Brown Mauzo to attend Vera Sidika’s homecoming event

Vera Sidika will return to Kenya on October 15, 2023, after a five-week vacation in the United States. Her arrival will be a family affair, with her husband, Brown Mauzo, and other loved ones planning a special welcome.

The insider also cleared the air about Vera’s relationship status, confirming that she and Mauzo are still together. The couple’s recent separation rumors may have been sparked by Vera’s introduction of a new alleged “bae” online, but this is reportedly just for showbiz.

“You know she lied they broke up, Mauzo will be there but he might not be seen on camera for obvious reasons.”

Vera’s homecoming will be nothing short of a spectacle, as she will also be using the opportunity to shoot the first episode of the eagerly anticipated second season of “The Real Housewives of Nairobi.” She has extended invitations to prominent bloggers to help document her return and capture the essence of this significant moment.

Vera Sidika’s grand entrance promises to be an event to remember.

Costume husbands: Vera Sidika wears the pants in her marriage

Vera Sidika is married to Brown Mauzo. What I mean by that is that she is the one that wears the pants in her marriage. Her word is law and her husband is merely an accessory.

Vera Sidika pours out her heart to husband, Brown Mauzo – describes him as most handsome man in the world

And there is a lot of evidence of the fact when you just as simply as glance at their social media accounts. The posts he makes aren’t up to him and that is why he looks more and more like a woman; the estrogen shots he’s taking up the keyster are clearly working.

The couple recently posted a photo on social media and you will not be able to convince me that it was Brown Mauzo’s decision. The photo did nothing for his brand or the opinions people have of him -we still see him as Vera Sidika’s handbag.

“Ushamba ni mbaya” Vera Sidika defends daughter Asia’s long extensions

He has now transitioned from being an artist and is now rebranded as a businessman. That move couldn’t have come at a better time given that his core audience (women) are beginning to question the changes they’re seeing in him.

You see, what Vera Sidika has managed to do to him is essentially to castrate him. He is no longer the type of man who exudes an air of mystery and danger about him. He is not a man who looks like a butch lesbian waiting for permission to do or say anything.

Vera Sidika deletes post after revealing how much she pays nanny

And there is nothing more off-putting for his audience than that! A timid, domesticated man. Vera Sidika was the financial might. We knew that much. But how did she get that money? There is a huge question mark attached to that subject. But she was accused by one of her former johns of being a high-end call girl. And what type of man would willingly settle with a woman of her reputation? Well, he’d have to be either weak or desperate (or both).

But as Thomas Sowell once said, in life, there are no solutions, just trade-offs. Brown Mauzo is now living a better life than he previously had even if it came at the cost of his self-esteem and career. And Vera Sidika got a husband -even if she has to lead and she’s effectively in a lesbian relationship.

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No Romance With No Finance: Who Is Vera Fooling?

Vera Shikwekwe Sidika revealed she is not interested in dating sponsors and I laughed to the point of shooting milk through my nostrils. No really, I didn’t just get my seven chuckles in, I damn near died!

Vera Sidika on why she married a younger husband instead of rich old man

The audacity! All of it! All the audacity in the world is clearly resting in the space between this trollop’s ears! She is actually virtue signalling and talking to us like we do not know that she is or rather was a trollop.

Vera, Brown Mauzo

Let me assume you just came out of a coma and have no idea what I am referring to so let me give you some background. Vera Sidika took to her social media account and claimed that though her friends had been putting pressure on her to choose to settle down with a sponsor, she chose Brown Mauzo.

Once A Deadbeat: Brown Mauzo’s Expose Should Worry Vera Sidika

I actually can’t even say that without laughing. Because my mind automatically runs to her Dubai trips. My mind races to her relationship with Yommy Jones -you know, the guy who chased her through the streets of Dubai. That same man who revealed that his first interaction with Vera Sidika was as a John looking for a call girl…

Vera, Brown Mauzo

Yet this same lady wants us to believe she is with Brown Mauzo because of tingling feelings and lovey-dovey nonsense? Nah! She is with him because she got a guy whose interests marry into hers and they have to make it work. She gains legitimacy from him and he gets a woman of her profile and status. Win-win.

