“God defeated Prezzo’s evil plans” Colonel Mustafa speaks after surviving road accident

The beef between Prezzo and Mustapha seems to be growing each passing day. After uncle Muss was involved in a road accident a few days ago, his archenemy Prezzo is reportedly said to have been heard saying that ‘he wishes Mustafa could have been the one hurt instead of Luwi who is currently in a coma.

These statements sparked a debate on social
Media as fans came out to ask Prezzo to apologize – but as you can see he has not reached out to Mustafa to say anything.

Anyway, now Mustafa has come out to thank his fans for the support and prayers and goes on to say that ‘Prezzo’s evil plans against him failed thanks to the God he serves!’ He wrote saying;

An accident is always unpleasant experience. I pray that have overcome this trial in my life. God has always blessed me, Thank you my fans and friends for me praying and wishing me well. Special Thanks to Royal media for the coverage on my health. Once again God plans have defeated evil (Prezzo).

Well looks like the war between these two has just fired up!

Prezzo confirms that his ex girlfriend is pregnant, but the baby is not his!

Prezzo has finally come out to talk about his relationship with Yola and from how he spoke, let us just assume that Maji yashamwagika!

The Kenyan rapper who was engaged to his long term girlfriend, Michelle Yola before they both called off their relationship recently got to reveal a few things about his past with Michelle Yola while speaking to Adelle Onyango and Shaffie on Kiss 100’s morning show.

According to Prezzo all that they had is now in the past and life has moved on. About Yola’s pregnancy, he was quick to deny that the baby was not his as he always makes sure to play safe. He said,

That’s not my baby. You know; Am a responsible individual and my pull up game is so strong but congratulations to her I’m happy for her and life goes on.

He went on to deny threatening her and went on to say that she is the one who seems to be obsessed with him as she always tries to find him….(mmmmh really now?) anyway the good thing is that they have both moved on.

Prezzo explains why he missed Floyd Mayweather’s fight despite having been invited by the boxer himself

Prezzo and legendary America boxer Floyd ‘Money’ Mayweather are buddies. The Kenyan rapper however missed his crony’s Saturday big fight due to technicalities.

Floyd Mayweather ended his boxing career with a 50th victory without defeat when he stopped Irish fighter Conor McGregor in the 10th round in one of the most anticipated fights of all time.

Floyd Mayweather delivers lethal punch during his fight with Conor McGregor

The Saturday night fight in Las Vegas earned the 40-year-old American boxer a cool $100 million or Kes 10 billion minus other benefits.

Well, Mayweather had invited Prezzo to attend the hyped Saturday night fight at T-Mobile Arena but unfortunately the Kenyan rapper couldn’t make it.

Mayweather shows off his cash

Speaking to Tanzania’s Radio 5 Funiko Base show last week before the fight, Prezzo sensationally claimed that Mayweather and him were cronies.

The controversial rapper explained that he couldn’t make it to Las Vegas to watch Mayweather’s fight because he was late to renew his American visa.

“I have many connections. Floyd Mayweather and I keep in touch. He had even invited me to his 50th fight. However, I had not yet renewed my American visa, and as you know the queues are quite long. So, don’t be surprised when you spot me hanging out with Floyd Mayweather in Las Vegas. That is the difference between me and Kenyan singer Jaguar,” Prezzo said.



“I was so broken, I didn’t think I had any purpose” Michelle Yola talks about her break up with Prezzo

A few months ago reality TV show star Michelle Yola called off her wedding with rapper Prezzo following some issues the two were facing in their relationship.

It however did not seem tough on Yola and this is because she choose to move on with her life. But, this is not the case! For the first time Michelle Yolao opened up to reveal that she went through a hard time to get over Prezzo – something very few people knew.

Speaking to Shaffie and Adelle this morning, the actress said that the 2 first months were the toughest and she not only distanced her self from her friends but also her family.

At that time I was so broken, I didn’t think I had any purpose I was just from the longest relationship I ever had…I didn’t feel like I connected with anyone so I disconnected with everyone from my producer,my family and people I worked with, my friends I didn’t want to hear from anybody…

But luckily she met someone knew who walked her through the process of healing and now she is dating him. Michelle Yola admits that moving on was not easy since her relationship with Prezzo was the longest she had ever been in.


