Amber Lulu’s breakup with Prezzo is now inevitable

Amber Lulu’s break up with Prezzo is no longer a matter of if but when. The Tanzanian video vixen is also anticipating the split with the Kenyan rapper.

Prezzo is a seasoned heartbreaker judging from his past relationships. Any lady who dates him certainly knows she will be dumped at one point or another.

Prezzo hooked up with Amber Lulu sometimes in September 2017. The controversial rapper started his relationship with Lulu while at the same time he was said to be dating Noti Flow.

Amber Lulu and Prezzo

Lulu’s game plan

Amber Lulu is anticipating a breakup with Prezzo and she is already taking steps to cushion herself. The video vixen says she will hook up with her ex boyfriend Young Dee just in case things fail to work with Prezzo.

“Ndiyo siku nikiachana na Prezzo lazima nitarudiana na Young Dee,” wrote Amber Lulu.

Amber Lulu and Young Dee

Amber Lulu used to date Tanzanian rapper Young Dee before Prezzo came into the picture. Lulu and Young Dee broke up in September 2017 before she hooked up with Prezzo.



“Fidel you are such a person” Prezzo commemorates 3rd death anniversary of his best friend Fidel Odinga

Memories od Fidel Odinga are still fresh in Prezzo’s mind. The rapper eulogized his deceased friend as he commemorated his third death anniversary.

Fidel Odinga was found dead on January 4th 2015 at his Karen home. His death was a great shocker considering he was out partying hours before he was discovered dead.

Late last year Prezzo dedicated a song ‘Vumilia’ to Fidel Odinga. The rapper celebrated the life of his fallen friend to mark the 3rd year since his passing.

“My brother Castro, seems like it was just yesterday, you still alive around us spiritually & always will be. I dedicated a song for u & all our loved ones that we lost. Funny enough I know you’ve heard it from up above….say w’sup to Oscar & Firoz 4 me…..till we meet again ??,” Prezzo wrote in part.

Your absence leaves a void

Prezzo also shared a written eulogy of his deceased friend:

Prezzo’s new girlfriend already missing her ex boyfriend?

Tanzanian video vixen Amber Lulu might be regretting for having left her ex boyfriend, Young Dee. The lady shared the hint on her Instagram page where fans couldn’t help but laugh off at her on and off relationships.

Before involving herself with Rapper Prezzo the lady had been dating another rapper Young Dee from Tanzania. The two always gave people a reason to talk thanks to their public display of affection.

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Looking at her photos with Prezzo, Amber Lulu also started pulling similar stunts. However, seems that Prezzo’s chilled out lifestyle is too boring for the lady who now admits to missing her ex man. She wrote saying;

Nimemic baba ake T ??ila ndo bhas tena ?

Young Dee and Prezzo

Judging from their age difference, it’s obvious to assume why Amber Lulu all of a sudden misses her spontaneous young man.

Or did Prezzo dump her?

All grown up! Beautiful moment for Prezzo as he finally meets his daughter years after splitting with his ex wife

Rapper Prezzo counts himself lucky. Though many keep questioning why he can’t settle down, let’s just say that he already has kids and might not be looking for a life partner since they complete him.


About a month ago the rapper shared a video flaunting his 8 year old son who lives in Tanzania. This came as a surprise to fans who never knew anything about the boy. However judging from their resemblance and similar attitude, it was abit obvious to believe that they are indeed father and son.

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Prezzo’s beautiful daughter

A few years ago Prezzo split up with his ex wife Daisy Kiplagat and this made it hard for him to see his daughter. Speaking to Kalekye Mumo during a recent interview, Prezzo revealed that his daughter is already 7 years old and had not seen each other in years.

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But in a new video shared by the king of bling, we finally get to meet Prezzo’s all grown up daughter. From the conversation the two are having, it’s quite clear to see that they both missed each other. Watch the video below:


Amber Lulu: Stop comparing my love Prezzo with Young Dee

Tanzanian socialite has warned people against making comparisons between Prezzo and Young Dee. Amber Lulu says the comparison is a mockery to Prezzo.

For starters, Prezzo is dating Amber Lulu while at the same time he is said to be romantically involved with Kenyan rapper Noti Flow.