Mapenzi! Brown Mauzo Tattooes Vera Sidika’s Name On His Arms (Video)

If Vera could have found a wealthy man who was willing to settle down with her and start a family, she would have snapped him up. Instead, she has a man who is not on the same financial level as she is but he is young and let’s face it, handsome -pause. So she still wins. But what about Brown Mauzo? Well, in Shikwekwe, he gets a woman who not only has clout but more money than he does. So he is currently living like a prince. It actually fits his mental schema.


Before he was with Vera, he was with a woman of modest means. Before that? A cougar who landed him in trouble with her husband. Before that? There was Amber Ray but he claims that was strictly a professional relationship. But before that, there was Akothee.

But we do not have to be made an unwilling audience to their drama -especially when it features a lot of lies. Are we meant to suspend belief just so we can cheer for Vera Sidika’s tall tales? Hard pass!

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Once A Deadbeat: Brown Mauzo’s Expose Should Worry Vera Sidika

Brown Mauzo was exposed by his former wife and the mother of his firstborn child, a daughter named Lareesa of being a deadbeat and Vera Sidika really needs to take the time to take stock of her situation.

Family Drama: Brown Mauzo dragged on social media by baby mama

No, really, she does need to be worried about Brown Mauzo because a man who can be that callous about his previous family has shown a pattern that could come into play with you. And perhaps this is why a lot of people accuse him of being a male gold digger.

Vera Sidika
Vera Sidika and Brown Mauzo

But when the love is still fresh and the new relationship energy is really rife, no one wants to hear anything negative about their partner. Vera Sidika is exhibiting that very energy. She is blind to what everyone around her can see and as a result, Brown Mauzo gets to simply sweep this monumental incident under the rag.

Vera Sidika And Brown Mauzo Celebrate 1st Anniversary

And while every story has three sides to it -your side, mine and the truth, never interrupt anyone who tells you what to expect from them through their actions. Because the fact that he has reportedly only sent Ksh 1,500 as upkeep for his daughter means that were Vera to hit a snag and fall on tough times, he will give her the same treatment.

Another reason she needs to be worried is for just how involved Brown Mauzo would ideally be in their own child life because as I have said earlier, a man who can turn his back on his child for no foreseeable reason is not someone you want to stake your bets on because life is no game of pitch and roll.

Bitter or dramatic baby mama? Brown Mauzo exposed by ex wife for allegedly neglecting year old daughter

Were I a confidant of Vera Sidika, I would insist that he reconcile with his daughter and try to be a part of her life. Lareesa is not the problem here and as the father, he should ideally have some rights to form a relationship with the wee one despite how things might be between him and the child’s mother.

Brown Mauzo’s estranged wife

Vera Sidika should do this for the sake of her own child. Advising Brown  Mauzo to be mature about his responsibilities also gives her a form of soft insurance he will act the same way towards their child. And it also gives her some leeway with the public should they end up splitting up. Because let’s face it, Brown isn’t the type of man who looks like he understands the concept of happily ever after.

‘I Pray To God To Protect Their Union’ Bahati Pens Congratulatory Message To Vera And Hubby Brown Mauzo

But what do I know? I am still trying to complete university. But clearly, no one has a monopoly on common sense.

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Vera Sidika should be worried about Brown Mauzo

Vera should be very worried about the possibility of Brown Mauzo leaving her and moving on to the next wealthier and more popular woman.

Mapenzi! Brown Mauzo Tattooes Vera Sidika’s Name On His Arms (Video)

What do I mean? Well, the way relationships start is often the way they end and Brown Mauzo literally walked away from his pregnant wife.

