Beautiful moments as Corazon Kwamboka officially introduces Frankie Just Gym It and months-old son to her mom (Video)

It is in the actions, the strive to build each other as you both rise up, the commitment to each others visions and promises that explain how much you mean to the other person.

Corazon Kwamboka’s and Frankie Just Gym It’s love story has been nothing rosy, especially since the day they confirmed they are an item, before bringing a baby boy on board.

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But despite the storms, the backlash, the pitfalls, the tears…the couple has even grown stronger and fonder of each other.

Frankie and Corazon

Many believing the simplicity and unscripted lives of the two is what might take them further than the human eye can see.

Visit to the countryside

Well, to prove it all, Corazon took Frankie and their 3 month-old son over to her hometown to officially introduce them to her mom, spend some quality time together and make good memories.

The couple left the city on Friday, to return on Sunday but the 2 days were nothing short of fun times.

Frankie’s visit to Corazon’s hometown

The babe drove to the place, in Kisumu County, having both Luo and Gusii genes.

What surprised many is the young mom’s mastery of her mother-tongue that saw Frankie watch and learn.

He visited Kwamboka’s primary school, the clubs she frequented, the places that she made memories in and of-course, her mom’s home where Corazon has an ongoing construction project.

“She wants to show me her childhood, she wants to show me everything. Literally, I explored everything that was her and I’m trying to learn more about her and it’s been eye-opening and fun,” he disclosed.

Corazon takes Frankie to her hometown

Once they are done with Corazon’s childhood, then it’s Frankie’s turn to return the favor.

“I’ll definitely take her to places I made my childhood memories. She needs to learn more about me, the way I’ve learnt more about her,” he stated.

The couple enjoyed delicacies popular in the hometown, savored good moments in Lake Victoria and made good memories of the past, in the place.

Frankie’s visit to Corazon’s hometown

The lady friends of Corazon could not help drool of her fitness coach, fighting over the well-built lad and it was beautiful!


They grow up so fast! Corazon Kwamboka flaunts adorable 3 month old son (Photo)

Corazon Kwaboka and baby daddy Frankie Just Gy It welcomed their first child together in August and since then; all fans can do is wait to finally meet the adorable Taiyari who remains hidden by his parents.

At 1 month the baby boy had already started taking vacations with his family; and for a minute, Instagram mums were ready to call out Corazon for exposing her baby at such a young age. But hey, didn’t he turn out just fine?

Away from that Corazon has once again given fans a reason to talk after unveiling a never seen before photo of her baby boy. From the photo shared by the new mum in town, we can confirm that Frankie indeed has strong genes!

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This is because even at the age of 3 months, baby Taiyari is already taking after his daddy in terms of physical appearance.

Corazon Kwamboka and Frankie Just Gym It spending time with son Taiyari

Baby Taiyari serving body goals

Anyway although we don’t get to see Taiyari’s face for now, i feel like Corazon is hiding it yet we all know he will turn out like his brothers, Lexxie and Kai.

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However as for now, all we get to see are the yummy thighs and beautiful caramel skin tone he got from his daddy. And hopefully the next time we get to see the boy he will be in the company of his brothers; I mean, whether the parents beef or not – it’s time the boys got to know each other.

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Who knows, they might end up loving each other when their parents are busy holding on to old grudges! Meet the lovely Taiyari below.

Corazon and Frankie’s son, Taiyari

Handsome boy! Never seen before photo of 21 year old ‘Frankie Just Gym it’

Frankie Just Gym it might not have the best reputation at the moment; but despite it all, he remains a favorite to many and this can be seen in the number of likes his photos generate on IG.

The gym trainer also popularly known as Maureen Waititu’s ex and baby daddy has left fans admiring an old photo taken when he was just 21 years old! Judging from the picture, it’s obvious to see that Frankie has always been fine from the word go!

Back in the day when he had no face piercings, the young man brought out this adorable vibe that must have been keeping girls on their toes.

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Cool kid from the word go

Unlike now that he is all grown up, rumored deadbeat dad but still aging like fine wine; back then Frankie was all about pulling the innocent look, even at clubs which leaves us wondering what changed this young man.

Anyway thanks to the new photo shared by the trainer, we now have an idea of how his firstborn son, Lexi will one day look like; since the already look like twins luckily for Lexi he got the caramel skin tone from his mummy!

Frankie Just Gym It and Maureen Waititu’s first son, Lexxie

To caption this new post, Frankie Just Gym it wrote;

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Day Ones! Naija boy and I go way back like hairlines! From liverpool to Nairobi. Swipe to see a 21 year old me ????



