Manyanga! Zari Hassan shares smoking hot photos that will leave you questioning her real age!

Zari Hassan has been making headlines thanks to her relationship with Diamond Platnumz. However after falling out, the two now live separate lives but continue to co parent which seems to be working out in their favor!

Away from that, lately Zari has not been so active on her social media pages. This is probably because she has to deal with not only the kids but her businesses too.

With such a busy schedule we can’t help but wonder when she gets time to get her beauty sleep; because trust me, she continues to age like fine wine! This was recently confirmed by a few photos shared from Tiffah’s birthday – where Zari stepped out looking better than most young women.

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Zari Hassan getting better with age

Aging like fine wine

At 37 years (some say 40) Zari continues to serve looks and fashionable outfits making it hard to believe that she has a 17 year old son. Not just the makeup but how she carries herself clearly shows that the hot mother of 5 is a young soul; and at this point, age cannot stop her from having fun.

As her entire family celebrated Tiffah’s birthday this past weekend, Zari made sure to make a statement with her gorgeous attire as seen on the photos below.

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She looked something like a hot sweet 16 as she blended with the young crowd at the party! Well, seeing how fine her genes are…we can’t blame Diamond for having two kids with her!

Youthful Zari Hassan dancing at daughter’s birthday
Socialite Ms Hassan aka boss lady
Zari with friend at daughter’s birthday
Boss lady aka Mama Tee

A furious Zari Hassan threatens to cut off son’s head!

Zari Hassan has been having a tough time with her 3 year old son who does not understand why he has to be locked in; when all along he had been enjoying the outside and most of all, the company of his friends.

A few days ago Zari revealed how Nillan cut her expensive white couch using a knife; and being a toddler, the only punishment he might have received is some time off and probably no electronic gadgets for a few days.

However on Wednesday, 15 July Nillan happened to pull a similar stunt; but this time around he demolished his mum’s package; leaving her feeling like she could cut off the small boy’s head.

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Nillan giving his mum Zari a hard time at home

My Babor packages arrived and this is what happened they better open flights so i can ship you off. I’m done, I’m tired, I’m about to cut this kid’s head off. This kid tryna send me t jail. SMH

Nillan tired of staying home

Having been used to taking trips and Vacations every now and then; Nillan is now stuck at home due to the pandemic and has now resulted to destroying everything he can get his hands on.

Explaining the new milestone giving her stress, Zari has promised to get the baby boy back to Pre school now that schools are about to reopen in South Africa.

Zari with Diamond Platnumz and their naughty son, Nillan

He is stressed being in the house. Same environment, same people, he is not really interacting with other kids of his age. I was a bit reluctant to take him back to school. The fact that preschool is open now, I will definitely get him back. He is distressed, hence his behaviour

“Mend your relationships with your baby daddies!” Zari Hassan mocks bitter baby mamas

Zari Hassan recently left many assuming that her new a Bentley was a gift from her baby daddy, Diamond Platnumz. This is after she went on to thank the Tz singer for the top up, a statement that brought nothing but confusion.

With the new car, it was evident that Zari had managed to make her back to the Tandale empire; right after Miss Tanasha Donna walked out leaving behind the Prado her baby Daddy had purchased for her on her birthday.

Gossip tabloids have since been reporting the possibility of the star getting back with Zari; but thanks to a live session done by mama Tee, turns out that the Bentley was never bought by Diamond Platnumz – but herself.

We are not sure why she went back on her story; yet it was clear to see that the ‘Top Up’ meant the Bentley; mostly since her cars are normally rentals!

Zari gifted with a brand new Bentley

Make peace with your baby daddy

On her IG live, Zari went on to tell off everyone hating on her to make peace with their baby daddies; and probably they would get the same – that is if they can afford. The mother of 5 said;

Co-parents, Zari Hassan and Diamond Platnumz

Asante Baba Tee (Tiffah for the Top Up. Ikikuhusu/to whom it may concern. Mambo ya top imeleta balaa. Top up ni mchango. Sio ati kanilipia zote ama kaninunulia. It’s a contribution/ mchango. Kwani kuna ubaya gani? Mnatokwa makamusi yanin? Luga ndo tatizo, ama akili zenu ndogo. Isiumizwe na maisha ya mtu. We all have 24hours, use them wisely or mend your baby daddy relationships uhongwe at aka vitz,”

Sad! Zari Hassan emotionally opens up on being subjected to an abusive marriage

It has been a worrying trend as the world witnesses violence and physical abuse against women from their husbands.

Sadly, it is not even among the commoners, this is being witnessed among celebrities and public figures and one would stop and ask: how many of such kind have we not been told about especially for individuals not in the public light?

It is a question that remains unanswered as celebrities across East Africa severely weigh in on the recent brutal attack of Tanzanian actress and musician, Shilole early in the week.

Battered Tanzanian actress, Shilole

Zari speaks

Ugandan socialite and Boss lady, Zari Hassan has given her two cents on the same. First brutally censuring gender based violence against women from husbands who think they can rule and mistreat women as they please.

You don´t have the right to beat up a woman like a small child.

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Ugandan Boss lady, Zari Hassan

She bitterly expressed how majority of women will stick and stand by their abusive husbands for fear of rejection by their families and condemnation by society.

But she asked:

Must I wait for my death for me to speak up?