Vera Sidika

With that being his behaviour, one has to understand that there is a pattern here. And while Vera Sidika is still on cloud nine because of the new relationship energy, she remains perfectly blind to this fact.

Vera Sidika And Brown Mauzo Celebrate 1st Anniversary

Always trust an unscrupulous man to choose whatever favours his interests. And therein is the flaw of Vera Sidika blindly trusting her man.

Vera Sidika

The fact that he could walk away from a young family, the fact that he has previously been embroiled in issues with a sugar mummy, one has to wonder just how low he can go.

Vera Sidika needs to keep her pregnancy offline -but she won’t

I understand that life happens and sometimes, the universe sends you “your person” while you’re already in a relationship but that has nothing to do with your young child.

Brown Mauzo

You can end things with their mother and still be a fixture in the child’s life and someone needs to tell Brown Mauzo this and Vera Sidika also needs to understand this.

Vera Sidika is not over Otile Brown

I doubt she will and I am unfortunately one of those people who is reading gloom and doom in the tea leaves over their relationship. And things shall remain this way until they are finally addressed. And the sooner, the better.

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Vera Sidika needs to keep her pregnancy offline -but she won’t

Vera Shikwekwe Sidika is finally pregnant and she wants the world to know but that is the last thing she should do -and yet, after she got through the first two trimesters, she decided to go online and show off her baby bump.

Vera Sidika Shuts Down People Claiming Her Pregnancy Is Fake (Screenshot)

Obviously, she waited until the riskiest part of her pregnancy was over to confirm the news to her fans but this is the dumbest things she could do. Why do I say she has gone the low IQ route? well, because she is a lightning rod of negativity and yet here she is exposing her baby to that sort of negativity even before it is born.

Photos from Vera Sidika pregnancy reveal shoot
Photos from Vera Sidika pregnancy reveal shoot

We saw what happened to Vera Shikwekwe Sidika’s clone, Bridget Achieng when Kenyans decided to attack her after she was accused of being a call-girl in Lagos and yet here we are putting the unborn child at the mercy of these same cyber trolls.

Vera Sidika Explains Why She Prefers Having A Baby Girl Over A Boy

Incase you have forgotten, Bridget Achieng was accused of being a call girl and her followers went onto her baby’s IG account to completely eviscerate her mother and it got so bad that she had to first deactivate the account then put it up for sale.

Vera Shikwekwe Sidika’s pregnancy photo shoot

Vera Sidika is literally putting her child at the mercy of such people. Why? For a few chuckles at her haters? Do you know how unbalanced you have to be to think getting “one over on your naysayers” is worth more than the peace of mind of your child?


And why is her husband, Brown Mauzo, allowing his child to be used as a prop in her drama? then again, he is a girlfriend-husband so I doubt he gets much of a say as to what unfolds in their household. Because he should be trying to protect his unborn child yet he is allowing them to become a prop in the drama.

This will not end well because Vera Sidika is already being trolled along with her yet unborn baby and she is getting upset yet she opened the door to all this mess. This is actually a pretty vacuous move -opening the door to trolls (and some well-wishers) and then complaining when trolls actually troll.

“You are my big break” Brown Mauzo showers pregnant wife, Vera Sidika with praises

Then again Vera Sidika hasn’t really shown herself as being a practitioner of higher, elevated thinking so this is purely path of the course of who she is: doing things then complaining when her actions are not received as positively as she expected. And I feel really bad for this child because they are going to have to deal with all the negativity targeted towards its mother and this is what lies in store for its life even before it is born.

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Vera Sidika is not over Otile Brown

Vera Sidika is not over her ex, Otile Brown who we have to all acknowledge has actually won their breakup in leaps and bounds and that is probably a huge part of the reason why the former trollop socialite cannot come to terms with her past in so far as dating him is concerned.

