Willy Paul’s curve to secular music is totally paying off

When Willy Paul shifted from the gospel industry to the secular Scene,fans were skeptical about his move.

People went ahead to judge his decision but well ain’t all we all judged no matter what we do?

Willy paul first got people talking when he was caught ob camera grinding on a lady at  a club in Nairobi.This did not excite the holier than though because he was a gospel artist. Right?

Secular shift

As the scandal died down he dropped a new song  “Njiwa” a collaboration with Tanzania’s songstress Nandy. Then again the internet blew up about Willy Paul shifting to secular.

Well this time he took it upon himself to clear the air as he said he was just an artist no specificity. Clearer than ever!

That notwithstanding he dropped another song with Nandy “Hallelujah” and he still became a topic. Trust Kenyans on Twitter, certified trolls.

Further more “Bwana Mkunaji” has been doing well in the secular scene.

Unapologetic Willy

Willy Paul posing with his ‘wife’

The collaborations he has done so far have been well received by fans.Another thing is that Willy Paul can no longer pretend about what he really wants.

For one, he keeps doing good music, I mean raunchy but at least he is true to himself.

He  has been able to reach to his fans from all over with his music  with plans of bigger collaborations.

On several occasions he has been seen in interviews from Tanzania media as one of the biggest artists  in East Africa.

His art keeps growing by the day.

Not that we don’t miss him in the gospel scene,  but we can enjoy the dances in this “new ” unapologetic Willy Paul.On the other hand he is totally worth betting on for good music.

I mean Willy Paul is living the life he always wanted,from that small boy from the slums to being the owner of Saldido records.

True definition of a dream come true. So people judging him should give the boy a break!

Willy Paul’s Itch for Nadia Mukami is over the roof in new track “Nikune”(Video)

When we thought Kenyans were in quarantine and practicing social distancing: BOOM!!! ” Nikune”  was released. A collabo between Willy Paul as he features Nadia Mukami.

Also read; Nadia Mukami has potential to make it big outside Kenya

It is with deep regret however that the clubs are not operational for Kenyans to go out and enjoy this tune with their friends.

However we cannot dismiss that this jam is a big tune.Whoever brought Willy Paul to the secular world did a good job.No offence but his art on either sides is impeccable.


The song is great feel good song especially when listening to it with a partner. Nikune simply translates to Scratch me’
Willy Paul is itching for a particular scratch, which makes the better part of the song. There’s a lot of repetition in the song but the lyrics are on point.

Mbona kipimo, usinipimie mama
Wakati jasho bado sijamwaga
Sijachoka ndio naanza sasa
Utamu wa mahaba ndio naleta mama.

Despite the Shaky camera noticeable during the video. The video is on fleek featuring just the two artists and one vixen. They do this song justice. The dancing these two artists showcase is  super sensual.

Nadia Mukami is setting standards high for female artists in the Kenyan music scene. She has taken the airwaves by storm dropping hit after hit. Having started just a few years ago Nadia has done several songs including: Maombi, Kesi, Si Rahisi, African lover, Ikamate hiyo and many others. She has also done collabos with artists such as, Mario, Sailors, Arrow bwoy,
From Mwana mkunaji and now ” Nikune,”  Willy Paul has kept on blazing new trails and has not allowed anything to stop him. He has an endless list of hits to his name as well as successful collabos with different artists in East Africa. The shift from gospel to secular didn’t dim his light as an artist.

Well, for these two artists the sky is not the limit. The Club banger these two have produced is worth the 100 million promised to artists by the president last week. Mkunaji atawezana lakini? I mean watch the video and tell us what you think.
Rating 9/10

Willy Paul already beefing with Bahati barely a week after welcoming him to the secular music industry?

Willy Paul is not a man who makes up his mind and even after making somebody else’s daughter his wife; we are not sure whether he is ready to become a husband!


Just a few day’s ago the singer announced his engagement to a lady he featured on his latest song dubbed bye bye. The controversial singer introduced her as his wife leaving many doubting this.

However it turns out that indeed Willy Paul has bagged himself a wife who has left him feeling a brand new type of love!


Although the couple claims to be married, Willy Paul recently shared a post announcing his engagement after his woman agreed to walk down the aisle!

Through his Instagram page the singer wrote saying;

Willy Paul finally engaged

She said yes!! New song out now #BYEBYE dedication to my wife!!

Willy Paul shades Bahati while praising his ‘wife’

Although many are convinced that Willy Paul is using this to help promote his new song; very few believe that he is now a married man.

Probably this is due to his old reputation that continues to paint him as a man of many women!