Maureen Waititu finally speaks out, brutally exposes Frankie for child neglect and manipulation in angry rant (Video)

Things are getting hot between celebrity co-parents Frankie Kiarie and Maureen Waititu after the lass leaked screenshots of private chats between the two, exposing Frankie for child neglect and public manipulation.

In a vlog she labeled “Enough!”, Maureen shared legal documents between their lawyers, documents that Frankie never responded to or even showed interest in.

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His defense being – he fully caters for his children and is therefore not under any responsibility to respond to the documents or even take action in that regard.

Maureen spills her truth

Unfortunately, turns out that he is actually an absent father to his children. Maureen categorically stated that Frankie has manipulated the public through social media, to make them think he is actually the victim here. While he is not!

Fitness coach, Frankie Just Gym It

A clearly pained Maureen called him out for doing nothing for his sons, for chasing clout on social media, for exposing her and their sons to cyber-bullying and instead, serving his own selfish interests with his new woman, Corazon.

In a series of screenshots of their private chats, Maureen kept updating her baby daddy on her whereabouts and that of their kids, with his last Mpesa payment for their sons upkeep being August 10.

Never again did he finance his sons’ upkeep or education. For Maureen, Frankie had only caused disaster in their co-parenting, always disrespecting her and his word is final.

Maureen Waititu with their sons

So, Frankie cut off child support under the claim that ‘Maureen has barred him from seeing their kids.’

Fast forward, September 7, Frankie called Maureen and asked her to move out with her kids with a month’s notice. Well, she did move out and have now settled in a new home.

September 24, one of their sons fell sick and Maureen had to rush him to hospital at 3am in the morning. Maureen was forced to foot the mounting hospital bill by herself, never for Frankie to even bother to ask how much it was or even who foot it.

Maureen and Frankie with their sons, TBT

That was the last time he showed up for his kids.

“I have been under mental distress, I have been breaking my back for my sons. Yet, I have been raising my kids single-handedly but I am the one getting attacked. I have had enough!” screamed the bitter mum.

Watch and tell us what you think;

Frankie Just Gym It exposes the mother of his boys to online cruelty in new post dedicated to mark son’s 5th birthday

Gymnast Frankie Just Gym It and ex Maureen Waititu will take a while before they fully adjust to the fact that they have to deal with each other; whether they like it or not!

So far the two have been maintaining a low profile and unlike before, they even stopped posting stuff throwing shade at each other. Well, just when we almost got comfortable with the new ‘peace of mind’ and the two are back at each other’s necks.

Frankie Just Gym It and Maureen Waititu’s first son, Lexxie

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It all started after Frankie Just Gym It decided to send a moving message to his firstborn son, Lexi who turned 5 on Tuesday, 20 October. Through his Instagram page, Frankie wrote;

Maureen Waititu with her two boys

When you came into this world, you brought a love so pure I had never before experienced. When you spoke your first word, walked your first steps, I became your biggest fan. With every milestone you reached, I reveled in joy. You taught me the meaning of love — true, unconditional love.

He went on to add another piece of advice reminding his son that life has both the bitter and sweet side. He went on to add;

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As you continue to grow, you will live your own life. You will have times of happiness and times of disappointment. You will fall in love, and you will have your heart broken. Life has its ups and downs and is not always fair, but I know your strength and resilience will see you through.

Denied access

Towards the end, Frankie went on to remind his son that he should remember that despite everything that has happened; he remains precious to him! He wrote;

May you always know your worth and how incredibly precious you are! As your Papa, it is my privilege to impart these important truths to you.

Frankie Just Gym It with his two sons from Maureen Waititu

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However things seem to have gone south after reading what the father of 3 wrote in his last paragraph dedicated to his son. He went on to add that his ex denied him access to this kids; something that should have remained in the family until the heat goes down.

But since their personal life has become everybody’s business; the gymnast wrote;

Since I have no access to you, I’ll pass these words on and hope they find you. Be true to yourself always. Live your own dreams. Don’t take life so seriously. And, last but certainly not least, Know that I love you and will always be there for you. No matter what, I’ve got your back. You are my son and always will be. Happy Birthday Lexi.

But come to think of it, was it really necessary to crucify each other on social media?

Corazon Kwamboka finally shows off months-old son Tayari in cute video

Corazon and baby daddy Frankie Just Gym It are finally letting the world in on their barely 2-month old son, Tayari.

August 3, 2020, the new couple welcomed their baby boy, after a long wait and months of keeping their pregnancy secret.

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The last two months however, have not been anything easy for the new parents, with Corazon recently confessing how she nearly took her life and that of her young one, after suffering postpartum depression.

Corazon Kwamboka welcomes bounciest baby boy

Fortunately, the presence and support of her significant other saw her get through the difficult times successfully and today, she proudly adores and appreciates her baby boy.