Vera Sidika Opens Up On Wedding Plans With Lover Brown Mauzo, Reveals When She’ll Be Having Kids

And you do have to feel for her and more so for her partner, Brown Mauzo because when Otile and Vera Sidika Shikwekwe were dating, she was the bigger star of the two. But once she exposed him to a new audience, he took off and he is arguably a bigger star than she ever was.

Vera Sidika, Otile Brown
Otile Brown and Vera Sidika when they were still dating

And in contrast, there is Brown Mauzo who has been with Vera Sidika for a very long time and he cannot replicate the type of exposure that afforded Otile Brown his chance at being a superstar. He has not grown his following by much and his music isn’t being received by a wider audience.

”I’ve Never Gotten Pregnant Because I always Prevent It”- Vera Sidika

But that has no factor on what we are discussing today and that is the fact that Vera Sidika is not over Otile Brown and we can see that in her response when people ask about him. You see, the opposite of love is not contempt but indifference.

Otile Brown,Vera Sidika
Otile Brown and Vera Sidika while they were still a couple

And her reply to a fan who asked her whether she still has feelings to “OB” which is one of his monikers and she acted like she does not know him. The intent was to convey a contemptuous “I have never heard of that person”.

Otile Brown exposes Vera Sidika for using and dumping him (Video)

Instead, what Vera Sidika has done is to make me realize she is not over her ex. Why? What happens when someone is genuinely over a failed relationship and their partner from said relationship? They can talk about them without injecting their hurt to the conversation.

Brown Mauzo, Vera Sidika
Vera Sidika engaged to Brown Mauzo who still lives in Otile Brown’s shadow

Time, as they say, heals all wounds. And if time has been allowed to do its thing, then it should have resulted in her hurt and pain at how Otile Brown did her should have healed enough for her to speak on the relationships and the lessons learned.

“You are sick” Otile Brown reveals the main reason his ex Vera Sidika aborted their unborn baby

So Vera Sidika isn’t exactly over her ex. And clearly, she fell in love with OB more than she had anticipated and this shows her human side. Even trollops are women at the end of the day. Still, she should probably take time to heal and seek therapy. Otherwise, she is wasting Brown Mauzo’s time. And I cannot even imagine what this all spells out for Bwana Mauzo because he knows he is living in OB’s shadow -both in career and in love.

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DJ Mo and 4 Kenyan celebrities who allegedly cheated on their partners with ugly women

DJ Mo is not the only man who has been alleged to have cheated on his wife/ partner with a women less attractive than her. And it seems to be the trend for Kenyan celebrities and indeed, Kenyan men. They marry their idea of a “quality woman” then they go and cheat with a much less attractive woman and I have to question whether something in our water is making men dumber.

Seductive videos of DJ Mo’s side chick emerge leaving many mesmerized by her dancing skills (Videos)

You see, Edgar Obare has come out and exposed several men of cheating on their partners and for some reason, whenever we finally find out who their affair partner is, I am often left feeling underwhelmed. So what to do? How are you supposed to deal with this sheer nonsense as a fan of some of these men? My heart is broken.

DJ Mo video calling Side chick


But this isn’t about just DJ Mo because as I said earlier, he is part of a not so exclusive club of men who smash sub-par women. So let us take a look at some of these men and let us ridicule their ignominious taste in women.

Meet the lady DJ Mo has been cheating on Size 8 with since 2016 (Photos)

#1. DJ Mo

On this one issue, I think this photo speaks volumes:

You have to wonder whether DJ Mo suffers from some sort of optical impairment. Actually, the drop in aesthetic quality actually leads one to question whether or not DJ Mo is of sound mind. It didn’t make things better that he was also reported to have been talking smack about his wife’s conjugal capacity. But it is good to see that he is big on body positivity and for him, aesthetic appeal is not a barrier. Honestly, how else do you explain the fact that they were said to have had a dalliance since 2016?