Anyway in a new post shared by Willy Paul, the singer was seen praising his new woman in a post that he later pulled down. Pozee wrote;

 Do you know what my wife looks like? Mummy her beauty is out of this world man!!! Just featured her in our wedding video. Hapa nimeangukia. 


Pozze however went on to throw shade at Bahati in the post as he concluded his caption saying;

Ule Kijana wa genge gospel ako wapi? #BYEBYE live on YouTube now.

Not quite sure why Pozze pulled this move, but oh well it seems that just when fans think they are about to become friends; something comes up and they go back to square 1!


Willy Paul bounces back with new tune, Banana

Willy Paul is back with a new tune dubbed Banana. This comes a few weeks after his latest release Controller. Banana is a fruit that is enjoyed by all globally.

First I must say that Willy Paul should have just delivered this jam in Swahili. I mean he is so perfect when it comes to that. In this case, it feels kinda off and I am still wondering why he opted for the queen’s language.

Also, it is good to give credit where it is due, in Banana, the Kenyan king has shown that he is talented be it in whatever way musically.

Willy Paul bounces back with net tune, Banana

To add on, this work is his own from the writing and only sought a director from neighbouring Tanzania. It was directed by the one and only Ivan. Also, the audio was produced by Saldido International in conjunction with Silver Birds Record, Jamaica.

There is so much to grasp from the Banana video as there is a lot of creativity displayed. In addition, the singer went beyond his usual self to give his fans quality.

Banana is all about a man in love

Even as we continue to enjoy the good work, it is good we got to understand Willy Paul’s message in Banana.

“Your love gon make me die one day Willy Paul paul. Your love gon make me die one day,” read the first three lines.

In this first stanza, it already tells us that Pozee is all about love. One thing to note is that he has adopted the Jamaican style in his lyrics.

Willy Paul bounces back with net tune, Banana

“The way you gave me love Inna mi rover Make me wanna speed you over The way you gave me love inna mi rover Make me wanna speed you over,” reads stanza two.

In this one, Willy Paul is talking about how the girl is driving him crazy. He says that the girl is making him feel like taking her over sexually.

Banana is a great song that places Willy Paul at the top of the music scene in Kenya. Last but not least, it gets a rating of 6/10.

Video below.

Willy Paul is controlling the game with ‘Controller’

Willy is back with his first jam of the year, Controller. The Kenyan singer hits back at a time that was least expected. Controller which comes out as a professional song is more of a love song.

To start with, being his first work this year, the legend has given his fans a new feel in this great hit. As always, Willy Paul knows how to hit back as this jam is super lit.

First and foremost, we seek to understand what the song Controller is about. You’ll notice that unlike any of Willy Paul’s work, Controller has adopted a new style. What do I mean? That this jam is has brought on board nudity at some point.

Willy Paul is controlling the game with 'Controller'

Controller is more of a fun love song

Look at the costumes that have been worn by the beauty queens. Thye are partially naked but for one to sell, then I bet it is okay.

Also, let’s look at what the lyrics carry for us. First, are the lines easy to grasp? Yes, they are. They are short and easy to grasp.

In addition to that, the Controller song is about love. In this case, she acts as the Controller of a man’s life.

“Nichum unavyotaka  Niguse unavyotaka, my beiby yeah Nipande unavyotaka  Kaa unavyotaka, my beiby yeah,” reads the first stanza.

Willy Paul is controlling the game with 'Controller'

To add on, the singer says that the girl is fire. According to the third stanza, she is confusing the guy and cannot be able to let her off his mind.

“Nyuma yake ni rewind  Yaani mambo fire You make me loose my mind  Yaani mambo mbaya,” Willy Paul sings in stanza three.

Also, he also describes how the girl is confusing him with her dances. It seems the lady’s speed is very fast that Willy Paul asks her to slow down.

“Mauno yako yanimaliza aah(Controller) Kwa ufundi wako unanimaliza(Controller) Beiby punguza mbio usifike haraka(Mama mama ma) Punguza mbio tukaulie kwa mapenzi(Mama mama ma),” says Willy Paul.

In addition to the good stanza arrangement, Willy Paul has adopted repetition in this great piece of work. The keyword, Controller, has been repeated in every stanza.

Also, it has also been used a lot in the chorus thus making it easy for one to relate with the song.

In conclusion, Willy Paul has done a great job as a result, Controller gets a rating of 7/10.

Video below.

“Nitandike gani?” Willy Paul asks fans to chose which video vixen he should take home with him (video)

Willy Paul is no longer pretending to be a a holier than thou artist and this is why he is now investing in the secular music scene!