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Baby boy Tayari

The babe recently moved out of her house into her previous house which was undergoing renovations where she hopes to live with her newborn.

A place she felt was more spacious and accommodating of her new addition. Clearly, loving her new space, after sharing a photo enjoying the afternoon sun with her little one adoring: “Living and loving ????”

Corazon Kwamboka enjoying the afternoon sun with baby boy

A photo that has left fans congratulating the first-time mom for a job well done!

Meanwhile, taking to her Instastories, the mother of one, shared an adorable video while playfully rubbing her baby’s feet with her palm. 

Thereafter giving fans a glimpse of dad-son bonding moments as Frankie watched his son go to sleep, before taking photos of the cute little one.

“My people,” Corazon sweetly captioned.

The love-struck couple is slowly introducing their baby boy to fans, sharing numerous photos of the newborn swaddled up.

Sad! How Corazon Kwamboka nearly turned suicidal soon after welcoming son Taiyari

As the world went in to mark Mental Health Day, young mom, Corazon Kwamboka opened up about how mental illness soon after delivery almost cost her life and the babys.

Turns out that soon as baby Taiyari was born, Corazon, being a first time mom almost lost her mind while trying to juggle motherhood and still staying sane.

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In as much as this was the best moment in her life, no one had unfortunately told her how tough motherhood is, in the long run.

Corazon Kwamboka with Frankie during an outing with baby Taiyari

“I found myself crying for no reason, banging doors and throwing myself on the floor. Because every small thing would trigger me to go nuts,” tearfully recalled Corazon.

And in as much as Frankie tried to tame her down, the lass had completely lost it, his help was not needed at the time. She took it for granted to the extent of nearly showing him the door.

Frankie Kiarie and Corazon Kwamboka all loved up

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The horrific night incident

It got to a point that one fateful night, Corazon tried taking her own life and that of her child in an unfortunate incident.

“One day I started driving in the middle of the night with my baby strapped on his seat,” she narrated.

Corazon with baby Taiyari

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Fortunately, things took a turn for the better and that is when “I realized I was endangering myself and my baby and I needed help.

According to the curvy mom, she knew she was not mentally okay. But because she was too embarrassed to ask for help or even admit that she was having a hard time, she tried covering it up by throwing tantrums.

Corazon Kwamboka narrates unknown battle with mental health

“It took a huge toll on me trying to deal with it alone,” Corazon Kwamboka finally opened up.

Urging: “Surround yourself with people who love and support you and don’t push them away. When you feel you can’t take it anymore, it’s okay to seek help. We are just humans too”.

Corazon Kwamboka’s smart response to critic who claimed second wives don’t last

Corazon and Frankie have been all loved up of late, probably owing it to their newborn but a section of trolls are not about to give the two piece of mind.

This is after the curvy lass shared a photo with her bae, Frankie spending good times together over the weekend, beautifully sun kissed before gushed over just how much her baby daddy meant to her, with one word FOREVER

To which a dear baba Taiyari, Frankie Kiarie sweetly responded “Forever & a Day ????”

Frankie Kiarie and Corazon Kwamboka all loved up

Unfortunately, the popular mtaachana tu crew was on standby, ready to throw back shade at the lovey doveys but they sure met their match after Corazon bluntly told them off.

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The troll

A troll who could not stand that despite having a history with baby mama, Maureen Waititu, Frankies relationship with Corazon was working perfectly, decided to bash;

gitauwinny Ata Maureen alikuwa apo, same story. I got only one word for you: 2nd wives never stay long, out of experience. But I wish you nothing but the best???????? stay happy????

Frankie Just Gym It with baby mamas

Sadly, the critic did not see Corazon coming, ruthlessly clapping back at a fan who could not decided which side to settle on and have the courage to stick to it, responding;

And so? my friend, if you want to hate, have the balls to just do it, not to coat it with you wish me the best bla bla. I dont need your wishes. Ive lived my entire life without them cheers.

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Impressed by her comeback, fans lauded Corazon’s unapologetic clap backs to trolls who could just not mind their business.

amma_star Wachome kabisa ???????????? people be hating coz they simply must keep busy????Give them something to talk about and pass time,while you live your best life
Corazon Kwamboka

Meanwhile, others were busy asking the lawyer-turned-businesswoman what became of her Italian babe, to whom she serenaded with just the same words, as she has with Frankie.

Frankie Just Gym It responds to claims his mom wants to kick out Maureen Waititu from her home in Westlands

All is not well between Frankie Just Gym It and his first baby mama, Maureen Waititu.