“You move on too fast!” See Prezzo’s hilarious response to a fan questioning his current relationship

If what Prezzo has been posting on his social media pages is true, then I bet he is now over his ex girlfriend, Michelle Yola.

Lately the guy has been sharing photos of a certain lady he is yet to reveal and from how he captions the photos – chances are that he is now in a stable relationship with yet another new lady!

Prezzo with his new flame

Anyway, it is no secret that Prezzo moves on fast. In the past we have seen him replace his exes a few weeks after breaking up. And though his relationship with Yola was special, he has done the same by finding a replacement and he is proud of it!

One of his followers commented on his latest photo saying; You move on too fast! But the response she got from the Makini King will leave you wondering where he stores his chills!


They move on so fast! Prezzo causes a stir online after posting a photo hanging out with a new lady

Call him Mr presidenti, king Mswati or whatever…but Prezzo must be the one Kenyan artist who attracts ladies really fast.

He does not take long to replace his exes and if his latest photo has any truth to it then he now has a new boo.

The fella dropped the new photo a few hours ago leaving his fans wondering whether he had moved on after struggling to get Yola back.

Prezzo and Yola

Well, the two have been entertaining fans on social media with their issues until Prezzo decided to get rid of Michelle Yola’s tattoo from his hand.

Going through the comments I couldn’t help but notice the likes of AY, Mwanafa among other Tanzanian celebrities who also dropped their opinions under the photo.

For this reason – I also can’t help wonder if the photo is from an upcoming project to be released soon by Prezzo and his Tanzanian brothers…but all in all check out the photo below;

“If anything happens to me just know it’s Prezzo” Michelle Yola cries as she exposes her ex

Apparently Prezzo hasn’t gotten over his ex Michelle Yola even after he stated on media that he had accepted everything and moved on with his life.

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In a new twist of events, Yola and Prezzo traded accusations on Instagram with the latter accusing the former of cyber-stalking her. Yola took to her IG to claim Prezzo was threatening her after she gave him a cold shoulder.

“If anything happens to me just know it’s @prezzo254 who’s behind this.. from threatening texts talking about releasing our explicit pictures and videos to stealing all my documents and on top of that he even took my phone coz I told him our relationship won’t work! I left with nothing that has his name on it and we’ve been separated for months now so PLEASE LEAVE ME ALONE AND MOVE ON!All this for what??I have moved on with my life kindly do the same. I suggest you get to a wellness center and get help!Try yoga or something dude!Stop stalking me and stop lying to the media.You pushed me to the edge and if you don’t stop I’m gonna go ahead and take legal actions coz I’m scared of my safety! I got receipts so don’t try me! For those trying to reach me kindly email me coz I’m off social media till everything cools down,” Michelle Yola wrote and shared her photo cozying up with her mzungu lover.

Michelle Yola with her new boyfriend

In another post, Yola shouted at Prezzo and claimed she had phone recordings and messages to prove the rapper was using all tricks in book in a bid to win her back.

“Jackson Ngechu Listen Very Carefully..Don’t let that smile?fool you coz I have phone recordings and messages to prove every single word you said to me! I have been quiet for so long and if I start to talk Lord knows!?I hate it that I’m even addressing you but enough is enough!You have blogs on speed dial cooking your stories and even telling me “I’M NOTHING WITHOUT YOU AND YOU’LL MAKE MY LIFE MISERABLE COZ YOU OWN THIS CITY” you remember that text right plus many others?? I can go on the whole night posting recordings and messages of you begging to get back together kisha when I refused you started with the threats.. I’m so over your dramatic life and threats coz I’m not playing to your tune anymore! Let’s meet in court Sir since you also own the government Mr “president”!Then the whole “world” that you’ve brainwashed telling them I’ve refused to be a past tense(a line that you’ve always used with all your exes) when I’m CLEARLY in another phase of my life will know the TRUTH! ME BITTER?COZ OF LEAVING YOU??OH MY DAYS YOU WISH?? Excuse me I gorra go you guy.. someone else needs my attention rynow,” a furious Yola wrote.

The lass also shared screenshots of phone call records to prove her jilted ex boyfriend was desperately trying to contact her by all means.

