

Tanasha Donna confirms rumored beef between her and fellow baby mama, Zari Hassan (Video)

While nothing is known about the nature of the reason as to why Ms Oketch is no longer working with Castro, our interest in the drama was piqued when Castro went on IG to ask kenyans to help him with a hospital bill he and his family had been served with after their father was hospitalized as a Covid19 patient. The bill had run up to seven million shillings and Kenyans and indeed East Africans found it strange that Tanasha had not posted a thing about her manager’s request for financial aid.

tanasha donna
Songbird Tanasha Donna

Infact, it was rather peculiar that the only reason she eventually posted a quick story asking for help for Afrrican Castro was when all her fans called her out for her callous lack of concern. And therein lies a key indicator of just who Tanasha Donna really is.

Tanasha Donna’s hidden agenda with slain businessman Kevin Omwenga revealed

Alot has been said about the little lady, mother of one and dependent of Diamond Platnumz’super stardom for relevancy but the one thing that is of interest is that she is accused of being entirely self-serving.  For those of you who do not know the trajectory of Diamond Platnumz baby mama, she was an erotic exotic dancer at B-Club. Nothing wrong with that to be honest. She then managed to move over to radio. It was while she was at radio that her name began to ring to more than just the crowd of West African and Congolese men who would request the establishment over at Galana Plaza.

tanasha donna
Musician Tanasha Donna

While she was at NRG radio, she did indeed build a platform for herself but she has been unable to capitalize on it ever since Diamond left her high and dry as she has struggled to match any sort of success she had while dating Mondi. Even as she worked with Castro, she would get gigs and we would hear that they were cancelled for one reason or another (Naifest which was promoted by Bridget Achieng) and even her media tour was a terribly executed one and from what we heard, Tanasha Donna was at fault.

Tanasha is wasting the golden opportunity Diamond Platnumz gave her

So when we see her part ways with Castro and rather than issue a proper statement explaining the reason behind the decision, she simply puts up an IG story, one can’t help but wonder first, whether she is indeed a serious artist and second, whether indeed she is as bad as the rumours about her nature intimate.

tanasha donna
Tanasha Donna

At the end of the day however, the day ends.

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Tanasha Donna’s son’s new look proving that both his parents’ genes are strong

Naseeb Junior always took after Diamond Platnumz especially going by his facial looks soon after his birth, but from the look of things, he might now be taking after Tanasha Donna more.

Even though many doubted Naseeb Juniors paternity, it was indisputable the fact that he was nearly a complete replica of Diamond.

The baby boy turned 1 year old on October 2, in a lowkey, colorful birthday event courtesy of his mom, Tanasha Donna, down in Mombasa.

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Naseeb Juniors new look

Just weeks later, a new photo of the fast-growing baby boy has taken many by surprise.

In a series of photos as seen by Ghafla, a baby Naseeb cutely stares into the camera, a photo that brings out the maternal bit of him more conspicuously than that of his paternal side.

Naseeb Junior

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His chubby, charming baby looks are ones to die for and it is easy to conclude that spending more time around his mom for the last 9 months, might have seen him take after her looks.

However, his new hairstyle grabbed the attention of fans, closely resembling that of his dad and the fact that the kid has inherited his moms strong genes of long, soft hair makes it even more adorable.

Baby Naseeb

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The little one was out enjoying the warm, afternoon sun, now standing on his two feet and slowly gaining an understanding of his environment.

“Sunny days. ????☀️,” the caption beautifully reads.

Naseeb Junior

The photo caught the attention of his grandma, Mama Dangote who reposted her grandson’s photo, admitting that Naseeb Junior is a kid of few words;

“HANAGA SWALI ????????”

Naseeb Junior

The chats left fans excited and enviable of the family bond despite the distance.

New photos of Naseeb Junior that have caught the attention of Diamond Platnumz

Diamond Platnumz has been making amends to his broken relationships with his baby mamas, if recent events are anything to go by.

It started with a trip from South Africa to Tanzania by Zari Hassan and their two children, who got the privilege of spending more than a week with their daddy before leaving for the South.

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Naseeb Juniors new photos

Most recently is Tanasha Donnas case after photos of the once little Naseeb Junior gradually growing into a fine young man went viral.

Baby Naseeb Junior

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From his Instagram page, a 1 year old plus Naseeb Junior has turned out a complete replica of his dad and mom, exhibiting characteristics from both his parents and he is a sight to behold.

Pretty innocent and trying to familiarize himself with the things of this world, a smartly dressed Naseeb Junior sweetly stares at the camera, having already learnt how to support himself.