Claims are rife that Frankie’s mom, who happens to be Maureen’s former mother-in-law asked her to move out of her house that had been an agreement between the two parties after siring two boys with her son, Frankie.

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However, it has been rumored that Maureen barred Frankie from seeing his two sons lately and thus why the two parties are now in a battle.

Former couple, Frankie Just Gym It and Maureen Waititu with one of their sons

To which the mother of two responded saying;

I have not barred him (Frankie) from seeing his kids. My lawyer contacted him through a letter for a round table mediation to come up with a structure and order on how to raise the kids. But he made it very clear he has no obligation to respond to that.

Maureen Waititu with their two sons

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Following the recent developments, Frankie’s mother had allegedly asked Maureen to move out of her house in Westlands where she has been living with the boys.

Frankie called me and told me that his mother and brother said I move out, revealed Maureen.

Maureen Waititu

A house the Internet sensation had tirelessly worked on to refurbish so as to create a conducive environment for her kids to live in but now, she is crying foul.

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Frankie responds

When reached out to comment on the same by a local publication, Frankie responded;

I cannot comment on this matter because it is a personal issue and it has nothing to do with anyone. I don’t want to comment on any of these to be honest.

Frankie Just Gym IT

The fitness coach completely declined to even shed light about claims that he is a deadbeat father to his children.

We can only hope for the best.

Corazon Kwamboka stuns in cute postpartum belly 7 weeks after delivery

Kenyan curvy socialite Corazon Kwamboka is done flaunting her flat tummy on the gram, now serving fans the aftermath of her postpartum body.

The babe who has been keeping her business private, was spotted in the kitchen putting together a small dish for her boo, Frankie Kiarie aka Frankie Just Gym It and her baby pouch looks adorable.

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The lass who had to undergo a C-section to ensure the babys safety and hers as well, decided to take it slow on her body as she goes through healing and embracing first-time motherhood and her unfiltered photo sure looked gorgeous on her.

Young mother of one, Corazon Kwamboka

How beautiful the bandage dress hugged her bulging baby pouch was admirable. Corazon had confirmed she was no longer in the business of living up to other people’s standards and was going to do it her way.

Her new look since welcoming baby boy Taiyari has only helped transformed her into a younger, sassy and more natural 26-year old.

Corazon with baby Taiyari

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Body snapback

However, with a fitness coach of a baby daddy, Corazon has had to hit the gym occasionally trying to get her body back in shape and fit but does not seem any worried or interested to fasten her snapback.

If anything, the lass is keeping it busy with her baby boy, the first to call her ‘mummy’.

Corazon Kwamboka serving hot body goals at 5 weeks postpartum

What has stood out for fans about Corazon unlike other local socialites is how she minds her business, keeps it natural and lives life by her rules. The babe doubles up as an Advocate of the High Court of Kenya and fitness enthusiast running her business Genio sport.

Corazon Kwamboka and Frankie Just Gym It continue to prove why they are perfect for each other (Video)

A lot has been said about Corazon Kwamboka and Frankie Just Gym it. Many on social media claim that the two hooked up as result of temporary infatuation; but the couple seems to proving most of these stories wrong.

Judging from how the two relate in terms of parenting and dating; it’s only fair to confirm that they are indeed compatible. They not only have fun but seem to connect in every small thing they do.

Frankie who has become an enemy to many women on social media has also proven to be a good partner and supportive towards Corazon. This however comes as a surprise since many have chosen to see him as a deadbeat dad; who abandoned is family for a socialite.

However, we cannot judge him for this especially since we never got to witness his relationship with Maureen behind closed doors.

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Frankie and Corazon Kwamboka

Perfect match with Corazon

Thanks to a new video shared by Frankie Just Gym It on instagram; we now understand why the couple continues to get stranger despite the shade thrown on social media.

Well, it’s simple… the two are real with each other and unlike other couples; Corazon Kwamboka and Frankie do not fake perfection whenever they are together.

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As seen in the comment section, many went on to admit that as much as haters want the two to part ways; probably it’s best to let them enjoy the love they have for each other.

Not everyone will be happy but hey… it’s not everyday we get to see this type of love. Right?


Frankie Just Gym It finally reveals why he hid his affair with Corazon Kwamboka from Maureen Waititu (Video)

Renowned fitness instructor Frank Kiarie, better known as Frankie Just Gym It, has finally explained why he did not inform Maureen Waititu, the mother of his two children, that he was in a relationship with Corazon Kwamboka.

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In a previous interview with True Love magazine, Maureen stated that she had been in the dark about the affair and only came to learn about it after photos of the two – Frankie and Corazon – surfaced on social media.