Drama after DJ Mo tries to get back wife who took off with their children (Video)

#2. Jalang’o

MC and comedian, Jalang’o

Seriously though, on this matter, Heavy J was a bit of a let down. He was caught up in a scandal that involved him simping for different women and sleeping with a majority of them but the thing that caught my eyes was the fact that none of the women he was reported to have had some horizontal delight with were all unattractive. Especially when compared to his attractive wife. One has to wonder whether Jalas was just tired of being with an attractive woman so his curiosity led him to wonder what it was like bedding unattractive women.

Why Kenyans defended Alex Mwakideu but persecuted Jalang’o

#3. Mwakideu

Alex Mwakideu
Jalang’o, Irene Barungi (the alleged side chic) and Alex Mwakideu

Jalang’o’s partner in crime was caught up in a scandal shortly after the former’s. What that meant was that we got to find out about the fact that Mwakideu was allegedly sleeping with a former producer of his whom he had a long-standing affair with. And we were shocked to discover that she doesn’t hold a candle to his legal wife.

Why everyone is blaming Jalang’o for societal truths

#4. Brown Mauzo

Brown Mauzo
Brown Mauzo’s wife

This idjot left his wife who is a young, nubile, petite PYT for Vera Sidika who has more mileage than a cross-continental truck plying the American continent. We have seen her with Otile Brown, we have seen her with Yommy Jones, a Nigerian yahoo boy who alleged that Vera Sidika was a trollop who galivants the globe looking for Johns. And now, we can see Vera Shikwekwe Sidika chilling and getting engaged to Vera Sidika, abandoning his nubile wife.

#5. Otile Brown

Otile Brown
Otile Brown with lover, Nabayet

This guy was caught up in a scandal last year when he went out to perform in Germany where a lady came out claiming he was cheating on the woman he is always pining about and crying for, Nabii. It was hilarious to watch him attempt to distance himself from the saga especially given the mountain of evidence in form of screenshots that showed he was caught with his hands in the cookie jar.


One has to wonder whether the saying, “Beauty is in the eye of the beholder isn’t just some sort of rationalizing the fact that some men go for low hanging fruit. But in my opinion, these women are very unattractive. And in the words of someone I used to admire greatly, everyone has a right to an opinion, mine.


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Vera Sidika is reinventing herself and is smart for using a relationship

Vera Sidika and Brown Mauzo are the stuff of romantic gossip as the two seem to be not only doubling down on their relationship but ratcheting up the stakes as they announced their engagement. The news was greeted by optimism and scepticism in equal measure. For some, it is proof that former trollops can find love too. To other, more sensible individuals, it is proof that men aren’t just gullible but willfully ignorant.

Meet the hot wife Brown Mauzo dumped to wife Vera Sidika (Photos)

And that was before we were greeted by the news that Brown Mauzo is a father who walked out on his child and partner (her account of events). And this fanned a blistering wave of hate and indignation towards him but at the end of the day, he seems happy with Vera Shikwekwe Sidika.

Vera Sidika
Vera Sidika engaged to Brown Mauzo

But the real genius in this entire affair is Vera. The socialite who has been exposed by past Johns whom she would frequently service in Dubai is doing everything in her power to change the narrative associated with her and rather than working hard, she is working smart.

“Bure kabisa!” Bitter Amber Ray reacts after ex Brown Mauzo announces engagement to Vera Sidika

You see, in a conservative and hypocritical nation like Kenya, marriage works to uplift the status of both the man and the woman. It elevates men from the muck of being bachelors, forever being associated with being irresponsible or being incorrigible poon hounds. Bachelors are assumed to be harbingers of degeneracy yet we see on a daily basis that it is married men who are indulging in vice.

Vera Sidika
Businesswoman, Vera Sidika

The same can be said for women. Single women are seen as loose at best, trollops at worst. Interestingly, in this matter, Vera Sidika actually works to create that assumption. She is not the type of woman I would advise a married lady to leave unattended around their husband. And she is aware that the fastest and most efficient way to actually change her public image is to settle down and get married. She, after all, is at the twilight of her chosen profession and life will still have to go on once she can no longer attract the big meal ticket clients.