So far he has released a few songs but – unfortunately the ones featuring Nandy are the only ones making headlines online!

Willy Paul

Anyway, Willy Paul is currently working on a new project as seen on his social media pages! He recently shared a video stepping out with a few video vixen who are seen wearing nothing but swim suits for his upcoming project.

Willy Paul admits getting involved with his video vixens?

His caption is however what left fans bashing him on the comment section. He went on to pose a question to his fans saying;


Just chilling with my women, please help me choose nitandike gani?? Friday I’m giving you something big.. history!!! #MyRulesMyLife

This was however not received well by all his fans. There are those who helped him select which lady he should take with him while others urged him to get back to being the young man he was in the past.

But being an artist, I bet Willy Paul will not stop being controversial anytime soon.

Rayvanny Features Mayorkun of Nigeria in new jam ‘GimmiDat” and its a banger

Days after releasing the contested song ‘Chuchuma”,WCB Wasafi Records singer, Rayvanny has released a new single entitled  ‘Gimmi Dat”. On this jam ‘Gimi Dat’, the “Tetema” hit maker collaborates with Nigerian singer and DMW star, Mayorkun.

With, rumors of having a heated beef with Kenya’s Willy Paul. Rayvanny chose his battle  wisely which was to do more music with no response to the alleged beef.

However many would think that in his lyrics he is firing at Pozze  chini ya maji.

Anyhow, about the beef we are yet to confirm.Meanwhile lets do some lyrical break down of  ‘Gimme dat”


In what seems like just but basic lyrics writing, Rayvanny starts of with lyrics that to many fans he was afiring back at Willy Paul.

He says,

“Wanakutukana nini, wakati  level zako  hawafuati, mbwa wa Uswahilini,tena koko hawang’ati, unamarashi mwilini wao shombo la samaki……”


Nonetheless it is a wait and see thing and as i said before we are on the look out for the juice.

At the same time, the lyrics are telling off the nay sayers of the love between him and his woman. He tells them off saying ,…tunawachoma kama nungu nungu….” In the end telling the girl he would put a ring on it. Yeah, I know its a dream for many girls but well here we are.

Moreover, he goes on to describe the kind of love he feels for her then comes in the chorus that is all about whining the waist and cooling it down.Mmmmmmh men!! Before Mayorkun comes in with his amazing voice to back up on the chorus and bridge.

Just incase you miss dancing this song is just about it.


For song that praise the woman they duo did a good job.The song is a is a Wasafi records production and audio done by Abba, shot by a Mr. C. As he put it below the video’s caption, Keep On Enjoying Good Music From Vannyboy.

For rating I will go with 7/10. Watch and tell us what you think.

Willy Paul parades new girlfriend as he declares he is now taken!

Former gospel singer Willy Paul seems to have a lot going on in his private life. After keeping most of his relationships on the low…the singer has finally decided to introduce his girlfriend on social media.

This past weekend the fella surprised many after sharing a photo of a certain unknown girl and went on to wish his fans a good night from the Pozze’s on his caption.

Willy Paul’s alleged girlfriend

Goodnight from the Pozzes!! Chakula cha roho yangu!!

This is however not the first time the fella is flaunting the petite mixed breed girl on his gram. About 4 days ago he went on to share yet another post where he wrote;

Willy Paul’s alleged girlfriend

Ndio huyo niskie mtu akisema sijawai tangaza msimamo!! Ndio pacha wangu!! Fungukeni kea COMMENTS basi..

Willy Paul’s stunts

Well, we cannot confirm whether the lady is truly Pozze’s lady but all we know is that the singer likes to pull such stunts when he is about to drop a new project.

So far, Willy Pozze has managed to keep his private life on the low – so why would he start showing off his partner now? Anyway let’s watch and see what he has instore for us.

Willy Paul’s ex-lover claims singer threatened to burn her with hot water 

Willy Paul has found himself in more trouble yet again because of his love life.

The singer has been exposed by one of his girlfriends, Susan Mwaniki, who claimed Pozze is violent and threatened to shoot and burn her with hot water several times while they were together.

In an expose by Mpasho , Susan confessed how the singer mistreated, beat, and even wanted to stab her while they still together. The two dated for a year.

“He is not a joker when he says something he does it so I was very afraid when he threatened me with the gun and hot water. I reported the assault to the police because I wanted the government to know that I was threatened and my life was in danger. After beating me he went out for two hours and acted like nothing happened when he came back into the house. I did not go home I stayed there for four days before I went home to thika. I stayed because I thought he would change but every other day I hear him threatening and treating people the way he wants,” she said. 