Frankie Just Gym It

Speaking to Radio Jambo’s Massawe Japanni on Tuesday, September 1, Frankie explained that he could not tell the mother of his children that he had found someone else and because they were going through a difficult time.

Maureen Waititu and Frankie

He went on to add that he had spoken to Maureen two days before word went round that Corazon was pregnant with his child but he kept her in the dark about the relationship.

“Obviously, we had not spoken well when the story emerged. The whole time we were speaking, I kept looking at her and wondering how to break this news to her.

“I decided not to tell her because it would have another case. In a perfect world you would want to be honest but at the end of the day, you just can’t. No matter how easy you think it would be,” Frankie stated.

He further explained that he felt the need to protect Maureen because other than the fact that they had a relationship for about four years, she is also the mother of his children.

Watch the video below.

Frankie Just Gym it’s priceless gesture after baby mama, Corazon Kwamboka complains of excess weight gain

Frankie Just Gym It and Corazon Kwamboka welcomed their first born, Taiyari a few weeks ago; and unfortunately Corazon has been feeling rather pressured by her baby fat.

Through her instagram page, Corazon Kwamboka went on to caption one of her Tbt photos asking; whether she would ever bounce back to her old body. Truth is, yes she might however weight gain should be the last thing on her mind right now; since she already has Taiyari to worry about.

Anyway, she went on to caption her post saying:


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Will I ever get this body back? 3 weeks till i hit the gym again @frankie justgymit you must train me till i get her. you owe me

Frankie the perfect baby daddy

Well, if you thought the young father would instead refuse to help then you thought wrong! Seems like Frankie is also looking forward to seeing his new found love lose the baby fat sooner or later. Responding to Corazon’s post,he wrote;

Corazon Kwamboka with Frankie

Don’t worry I got you

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Having bagged herself a health fitness trainer; Corazon must count himself lucky because their is no way baby daddy would let her down! Also judging from how fine ex Maureen Waititu looks; I bet having a revenge body on Corazoon would be better for him and his image soon.

Anyway, hopefully this couple will document their weight loss journey; inorder to help the new mothers who still can’t afford

Striking photos from Corazon Kwamboka’s maternity shoot that are turning heads online

Lawyer turned socialite Corazon Kwamboka is sure a fine lady who Maureen Waititus baby daddy, Frankie Just Gym It landed on by sheer luck.

I talk of luck because when you look at it all from a much wider perspective, first, youll notice that Corazon is a perfect blend of natural beauty and brains.

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Second, that despite all the men she has dated in her life, she only managed to conceive her first with Frankie Just Gym It. So that means, the gym instructor has zero competition.

Expectant lovers, Corazon Kwamboka and Frankie Just Gym It

Third, Kwamboka is enthusiastic about fitness and all that comes with it and this perfectly cements their love because it is one major thing they have in common so no need to work on that area.

From the other perspective, Frankie is also a smart guy, done his Masters in International Business Management overseas and back to Kenya to fill the gap – fitness.

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However, the light skin lad is already a father of two boys, expecting a third from a dear Corazon.

Frankie Just Gym It with his two sons from Maureen Waititu

Either way, I am sure they have figured things out.

Corazons Maternity

Away from that, Kwamboka, probably influenced by her ethnic background, is all curvy, her backside in perfect shape and that flat tummy every woman dreams of.

Curvy socialite Corazon Kwamboka

Things seem better for her after she conceived because now, it has all been well curved out if her recent photoshoots are anything to go by.

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Definitely started off with that subtle colored bandage dress that let the world in on her pregnancy.

Heavily pregnant Corazon Kwamboka

A 3D view perfectly complemented with the unborn babys father by her side.

Frankie and Corazon Kwamboka

Surprisingly, with the added weight, the beauty could still fit into her Genio sport wear and we loved it!

Pregnant Corazon Kwamboka

Hardly did we see her all nude photoshoot coming, that only zipped mouths.

Socialite Corazon Kwamboka

Then was the all-white natural look that allowed some skin out and that is as much as we got!

5-month pregnant Corazon Kwamboka

Crowning it all, dripping some cuteness overload in her most recent photoshoot that the world was never prepared for. Have a look:

Hippy Corazon Kwamboka
Corazon Kwamboka

Frankie Just Gym It opens up on long battle with rare skin condition since birth

Frankie Just Gym It so happens to have random white patches of skin all over his body that are a bit subtle but curious fans compelled him to open up about his skin defect.

Many might not have taken note of Frankie’s inconsistent skin color especially when he steps out shirtless but those that did, saw him start a whole new discussion on the same.

Gym instructor, Frankie Just Gym IT

Through his vlog, the fitness enthusiast talked of battling a condition, Vitiligo that he has had to live with since his birth, where the skin loses its pigment cells in patches, such that there are darker and lighter parts on his body.