Prezzo however rubbished Michelle Yola’s allegations claiming his ex was brainwashing the masses with her selfish agenda. He said that he decided to address Yola’s allegations because he wanted to distance himself from whatever games or plans she had.

“The common saying “it’s never too late” is a misleading one for many since there are times when it is in fact too late. Sometimes, it is too late to change who you are, too late to do the right thing in telling the truth. I have decided to address this issue about me “allegedly” posing a threat to Michelle’s safety for the sake of clarity and because I want to distance myself from whatever games or plans she has.‎

“It is quite a sad thing to see an individual tell lies to have power over the masses so that she can control circumstances and dictate events. To brainwash the masses with your selfish agenda by feeding them lies and harnessing the outcome for yourself is a mean thing to do. ‎Misinforming the masses to believe in ur mythical notions that are conveniently and selfishly crafted in your own imagination might give you temporary comfort…. but genuine permanent inner peace and happiness ONLY stems from knowing that the truth is factual, pure and uncompromised. Instead of going to vote so we can bring change in this beautiful nation, someone is out there talking gibberish SMH,” wrote Prezzo.


“I am over her!” Rapper Prezzo finally opens up about his ex

Prezzo has come out to claim that he is over his ex girlfriend/fiancé Michelle Yola who he had been seeing for 2 years and a half before they both chose to go there separate ways.

The Kenyan rapper however put in some effort to win back Yola who seemed to have slipped away from him. But after months of trying, Prezzo gave up as word on the streets confirmed that Yola had moved on with a white man.

Speaking to Kiss FM, Prezzo said:

“If God hasn’t written it, it won’t turn out the way you want it to.I believe that life is a learning curve and if one door closes, another one opens. Some things will happen and make you feel heartbroken but maybe it could turn out to be a blessing in disguise.”

When asked if he is over Yola, he said:

 “Yes, I have gotten over her already. I keep myself very busy. I just hope and pray that she is good where she is.”

He went on to add that he is not seeing anybody at the moment and is also not in a rush for anything serious. He went on to mention that he will not be removing Yola’s name from his hand as there relationship meant a lot to him.

“The tattoo stays because you have to understand that when I was getting this tattoo she was a very big part of my life.We dated for like two and a half years and the problems that I came across she was the only one there for me. Me saying I’m gonna remove the tattoo because she has another man is petty and immature,”

Prezzo reveals why Michelle Yola’s name tattoo will remain on his skin even though she has moved on with another man

Prezzo was dumped by Michelle Yola who couldn’t stomach his unfaithfulness. The rapper maintains he has gotten over his ex but her memories still remain integral part of him.

Prezzo popped the big question to Yola and she said yes, and when everyone was waiting for their big wedding the unexpected split happened.

Prezzo and Michelle Yola

The controversial rapper tried multiple times to reconcile with Yola but the lass was adamant she didn’t want anything to do with Prezzo.

Speaking to Kiss about the failed relationship with Yola, Prezzo revealed that he had finally accepted his ex had moved on with her life.

“If God hasn’t written it, it won’t turn out the way you want it to.I believe that life is a learning curve and if one door closes, another one opens. Some things will happen and make you feel heartbroken but maybe it could turn out to be a blessing in disguise. Yes, I have gotten over her already. I keep myself very busy. I just hope and pray that she is good where she is,” Prezzo said.

The rapper also revealed that he wasn’t seeing anyone at the moment, he stated that he had no rush to jump into another relationship just yet.

“No, I’m not seeing anybody right now, and I’m not really in a rush.”

Yola is however rumored to be dating a white man, she shared photos of the lucky guy on Instagram even though she concealed his face.

Prezzo also made it clear that he won’t get rid of Michelle Yola’s name tattoo on his hand even though his ex has moved on to date another guy.

“The tattoo stays because you have to understand that when I was getting this tattoo she was a very big part of my life. We dated for like two and a half years and the problems that I came across she was the only one there for me. Me saying I’m gonna remove the tattoo because she has another man is petty and immature,” Prezzo explained.

Michelle Yola and Prezzo flaunt their names tattoos

Prezzo endorses pretty Jubilee candidate whose well-oiled campaign caused jitters

Prezzo was very excited to meet sweet-faced Susan Wakarura Kihika who is at the center of Jubilee campaigns in Nakuru County.