Susan further claimed that she stayed in the relationship for one year because she hoped the singer would change but was all wrong.

“So this artist and I have been in a so called relationship for the past one year. I can’t say its been a good one but I just held on hoping that one day he was gonna change. He is everything you hear about him, violent, disrespectful and above all foolish.There is nothing I never did for this man even lending him a little loan when in need. And putting up with his insults and mad behavior but in early may he went overboard.”

Read the full story here

Octopizzo slams Willy Paul after his stupid song: “Hukumaliza kunyoya wewe”

Is there anyone pleased with Willy Paul’s new song Lamba Nyonyo?

Kenyans have been rebuking the singer after he released the song because it’s one of the trashiest music a Kenyan has ever released.

The song, which is almost a copypaste of Lamba Lolo from Ethic, is not anywhere close to a gospel song. Octopizzo took to social media to join thousands of others talking about Willy Paul’s song.


Like many other the rapper also rebuked him after the song questioning whether Willy is born again or just possessed. Octo also believes the singer is very immature.

‘Sisi sio kama wasee wengine, sijui lamba nyonyo, hii niya ukweli sio photoshop,kwanza hii raia ya kulamba nyonyo.hukumaliza kunyoya nini? unafaa vibare,acha nirudi mtaani zikushikishe uokoke mara mbili”

What is ‘Shado Mado’ about Willy Paul & Alaine

Willy Paul is back with Shado Mado. In this jam he has featured Jamaican finest queen Alaine. It comes a few days after he pulled a stunt on Instagram that Alaine had blocked him. If this is what it takes for one to get attention then so be it.

This is the second collabo between Willy Paul and Alaine. The first one was I Do two years ago. Is he even trying to come back to the gospel industry.

This guy has fooled many then. Shado Mado is a song that is talking of how God has taken care of him as from child birth. Shado Mado is like a dance that everyone should dance to. We should not be quick to judge man…

Shado Mado is a Saldido International presentation. I must say that this jam has the best vocals. Even if we keep blaming Willy Paul, it seems like he will keep surprising us day in day out.

Willy Paul and Alaine in their new jam Shado Mado


It iis always a great production. Willy Paul has not disappointed  in quality of his work. Shado Mado video is just awesome and it is of international standards. Graphics and Video are well taken care of. The audio is in sync with the beats.

The choice of costume and background is also good. What else could we be looking for?

Shado Mado is a song that will hit the airwaves for a long time. On this one we can argue and am sure I will win.

Message in ‘Shado Mado’

Like I said earlier, this jam is more of a gospel song. This is where Willy Paul began his journey before going into secular music. The jam is wow.. I know you understand what I mean. It talks of how blessings from God is the reaso he is where he is. When he says Everybody Shado Mado, it means that they all dance to the tune.

Welcome back Willy Pozee.. I rate the song at 7/10.

Below is a link to the video.


Wasafi play the “fixer role” in most collaborations

Basically, the Wasafi musicians  are a force to reckon with in the East African music.True?

I know not many would relate to Bongo music but either way these guys found a way to get to their fans. How? They are the “the fixer”.

Look at this way, most songs that either of them has featured in mostly get to top the chats.

Somehow even if they are not the original composers, the songs they feature in become hits.

A good example is how Willy Paul is bent on making music with some these artists. His hit song Mmmh that he featured Rayvanny in was a big hit to date.

However its not a bad idea either, we love his music too.Gospel or not.

Poetry in Music

Their Swahili and poetic nature somehow gives them the A+ in their songs.

Like the above song the lyrical break down was beautifully done with phrases like,

…… Msupuu mwenye macho ya gololi Rangi kama unaoga mafuta…..

These are statements that have now been by most people on their picture statuses on their social media timelines. Mmmmmh!!!

That should tell you the kind of  role they play.

If music was to just to happen with no deeper analysis then I believe we wouldn’t have appreciated the guys at Wasafi records.

Fine some of their songs seem repeated with a little change of tune and artist but again you’s always find yourself putting it on  a replay.

Examples of songs Wasafi played the role of  “the fixer”

Below are some of the songs that have done well in collaboration with Wasafi artists.

  • Kainama-By Burnaboy, Harmonize and Diamond Platinumz;Despite the few mishaps in the video that we could not fail to notice this was instant hit even now.

  • MMMMH-By Willy Paul ft Rayvanny
  • Pilipili Remix-By Willy Paul ft Harmonize
  • Ndoenda nawe-Jah Prayzah ft Harmonize
  • Mastory -By Gabu ft Mbosso
  • The One-By Diamond Platinumz; For this the Audio was Initially done by Diamond Platinumz and was  featured by Namibian Singer King Tee Dee.