South-African business mogul, Zari Hassan

The mother of 5 admitted that for fear of nowhere to go and separating kids from their fathers, most women will tolerate the abuse but this only shows how much you support the abuse.

Her experience

Ms Hassan has previously been married to late Ugandan mogul, Ivan Ssemwanga before later moving on with Tanzanian superstar, Diamond Platnumz before calling it quits.

Co-parents, Zari Hassan and Diamond Platnumz

Well, it turns out that the South African business mogul has once been a victim of physical abuse and since she could not tolerate it, she left.

I have been a victim of physical abuse but it took a lot of courage for me to stand up for myself and say it is enough!

Zari Hassan

Society was quick to judge her and wonder how she would dare walk out of riches just because of violence while that is what majority of women are dying to have.

I was called stupid. But none of them had the slightest clue what was gong on behind closed doors. When will this stereotype end? When will the right time come for a woman to say it is enough? There will never be a right time and the blame will only trickle down to you.

Wrapping up:

Say no to Domestic Violence!

Zari´s post

Rekindling old flame? Diamond Platnumz gifts Zari a brand new Bentley!

Word making rounds on Social media is that Diamond Platnumz and his baby mama Zari Hassan have become closer than ever!

This is after the two decided to coparent in peace hence avoiding the online drama that left Diamond Platnumz looking like a dead beat dad.

Now that things are back to normal, it appears that the Bongo singer might have gotten back the kids; and a bonus of the boss lady! The two are said to be involved and if anything, the new car gifted gifted to Zari might just be a confirmation!

Co-parents, Zari Hassan and Diamond Platnumz

Diamond’s gift to Zari

Being the only baby mama with a successful career and of course class; Diamond Platnumz has always makes sure to gift the lady with nothing but the best.

Well, this time around word has it that Zari was given a Bentley estimated to cost around Ksh 106 million – however without a receipt we cannot confirm this!

Zari went on to announce this through her social media pages where she thanked Diamond for the new car! The lass captioned the photo saying;

Sante baba T for the top up….

Zari gifted with a brand new Bentley

Juma Lokole who is a family friend to Diamond’s family also confirmed this as he applauded Zari for putting in effort and finally securing her rightful place!

Although the post sounds sarcastic, it’s not the first time Juma Lokole is exposing one of Diamond Platnumz relationships for clout.

Zari Hassan and Diamond Platnumz back to being a couple after 2 year break up?

With a new song out and fans barely reacting to it – Diamond Platnumz management may have resulted to using Zari; and with the new car in the picture, let’s say Diamond Platnumz is ready to have his name making headlines like before!

Beef aside! Zari Hassan mourn’s Babu Tale’s late wife in moving message

Zari Hassan and Babu Tale were rumored to have bad blood after the nasty break up between the boss lady and Diamond Platnumz back in 2018.

According to reports Zari allegedly blamed Tale for pretending to be a friend; yet he knew about Diamond Platnumz extra activities with other women on the side.

For a while the two have not been seeing eye to eye; but after learning about Shammy’s death the boss lady has gone ahead to join the mourners as seen on social media.

Zari celebrated the late Shammy by describing her as a good friend and above all a mother who loved her children very much. In one of her posts Zari wrote;

It’s hard to believe yet it’s a fact. And just like that you are gone. My heart bleeds for your kids shammy. But one thing I know God still reigns. He will take care of them, only he can do best. Rest in peace sister

Zari mourns the death of Babu Tale’s wife

In yet another post she went on to encourage Babu Tale by sending prayers his way;


Mothers die with the most pain, lil girl isn’t even 3 yet. Her mama is no more. Help me come together and pray for @babutale family. As a mother I am devasted. RIPshammy

Tale’s late wife

I will miss you

Having lost both her ex husband and mother in the same year; Zari has learnt how to deal with loss but through it all she can’t help but miss her dear ones.

Now that Shammy is gone, Zari finally got a chance to show some of their photos that never made it online. To caption this Zari described the late Shammy as a pure soul saying;

Ill miss you so much, your soul was pure.God wanted an angel for himself. Rest easy babe.

Why Zari Hassan publicly celebrated Diamond Platnumz on Father’s Day

Zari Hassan did not let Father’s Day go by without remembering her baby daddy, Diamond Platnumz.

As seen on social media Zari shared a short message accompanied by a never before seen photo of the Bongo singer. The mother of 5 posted the message on her Instagram story saying;

Happy Father’s Day Baba 4, pray for life to see them grow into great adults (It’s every parents wish/prayer) glad to see you doing your part now. We appreciate you.

Well, not that her message bore anything special; we cannot overlook the fact that coparenting has been working for the two with no drama or stress!

He made her happy

Just recently Zari’s second born son opened up about his take on Diamond Platnumz dating their mum.

According to the young man, seeing their mother happy is all that mattered to him! And since Diamond Platnumz brought so much joy into their mum’s life; they had no option but to have him around. Ralph went in to say;

  I didn’t mind because it’s who my mother chose so you know I can’t do anything. If he was making her happy at the time, then that was okay with me

When asked whether they ever hang out, Raph replied saying;

Zari with son, Raph

I was in boarding school at the time so I’d only come home a few times, I didn’t see him that much.