“It will end in premium tears” Brown Mauzo warned after pouring out his heart to Vera Sidika on her 31st birthday

The only flaw to Vera Sidika’s plan is the fact that she did little scouting to look for a mark. She should have chosen a safe option. An accountant or something of the sort. Someone who would be willing to rush into a marriage with such a celebrated “celebrity”. Instead, she went for a ma who has fashioned himself as an incorrigible womanizer. A man who is reported to have left his wife and child. And that undoes anything she is trying to achieve because now she is just seen as a home-wrecker.

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Brown Mauzo at it again with ‘Kwe Kwe’

Brown Mauzo is back with something very captivating dubbed Kwe Kwe. The Kenyan singer as always does not disappoint in this new tune.

Kwe Kwe is that jam that one will think it is from Tanzania but hell no, this is Kenyan made. Actually to be specific this is Kenyan coast made and it just wow.

Kwe Kwe by Brown Mauzo is all about love

In this jam Brown Mauzo is here to talk about love as usual an it seems the love game is high nowadays. The coastal based artiste is known for his Swahili prowess in music.

Brown Mauzo at it again with 'Kwe Kwe'

To start with, it will be right if I say that Brown Mauzo lyrical prowess is just one to reckon. He has done a couple of jams all good but this is just lit.

Also, looking at the video it is well shoot and well thought of. The graphics are just amazing.  In addition to the great lyrics, there is a team that was behind the production process.

To add on, this music video titled Kwe Kwe has been produced by Jegede and mixed and mastered by Lizer and video shot by X Antonio.

As it appears, the song has captured attention of fans and it is really being felt. Further into the song, we notice that Brown Mauzo has also mastered the queens language in his work.

Brown Mauzo at it again with 'Kwe Kwe'

Also, it is a song that has no limited audience as it can be played anywhere be it on radio or TV. As it appears, matters of the heart are key in music. Mauzo is describing how the bedroom will be like with the girl he is talking to.

Further, the singer asks the lady if she is into her as he is not ready to waste time and needs to  move on quickly. Also, the song is full of promises.

In conclusion, Kwe Kwe by Brown Mauzo gets a rating of 7/10.

Video below.

Brown Mauzo’s Music getting slow reception

Brown Mauzo has been one of Kenya’s bongo artist. He has struggled with the high tides in the industry which is dominated by Tanzanian musicians. Although Brown Mauzo is talented he is derailing in climbing the ladder.

Mauzo has a good voice, great artwork in the way he writes his music. My only question is why is his music stagnant?

Brown Mauzo. Kenyan bongo artist

The kind of music he doe is accepted well here in Kenya morose when done by an artist in Tanzania. What is happening to Kenyans? As much as Mombasa is a Swahili dominate city, Brown rarely gets even 100k likes on youtube.

This is very depressing for an artist who has given music his all. I mean look at the efforts he is putting in. To start with he has had a couple of radio tours but nothing is improving. Could it be that Kenyans are very mean? Or they do not feel his vibe?

What Should Brown Mauzo Do?

Firstly, I feel like Brown Mauzo should re-strategize in the way he does music. What exactly do I mean? He needs to change his style. Who knows that this could be the only way he can win back his fans.

Even with all the fame Mauzo needs to seek collaborations with big artists. It is high time that he left Kenyan artists be and merge with Tanzanian Bongo artists who are really taking the stage. He should not concentrate more on Kenya but on the platforms where Bongo music is appreciated.

In addition to that, it is not a must for him to concentrate more on Bongo music. How about he tried another genre? This guy is super talented. Most of this musicians do not listen to their fans. This could be the only way they ca be relevant.

Brown Mauzo long ago was doing so well, I wonder what changed a long the way. His music has become stagnant and his name is no longer growing. You’ll agree with me that he just needs change.

In collaborations, he seems to be doing better. His latest single Aniote has not even hit 50k views.