These among many other collaborations seem to be the defining factor of East African Music.

Clearly we can now say that they are doing a good job.So we beg to know what is the secret?

Is it their style, melody or the Swahili they use?

Willy Paul and Bahati not nominate in the 2019 Groove Awards

The nominees for the 14th annual Groove Awards were unveiled at an exclusive red carpet event held at the Kenyan National Theatre on Wednesday night under the theme “Better Together”.

Familiar faces yet again dominated the list which has 23 categories.

Some for the leaders in this year’s nominations include Jabidii, who led with 11 nominations including.

Jabidii was nominated in; Artist of the Year category, Collabo of the Year, Song of the Year, Teens Choice Song of the Year (in which he received 2 nominations ), Reggae/Ragga Song of the Year, Breakthrough Artist of the year, Collabo of the year and Dance style/song of the Year. 


Interestingly Bahati and Willy Paul were not nominated this time round. The two haven’t been really on the same page with the award since it banned them a few years ago then waived off their ban later on.

Last year Bahati rejected his award saying he didn’t want to be part of the event. Willy Paul appreciated for the nomination then but also wasn’t concerned so much about it.

Akothee’s one tough question to gospel artists such as Willy Paul and Bahati

Singer Akothee has never shied from revealing her true thoughts and whenever she does, tongues are always left wagging.

This time round, the singer had a bone to pick with gospel artists who she claimed are as fake as they come. Ok, that’s not news we know, but Akothee wondered why they always flock clubs and secular artists can’t headline a church event.


Speaking in an interview with Mseto East Africa, the mother of five claimed Kenyan gospel musicians are hypocrites as they preach water but take wine.

”I have a question I want to ask, why do gospel artistes attend our shows in night clubs but we can not perform in churches? I have bumped into some of them in Tribeka. What are they looking for in night clubs?” she asked. 

Her comments come after singer Size 8 asked her to become a born again christian. Unsurprisingly, Akothee said she’ll never become a Christian because they’ll never accept her in any way.

Willy Paul: Doctors are to blame for Vals death

Gospel singer Willy Paul is blaming doctors for the death of one of his dancers. A few months ago, the singer lost one of his dancer, Valary Aura Murunga, following a tragic accident while on her way to Nakuru for a gig.

A week later, just days after her burial, Willy Paul lost the second dancer Joan, who according to the singer, was Val’s friend.

The singer recently opened up about Vals’ death in an interview with Kiss 100 saying that she died because of excess bleeding.

”After she was hit by two motorcycles, she fell and hit her head, she was bleeding and was rushed to the hospital,” Willy revealed.


“I blame the health system in this country, I know some doctors are good but those who were involved in Valary’s case were not, but I have forgiven them. Val was taken to the hospital around 9am and she was bleeding heavily but they did nothing until 2om. She lost a lot of blood,” he added. 

Lost hope

Willy Paul said that Val lost so much blood to a point where her family was even told to give up on her by the doctors.

‘It got to a point Val told people to stop bothering themselves because she was dying. She asked people to let her sleep as they were waiting for a doctor and that’s how she went, she never woke up,” the singer said. 

Willy Paul: I left my car at Dusit and fled with a boda boda to town after the attack

Singer Willy Paul has re-shared his story after surviving the deadly attack at the DusitD2 at 14 Riverside Drive.

The singer first took to social media to share how traumatized he was after the attack which has left over 20 dead, saying that he even left his car at the premises.

“We exited through an the emergency exit, although at that time It was already jam packed with people who want to get away in a frenzy. Once we got outside, there was a fence. Everyone rushed toward the fence but we first had to go through an open area. The fear of dying got my adrenaline pumping I tried helping some ladies but they were too many. I sympathized with some of them because the fence was too high for them,” he said in an interview with Kiss FM. 

Bad experience

Willy Paul added that a lot of people were injured during the escape. The gospel artist said he was thinking only about his life then and material things didn’t matter that’s why he even left his car.

“People broke their arms there. I mean it was a bad experience. I even left my car there. I was so confused I have never had such an experience. My knees were shaking by the time I got to town in a bodaboda. Even if I don’t find it after all this, It is okay, those are things that can be replaced.” he said. 

He continued, “I have not gone back for the car, I will have to wait until the place is safe. Right now, that doesn’t even matter, life is precious, I got no injuries from the ordeal and my God is great and he has good plans for me. Right now I don’t know how to give thank God because it is a miracle that I am alive.”