A handsome Naseeb Junior

A cute, little boy who might eventually grow into a handsome young man caught the attention of his dad and aunt, Esma Platnumz, melting the hearts of many.

The kid who was minding his own business had his caption reading;

“What’s poppin fam? ????”

Naseeb Junior

To which his smitten father, Diamond Platnumz sweetly commented with blue love emojis and a simba.

Esma Platnumz coming in to admit that a dear Naseeb Junior is greatly missed by Tanashas in-laws, comments that have since sparked online uproar.

Fans however noticed that Tanasha might have finally agreed to let in her baby daddy into the life of her son, after blocking Diamond and his next of kin in February 2020 but now, they are able to comment on her sons page.

“All of a sudden she wrote cancelled online” Bridget Achieng explains why Tanasha Donna bailed on attending Nai Fest

Tanasha Donna apparently is back to her old ways where she ignores what is expected of her  when it comes to her music career. Not once but twice have we heard ‘people’ complain about her lazy character; and unfortunately this is the same move she pulled during the preparations of the Nai Fest.

Having cancelled the event last minute; socialite Bridget Achieng recently revealed that the Miss Donna did not attend any sound check; nor did she communicate with the Nai Fest officials before cancelling the show.

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As seen in a question and answer session on Bridget’s page; one fan went on to inquire why Tanasha never showed up to the event – to which Bridget responded by saying;

she changed our deal last minute, hakuja sound check, all of a sudden I saw she wrote cancelled online… But we are good she will be there next time, no bad blood


Achieng’s post

Tanasha Donna in coast

Although Tanasha already has a big name in the entertainment industry; some of her fans feel that she makes moves that leave her looking unserious when it comes to music.

Not quite sure why but all we can say is that she doesn’t really put in effort like the likes of Nandy, Nadia, Victoria Kimani and other big names in the industry.

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Apart from her songs with the Wasafi brothers…Tanasha has not made any big moves that can confirm that she is serious with her music – and now that fans are starting to see this, we cannot tell how long she will survive in this industry.

Tanasha Donna

But looking on the brighter side, at least she cancelled this to travel to coast where her alleged millionaire boyfriend lives.

Proof that Tanasha Donna and Diamond Platnumz new flame are engaging in a silent fashion war (Photos)

Diamond Platnumz recently left tongues wagging after unveiling his latest catch, Pat Aika. Of course fans got too excited and thanks to those who knew her handle, we finally got her IG page.

Looking at her photos, it’s evident to see the striking resemblance between her and Tanasha Donna. I mean, it was either Diamond Platnumz upgrades or downgrades; but in this case he got a replica of Donna making this even more interesting.

If I am not wrong, Tanzanians on social media have not found anything unique about Pat Aika; and I am guessing this is why they can’t mock Tanasha Donna like they did with Zari Hassan, Hamisa Mobetto and the rest. This time around the two ladies appear to have similar looks and the same taste when it comes to fashion.

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Tanasha and Pat Aika competing?

If I am not wrong it appears that Tanasha Donna has upgraded her game and her photos don’t look so different from those of Pat Aika.

They both wear their the same way, use the same posing positions; and both see kenya as their home. Just a few hours ago Pat Aika went on to reveal that she is currently around as she went on to post saying;

Pat Aika

Glad to be back home ????????

And a few hours later, Tanasha put up an instagram story where she wrote;

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Although I cannot really confirm whether these two are on a competition; their photos on the other hand seem to be saying something different.

For this reason, I have compiled a few photos of Tanasha Donna and Pat Aika’s photos showing you the similarities! But hey, it’s not that bad to have a battle of the sexiest….!

Tanasha Donna’s son’s new hairstyle turning heads online

Diamond Platnumz Kenyan baby mama, Tanasha Donna has left fans excited after sharing a photo of her 1-year-old son rocking a new hairstyle.

The baby boy whose resemblance with her father is undoubted, was spotted relaxing by the pool side giving an innocent look to his mom. Before fans noticed his new hairdo.

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Naseeb Juniors new hairstyle

So it now looks like the Na Wewe singer has decided to let her son grow hair like his look-alike dad.

Tanasha Donna

Now growing into a fine baby boy, Naseeb Junior whose hair is showing good signs has embraced a side cut but maintained his hair at the center.

Which has then been curled up in small bits that would easily be mistaken for upcoming dreadlocks.

The cute photo by his mom, has since left netizens anxious of the end result of the kid born to musician parents.