This also turns out to be the first Father’s Day Zari Hassan did not celebrate her late ex husband, Ivan Don. However seeing how she has praised him in the past few months; that was enough to figure out that she still appreciates him despite having passed on in his late 30’s.

If anything, the late Ivan Don left Zari with the best gifts of 3 sons who continue to make their mummy proud. Rumor has it that the eldest son will soon be turning 18 years; but Zari plans on keeping him away from the Instagram models already eyeing him.

Zari’s son Raphael weighs in on her mother’s relationship with Bongo singer, Diamond Platnumz

Zari’s sons continue taking after their late dad in terms of looks and how they carry themselves on social media. Although many fans see Zari as a socialite after fame and money; they also forget that she has proven to be a perfect mother to her 5 children,

The boss lady has been doing a good job with her boys and this is why we rarely get to see them on social media behaving wild like most teenagers their age. Even after Zari moved on with Diamond Platnumz; the boys never did anything to embarrass their mum or her young boyfriend; which shows the Ssemwanga boys have been raised right.

Anyway just recently while on an interview with SnS, Raphael Ssemwanga is said to have opened up sharing his opinion about his mum’s former relationship with Diamond Platnumz.

According to the young man, seeing their mother happy was all they wanted and since Diamond Platnumz was already doing this; Raphael went on to add that their was nothing he could do. He went on to say;

I didn’t mind because it’s who my mother chose so you know I can’t do anything. If he was making her happy at the time, then that was okay with me

Diamond Platnumz with Zari and the Ssemwanga boys!

Bonding with Diamond Platnumz

When SnS presenter Creez Favor asked whether they talked a lot with the singer; Raph was quick to dismiss this saying he spent most of his time in school since he is a boarder.

However we can’t forget that the boys once gave Diamond Platnumz a warm welcome back when he visited them in South Africa; but it seems that they did not bond as much as expected.

Zari with son, Raph

 I was in boarding school at the time so I’d only come home a few times, I didn’t see him that much.

Losing their father back in 2017 forced the boys to step up for their mum and each other; now that the head of the family was never coming back.

However looking at Lil Q who is the youngest of the Ssemwanga; it’s evident to see he looks everything like his daddy!

Zari Hassan melts hearts with long bossy letter to daughter Tiffah (Details)

Diamond Platnumz baby mama, Zari Hassan and her daughter, Tiffah Dangote have been spending more time on TikTok than ever before.

The two boss ladies have not only showcased their prowess of the online app through social media, but have kept their fans busy with enticing moments together.

The most recent video upload is of Tiffah bragging about how those who can´t handle her ego or match her status are busy calling her out for having ´an attitude´ which she brutally condemns.

Diamond and Zari´s daughter, Tiffah Dangote

This made her mother fall so in love with her young, yet all-grown and bossy daughter who has basically followed into her footsteps.

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To this effect, the Ugandan boss lady penned a long, touching letter to her little girl sweetly addressing:

Dear beautiful daughter of mine, your beautiful, confident, intelligent, smart, special, different. Your gifted. You were born to stand out not to fit. Your talented and the whole world is ready for you.

zari thirst trap
Zari Hassan with daughter, Tiffah Dangote

Confessing that Tiffah has grown to a level that has left many with envy but for Zari, she is proud of her 4-year old baby girl.

The South-African based businesswoman however cautioned her little girl of the cruel world out here – one that is not ready to accommodate her bossy-ness, one that is filled with fake people but one she will conquer because she is a natural.

You are everything they are not and that makes them fear, because people fear the unknown. You are the next big thing, if its an attitude that you have, then so be it. Never let anyone determine who you should be, the world already has so many fakes/copies. The world needs naturals like you…… mama gatchu always????.

Princess Tiffah

Ms Hassan promised to always have Tiffah´s back, to counter-attack her enemies until she is all-grown to rule her own Queendom.

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One, because God built her for this and two, those busy pricking her back are the same ones who will pull a seat and watch her rule the world, when the time comes.

When they come for you, ill go after them but then again its just a matter of time before you handle ya biness. God built you strong, you’ll concur✊. And when you do, it will be the same people sitting back watching your success in dismay. Do you, dont let them tell you otherwise. 98% of time never take advice from failures…..

Zari Hassan

Reminding her:

Ps; mama loves that person–ality????

Zari Hassan remains unapologetic for reconciling with baby daddy, Diamond Platnumz

Zari Hassan is tired of people linking her to her former boyfriend, Diamond Platnumz. In fact she decided to address this through her instagram live session leaving most of her fans shocked by her sharp mouth.

According to the lady, idlers have been spreading lies linking her to Diamond Platnumz; which has left her looking like she is begging her way back to the singer’s life. However, this is totally different from what Zari wants.

During her live session,the mother of 5 went on to say;

Diamond doesn’t have to prove a point to me that he wants to get back with me; I do not have to prove a point to him that I need to get back to him. Whatever we are doing right now is for the best interests of our children.

Diamond Platnumz with family

Zari went on to add that the reason she is in good with Diamond Platnumz is because of the kids; having abandoned them for almost 2 years, the babies are finally happy to have their dad’s around.

My kids are very happy, Papa calls all the time. Especially Tiffah gets very excited, that’s my papa calling, he speaks to them, plays Piano for them, he is doing everything, he bought a Kitchen her, a pappy for his son. The problem is mbona nyinyi mnaumia.