Huyo ni wa pili! Fans believe Willy Paul is sacrificing his dancers to boost new business 

Gospel singer Willy Paul is mourning yet again barely two weeks after losing one of his dancers. The singer took to social media to announce that Val’s close friend Joan, also a dancer, passed away on January 2.

“We just lost another!! This is sad. The girl in front with a yellow jacket is the late val_ aurah that we just buried the other day. Now, the girl at the back in red from the same group just lost her life yesterday. This is so confusing, she was val’s friend from one dance crew ya nyumbani. The devil is on the loose guys. Keep praying r.i.p Joan.” said Willy Paul on social media. 

Val died barely two weeks before Joan following an accident along Nakuru-Nairobi Highway while coming from a dancing gig. Some Kenyans believe this is not a coincidence.



In the social media post, several Kenyans accused Willy Paul of being the behind the two deaths, claiming that he has offered them as sacrifice so that his new studio flourishes this year.

Willy Paul has been aggressively pushing the studio since late last year and has promised big things ahead. He has also bought a new car and fans believe it might be linked to the deaths.

Here’s what Kenyans said:

m.o.ni.c.a__@willy.paul.msafi stop sacrificing your dancers for fame and money..the next person will be you who Kenyans sacrifice cz tumechoka na wewe..kwenda uko

priscillah_cece_nyambura I knew the urogi comments would be high hapa? Pole Pozzeee


Huyo ni wa pili ume sacrifice next ni wewe tuna sacrifice. Shenzi wewe


@nairobi_finesst my question is that mbna si madancer wegine wanakufa Ni hao tu wa willy Kuna kitu inaedelea

shanizenjugun Repent I repeat repent juzi ulkua unaimba gospel sa unaimba vitu hazieleweki kama ni secular ama ni nn

gracesila32 What’s up Pose! Aki usiwe you’re behind this. I beg you in the name of God, you better stop the Gospel if this is the way.




Girl child hapa ameshinda! Fly songstress Nandy gifts parents lovely house as New Year present(photos)

Tanzanian singer Nandy is now a renowned name in Kenya after the singer collaborated with controversial gospel singer Willy Paul.

Rumours of the two dating hit social media after they released the song but they have maintained that there’s nothing between them.

Nandy started 2019 with a wow moment after taking to social media to post a house she has just built her parents.

We all know how celebs like to flaunt their flamboyant lifestyle on social media while their parents wallow in poverty back at the village.

Small gift

Nandy took to social media to thank God for the blessings after presenting the house to her parents.

“Mungu wangu na Baba yangu najua nakukosea sana kama binadamu na kama kijana ila nikipiga goti unajua namaanisha kutoka moyoni mwangu na unajua hakuna ninaye mtegemea zaidi yako… Asante kwakunipa uvumilivu, unyenyekevu, katika maisha yangu hasa kipindi hiki cha mwaka 2018!!” she posted on Instagram. 

Nandy also thanked everyone who helped her enjoy a superb 2018 that saw her career grow in leaps and bounds.


“Asante kwa hii zawadi ndogo ya wazazi wangu najua hii ni ndoto ya kila kijana mwenye kutafuta!!! Ni kila ndoto ya mwanadamu yoyote duniani kuona wazazi wake wako na furaha na ndiyo baraka zenyewe . Nashukuru media zote , blogs zote, ma producers wote, ma promoters wote, familia yangu ya THT, familia yangu ya clouds ,management yangu, Team yangu, marafiki zangu, Baba yangu wa kiroho Mtumishi MWAMPOSA , na mafans wangu wote ,bila kusahau na hatters wote kwa kunipa nguvuu na supports kwa namna moja au nyingine uwepo wenu ndio mafanikio yangu……..
Nili jipa nguvu kabla sijapewa 
Nilijipa moyo kabla sijapewa
Nilijiamini kabla yakuaminika 
Nilijikubali kabla yakukubalika
Popote ulipo kijana mwenye ndoto yoyote ile jua inawezekana ukiweka nia ukikubali mazuri na mabaya yote yakufikie sababu ni daraja na nguzo ya mafanikio yako bila kusahau MUNGU ndio kila kitu. Nawapenda



Jalang’o predicts 2019: Willy Paul will officially become a secular artist, China will takeover Mombasa Port 

As we crawl through the first week of 2019, many people have been sharing their personal goals and are glowing with optimism.

Many are also trying to predict how the year will go. Comedian Jalang’o recently shared his prediction of how the year will fall in place and it’s a bit surprising.