For starters, Susan is the incumbent Nakuru county speaker and she is also eyeing Nakuru senatorial seat on a Jubilee ticket.

Susan caused jitters while campaigning in the county using helicopter, her rivals felt intimidated with her flashy campaigns and called on EACC to investigate the source of the money she was splashing.

Well, controversial rapper Prezzo rubbed shoulders with Susan and even endorsed her candidature when he recently travelled to Nakuru.

“Met up with incoming senator Nakuru county during my last visit to naxvegas. All the best Susankihika God is engineering,” Prezzo wrote.

Susan Kihika with Prezzo

The wannabe senator revealed that she was a big fan of Prezzo and so was her daughter Tiffany Kiarie.

“My daughter can’t believe I met prezzo” Susan wrote.

Susan Kihika with her daughter

Prezzo replied and promised her that she would be back to Nakuru to meet her daughter.

“It was a pleasure meeting you senator Susan, Nakuru is beautiful and I shall be back. This time round I hope to meet your daughter. Barikiwa,” wrote Prezzo.


Mustafa calls for ceasefire as Prezzo threatens to settle their beef with a gun

Colonel Mustafa has chicken out of earlier plan to get physical with Prezzo after the bad boy rapper opted to take a gun to their fight.

Mustafa and Prezzo have been embroiled in a fierce tussle because of Michelle Yola. Prezzo caught a major one when Yola dumped him and started hanging out with Mustafa.

Prezzo warned Mustafa to stay away from Yola but the thirsty rapper instead played down the warning and insisted that he would take good care of Prezzo’s ex.

Mustafa has since been unnerved by Prezzo’s threat to use deadly firearm to settle their beef. Prezzo has history of gun drama, he has brandished his firearm in public a number of times when he was provoked.

In an interview with Ghafla! Mustafa insisted there was no need to fight with Prezzo and instead urged his nemesis to go back to Nairobi Diaries so that they could settle their beef amicably.

Watch the interview below:


“I still want you back!” Prezzo’s special message to Sheila Mwanyigha

Prezzo is not over his first love and he is not shy to admit this. Well, a few years ago the Kenyan rapper was romantically involved with Sheila Mwanyigha but just like most of his relationships…they really didn’t go anywhere.

Sheila Mwanyigha went her separate way and so did Prezzo but we got to see the rapper date a couple of women in the entertainment industry after his relationship with Sheila failed to work out.

His current ex, Michelle Yola seemed to have been the only woman who stood by Prezzo until she also decided to walk out on him for reasons best to the two.

After chasing her for months looks like Prezzo has given up and now back to his first love, Sheila Mwanyigha. He revealed that he still wants to get back with her as reported by a popular news outlet. Apparently he claims to still love her and is now trying to get back with her.

Speaking during an interview Prezzo said,

“Yule ex wangu sijarudiana na yeye, kusema ukweli my first lady ndioo kazi yangu. Nilijaribu haikufanikiwa so maisha inaendelea. First lady ni hustle yangu na nikishaa tengeneza mkwanja freshi nitaenda kwake  Nikki niombe msamaha, turudishe ule uhusiano tuliokuwa nao. Bado nina hisia na yeye. Bado nina hisia na Nikki, Sheila Mwanyigha.”

Top 5 celebrities who dumped their girlfriends through their social media pages

There is no one who enjoys getting dumped via social media. It is the worst experience a lady or a gentleman can go through – especially when other people join in to leave harsh comments.

Anyway, so far we have had a few celebrities leaving their girlfriends/wives via social media and even going to the extent of exposing them instead of having a one on one private conversation.

I have compiled a list of the notorious men we have seen do this in the past few months and the one to start off is;

Diamond Platnumz

Well apart from his scandal with Wema Sepetu, singer Diamond Platnumz shocked many after exposing his baby mama in a post that left many shocked. According to Diamond Platnumz, Zari was apparently now involved with a certain Ugandan Tycoon called Williams Bugeme only for it to turn out that the Tanzanian singer was wrong. Checkout what he posted below;


Well, we are used to his on and off relationship with Michelle Yola but at some point rapper Prezzo went on a rant talking about how much he was done with his young girlfriend. However, having gotten used to their ways we can really not tell whether they these two ever break up for real or just for a season.