Zari with daughter, Tiffah

Tiffah with the attitude

Among other things that annoyed her is how people trolled Tiffah for having an attitude. For this reason the socialite went on to defend her daughter who has proven to be a smart girl; giving grown ups something to discuss on social media.

In conclusion, Zari went on to praise her baby girl saying;

Tiffah doesn’t need to be told what to say. When the camera is rolling she knows what to say. You don’t even need to say anything to Tiffah. This a four-year-old saying what comes to her mind, she is smart, beautiful, she is smart she doesn’t need to be told what to say. I’m not gonna seat here and watch you diss my child that ooh she got an attitude, she is special, confident, she is everything, you guys are not.

“Uzuri huna kabisaaa, ngozi imeregea kama sanitaiza” Juma Lokole claps back at Zari Hassan

Juma Lokole and Zari Hassan have really never liked each other; but until now we still don’t understand these two don’t have a friendly vibe towards each other.

Just a few hours ago Zari Hassan went on a rant telling off people claiming she teaches Tiffah what to say on her videos. As seen on several clips making rounds on social media; the lass clearly defends her daughter from online bullies but also makes the mistake of abusing other people’s children.

Unfortunately Zari blasted her followers children saying some are ‘brainless’ and cannot learn anything; which makes their parents pick on Tiffah for being smart.

Zari also went on to add that her daughter’s English is perfect since she attends an expensive private school that has helped bring out the intelligent Tiffah we get to see on IG.

Zarina Hassan

Fashionable and still sexy!

On the video, Zari calls out most of her critics who continue calling her an old woman. This time around the mother of had not come to play as she hit back with a major clap back that seems to have annoyed Juma Lokole.

On the video Zari made it known that she looks way better than some of these 20 year old looking for attention with her name. According to Zari she is still fresh as the morning dew and young despite idlers calling her old.

Zari Hassan serving fans some body goals in blue bikini

Juma Lokole clap back

Having come across the video, Juma Lokole went on to correct her former sister in law in a post that has left many talking on social media.

Lokole who is known for his Zero chills reminded Zari to act her age; instead of comparing herself with young beautiful women who are now enjoying their youth.

Lokole’s post about Zari

 Apo kwenye uzuri apo na udogo nakataaa zari ???????????????????????? uzuri huna kabisaaaa ngozi imeregea Kama sanitaiza …… na udogo Pia huna labda wa kucheza. Titok ????????????????????

He went on to add;

Mengine nakuunga mkono wakome kufatilia maisha ya watu …… Chambaaaaaa mama chambaaaaa wamekuchokoza wenyewe ……. NAKUPENDA ZARI WANGU CHAMBAAAAAAAA VIJUSO WAMEZIDI …… ngoja niingie insta live nikusaidie ????????????????????????‍♂️????????‍♂️????????‍♂️????????‍♂️????????‍♂️ @babe_255 njoo niliyakumbuka kweli aya mambo ya michambo yake ????????????


Rekindling an old flame? Zari Hassan responds to romantic rumors linking her with Diamond Platnumz

Diamond Platnumz and Zari Hassan have been keeping fans on their toes; as many expect the two to rekindle their old flame.

According to reports, the two will be facing each other 2 years after their nasty break up back in 2017. However, their meeting will involve their 2 children as – Diamond Platnumz will be seeing them 2 years after he broke up with their mum.

With the new found friendship, Diamond Platnumz and Zari Hassan have been communicating; and from the videos shared by Diamond Platnumz – fans feel that the two might just be preparing us for the future.

Zarina Hassan

The reunion

A source close to Diamond Platnumz recently revealed the singer will soon be reuniting with his two children. Rumor has it that the Bongo singer will not only throw a huge party; but will ensure the event is aired on Wasafi TV.

Mama Dangote has also been sharing photos and videos of Tiffah on her instagram; however this time around the grandmother does not seem so excited.

This could have been caused by her current complicated friendship with mama Tiffah who once called Mama Dangote out for pretending to be on her side; yet knew everything Diamond Platnumz was doing while she was in South Africa.

Zari with Diamond Platnumz

Zari claps back

Anyway just recently a fan went on to ask boss lady whether she is back with her baby daddy; since rumor already had it that they are back.

Responding to the comment, Zari did not do much of explaining apart from saying;

Ms Hassan clap back

So tell me more. You seem to have details and all figured out

As much as Zari denied the rumors, fans can’t help but notice how happy she has since become after Diamond Platnumz started communicating with the kids.

Unlike before, the mother has reduced throwing shade at her Tanzanian baby daddy; however judging from how slippery Diamond Platnumz – hopefully he wont mess this up!

Zari Hassan and Diamond Platnumz to reunite after nasty breakup!

Diamond Platnumz and Zari Hassan have not been getting along for 2 years now; and this is because of the public break up stunt pulled by Ms Hassan.

Back in February, 14 2018 Zari Hassan went on to share a black rose on her instagram page; and to caption this she announced her break up with Diamond Platnumz.

As seen on the post, it appears Zari got fed up of being cheated on by Diamond Platnumz; who was then rumored to be involved with 4 other women.

Zari on the other hand did not want to appear like the fool especially with blogs publishing stories about her baby daddy’s cheating scandals.