According to the radio host, China, who recently said they are not after Mombasa Port despite Kenya’s mounting debt, will still takeover the port. He also believes Willy Paul will release a secular song( what has he been releasing?) in 2019.

“Gospel Willy Paul will announce that he is finally a secular artiste because he has already shown signs with his latest music releases. Also, Masauti will become the biggest artiste in Kenya and this will happen by February. I won’t forget our brothers, China will take our Mombasa port because of our mounting debt.” said Jalang’o.

New songs

Comedian Chipukeezy also shared his view of 2019 saying that Huddah Monroe will hit the studio for a new jam.

“Socialite Huddah Monroe will release a song and call it ‘Nitaambia nini watu’, Miguna Miguna is expected to release a song called “I am back!”. I will bring Nick Minaj on a tour of Kenya to talk to the youths about drugs and Eric Omondi will be a news anchor.” he said. 

Willy Copy! Willy Paul’s new song ‘Alkaida’ angers fans more than ‘Sikireti’ did, copied from singer Nandy

Willy Paul is really getting good at annoying fans. Fans believe also his music is getting worse.

Days after the singer flew all the way to Jamaica to collabo with singer Cecile for “Sikireti” which ended up angering Kenyans to an unbelievable levels, the singer has released yet another song dubbed “Alkaida” which has brought out mixed emotions.


The song, which has a totally different style from what Willy Paul fans are used to, doesn’t sound gospel at all but that doesn’t shock us at all. Again, the beat of the song has been lifted from Tanzanian singer Nandy’s song “Aibu” which was released a few months ago.

It’s the second time Willy Paul has “copied”..or should we say “stolen”, a song from another artist in just three months. The singer was also accused of stealing “Bora Uhai” in November.

Fans believe he’s running out of ideas a reason why he has been copying and repeating old songs so much lately.

Listen to the new song below:


For real pozee ,if I was u I could just turn to secular and accept that, u can’t worship God and still Bragg how good u are than secular artist, where even compare yourself to diamond platinumz, am telling because God doesn’t like hypocrites and pretenders


Yaani msee umeenda enda gym sai unafeel unaeza kua Alkaida. Alafu hii song ntaiweka church time ya kutoa offering nione reaction ya Bishop .






@his_excellency_doughert_imbisi ???


@makau_fred ??????ety ngoma


???sicomment kitu…. Comments ziko uko juu na katikati


Kinukishe @willy.paul.msafi. Kesi baadae




You know its funny how every one speaks hate of Poze ,he is the Kenyan Justine B.he gets more views in music and his songs hit more .Kazi nzuri #willy.Paul.msafi




@leekaroyal ?Imeweza#alkaida?


Ukiona hii ngoma unajua @willy.paul.msafi amekua brand ambassador wa Grenades


Lakini content ni nini hapa ??‍♂️


You’ve totally lost it bro ?? like what in the actual fck is this!!? ?


Ngoma iko chini




@kimambo_beats Ngoma iko chini


MTU asikuambie kitu umewanyambiaaaa mbayaaa?? @willy.paul.msafi mnyambisss


Ooh lord I saw it coming wale mabinti kweli walimchanganya pozze?? my brother pozzee hatutaishi hivi si nikupeleke ukambani ama kisii tufanye kile kitendo uache kuchanganyikiwa


@his_excellency_doughert_imbisi ???



Willy Paul mourns dancer who died in a grizzly accident with sad message

Singer Willy Paul is mourning one of his dancers who perished in a road accident. Willy Paul took to Instagram on Sunday to mourn the dancer who is popularly known as Val.

Val passed away in accident while coming from a gig in Nakuru. Willy Paul informed his fans that losing her was a big lose to the industry since  she was very talented.

“The girl in blue hair, gone too soon my love.. words alone cannot express how shocked I am now. REST IN ETERNAL PEACE. And like I’ve always said to you, I still love you and will always do. Such a young soul. May the Lord God take good care of you.. You were one of my best @saldido_international R.I.P @val_smilley  LOVE YOU!!


Val has featured in a number of music gospel music videos including the latest controversial hit Sikireti.


Tanzanian singer Nandy reveals that collabo with Pozze was her idea, says men derail women’s career 

Tanzanian singer Nandy, who made a name in Kenya after her collabo with Willy Paul dubbed “Njiwa” has revealed that the song was her idea and it all started after he bumped into the singer.

“I met Willy Paul when I came for a media tour here in Kenya for my song ninogeshe. He had a conversation with my manager before so when i came, it was the right time. He gave me a song from his studio and I told him that he had to change so I gave him a song. So we did njiwa, he loved it and then we shot it,” she said. 