Amber Lulu used to date Tanzanian rapper Young Dee before Prezzo came into the picture. Lulu and Young Dee broke up in September this year.

Amber Lulu and Young Dee

It’s an insult to Prezzo

Amber Lulu says comparing her ‘husband’ Prezzo and her ex Young Dee is an insult to her sweetheart. The video vixen says Young Dee and Prezzo should not be compared because they are two different people in different levels.

Amber Lulu and Prezzo

“Usimfananishe mume wangu na watu wengine kwa sababu unakuwa unamkosea adabu, kwa hiyo Young Dee ni Prezzo usiwakee kabisa pamoja kwa sababu ni watu wawili ambao hawezi kuendana hata kidogo,” said Amber Lulu.



Prezzo eulogizes his late father and best friend Fidel Odinga in a new banger ‘Vumilia’

Prezzo has finally reinvented himself. The rapper has dropped unbelievably awesome song to eulogize his late father and fallen friends including Raila Odinga’s son Fidel Odinga.

Prezzo dropped the new song dubbed ‘Vumilia’ on December 8th. ‘Vumilia’ is a tribute song to the rapper’s father and friends who have passed on.

The song also encourages other people who have lost their loved ones.  Prezzo tells his father how life has been since he passed on when he was just 13 years old.

“13 paps passed away, i remember it just like yesterday…. I miss you, i know you see me. Since you gone shit hasn’t been easy. Taking care of moms, my siblings need me, but you taught me wherever need be. Siku hizi inabidi kuwa tough tough time zikizidi,” Prezzo rapped.

I do this for Fidel

Prezzo also eulogies his friends Oscar, Feroze and Fidel Odinga. Feroze (Nazizi’s late brother) was a member of Prezzo’s defunct Cash Money Brothers (CMB).

Fidel Odinga and Prezzo were also best friends. The death of Raila’s son in January 2015 devastated Prezzo who couldn’t come to term with it.

“For Oscar, Feroze, yes i do this for Fidel,” Prezzo eulogized his fallen friends in his new song.

Watch Prezzo’s ‘Vumilia’ below:




“Don’t use a man to forget another one, use 3 or 4” Noti Flow advises fans!

At this rate we can all agree that controversial rapper Noti Flow is one of a kind. She rarely filters what comes out of her mouth nor what she posts on her Instagram page.

The rapper a few days ago shocked fans after sharing a caption teaching them how to move on after a nasty breakup. Through her Instagram page Noti Flow was Keen to tell her fans the importance of juggling different men at the same time.

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Well, this comes shortly after she dumped Uncle Muss for Prezzo who later left her stranded for a Tanzanian socialite, Amber Lulu. Judging from how Noti Flow has been acting, we can all agree that Prezzo indeed hurt her feelings as she seems to have fallen hard for him.

However, after getting his way with her Prezzo walked out like nothing had happened leaving Noti Flow with mixed feelings.

Prezzo and Amber Lulu

What Prezzo did to Noti Flow may seem unfair from a lady’s point of view but this was not a surprise either. Prezzo has not managed to settle down for years now and this is something Noti Flow should have paid attention to. Anyway, hopefully the rapper will get over the fella since he seems smitten by Amber Lulu.

Prezzo and Huddah spotted together years after their nasty break up

Holding on to grudges? Well I bet Prezzo and Huddah are past their nasty break up from their 2013 relationship. The two however gave fans something to watch after they decided to call out each other through their social media pages.

From how things ended between the two, most fans were certain that the two would never see eye to eye. But this is not true. On 28th November night the two reunited at Gallileo Lounge Westlands where the two happened to bump into each other.

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Having not seen each other in so many years, seems that Prezzo insisted on a photo with the lady and later shared it on his Instagram page.

Bumped into my old time friend #Rapcellency

From his caption we can see that the fella has already friend zoned himself now that he is taken by one hot Tanzanian socialite, Amber Lulu.

Prezzo’s relationships

We can all agree that 36 year old Prezzo has had his share of fun with women. After splitting with his wife who is also the mother of his daughter, Prezzo has never settled since then.

His ex fiance Michelle Yola called off their relationship and quickly moved on with a Caucasian man and the two are expecting their first child come next year.