This singer has had his share of women in the entertainment industry. After breaking up with Marya, Colonel Mustapha hooked up with Huddah only to publicly bad mouth her when things didn’t work out as planned. We are told that even his latest girlfriend was left hanging after the singer decided he was through with her.


His break up with Wolper came as a surprise as no one was aware that Wasafi Records singer Harmonize was cheating. He however recently confirmed that he had dumped his Tanzanian girlfriend and was now involved with a Caucasian lady who is also expecting his first child. If this is not mean, then I don’t know what to call it.


Kenyan MC and former radio presenter DNG actually deserves an award in this sector. A couple of months back the guy announced through his social media pages that he had left his wife after he wedded her in a white wedding that trended for a whole weekend. According to him, he had married a lady who was focused and for this reason he publicly left her without thinking twice.


“What was 37 year old Prezzo doing with this kid” Netizens shocked as Michelle Yola reveals her real age

Most people agreed in unison that Prezzo was a sponsor after his ex Michelle Yola shared a copy of her National Identity Card.

Prezzo and Michelle Yola dated for months before their relationship hit rock bottom. Apparently infidelity was the reason why the two split.

Yola accused Prezzo of sleeping around with other women, she exposed his WhatsApp conversations with other ladies before she dumped him.

The rapper didn’t move on after he was left, to date Prezzo hasn’t given up on reuniting with her sweetheart whom of late has won affection of Colonel Mustafa.

But why is Prezzo so into a lady who is so young? For those who didn’t know, Prezzo is 13 years older than Michelle Yola. Prezzo was born in 1980 while Yola was born in 1993.

Netizen were stunned when the 24 year old socialite shared a copy of her National Identity Card (ID), Yola’s real name is Mitchele Waithera Gaitho.

Netizens taunted Prezzo calling him a ‘sponsor’ after seeing the copy of Yola’s ID card.




Will Prezzo really get Michelle Yola back? Here is a photo that suggests she has already moved on

Prezzo of late ha been picking petty beef with rapper King Kaka and no one seems to pay attention to this. He could be creating hype for a new song but we are really tired of the games and unnecessary fight that will not bear any fruit at the end.

The rapper has alo been calling out Mustapha who is rumored to have shown some interest in Michelle Yola. Anyway Yola on the  hand does not seem bothered with what her ex i currently doing a she recently shared a photo with Luwi from Nairobi diaries and from how he is holding her…looks like there is something the two are not telling us.

Also read: After fighting over Huddah Monroe, Prezzo and Colonel Mustafa are on a collision path again because of Michelle Yola


Yola captioned the photo saying “UNBEWEAVABLE HAIR VIBES..@luwicapello Kaka Braza angalia nywele aisee” but we all know she had her reasons to upload the photo. She obviously knew her ex would see it and from the comment section, everyone was busy telling Luwi that Prezzo would shoot him.

Anyway checkout the photo below:

Michelle and Luwi
Michelle and Luwi

Prezzo mercilessly tears into King Kaka as he takes their beef to a new level

King Kaka picked a fight with Prezzo with no justified reason, maybe he wanted 15 seconds of fame. But Prezzo is now slaying him with no mercy at all.

The self proclaimed rap king started the beef when he took to instagram to taunt Prezzo who was just minding his own business.

“Na Handshake na Prezzo/Sio Yule uimba, Yule Prezzo anaRun Statoe/…, It’s Time to separate the Boys from The King,” King Kaka wrote.

Prezzo replied by firing warning shots, he cautioned the attention-seeking King Kaka to watch his foul mouth.

“Kaka sunguch best watch his mouth my cousin sista finna take care of u #Rapcellency #TulyUnruly” Prezzo replied to King Kaka.

But a defiant King Kaka didn’t heed Prezzo’s warning, he went on to make a remark on Instagram to provoke Prezzo even more.

“The Real President just called. I hope hao wengine wanaShoot Video. Hahahaha” King Kaka taunted Prezzo again.

Prezzo had enough of King Kaka’s mischief and decided to go HAM on him, he struck him with the reality of the situation.