Naseeb Junior embraces new hairstyle

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However, a number of fans cautioned the songbird against growing her sons hair, just like his dad Diamond Platnumz, whose crazy hairstyles have been the center of controversy.

diamond platnumz
Diamond Platnumz

A topic that has raised debate among fans, majority urging the 25-year old to maintain her son’s looks decent.

If Tanasha lets her son’s hair to continue growing, then he will not be the first celebrity male kid to keep his hair.

Diana Marua and Bahati angered fans after plaiting their barely 1-year old son’s hair, resembling his older sister, Heaven but the couple only turned a deaf year to the trolls.

Majesty Bahati

Since Majesty has managed to get away with his interesting hairstyles, maybe Naseeb will get away with his as well.

What do you think, should Tanasha keep her son’s hair or shave it off?

ONE ON ONE: Jimmy Gait reveals qualities his future wife must have, mtawezana? (Video)

There is a certain point you get to in your life and one of the things you start thinking about is settling down. Some will go as far as writing down the qualities they want their soulmate to possess while others will not mind how the package comes.

During an interview conducted by Caroline Mukami, James Ngaita, popularly known as Jimmy Gait, opened up about some of the celebrities he would not mind dating and also the qualities he is looking for in his future wife.

Jimmy Gait looking dapper

A fan asked who he would prefer dating between Tanasha Donna and Avril and his response was, “Tanasha is very beautiful and very intelligent but this is fiction…but Tanasha, yes!” The reason why he would not date Avril is because “I dont like very big, sizeable. Kubwa sana si sawa.”

Some of the aspects he considers are spiritual and physical. “If I was looking at the spiritual aspect, then I would not date Tanasha because she is Muslim.” As for Vera Sidika, he said hatawezana. Wacha akae na Brown Mauzo.

For the ladies who are eyeing the Muhadhara hitmaker, I have yet another leakage for you. You have to be an intelligent woman, not jumpy, should be quiet, sophisticated, classy, beautiful and born again.

Jimmy Gait opens up on his tough musical journey

The deal breaker for him would be if a woman is not born again. “Sana sana huyo mtu unataka kusaidia akuwe born again, atakuwa born again ndo mkuwe pamoja. Then once you are together, she goes back to what she used to do,” he stated.

The artist also gave us a history of why he broke up with one of his exes. Apparently, his ex went to his office drunk, staggering, acting funny, weird and shouting all over the place and that is when he decided to call it quits.

Ladies, I hope you took notes. Mine is to wish Jimmy Gait success as he looks for his future wife.

Watch the full interview below.


“Spoil me with loyalty, I can finance myself” Tanasha Donna fires back in cryptic post

Tanasha Donna has time and again come out to prove she can still maintain her class and finance her social status, whether she is single or taken.

Money does not run her world, love and loyalty do.

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Many stood to believe that Tanasha was more often than not having her flashy lifestyle financed by Diamond Platnumz especially soon as they started dating.

Songbird Tanasha Donna

What majority feared is that if the two split, then the baby girl might not be able to sustain herself at the top, because standards had already been set.

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Tanasha proves them all wrong

Something the babe has proven false and even though she is not rolling with the social circle she used to a few months back, the lass is still living her best life.

Tanasha Donna

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In her recent post, the sassy singer clarified “she was raised to hustle like a man, invest in herself and depend on nobody but God.”

A cryptic post that hinted she learnt her lessons right after giving her all in what seemed like a happily ever after’ only to turn into ‘an ugly breakup and a journey into single motherhood’.

Diamond Platnumz and Tanasha Donna’s son turns 1

Not once, not twice, has the 25-year old blasted her baby daddy for failing to support their son, despite the love and loyalty she gave him, instead taking her kindness for weakness.

According to the Na Wewe hitmaker, all she needed was loyalty, because she can finance herself.

Even while still dating Chibu, Tanasha was claimed to be financing her music projects and overseeing them to completion.

Musician Tanasha Donna

Meanwhile, October 2, as Diamond clocked 31, their little baby boy marked his first year, spoilt to a colorful private birthday party by her mom.

“20 hours of active labor,” Tanasha Donna talks about her birth experience at 11 months

Tanasha Donna did not have it easy when it came to labor on the day her son, NJ was born. As she marked her son’s first birthday this past weekend, the young mum opened up about her painful experience that lasted for 20 hours at 11 months.

According to Tanasha Donna, her son was not in a hurry to come out; but since he was in perfect condition, they let him decide when to arrive. However on 2nd October 2019, the lass says she experienced the most painful experience her body ever felt since she was born.