Bad parenting! Prezzo criticized after sharing a video of his 8 year old son driving (Video)

Rapper Prezzo revealed that he has an 8 year old son who lives in Tanzania. The young boy apparently lives with his mother since she separated with Prezzo.

The fella has however managed to keep him on the low for a very long time. But this does not mean that the boy acts any different from his father.

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From the post shared on his Instagram Prezzo’s son seems to be learning a lot from his father. He speaks with pride, wears expensive jewelry around his neck and yes…he can drive at 8 years.

In a video uploaded by Prezzo, the young man is seen reversing from their home parking something that has left fans on social media talking. According to some of the comments, Prezzo is putting his child in danger by allowing him to get behind the wheel.

Prezzo’s kids

So far we understand that Prezzo has a daughter and now….an 8 year old boy we knew nothing about. Anyway below is a video of prezzo with his son.

“We koma mali yangu” Amber Lulu sends dire warning to Noti Flow

Amber Lulu and Noti Flow want to tear each other apart because of Prezzo. The Tanzanian socialite has warned Noti Flow to keep off her sweetheart.

Prezzo is spoiled for choice as the two socialites are determined to win him over. A fortnight ago Noti Flow threw major shade at Amber Lulu.

“You are talking about that bi*** calling herself Amber Rose. Who even calls herself Amber Rose when we all know that there can only be one Amber Rose. The truth is that Prezzo was not in Tanzania to see her but to record collabos with the likes of Fid Q and other hip hop guys. Besides, I know b****s keep on chasing him the way nig*** chase me and so I wouldn’t be shocked if she hits back and claims he was with her. Thing is, girls…bi****s should keep off my man as they know where his heart is,” Noti Flow said.

Keep off Prezzo

Amber Lulu has since hit back at her Kenyan rival. The Tanzanian socialite shared a photo of Prezzo and captioned it with a warning directed at Noti Flow.

“We koma mali hii ya amber lulu. Baba mwenye nyumnba kasema,” wrote Amber Lulu.


Prezzo’s new girlfriend leaks an intimate photo of the two in a bathtub 

Word has it that Prezzo has finally found a new lady to date. She may not be new to many but to Prezzo she is. The rapper is apparently dating Tanzanian Amber Lulu and so far things seem to be working just fine.

The couple has been spending time together and have also been wearing matching shoes (relationship goals). Amber Lulu, has been updating fans on her social media about her new relationship. The lady shares photos of hanging out with Prezzo and for some reason she seems to be changing her style for him too.

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Amber Lulu no longer rocks her blonde short hair as she has traded this for long weaves. Just recently she shared a new photo where she is seen naked with Prezzo.

Amber Lulu and Prezzo intimate photo

Well, the photo shows the two undressed chilling the bathing tub leaving many shocked. The Tanzanian socialite who seems to be proving a point to Noti Flow however pulled down the photo due to the harsh comments. But the screenshots making rounds on social media clearly show that 37 year old Prezzo is yet to find himself a real wife.

After Gigy Money, rapper Prezzo spotted with yet another Tanzanian socialite

Kenyan rapper Prezzo seems to be on a roll. A few weeks ago Prezzo was spotted in the company of video vixen, Gigy Money.  However, seems that he is now rolling around with a new lass.

The rapper who is known to mix ladies however seems not to care what people think of him. After uploading the new photo, Prezzo threw shade to haters through his caption which he wrote saying:

Pili pili msioila inawawashia nini?? Tuko freshi ka chungwa #LuluMafia #Rapcellency #TheMakiniTeam

Identity of the Tanzanian socialite

The lady has been identified as Amber Lulu. She is one of the most paid video vixens in Tanzania.

Amber Lulu is also known for her controversial dressing and for sometime now has been competing with Gigy Money. However, seems that both ladies don’t mind being seen with Prezzo.

Prezzo opens up about his dating life, new tattoos and music

Is Prezzo dating anyone?

Well, Rapper Prezzo has come forth to address an issue that has left many talking. After breaking up with long term girlfriend, he is said to have moved with Noti Flow. But this could not be true.