Ex-lovers Diamond and Zari Hassan

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The reunion

Anyway after keeping their kids away from their Tanzanian family; a reliable source close to the Dangote family has revealed that Zari will be jetting into Tz very soon.

This is because the singer and his family have requested to see their children who have been in South Africa for 2 years now. The source went on to add that the reunion will not only be celebrated by the Dangote family; but fans everywhere since this event will be televised on Wasafi TV.

Wewe si unajua Mondi tena matashtiti yake, watoto hawa hajawaona live muda mrefu; yaani itakuwa furaha na sherehe kubwa sana siku hiyo.Vyombo vyake vya habari (Wasafi Media) vitarusha tukio hilo. lakini kama hiyo haitoshi bado media nyingine zitarusha tukio hilo ambalo lina maana kubwa kwa Mondi; ambaye amewamisi na kutuhumiwa kuwatelekeza watoto wake. hivyo itakuwa ni bonge la sherehe.

This hyped event will however take place once the virus is cleared; and flights can resume to their usual activities.

Apart from this, the source informed Global Publishers that Diamond Platnumz is now getting along with Zari; and for the sake of their children this couple will try hard to maintain their new friendship in order to coparent.

Diamond Platnumz set to host the biggest party of the year as Tiffah and Nillan Dangote arrive home!

Word making rounds in Bongo is that Diamond Platnumz and his family are planning to welcome his two kids with the biggest party ever seen!

Apparently after talking to Zari Hassan, the two parents have agreed on how they will be co parenting their kids without any issues. So far they have been communicating and after staying away from them for 2 years; Diamond will soon be uniting with his little humans!

Sasa hivi wapo kwenye hatua nzuri sana tofauti na ile ya zamani. Mondi anazungumza na Zari, anawapa watoto simu mara kwa mara na kubwa ndiyo hilo, atawaleta Bongo soon mara tu baada ya janga la Corona kupita.

This was revealed by a source close to Diamond Platnumz and his family. The informer revealed that Mama Dangote is quite excited to finally see Tiffah and Nillan after so long!

Tiffah and Nillan

Wewe si unajua Mondi tena matashtiti yake, watoto hawa hajawaona live muda mrefu; yaani itakuwa furaha na sherehe kubwa sana siku hiyo.Vyombo vyake vya habari (Wasafi Media) vitarusha tukio hilo, lakini kama hiyo haitoshi; bado media nyingine zitarusha tukio hilo ambalo lina maana kubwa kwa Mondi ambaye amewamisi na kutuhumiwa kuwatelekeza watoto wake, hivyo itakuwa ni bonge la sherehe.


According to the source, the only thing standing in between Diamond and his kids is Coronavirus which no one knows when it will disappear.

However the kids are ready to reunite with their dad in Tanzania. The source went on to add saying;

Ex-lovers Diamond and Zari Hassan

Mungu tu asaidie maana walipanga iwe baada ya Ramadhani na kama unavyojua Ramadhani inaisha wiki ijayo, hivyo itabaki kizuizi tu cha Corona na mambo yakiwa safi, basi watoto wanakuja.

Since the event will be live, fans can’t wait to see the chemistry between Zari and Diamond Platnumz as they meet face to face; 2 years after their major break up!

Ivan Don and Zari Hassan’s last born son Lil Q already looking like an 18 year old only at 13! (Photos)

Zari Hassan’s last born son with the late Ivan Don is finally a teen! However it appears that Zari is either over feeding him or the teenage hormones have been kicking in quite strong!

This past weekend despite the current lock down, Zari Hassan chose to celebrate her baby boy’s birthday now that he is finally a teenager!

Through her Instagram page, Zari Hassan went on to share a never before seen photo of Lil Q; leaving many talking since his appearance and age don’t really seem to add up! Well this is because lil Q looks more of like an 18 year old in terms of the body size – however we all know he is not yet legal.

Lil Q with his late daddy, Ivan Don

The boss lady celebrated her son’s special day in a short message where she wrote;

Happy birthday to my lil q aka Ivan Junior. You’ll forever be mummy’s bae no matter how big you get. 13 these days looks like 18

Zari’s baby boy, Lil Q

In her message, Zari praised him for growing up so fast not forgetting to add the fact that he looks everything like the late Ivan Don.

Looking at the photos it’s quite evident to notice the resemblance Lil Q has with his late daddy, especially around his mouth region. What’s more surprising is that all Zari’s son seem to have matured overnight especially since their mum is often busy with the youngest siblings, Tiffah and Nillan!

Lil Q aka Ivan Junior

Nillan Dangote

Just a few days ago, Zari Hassan celebrated her baby boy Nillan as her MCM for always being responsible; and unlike Tiffah – Zari also revealed that her young man basically raised himself.

In the post, the mother of 5 also went on to mention that unlike most kids; Nillan never showed any signs of competition in terms of attention – probably because he learnt it from his older brothers!

However we cannot forget to applaud Zari for being a super mum on social media!

Revealed! Why Zari Hassan does not pay much attention to her son, Nillan

Zari Hassan is proud a mum of 5 adorable children and although she prefers parading her baby girl, Tiffah Dangote; the boss lady today ended up celebrating her last born Nillan.

Baby Nillan with Daddy and Tiffah

Through her Instagram page, the boss lady shared a post dedicated to Nillan as his MCM! What caught many people attention is the fact that she admitted that she has not been paying more attention to her son; and from the look of things people had already noticed this from way back.