I have these white patches everywhere, from my neck to my chest even my arm, pretty much every part of my body is covered with it. It’s called vitiligo meaning there is not enough melanin in certain sections of my body.

Frankie Just Gym IT


It’s something I was born with, no cure, not a disease or illness, not something that hurts…no! It’s just a pigmentation defect. Literally, I have it all over my face but you can’t see it unless you put the black light on.

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Living with it

Funny enough, every year, some patches pop up in different parts of his body but a bit bigger. When he tried to inquire about his condition from his mom, she interestingly told him God was not able to decide whether he should be black or white.

Fitness enthusiast, Frankie Just Gym It

So apparently, Frankie noticed his skin defect just about 3/4 years ago when a lady DM-ed him on Instagram telling him how proud she is to see him showcase his body despite the imperfections.

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Only for him to dive into research to understand his condition.

I just thought it was birthmarks because I never really thought much into it until I researched and got acquainted with. If you get it at an older age, that’s when it’s dangerous, causing diabetes and all…

frankie just gym it
Frankie Just Gym It

However, he is not the only one battling the condition with several other notable figures in the world having had it including the late pop star, Michael Jackson.

Trouble in paradise? Frankie Just Gym it and Corazon Kwamboka’s latest move sparks break up rumors

Corazon Kwamboka and Frankie Just Gym It have deleted each other’s photos from their pages; and unfortunately have also unfollowed each other on social media.

This comes weeks after the two publicly announced about their unborn baby while also confirming rumors claiming they are an item!

Well, the public had a field day with stories from Frankie Just Gym It, Corazon Kwamboka and of course Maureen Waititu as everyone wanted to share their side of their stories through their pages.

So far a lot has been said about the new couple in town; and trust me not many women are happy with Corazon who jumped into a relationship with Frankie knowing very well he  had been raising a family with Ms Waititu.

Frankie and Corazon Kwamboka

Going private

However since the two hooked up after Frankie and Maureen had parted ways; would we really call this cheating? But oh well, who knows!

With the criticism and harsh comments from fans, Corazon Kwamboka says that they decided to pull down each other’s photos now that they want to keep their relationship on the low.

The lass went on to mention that they both made this decision after realizing that their life was now in the public eye; not forgetting the fact that Corazon is pregnant and stressed!

Still together

Still strong

Although Corazon may have used this move to alert haters that her relationship was now private; let’s just say that she can’t get enough of the online attention from fans.

Corazon Kwamboka hints about possible break up

And as seen on the above post – clearly Corazon enjoys the lime light and since the 3rd trimester always proves to be the toughest stage of pregnancy; the new Mum to be definitely needs some rest now!

“Haufai kuwa kwenda gym na unalia” Jalang’o to Frankie Just Gym it

Jalang’o and his co host Kamene Goro have weighed in on the ongoing drama between Maureen Waititu; and Frankie Just Gym It who broke up about a year ago.

But unfortunately, Frankie moved on quite fast – leaving many wondering whether he had been seeing Corazon Kwamboka while still dating Ms Waititu! However speaking during an interview with Obare, Frankie denied secretly dating Corazon who is now 7 months pregnant with their first child.

Among those who have come out to analyze the soap opera is Jalang’o who opened up revealing that Frankie now needs a break from his online fans. This is because many have been calling out the guy yet he supports his sons the best way he can.

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Frankie Just Gym IT with son

According to Jalang’o 6k a week is enough for Maureen and the boys since Frankie now has 2 families to look after. The comedian cum radio presenter went on to defend Frankie Just Gym it saying;

 ‘6K is enough are you crazy? That’s 1k per week. It’s very sad to see a well build man cry.

Piece of advice

Jalang’o who also has a daughter with an ex wife probably understands the pressure Frankie is in; and this could be the reason why the Kiss FM presenter wants fans to understand Frankie too!

Speaking during the morning show, Jalang’o said;

Exes Maureen Waititu and Frankie

Haufai kuwa unaenda gym na unalia. for a man to get to the point where he cried it’s very sad. I can shop with 1k and still have some change remaining.

However that is his advice but since we may not understand what Maureen have to put up with; at the end everyone is entitled to their own opinion.

As for jalang’o he believes that Maureen will soon meet someone who will take her in with both her boys; and may not even need the 6k from Frankie!

Watch: Kamene Goro and Jalang’o tear each other apart over Frankie Just Gym It and Maureen Waititu’s broken relationship

The discussion around Internet ex-couple Maureen Waititu and Frankie Just Gym It has become a hot topic especially after the fitness enthusiast cried Live on his vlog over co-parenting.