He told King Kaka that he (Prezzo) was making real change in the country while he (Kaka) was seeking cheap publicity by picking a beef with him. Prezzo reminded King Kaka that 999 police emergency was operational because he made it happen. (Referring to the incident on the Trend when Prezzo dialed 999 and it didn’t work, police restored 999 service after Prezzo exposed them.)

“To all you rappers out there, I wanna tell you one thing. Instead of picking beef with the president, you know make change in your community, in your society, in your country, like making 999 work. I made 999 work when it never used to work before. You know why, coz am the president. And am Kenyan. And at the end of the day you better believe that…use your platform for right reasons not to pick beef with the president. Use your platform for all the right reasons don’t be looking for cheap publicity through the president, coz I gotta a good watch but I aint got time. And with that said am gonna check up on my sunguras,” Prezzo said in a video uploaded on Instagram.

Watch the video below:




After fighting over Huddah Monroe, Prezzo and Colonel Mustafa are on a collision path again because of Michelle Yola

Colonel Mustafa says he doesn’t mind eating Prezzo’s leftovers and he’s not about to back down just yet from his intentions. Knowing all too well what Prezzo is capable of doing, then you don’t be wrong to say the two rappers are on a collision course.

Both Prezzo and Colonel Mustafa have eaten from the same plate before – the two rappers had a fling with Huddah Monroe. Actually Huddah revealed Prezzo was the lucky man who popped her cherry.

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And there was also a time when Prezzo and Mustafa were beefing and Huddah Monroe was said to be the cause of their fight.

Also read: Mustafa Finally Talks About His Crazy Beef With Prezzo. It’s Not Huddah Monroe That Tore Them Apart This Time

Well, Mustafa has now joined Nairobi Diaries and he’s already causing drama. The controversial rapper caused a stir when he revealed that he won’t mind having a thing with Michelle Yola.

Michelle Yola and Prezzo

“I don’t have any beef with Prezzo, but if he has bile against me then that’s his problem. Kama hawezi chunga bibi then tutamchungia. Prezzo joined the show when his career was flat lining; I’m here and at the top of my game,” Mustafa told Showbuzz.

Michelle Yola and Colonel Mustafa

Prezzo hasn’t responded yet but be sure he won’t take Mustafa’s words lightly – remember Prezzo didn’t want to let go Michelle Yole at the first place.


New beef? Prezzo threatens to shoot King Kaka in new video

It has been a while since we saw our Kenyan rappers  beefing over petty issues just to prove who is king of rap, but seems like we are back at it again. However, this time around it involves King Kaka and Prezzo thanks to a video uploaded on social media a few hours ago.

King Kaka
King Kaka

The video shared on Prezzo’s page shows a clip of his ‘cousin sister’ taking shots at a dummy but what caught my attention is the caption used under the video clip. Prezzo wrote asking King Kaka to watch his mouth or his cousin would take care of him.

Kaka sunguch best watch his mouth my cousin sista finna take care of u #Rapcellency #TulyUnruly

It is however not clear why Prezzo chose to send out that message to King Kaka as none of them has come out to reveal whether their is new beef brewing between the two of them.

Anyway, King kaka has not responded to Prezzo’s video leaving us wondering whether this is a stunt for a new song or the two have beefing for real.

Kaka sunguch best watch his mouth my cousin sista finna take care of u #Rapcellency #TulyUnruly

A post shared by ?جاكسون مكيني? (@prezzo254) on May 1, 2017 at 5:52am PDT

Prezzo tells off men hitting on his ex-girlfriend Michelle Yola, says he is not done with her

Prezzo and Michelle Yola might have called off their relationship but so far we are used to their own and off game.

However, it has been a couple of months since Yola walked out on the Kenyan rapper and for a minute many thought that this time around these two were done for good but I guess we were all wrong.

Prezzo’s ex, Michelle Yola

Prezzo recently revealed that he has been working on getting Yola back in his life since she is the only woman who understands and genuinely loves him.

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Speaking to Bongo 5 Prezzo went on to warn the men trying to hit on Michelle Yola saying that she is his woman and they should keep off. According to the rapper, things between him and the Nairobi Diaries star have not ended and though he still needs time to mend his mistakes…that does not mean that he will let other men meddle with her.