The singer also opened up of how men tend to derail women in their careers when making advances on them. According to the singer, all female musicians meet with hungry men or are always asked to dish out their cookies in exchange of support.

“Women go through a lot of hell in the hands of men who want to have something with them before extending help and support. Most women find themselves giving in because they need help from these male counterparts.” she said.


Nandy, who was recently in Kenya for Coke Studio Africa, then added that a woman’s character comes into play during such trying times because no one is ever forced into such deals.

“It depends with a woman herself, if you really want it or not because at the end of the day, no one will force you, although they will put the offer on the table. Most female musicians do it because they are desperate and want to be famous overnight.” she added. 

Hope Kid explains why he had to blast gospel singer Willy Paul for making ungodly songs

Singer Willy Paul has been in the news for quite sometime now because of the nature of his music. Kenyans believe the singer is not anything close to a gospel artist and have been pushing him to declare his stand.

Recently, fellow gospel singer Hope Kid topped headlines too for blasting Willy Pozze, asking him to return to his old ways and make beautiful church music instead of the dance hall music he has been focused on lately.

Not personal

Hope Kid has yet again come out to clear his earlier statement saying that he doesn’t have a problem with Willy Paul but was just asking him to return to his old days.

“Pozze is my boy pia yeye najua akiwekwa kwa spotlight kunihusu he will definitely throw shade. Pozze ni msanii and you can’t change him. He leaves in a world where he does the kind of music that he goes through. Nilisema namiss yule willy paul wa sitolia. Yule wa hizi nyimbo alikua naimba na gloria, huyo ndo pozze namiss,” he said in an interview with Mpasho. 

He added that Willy Paul is obligated to feed his crowd a positive message that they’ll impact their lives and not just the type of music he has been making.

“Na the same thing huyo ndo willy Paul church mob zinamiss, they miss his music of that time. Nilisema aanze kuimba hizo wimbo zenye church zilimjua nazo because i have no issue with the kind of music he is singing at the end of the day he has a crowd that his songs minister to.” he said. 


Willy Paul uko wapi? Nyashinski drops two hot singles dubbed ‘Free’ and ‘Finyo’

Singer Nyashinski has done it again.

The veteran MC has released two new songs dubbed ‘Free’ and ‘Finyo’ back to back.

It’s the second time the singer has pulled such a move after he dropped two songs early this year.

Double treat

Though the two songs don’t have a video yet, they are getting a lot of views already and they are from his solo upcoming album “NYASHINSKI”.

Listen to the two songs below:




Akothee responds after Kenyans said they are willing to trade her for Yemi Alade

Some Kenyans are tired of singer Akothee and her controversies and are looking at ways how they can benefit from this situation.

Trade her if we can’t deport her.

A meme that has been doing rounds now for sometime stating that Kenyans are ready to trade the singer for Nigerian singer Yemi Alade has finally gotten a reply from Akothee.

Take her please

The funny meme also had to drag another artist, willy Paul, who is always trolled by Kenyans.  Kenyans shared that he’ll be used as a guarantee when Akothee was being trade. Willy Paul is another singer who is always trending because of his controversies, sometimes that don’t even make sense.

On Instagram, Akothee thanked God people don’t have the power to deport her because she’ll have been already sent away by now.

“???? if only wishes were horses me and my uterus would be deported at 1 click ???????thank God your powers end on the keyboards ???? watadoo? ?? I AM YOURS BY THUON.”



Alimchanganya ama? Kenyans are sure cartoon character in Alaine’s new song is Pozze 

Jamaican singer Alaine has released a new song called “sure thing” which has left Kenyans rather excited than Jamaicans.

Not really because of the song it’s self but mainly because of one cartoon character who looks very family.

Kenyans believe a male cartoon character appearing in the video is none other than gospel singer Willy Paul himself.

Is that…Willy Paul?

After the song was released, Kenyans rushed to the comment box to insist that the character clearly resembles Pozze. Many were also quick to share that Alain fell in love with Willy Pozze after their song “I do”.

It’s not a secret how Alain fell in love with Kenya. She has always been a huge fan of our culture and it seems, she also fell in love with one man from this corrupt nation.

”I love Kenya and would like to settle here. I made it public that I am looking for a Wafula and now I have found one. I am in love with this guy (referring to Willy Paul who was seated next to her and at that point squeezes his hand gently then pecks him on the cheek and he too reciprocates the loving gesture),” She said in an interview.

Here’s what fans had to say about the character:
La-Tanya Currie6 days ago That looks like willy Paul