However, this does not mean that she loves him less of is not proud of him; but most boys tend to get independent while still young and since she already has 3 grown boys – then definitely Nillan will prefer hanging out with them and not his mommy.

Zari with her babies!

Zari opens up

Through her Instagram page Zari poured out his heart in a length post where she praised Nillan in the best possible way.

She wrote saying;


This lil man right here is my MCM. Such a strong lil guy. I remember when I had him, his sister was also still a baby. As a baby Nillan showed no sign of competition since I want paying him so much attention because most of my attention was on Latiffah (well as the only gal in the family).

Nillan the last born

Despite letting Tiffah take over their mum, Zari also revealed that Nillan understands the fact that he is also the last born.

She went on to add that Nillan always takes advantage of this saying;

He has since developed so much strength and independence. I’m so proud of you baba and I love the fact that you know your the baby of the house and love you dearly &princenillan Kyakudeka wangu….always taking advantage as the last born @princenillan my Gucci man

Diamond Platnumz and Zari Hassan finally settle their differences!

Diamond Platnumz is finally in talking terms with Zari Hassan after she blasted him for offering to pay rent for 500 people struggling in Bongo.

According to the post, Diamond Platnumz saw it was best for him to help the less fortunate especially in these hard time of Coronavirus pandemic. For him, this was just a way of giving his offering to the almighty during the Ramadan season.

Ex-lovers Diamond and Zari Hassan

The Bongo Star made the announcement through his Instagram page where he wrote;

  Although I am amongst those affected by this pandemic, with the little that God has blessed me with, I have decided to at least offer a helping hand by paying 3 months house rent to 500 families as my kind gesture of helping one another during these terrible times of fighting COVID-19 for I believe I should share your troubles and your happiness too,

Zari’s clap back

Having come across, Zari the boss lady could not allow the singer to sell a lie; since he wasn’t even supporting his own children back in South Africa.

In response to the post, she clapped back at the singer saying;

Zari and Diamond´s children, Princess Tiffah and Prince Nillan

but you dont know what your kids eat, or how they sleep, if fees and medical insurance is paid. You will never please the world when your own are not happy and taken care of. Youre selling a lie. Some people have become clowns to some of us

Diamond and Zari settle beef

Speaking during his interview on Wasafi TV this morning, Diamond Platnumz revealed that if not for his team; then fans on social media would have witnessed one of the biggest scandal between him and Zari.

However, thanks to his management Platnumz managed to calm down and settled down the issue with his former lover cum baby mama. He opened up saying;

Baada ya kuona ujumbe ile wa Zari, nilimpigia simu na kumueleza, licha ya tofauti zetu ila bado namheshimu sana. Alinielewa na nadhani baada ya Corona kuisha tutapanga namna ya kuwalea watoto wetu pamoja.


Never before seen photos of Zari Hassan’s mum as a young lady!

Zari Hassan has proven that she got her beauty from Mrs Hamisa Hassan; her late mum as seen on the new photos shared on her Instagram page.

Zari’s post

Judging from the posts, it’s obvious to see that Zari is her mum’s replica in every way including their smiles and facial expressions. The boss lady unveiled the never seen before photos where she mentioned that her baby girl Tiffah is turning out look like her late Bibi.

In one of the photos, Zari Hassan went on to caption the picture saying;

My daughter is my late mum’s replica

Looking at the above photo, fans would probably assume this is Zari by the first glance; and not Tiffah since she also happens to carry Diamond Platnumz strong genes which cannot go unseen.

Zari and her late mum

Apart from the fine looks and skin tone, Zari also took after her mum’s classy-like taste in terms of her fashion.

Zari’s Mum

As seen on previous posts shared by Zari Hassan; her late mum passed on barely one week after the death of Ivan Don – who is Zari’s Ex husband.

According to reports, the late Mrs Halima passed on following heart complications. She had been admitted at the Nakasero Hospital’s ICU; where she finally rested after her long battle with the heart condition.

Ivan Don’s death

Mrs Halima unfortunately passed on just a few days after Ivan Don also succumbed to a heart condition; that had seen him spend several day’s in the ICU ward.

The late Ivan Don

As far as fans know, Ivan Don remained a humble and respectful father to his sons and in-laws  who stood with him until the last minute.

His sons on the other hand keep taking after their dad and thanks to the latest videos shared by Zari on her Instagram; we understand that the lady has been doing a great job raising the 3 boys.

“Kwani hamruhusiwi kupiga picha kwenu?” Zari Hassan throws shade at ‘homeless’ slay queens

Zari Hassan must also be bored with the fact that slay Queens disappeared from social media after most hotels around the world were closed due to coronavirus pandemic.

Zari Hassan serving fans some body goals in blue bikini

However Zari was actually interested in the Tanzanian slay queens popularly known to take photos at fancy hotels! When you look at her post keenly; you will understand that this was meant for the likes of Official Lyyn; Tunda and others who sneaked around hotels with her baby daddy before she called off her relationship.

In her post, Zari went all out in terms of throwing shade especially now that most of these slay queens remain inactive on social media. Through her Instagram stories the Ugandan business lady based in South Africa wrote;

Zari the boss lady

Mahotel yange fungus, we miss some slay queens. Kwani hamruhusiwi kupiga picha kwenu.