He said,


“Mazungumzo yanaendelea kwa ajili ya kuweka sawa mgogoro wetu, na sipo tayari kuona mwanamume mwingine akijipeleka kutaka kuanzisha uhusiano na Michelle”


“My first car in university was a Porsche” Prezzo shows off the German machine his mother bought him while he was still a student (Photos)

While people are making noise with their latest Porsches, Prezzo owned the prestigious German model several years ago while he was still a student.

Prezzo is known for his flamboyance, he has no shame acknowledging that he was born with a silver spoon. His family, the Makinis, is well known across the country for herbal medicine.

CMB’s mother Dinna Bhoke Makini made sure her son had a comfortable life while he was growing up, she bought Prezzo a Porsche 996 GT3 while he was still a student in university.

Prezzo and her mother

Prezzo took to social media to show off the German machine his mother bought him, he said lecturers used to look at him in a certain way because of the yellow Porsche 996 he was driving.

“Old money fam, my 1st ride in uni had my lecturers looking at me in some type of way…. & u wonder why I love my mum to death. Gods son #Rapcellency.” Prezzo captioned a photo of his Porsche 996 GT3.

Prezzo’s Porsche 996 GT3


Michelle Yola takes shots at her ex moments before flaunting hundreds of dollars

Life must be good for Michelle Yola. I mean she is living the life, that’s judging from what she shares on her social media page.

Her relationship with Prezzo is done and she has moved on with her life. Though she could be bitter…she however has hundreds of dollars she wakes up next to.

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In a recent post the lass shared a photo which she captioned sarcastically leaving me wondering whether she was out to fire shots at her ex, rapper Prezzo. Through her gram account she wrote to say,

My reaction when your ex keeps saying “you’ll never find anyone like me” like THAT’S THE FUCKING POINT BOO!???

Well, we can’t be sure which ex boyfriend she was describing but something about her post has Prezzo’s name written all over it. Anyway, she also posted a photo flaunting her dollars and captioned to say,

Look at what I woke up to??…that’s the beauty and the beast thooo!I never get the drill of people posting money frontin and all…but I will just post it anyway..with this cold weather i might as well quit my job for today,roll some blunt n netflix tucked in the duvet ??Hizi si za google btw????anyhuuuu Gooodmorning Kings and Queens changamkeni n let’s go get our OWN?

This is why Tanzanian Harmorappa is pleading to work with Kenya’s baddest rapper and no, it’s not Khaligraph Jones

Harmorappa has been flying high with his music and judging from the collabo’s he has landed so far – there is no doubt that the young man is a real hustler.

Now that he is the talk in Tanzania, the rapper recently revealed that he is hoping to collaborate with one of the ‘baddest’ rappers he has always been looking up to.



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Harmorappa claims that his biggest dream has always been to work with Prezzo…wait what? Yes you heard me, Harmorappa is now looking for a way he could get to Prezzo to see whether they can hook up for a project or even two.

Speaking to Bongo 5 the rapper said,

Prezzo namkubali sana toka kitambo, tokea niko chini shule ya msingi. Nilikuwa namkubali sana swagga zake na rap zake zilikuwa zinanifurahisha sana na zinanifurahisha mpaka kesho kiukweli.“o kwahiyo natamani sana one day nifanye naye collabo kwahiyo kama nikipata nafasi kufanya naye itakuwa very good nitashukuru Mungu.

Well, will Prezzo give this brother from his motherland a chance to work with him?

Prezzo throws major shade at an instagram user who trolled him on his photo…and he went straight for the jugular by attacking the guys mother

Being dumped by Mitchelle Oyola is definitely settling in as Prezzo is currently in his feelings.

They were showing on his instagram when he clapped back at a fan who tried to troll him. And it all started after he posted this:


This show of brovado however didn’t sit well with Kelvin Masakhwi who trolled the rapper with this statement:

“So it was your mum’s car I don’t understand???”

To which Prezzo clapped back with this:

Yes it was my mums car, I mean…same way ur mums mkokoteni belonged to u coz at the end of the day she ur mum & the mkokoteni belonged to u so Dnt hate @kelvinwhateverthefuckurnameis it’s jst life Dnt suffer from negligence… Life is a b*tch”

Yes, he took it to pettyville and dragged the poor guys mother along with him. Kelvin tried to fight back but unfortunately he had lost fair and square.

Check out their exchange here: