Nicah The Queen Denies Pregnancy After Brief Social Media Hiatus

Nicah The Queen, who recently disappeared from the internet after a brief drama with her baby daddy Dr. Ofweneke over who initiated their breakup, has reappeared on her Instagram stories to deny being pregnant.

The mom of two had been MIA since Ofweneke opened up about their breakup on August 30, saying that he had rediscovered himself and realized that he and Nicah were not perfect for each other. He also said that he had been praying to God about the situation and that God had told him that their marriage was not in his plan for him.

Nicah was offended by Ofweneke’s comments and slammed him. Since then, she has been MIA. This led to rumors that she could be pregnant with her fiance Dj Slahver.

However, Nicah has denied these rumors, saying that she is not pregnant and that she has been MIA because she needed some time to reflect and meditate. She also said that she wanted to focus her energy on her family and business.

Nicah and Slahver have been together for over a year and are engaged. They are both parents to children from previous relationships.

It is unclear why Nicah and Ofweneke broke up, but it seems that they are both moving on with their lives. Nicah is focusing on her family and business, while Ofweneke is focusing on his career.

Nicah The Queen claps back at ex-husband Dr. Ofweneke

Gospel singer Nicah The Queen has responded to her ex-husband Dr. Ofweneke after he recently did an interview opening up on what went wrong in their relationship.

In the interview, Ofweneke said that at some point the marriage wasn’t working for him. This statement seems to have rubbed Nicah the wrong way.

On her Instagram, Nicah penned a harsh message to her ex-husband, saying, “Oh boy!!! Don’t get me started! We both know I don’t get dumped….I do the’s crazy what people tell themselves to feel better.”

She also tagged Obinna, the interviewer who spoke to Ofweneke, and asked him to interview her as well.

“Someone tell Dr. Ofweneke to not dare me!! I have receipts不不不不 we both know the truth不不不不 sips tea!!! I think my second name should be “an ex one can never forget!” I’m a stamp baby云 #Jesusgurl @ogaobinna I think we should have a sit-down!!!!”

Ofweneke had spoken lovingly about Nicah in the interview, saying that he ignored the foundation of their relationship and tried to change her into what he wanted her to be. He also admitted that he made mistakes in the marriage and has learned from them.

However, Nicah’s response suggests that she is not happy with Ofweneke’s version of events. It remains to be seen if the two will ever sit down and air their grievances in public.

Nicah’s fans are divided on her response. Some people believe that she is being petty and should just move on, while others think that she is right to stand up for herself.

Ultimately, it is up to Nicah to decide how she wants to handle her relationship with Dr. Ofweneke. However, her response has certainly sparked a lot of discussion and debate.

Gospel singer Nicah The Queen and Dr Ofweneke open up about their failed marriage

Gospel singer Nicah The Queen and her ex-husband, Dr Ofweneke, have spoken out about the reasons for their divorce.

In an interview with Oga Obinna, Ofweneke said that he made the mistake of trying to change Nicah into the person he wanted her to be, rather than accepting her for who she was.

“I ignored the foundation,” he said. “Why relationships don’t work out is because we get into relationships with the idea of changing what attracted us to them in the beginning. You get? This is what I like about you, then I want to come in and do a whole interior redecorating. So I want to turn you into what I prefer.”

Ofweneke also said that he made the mistake of putting the burden of his happiness on Nicah.

“Otherwise people are stuck in powerbank relationships whereby one person is just charging the other. So the other one is full, and the one is left empty,” he said. “This leads to cheating because they have to go look for another person to refill them.”

Ofweneke said that he ended the marriage while they were relaxing at home.

“I loved Niccah so much that I forgot myself,” he said. “But the day I rediscovered myself is the day I told her mama, it’s been a good stretch. Actually, we were holding hands watching Netflix. We were in the house, the kids were there, my brother and sister.”

Ofweneke said that he regrets the way the marriage ended, but that he is now in a better place.

“We were not perfect for each other,” he said. “I remember that day that I left, I remember God was laughing in my ear, this was not the marriage he had planned for me. She is a good woman, amazing, but she is not the person I planned out for you. So you went with aesthetics, while I was going for the calling.”

Nicah The Queen has also spoken out about the divorce, saying that she is hurt but that she is moving on.

“I am a strong woman, and I will get through this,” she said. “I am grateful for the time I had with Dr Ofweneke, and I wish him all the best in his future endeavors.”

The couple have two children together.

Dr Ofweneke’s ex wife steps out looking hotter than ever now that she is single (Photos)

Let no one ever lie to you that looks don’t matter cause they do! There’s nothing worse than ex downgrading after a break up; but Kenyan men are always thirsty for loaded women meaning looks doesn’t really matter to them.

Dr Ofweneke however found a beautiful woman after walking out on ex wife Nicah the Queen. Looking at both ladies, it’s clear to see that the comedian has taste; but of course his ex wife is more fashionable judging from the photos shared on her gram.

Just the other day Nicah left most of her male fans sending DM’s and lusting over her well curved figure; as she stepped out in blue biker shorts with a matching shirt. From the comments left by fans on the post; it’s no secret that Nicah’s body reminds many of a Bugatti or rather a Maserati thanks to it’s sleek view.

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Jesus girl looking hotter than before

Although some may say this fire outfit is provocative; truth is, she has nothing to loose but gain at the end of the end of the day especially with her wealthy followers.

Judging also from her latest posts it’s also clear to see that Nicah is aging gracefully and as the years go by her beauty continues to get refined. Below are the few photos shared by the lady as seen on her IG page.

Nicah ‘Jesus Girl’ looking hotter than ever
Ofweneke’s ex wife

“I’m now ready to remarry,” Nicah The Queen shouts years after Ofweneke broke her heart

Gospel musician Nicah The Queen has come out to reveal that she’s ready to settle down and give marriage a second chance after her failed first tryout.

The singer who was married to comedian Dr. Owfeneke said that she’s ready to use the lessons she got from her first failed relationship now that she has healed.

‘I thank God for all the heartbreaks I have experienced, for all the pain and rejection I have faced but guess what, I still want to love and be under someone, I still want to look up to and follow someones footsteps. I still want to submit and be someone’s wife. I still want to pray for someone and love them without condition. I still want to be someone’s best friend and hide their nakedness,” she wrote.

Moving on

Nicah accused Ofweneke of domestic violence while he accused her of being promiscuous. Since then Nicah has never really moved on though he has been linked to different men.

”One day I’ll build my own house, I will love and honour my husband, he will call me blessed so are my kids. I can’t wait and Papa God knows that’s my heart desires,” she added.

Gospel singer Nicah the Queen tempts team Mafisi with half-naked pics showing thunder thighs and wasp-like waist (Photos)

Nicah The Queen is in the gospel industry but can sure leave team mafasi tempted than the devil does to them.

The singer, who was married to comedian Dr Ofweneke, was recently on IG to wreak havoc with some bikini photos. We all know how the mother of two is blessed when it comes to having a curvy body.


She didn’t hold back from flaunting it on social media where she posted two photos wearing a bikini.

The photos are a sure double-tap but some fans apparently were not happy with them.

She later deleted the photos maybe because of some backlash from her fans who urged her not to be posting half-naked photos because she’s a Christian.

Here are the photos:



I have been hurt by someone I loved and left me without notice -Nicah opens up on depression, stress

Dr Owfeneke ex-wife, Nicah the Queen, has opened up on the rough path she has been through in life so far.

According to the gospel singer, she disclosed that at one point, someone she loved left her without notice. She also said she has experienced rejection, heartbreak, and being judged.

How am I holding up? How am I feeling whole again? How did my broken heart heal? How did I get my confidence back? How am I hoping again? Hows my faith growing day by day?? How?? Just how?” she said.

Been rejected, judged and felt like am not enough. I have cried myself to sleep most of the nights, I have wished death on myself, I have been hurt by someone I loved and left me without notice, I have had to be strong and a superhero for my girls.”


Nicah, who is a mother of two, said that despite all this, she has managed to stand on her feet and fight depression. She wanted fans to know that depression is real and people should spread awareness.

Heartbreaks are real, depression is real, reality is painful and life is never fair but at the end of the day God has the final say. I AM A MIRACLE!!! GOD HELD ME AND NOW AM A TESTIMONY. Dont give up on yourself. you are raising again and this time round youll shock many. she said.

“You are the best Ex and the best baby daddy ever” Nicah showers ex husband Dr Ofweneke with praise

Gospel singer Veronica Wanja aka Nicah The Queen has wowed her fans with a rare praise of her ex husbandcomedianSande Bush aliasDr Ofweneke.

For starters, Nicah and Ofweneke had such a dramatic breakup inMarch 2017. Their marriage hit rock bottom after Nicah accused Ofweneke of physical abuse while Ofweneke claimed Nicah wasunfaithful.

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Dr Ofweneke and Nicah
Dr Ofweneke and Nicah
Daughter’s first day in school

Nicah and Ofweneke have been brought closer by their daughter who joined school for the first time. The comedian woke up early to take his daughter to school for admission.

Nicah was so impressed by her ex husband dedication and effort that she decided to pour out her heart to him. She praised Ofweneke saying that he is the best ex and baby daddy ever.

“You are an awesome dad @drofweneke You wore your best suit for our baby’s first day of school.God bless you for being there for our girls.cheers to the best Ex ever and baby daddy?,” wrote Nicah.





Dr Ofweneke: Mymost embarrassing moment was when I was called a wife batterer, I went home and I locked myself to cry

ComedianSande Bush aliasDr Ofweneke and gospel singerVeronica Wanja aka Nicah The Queenhave been separated for two years now.

The drama that followed their breakup emotionally affected both of them. Ofweneke in particular had toreinvent his brand after he was painted in a negative light.

Their marriage hit rock bottom after Nicah accused Ofweneke of physical abuse while Ofweneke claimed Nicah wasunfaithful.

Dr Ofweneke and Nicah with their children
Dr Ofweneke and Nicah with their children

In a recent interview on Radio Jambo, Ofweneke revealed that he was deeply affected after he was called a wife batterer. The comedian says he had tocancel meetings with clients and rushed home to cry.

“The most embarrassing moment in my life was reading stories about me on social media that I was a wife batterer. It was the lowest in my life and I even cried. My brand was clean and I had never had controversy before. I had to cancel the meeting with a client, went home and I locked myself to cry,” said Ofweneke.

The comedian also revealed that he was currently in good terms with his ex wife, he argued that if he had indeed battered Nicah they wouldn’t be even be friends.

“Nicah and I are the best of friends and we even enjoy ourselves. At times I miss her and regret if we did things different, we would have been far. If I was violent, we could not be friends like we are. I make sure I talk to my daughter every day because she has provided a good platform for me to raise them with her other daughter.”





Ofweneke’s ex-wife promises fans she will never go back to the comedian

Gospel Singer Nicah the Queen recently opened the flood gates on her love life and fans wanted to know a lot.

The singer, who was married to comedianDr.Ofweneke, shared that she has moved on and isn’t thinking of making up with her baby daddy at all.

A fan asked her on Instagram whether the two might kiss and make up but she stated she’s not interested. She went on also to clarify that she didn’t cheat unlike what some claimed.

Given another chance to get back with Dr.Ofweneke what would you change and what advice can you give to newlywedsasked a fan.


She said:No I will never go back to Egypt.

Nicah also stated that she’s currently not dating.


Nicah: Never knew taking an innocent photo will result to all these stories

Nicah The Queen, Dr Ofweneke’s ex-wife, was recently embroiled is some nasty drama after word started circulating that she’s bedding Tanzanian singer Harmonize.

Harmonize, who was in Kenya a few days ago and even proclaimed he’s single, was photographed with Nicah making fans conclude that he’s cheating.

Caught lying

Nicah has come out to shoot down the allegations and explain everything to her fans, denying that she bedded the popular Wasafu singer after lying she has never met him.

She said, I owe all my fans the truth and an apology for all those who support my ministry
1.I have never been into a relatioship with Harmonize.
2.Im not PREGNANT.
3.We took this photo sometime last year at the studio.I have never met him again ever since.
I dont know where all these stories came from and it has affected me in a big way.My apologies to all those who support and listen to my music.Never knew taking an innocent photo will result to all this stories.God bless you all.

After dumping her fiance, renown gospel singer shows off her incredible hips in new photos

Dr Ofweneke’s ex fiance has been ‘killing’ her fans with her figure that she lately parades on her social media. However, we cannot blame her as she is now a single mother trying to make ends meet for her two children and has no restrictions as to what she can step out in.

Nicah has lately been showing off what her mama gave her and from the comments left under her photos, the lady is driving many crazy. For the past few days she has been posting photos looking all stunning in tights and high waist pants that cannot conceal her figure.

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The singer now joins the likes of Grace Msalame who suddenly gained weight after giving birth. She is however not complaining as her ‘fats’ are going to the right places…something very few lady’s experience with their bodies.

Anyway, Nicah is currently a single mother after she called off her ‘engagement’ with Comedian Dr Ofweneke citing domestic violence. We are however not sure of what occurred between the two as their are rumours claiming that Nicah was involved with other men when she was still dating the comedian.

As we wait for Dr Ofweneke to reveal the truth, checkout photos of his ex fiance below:

Ofweneke's ex, Nicah
Ofweneke’s ex, Nicah
Ofweneke's baby mama, Nicah
Ofweneke’s baby mama, Nicah
Ofweneke's baby mama, Nicah
Ofweneke’s baby mama, Nicah
Ofweneke's baby mama, Nicah
Ofweneke’s baby mama