Stick to your lane

The lady went on to add that most of these women are often quick to claim that Zari fakes her lifestyle; yet after the pandemic hit they are the ones who disappeared from social media since they had no fancy rooms to parade on social media.

On the post Zari also added that she is blessed enough to pray for these women to also receive their blessings! She added;

See your life????????????????. God bless you too. Me I’m already blessed????????????????????????????????????????

Zari’s post

Zari quarantine schedule

Well since Zari is also at home like most people waiting for the lockdown to be lifted; the boss lady has been serving her fans with nothing but her work out schedule and healthy lifestyle.

Unlike most women on social media, Zari has been parading videos and photos from her workout session as she is committed to achieve her body goals!

Zari calls out media blog for false reports

Apart from this; she also spends a lot of time with her boys who appear to be grown men now despite being minors! Indeed we can agree that the lady is blessed to have her soldiers doing just fine!

Zari reveals why revenge is a dish best served cold

Zari Hassan recently left fans entertained after revealing that dumping Diamond Platnumz on Valentine’s Day; was the best thing she ever did!

The boss lady who seems to have joined TikTok shared a playful video; talking about how she dumps men for playing her! Fans on the other hand social media could not hold back from leaving comments below the post.

One however left the boss lady laughing out loud; after mentioning that her break up with Diamond was the ultimate savagery any man on earth had ever witnessed.

Zari on Diamond Platnumz

Well, from her response it’s obvious to see that she was proud of the move she made on the fella said to a serial cheat!

Just before the break up; Diamond Platnumz was rumored to be involved with Hamisa Mobetto who bore him a son after a few months; Official Lyyn who suffered a miscarriage, Tunda among others who he later dumped!

But being a good person, Zari had already warned Tanasha against Simba in several posts which fans claim were indirectly aiming at mama Naseeb.

However, while responding to one them Tanasha made it clear that her love with Diamond Platnumz was unbreakable – and now look who has the last laugh?

Zari Hassan shades her baby daddy’s mistress, Hamisa Mobetto: ‘It’s not clout but low self esteem’

Zari Hassan might never forgive Hamisa Mobetto for coming in between her relationship with Diamond Platnumz.

Fans are convinced that Zari feels that if not for Hamisa Mobetto, then she would still be with her young lover; but thanks to Hamisa Mobetto this never became a reality!

Zari on Hamisa and Diamond Platnumz

For sometime now Zari has been throwing shade at an unbothered Hamisa Mobetto who also seems to have mastered the art of making Diamond Platnumz do whatever she wants!

Diamond Platnumz’s post on Hamisa

Well, just a few hours ago Diamond Platnumz shared a new video promoting his Jeje video. This came as a big surprise since it’s barely been a month since his break up with Tanasha Donna!

He went on to share the video on his page captioning it;

Hamisa Mobetto and Diamond

“Jeje yake mama @Deedaylan @HamisaMobetto… Global vibe. Number one song…#Jeje availabale on all digital platforms…link in my Bio”.

To which Hamisa Mobetto responded saying;

 BABA DEE…!????????????❤️

Zari’s savage post

Anyway the boss lady who was watching from the side lines couldn’t hold back from laughing off at her ex boyfriend’s mistress!

Through her Instagram stories she captioned one of her photos saying;

Zari throws shade

“Its not clout, but low self-worth, low self-esteem…know the difference”.

Well it wouldn’t take a genius to understand that Zari’s often reacts negatively towards anything related with Hamisa Mobetto; but fans can’t blame her for this!

However, other fans insist that she should have stayed despite Diamond Platnumz cheating since Islam allows a man to marry up to 4 wives; and Baba Dee being a Muslim, Zari should have adapted to the new culture.


Zari Hassan leaves tongues wagging after doing this for her new man!

Zari Hassan will not be entertaining older men anytime soon and her latest post might have just proven this!

The boss lady is now rumored to be in a romantic relationship with her young boyfriend identified as Deus Ndugwa aka Grenade. This is after the two were allegedly spotted getting cozy with each other at Kaazi beach resort; where they not only dinned together – but also spent the night in the same room at the alleged resort.

Zari with boyfriend

Zari’s alleged bae

Mr Grenade who is a popular artist from Uganda is known for dating older women as he recently called off his relationship with the late AK47’s widow who had taken him in!

However, he seems to have moved on with Zari who happens to have more fame and money that would sustain him!

Although his name is not popular among most Kenyans and Tanzanians; Zari has been putting in effort to make sure he gets somewhere with his career!

Zari Hassan serving fans some body goals in blue bikini

New post alert

Anyway knowing that Zari has a huge following on Instagram, the boss lady recently shared a poster promoting her bae’s event!

New bae

The post which was shared on her Instagram story has left fans talking; while others congratulated her for bagging the young man who will now help her settle down!

Others however claim that the young man is the same age as Zari’s oldest son; Pinto – but this somehow sounds far-fetched! Anyway let’s hope that the two will last longer than she did with King bae!

Zari Hassan bags herself a young Ugandan guy after dumping King bae

After dumping King Bae, Zari Hassan is now rumored to be involved with a certain young Ugandan singer identified as Deus Ndugwa aka Grenade.