On this very day, October 2nd, 2019… Allah blessed me with the best gift I could’ve ever asked for… After almost 20 hours of active labour, almost 11 months later, you were still too comfy in mommy’s tummy, didnt wanna come out, but before we knew it;

Tanasha in hospital on her delivery date

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This is because she labored for 20 hours and since this was a normal birth, all she could do is keep pushing; and stay focused in order to avoid complications. The lady opened up about this in a new post where she went on to write;

You blessed us with your presence as you came into this world… Words cannot express how proud I am to be your mother, how much I enjoy taking care of you, and I surely hope you will enjoy your little bday party today as we come together to Thank Allah that you turned 1 today.

Praises son

Despite all the pain she went through; Tanasha Donna remains grateful for having been given a gift she looks at and smiles everytime.

Speaking about her son, the young mum went on to write;

Tanasha with baby Naseeb Junior

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You’re so smart & intelligent, so kind & caring, always smiling & happy, you taught me what love is, you taught me forgiveness, you taught me not to hold grudges, you taught me to be the best mother I can possibly be, you taught me to work hard, you taught me all this by simply being here. Im not perfect, but for you I try to be the best person I can possibly be… Your smile gives me eternal peace, your presence gives me unmeasurable happiness. May Allah bless you & in many more ways in the years to come & always know that mommy got your back no matter what. @naseeb.junior @naseeb.junior ???????? (Turning 1 photoshoot otw)

Never before seen romantic photos of Tanasha and Diamond in hospital on her delivery date emerge as son turns 1 year old

Today, Diamond Platnumz turns 31 years old as his son with Tanasha Donna, Naseeb Junior marks his first year on earth.

October 2, remains a special date for the Dangote family as father and son mark the day they breathed their first on earth.

Also read: “Love is the only way up, learnt the hard way,” Tanasha Donna raises eyebrows with confusing post

Mere coincidence saw a dear Tanasha Donna give birth to her bouncing baby boy with the Tanzanian superstar on October 2, 2019, the very same day the WCB President was turning 30 years old.

Diamond Platnumz welcomes baby boy Naseeb Junior

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Mama Dangote spills the beans

And today, dear Sandra Kassim aka Mama Dangote penned a special heartwarming message to her daughter-in-law, Tanasha and her child, Naseeb humbled by the opportunity to be called grandmother a 4th time.

Happy birthday tom kaka @naseeb.junior ????. Bibi anakupenda sana sana ❤❤,” adorably captioned Mama Dangote.

Mama Dangote with her grandson, Naseeb Junior

Sharing never seen before adorable photos of Tanasha and Diamond Platnumz just before she delivered in hospital.

Diamond Platnumz and Tanasha Donna

A gorgeous-looking heavily pregnant Tanasha and her baby daddy were on their way to hospital on her due date and the kind of vibe and warmth these two shared on that day is breathtaking.

Diamond Platnumz with Tanasha in hospital on her delivery date

In hospital, Tanasha seemed to be in so much pain and Chibu who was sitted by her side romantically leaned in to comfort his soon-to-be baby mama.

Diamond Platnumz sweetly comforts Tanasha in hospital on her delivery date

Probably why the ex-lovebirds will forever remain one in their hearts. Happy 1st Birthday to little one!

“Love is the only way up, learnt the hard way,” Tanasha Donna raises eyebrows with confusing post

Tanasha Donna has come out to admit that live taight her the hard way, seemingly taking a swipe at ex, Diamond Platnumz.

In her recent post, the ravishing babe stepped out in chic style was out spreading love and light to fans as the new month clocked in.

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Unfortunately, her past showed her a different side of life that taught her hate, criticism, holding onto grudges and complaining too much were not going to get her anywhere.

Tanasha Donna looking chic

Work hard, PRAY harder, stay positive, she started off. Urging fans to stay off grudges regardless and instead, embrace forgiveness and learn to move on. Characteristics the lass took up soon after her love affair with Diamond, went south.

Mends broken relationships

Instead of hitting back at her co-wife, Zari Hassan, the babe even hinted that a little Naseeb Junior would eventually have to re-unite with his siblings, either way. To mend the past and walk in ready for the future.

Tanasha Donna with son, Naseeb Junior

Plus, her bond with a dear Hamisa Mobetto only grew tighter, with the two publicly gushing over each other online to the extent of supporting each others business, not once, not twice.

According to her, there was no need to keep complaining or giving the excuses because she realized spreading love was the only way up, something she learnt the hard way but remains grateful for.

T Donna

A cryptic message she later modified, but that attracted mixed reactions from fans.

T Donna recently clarified that she will always love her baby daddy, Diamond Platnumz but has already moved on with her life, stating she will only date for marriage, no more fun-making for her.