Frankie gave finer details of his distant relationship with his two boys before bursting out in tears and this did not paint such a good picture among his fans.

Kamene and Jalang’o heavily descended on the topic this morning with the two engaging in a heated debate about how little or too much KSh 6k that Frankie sends to Maureen weekly for upkeep is.

Exes Maureen Waititu and Frankie

The Clash

So Jalang’o asked how much Frankie gives and the curvy radio girl bashed:

He gives 6k per week ONLY! 6k inadu nini na ukona watoto wawili?

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This irked Jalang’o who was quick to question:

No, no, no. 6k per week is like 1k daily. Are you crazy Kamene? I can shop with 1k a day and still keep change.

Kiss FM presenter, Jalang’o

Only for Kamene to unapologetically slam:

Wewe ni mchawi! You’re lying to me.

Jalang’o explains

According to the comedian, Frankie was a dad who was really trying based on the fact that these are hard times and he is already expecting a newborn baby.

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Therefore, his baby mamas should just try and understand and support their baby daddy.

Frankie Just Gym It with baby mamas


Frankie is your kawaida guy, photographer. He’s a gym instructor and model. Na hii corona, gym zimefungwa, unamodel wapi? Photography utapiga nani na saa hii watu wako na corona? It is for Maureen to accept that this is what baby can afford, let us budget and work around it for now. 6k is enough!

But Kamene was not going to table that.

You convinced me to have two of your children and then now you tell me to understand?

This comes barely days after Maureen hinted that Frankie is just there and seemingly a deadbeat dad, which only raised online uproar with Kenyans quick to condemn the now expectant father for being a “hit and run”.

Frankie Just Gym It breaks to tears confessing how much he misses his two sons (Video)

Frankie Just Gym It has proven he has a soft spot for his two boys after literally crying on one of his videos recalling just how apart he was drawn from his kids the minute he part ways with Maureen Waititu.

The soon-to-be father of 3 might have been labelled a deadbeat dad but the miles he takes just to try and see his kids is irreplaceable and so adorable.

Former couple, Frankie Just Gym It and Maureen Waititu with one of their sons

Quick flashback, the fitness coach recalled his first date with his two boys since breaking up and despite expecting that his boys would no longer remember him, he was surprised when they raced towards him.

After we went our separate ways, the first few weeks I did not see my children at all. It was so tough, my fear was my kids were going to forget me. On our first date, I was so excited but feeling weird and nervous. I was afraid they were never going to remember me. But when I got there, Lexie was like “papa!”.

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Frankie Just Gym IT with his son


I remember the last time I was with them, Kai wasn’t walking. I had only seen him crawling and now he’s walking. I missed that transition. It was the first time I was putting Kai to sleep and I enjoyed it.

The moment

However, as he narrated his bond with Lexie, Frankie got carried away and broke down to tears, expressing:

I remember, just before we finished parking to leave, Lexie called me and he was like “papa, I’m happy.”

Frankie Just Gym It with his two sons from Maureen Waititu

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Several minutes of tears rolling down his cheeks, living the moment he never got the privilege to with his son before closing off:

And at that moment, I realized everything was just going to be okay.

Frankie Just gym it responds after ex hints he is a ‘dead beat dad’(Video)

Frankie Just gym it and Maureen Waititu parted ways about a year ago; and rumor has it that this might have been caused by his affair with Kwamboka Corazon!

However speaking during a recent interview, Frankie just gym it denied this; revealing that by the time he started hanging out with Corazon; he had already shared parted ways his ex fiancé!

With another baby on the way just a year after parting ways with the mother of his sons; Maureen Waititu must have felt betrayed hence her ‘bitter’ response when asked whether Frankie Just Gym it supports his kids.

Maureen Waititu with ex, Frankie and their two boys

According to Maureen, her baby daddy ‘tries to be there’ for the kids; and for some reason fans felt that she had indirectly branded him a dead beat dad!

A father’s sacrifice

However the popular gymnast this past weekend shared I know information; proving that he has never been a dead beat father to his amazing boys.

In a question and answer session, one of his fans went on to inquire whether he supports his children; by paying their rent, electricity bill and anything else they need.

Frankie Just Gym IT with their two sons

To our surprise turns out that he not supports his children but gave them a one of properties his mother (their grandmother) gave him as an engagement gift back in 2016.

Frankie Just Gym it went on to disclose that he left the house for Miss Waititu in order for her and the boys to have a comfortable home. For him, this sacrifice was worth it as he continues to put his boys first; unlike what his baby mama said.

Well…in such a situation it is quite difficult to tell who is telling the truth and who is not! So far all we can see is drama from Frankie and his baby mama – now that he has ‘moved on’ with Corazon Kwamboka!