Zari’s rumored boyfriend

The two have apparently been spending some quality in Uganda where the lady is currently staying. Rumor has it that the two were spotted at Kaazi beach resort where they not only dinned together but also spent the night in the same room at the alleged resort.

Going through the fella’s Instagram, I came across a video where the fella is seen getting cost with Zari; Well, looking at this alleged friendship it’s easy to see that they are more in a ‘situationship’ or rather a romantic relationship.

King Bae

Zari’s big move comes just a few months after we stopped hearing about King Bae who seems to have disappeared into thin air overnight.

Unlike before these days the socialite rarely floods our time lines with romantic videos of her man. However, for those who remember  Zari stopped showing her man right after Lasizwe came out to blast her for stealing his boyfriend.

Zari finally moving on

Anyway now that she has finally found a man who makes her smile like a small girl; we can confidently say that Zari is done with Diamond Platnumz.

Zari with her new man

And just like Juma Lokole advised the boss lady; it seems that she has no plans of returning to Bongo anytime soon.

Zari Hassan explains why she has been keeping a low profile

Lately the boss lady, Zari, has been keeping her private life on low! And finally we now understand why she has been doing this.

Through her Instagram page the lady shared a new post explaining why she no longer puts  her private business on social media like before! Well according to her post, old keys don’t unlock new doors! She wrote

Mama Tiffah

People be like ‘ you changed’. Nah, i adjusted my life for the better. I’m moving different because i want different. Old keys cant unlock new doors! Its tweny plenty????

Zari faking King Bae

After breaking up with Diamond Platnumz who by the way moved on quickly; Zari took a short break before introducing her new found love King Bae but sadly this did not last for long.

Word has it that she had been flaunting her married manager then later moved to another handsome man who turned out gay. Well, with this seems that Zari has opted to keep her private life to avoid online trolls!

Zari with the rumored King bae

Her relationship with her baby daddy, Diamond Platnumz remains hostile since he seems to have forgotten his kids; that is according to the Ugandan socialite. She however called off their relationship after Bongo star Diamond was linked to having multiple relationships on the side.

The boss lady however concentrated more on Hamisa Mobetto; who was warning her bed – to a point where she got pregnant for Diamond Platnumz and now have a son together.


“Zari warned me to stay away from her man!” Tanzanian model speaks

One Nelly Kamwelu a Tanzanian model and miss Universe 2011 recently revealed how Zari reached out asking her to stay away from Diamond Platnumz.

This is apparently after a video of Nelly kissing Baba Tiffah surfaced online raising many questions. However the model now says that she was just friends with Diamond Platnumz from way back!

Miss Universe 2011, Nelly Kamwelu

Speaking during a recent interview, Nelly opened up for the first time saying;

Actually that time Nasseb (Diamond) ni mtu wangu and I knew him long time ago tangu nyimbo yake ya nataka kulewa and he is like a brother and me and him had nothing between us. Hata ile kuhug na kiss it was not a big deal na watu wengi wanajua hic ho kitu, but what made it complicated ni kwamba Zari kaniDM, but nukamwambia kama ningemkata ningekuwa nay eye long time maana tulikuwa very close people na kama kungekuwa kuna kitu basi naseeb hangeweka ile video kwa page yake if there was something between. Nakumbuka aliniDM saying what I was doing was not good jumping on other people’s Men, but nikamjibu kuwa there is nothing going on between us and also you should not be worried about me, but kuna mtu amabaye namjua who you should be worried about.

Nelly Kamwelu


According to the lady, Zari was just acting out of insecurities and if indeed she wanted to ruin the relationship; Nelly says she could have told Zari who to worry about since she was aware of Diamond Platnumz side chick back then.

I think I ilikuwa Rakky alitu introduce kutikwa kwenye his Photo studio, akisema I help him get models and na ile concept ya nyimbo yake ya Nataka Kulewa, so from that time ndo tukaanza kuwa friends.

Zari Hassan serving body goals in blue bikini

She then went on to add that;

Baada ya Zari kunitext , I reached out to Diamond telling him I’m not comfortable your woman ananitext and we are just friends and he promised to talk to her ili na yeye to understand our friendship. So from that it also left me wondering kwamba kila mtu ambaye watasema anatoka na Naseeb she will go around DMing them, inaonyesha kuwa kidogo yuko insecure to do that.

Gay socialite Lasizwe confirms romantic relationship with Zari’s alleged boyfriend

Zari’s boyfriend Cedric is either bisexual or a lier if indeed the stories making sounds on social median are anything to go by!

Zari’s Ben 10

After flaunting her new man on social media, Zari left many women dying of jealousy; until just a few hours after South African gay socialite revealed to be dating the same man as Zari.

Thanks to a post shared by Lasizwe we understand that he is romantically involved with Cedric and is not shy to talk about their love. He went on to caption the photo saying;

Zari’s alleged man with his boyfriend

#BTS Can you guess what our love language is? ???? are you ready for the competition? WE UP TO SOMETHING ❤️???? @cadburyps_bar #findloveinyourlanguage

Who is Zari dating?

Not quite sure whether Zari is or was dating Cedric in the place. Since walking away from Diamond Platnumz she has been linked to dating her married manager and now Cedric who is gay.

Anyway as for now, it’s not clear as to who Zari is seeing but chances are that we might have to wait for a while before finding out.