Below is a link to his new video.




Mbosso’s ‘Maajab’ doing better in the Kenyan coast

Mbosso’s ‘Maajab’ doing better in Kenyan coast.  It is evident that the song has had a good feel in the coastal areas in Kenya and also globally. The singer signed under Wasafi records has been posting clips from the region of people playing his work.

The song which is done is a Swahili setting has been on their airwaves since it’s release. Although it was done a month ago, it does not grow old to many.

In my own thinking, I feel that Mbosso is the only Wasafi artist who will go far. Do you want to know why? This is because he has content and message in his work.

Although the Kenyan coast has a lot of musicians who do Bongo music, they all do not hit but look at this guy and the love he is getting from the place. Come on Kenyans let’s also support our own the likes of Dazlah and Brown Mauzo.

The song which has over 2 million views is the talk of town. But we need to appreciate talent and on this one he did a good thing. Why can’t the Kenyan government get one of own out of Tanzania. I know this is crazy…

You know that something is good from the fans.. Some screenshots from Mbosso’s Instagram account tell it all.


This man Mbosso has a way of marketing his songs and a voice that wins the hearts of many. There are also videos and screenshots of people dancing to Maajab. There is so much love from this jam.

Maajab lovers doing their best

The Jam Maajab has got some great love too from youtube lovers. This is just so much for one person. You are going to realize that most of his fans are from +254.

Maajab lovers on youtube. Mbosso fans

Anyway, may the best team win. But also lets also grow our own like we are doing to our brothers and sisters from Tanzania. I believe Brown Mauzo’s new jam Aniote is so close to Mbosso’s Maajab.

Socialite Amber Ray now dating Akothee’s rumored ex-lover (photos)

Socialite Amber Ray is on to the next just a few months after she was a trending topic following her divorce with husband and moving on to singer/promoter Syd.

It has now emerged that singer Brown Mauzo and the socialite might now be an item.

They were spotted in a lavish hotel in Zanzibar recently and also in several clubs together but haven’t yet addressed the issue despite the photos doing rounds.


Mauzo, who is behind such hits as “Natamani”, “Sipendi ukilia” and recently released “Aniote” was once rumored to be in a secret relationship with Akothee, a thing both artists refuted.

Speaking during an exclusive interview on Mambo Mseto, Mauzo said his relationship with Akothee was purely business, but came to an end after disagreeing over music strategy.

It’s not yet clear how long Mauzo and Amber Ray have been together but it seems the two are really into each other and can’t hide their love anymore.



Brown Mauzo brings you a new jam ‘Aniote’

Brown Mauzo releases a new jam dubbed Aniote. This comes two weeks after his recent release. In Ilete, Mauzo featured Frasha. He is on releasing spree. This guy is super talented. His voice is one that Kenyans need to embrace.

Why do our people go looking for Bongo artists outside Kenya when we have Brown Mauzo? This song Aniote has a great vibe. Aniote talks about a lover who left and all that the guy wishes that she will dream of him. This is a song that talks about the aftermath of a very painful love gone sour relationship and its effect to the parties involved.

This is even more than what our neighbors give us. We just need to promote this guy.

Production of ‘Aniote’

Brown Mauzo who works under his own Label Mauzo classic has really done justice to this song. Aniote is done in a quality way thus attaining the international standards. In addition, the song was shot in the coastal region. It is just great. The video has been directed by a super director x-Antonio

This guy just knows how to treat a song. The graphics are on point. Also, audio production is amazing and the beats are in line.


First, there is a way that this song has been delivered. Swahili language has been used here. Brown Mauzo is a good composer I must say. Also, the way he has delivered this song is full of emotions. He really is into the song and it is so easy to understand.

The way he has arranged his lines is something that I like. I mean, there is a message in this song. It is just something that is in him. This kind of music is all need to grow our industry.

In conclusion, the jam is amazing. I rate it at 7/10.

Below is a link to the song.