“No one ever cared for me like Corazon Kwamboka did,” Frankie Just Gym It confesses (Video)

Frankie Just Gym It and Corazon Kwamboka is a merger none of us saw coming but one that was actually grounded on true love and genuine care for each other.

This the gym instructor revealed on his recent vlog admitting that Corazon was a blessing who came just when his life got dark and forced him into depression.

Answering to a Q&A session with fans, Frankie confessed that he has never been any happier in life than he has with Corazon by his side.

I am the happiest I have ever been in a very, very long time. People don´t actually know where Corazon has taken me from. She took me from a very, very, very dark time in my life, when I would experience panic attacks in the middle of the night thinking that this pain was never going away.

Lovers, Frankie Just Gym It and Corazon Kwamboka

Unfortunately, when he needed people the most, to genuinely care for him, no one did until he met Corazon and found solace in her heart.

I did not see this coming at all. At that time, there was no one who was caring about what was happening to me. No one! Until I met her [Corazon] and she took care of me all the way through.

In Corazon, he felt alive, he felt cared for, genuinely loved and for that, he forever holds the socialite dear to his heart.

And she dragged me out of this place of depression and she literally pulled me out of it. This is just the truth.

Maureen Waititu finally speaks up a day after baby daddy Frankie Just Gym It confirmed secret affair with Corazon Kwamboka

A day after fitness junkie, Frankie Just Gym It came clean about fathering socialite Corazon Kwamboka’s unborn baby, his other baby mama, Maureen Waititu has fired back in one of the most unexpected of ways.

Frankie and Corazon parted ways in 2019, from a marriage and love story that bore them 2 adorable boys, but a union that no longer felt accommodating of their different worlds.

Well, an year down the line and Frankie has already found solace in curvy socialite, Corazon Kwamboka’s arms and the duo is now expectant.

Lovers, Corazon Kwamboka and Frankie Just Gym It

Maureen Waititu responds

In light of this, Internet sensation, Maureen Waititu took the world by surprise after revealing she has been doing single parenting ever since their break up and that Frankie’s involvement in their boys’ lives has been quite minimal.

Maureen Waititu with her two boys

Up and close on Kiss FM, the mother of two opened up:

I’m a single parent. The father tries to be there for his kids.

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This she revealed barely weeks after Frankie said he can only afford to see his boys just so often in a month, sometimes even never.

Fitness coach, Frankie Just Gym It

Despite juggling motherhood and single parenting by herself, Ms Waititu went ahead to clarify that she will never regret having borne her two boys who have been nothing but a source of bliss to her.

I raise two boys and it´s been the most beautiful thing that has ever happened to me. I love them to Death! They are my life, they give me strength and hope, all I can say is it’s been amazing!

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She further expressed:

The truth is, if someone really cares about you, they will not compromise your morals or what you believe in, they should make you a better person instead.

Single parent, Maureen Waititu

However, regards her baby daddy’s new relationship with Corazon, she articulated:

I wish not to comment on the same. I don’t want to talk about it.

Frankie Just Gym It reveals why he settled down with Corazon Kwamboka instead of his baby mama, Maureen Waititu

Corazon Kwamboka and Frankie Just Gym It have a serious romantic relationship that has seen the two start a family of their own!

So far we understand that Corazon is almost 7 months pregnant – meaning they will soon be welcoming their new bundle of joy after a few months of rating.

Thanks to a recent interview with Edgar Obare, Frankie for the first time opened up revealing his reason for walking out on Maureen Waititu. Apparently his relationship with the mother of his 2 boys was not as rosy as we all thought!

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When we became parents, things changed – Maureen Waititu explains

Turns out that they had a few skeletons in their closets; and after realizing what they had was headed no where they then parted ways. This was not just for their sake of their mental healths; but also for the kids!

Why Corazon

Being a gymnast, of course Frankie came across many beautiful women he could have dated; but why Corazon, if not for the fame?

Well speaking to Obare, Frankie Just Gym it went on to reveal that they were support partners with Corazon Kwamboka; before things started getting serious between them!

Corazon Kwamboka with Frankie Just Gym It during quarantine

we decided to be serious with our relationship in December last year.

Unlike his previous relationship, Frankie went on to add that he clicked well with Corazon Kwamboka; and for some reason the two even share a few things in common which made it easier to settle down.

We were support partners, have a lot in common. Get along very well and we were like,  why not try it?

Frankie Just Gym IT with their two sons

With that question, the couple is currently expecting their first child together; and although Corazon revealed that Frankie is good with his children — Maureen Waititu has left tongues wagging after revealing that she is a single mum; adding Frankie ‘tries’ to be there for his boys!