Prezzo for the first time denied being involved with the ladies he has been accused of courting on the low. He revealed this while speaking during a recent interview with The Edge, . According to him, he is now living a free life and in case his private life gets active, he will let fans know.

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About his tattoo

Having covered his ex girlfriend’s name which was tatted on his hand, he now says that he decided to put a tattoo of KICC which represent s his love for Nairobi.

Music Career

After releasing his latest song with Noti Flow the rapper is hoping to release a new song before the year ends as a surprise for his fans.

“That bi** keep on chasing after him” Noti Flow takes a swipe at Amber Lulu as she declares Prezzo is officially hers

Prezzo is spoiled for choice, who will he choose – Noti Flow or Amber Lulu? Noti Flow has officially declared war on Amber Lulu as she aims to keep Prezzo for herself alone.

Prezzo hooked up with Amber Lulu last month when he visited Tanzania. Some people including TID warned Prezzo against dating Lulu who has a bad reputation in Tanzania.

The Kenyan rapper however seems to have fallen for the Tanzanian video vixen. He keeps on posting their romantic photos on social media.

Prezzo and Amber Lulu

Noti Flow throws major shade

Noti Flow talked trash about Amber Lulu in a recent interview with Pulse. The controversial rapper says Lulu is a desperate ‘bi**h who is trying to win Prezzo.

“You are talking about that bi*** calling herself Amber Rose. Who even calls herself Amber Rose when we all know that there can only be one Amber Rose. The truth is that Prezzo was not in Tanzania to see her but to record collabos with the likes of Fid Q and other hip hop guys. Besides, I know b****s keep on chasing him the way nig*** chase me and so I wouldn’t be shocked if she hits back and claims he was with her. Thing is, girls…bi****s should keep off my man as they know where his heart is,” said Noti Flow.

Noti Flow and Prezzo

Prezzo’s has fallen for me

Noti Flow says Prezzo’s heart is for her. She explains that she has been with Prezzo for a while and that she understands how he thinks.

“Since I knew him a lot has changed and that is why am calling it work in progress. I will have us sit down and discuss all this. I like a lot many things about him, especially that he works hard. Now, to all those who have questions about us all I can say is that we will be doing a joined media tour and have all those questioned answered then.”

I am not looking for a mama’s boy

Noti Flow

Noti Flow says she doesn’t like the fact that Prezzo is a mama’s boy. The Nairobi Diaries actress reveals that Prezzo tells his mother everything they talk about.

“Yes! That is something I don’t like about Prezzo. We discuss a lot of private things and every time we have a little issue he tells her and she’d call me asking me what is going on. I don’t like that. I also don’t like men who talk to their mothers too much leave alone living with their mothers.”



Prezzo reveals why he is not willing on giving up on curvaceous video vixen Amber Lulu even after she friend-zoned him

Rapper Prezzo is a man who loves beautiful women. From back in the day we have seen him get involved in lovely celebrity women and he is not about to stop even after he was dumped by his ex Michelle Yola who is now pregnant for her Caucasian boyfriend.

Noti Flow and Prezzo

And since Prezzo is a single man we have rumors of him being involved with Kenyan bad girl Noti Flow and after getting a hold of a screen of their conversation…many assumed that Prezzo lovey dovey message to the lass was a clear indication that he was interested in her – but this is not the case!

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Well, the rapper who is in Tanzania at the mean time has hinted that even though the lady friend-zoned him… he is still looking for ways on how he can wife video vixen Amber Lulu. Speaking during an interview at one popular Tanzanian radio station the fella said…

“Amber Lulu is a very good friend of mine, tumejuana muda mrefu, watu wengi hawamjui Amber Lulu ana roho nzuri, ana rho ya huruma na ni mtu ambaye anayewajali watu wengine na ndio maana mimi na yeye ni mabest”

When asked if he would like to be more than friends with the lady, Prezzo did not beat around the bush as he responded to say:

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“Ni kitu ambacho kinawezakana kwa sababu gani…yeye ni mwanamke, mimi ni mwananume. Ni mrembo kwa nje na ndani, ana roho safi na mimi si deal na watu wenye roho ya kutu kabisa”

He went on to add that his mother is a big fan of Amber Lulu and that the two have already met before making it even easier for him. Anyway… I am not sure whether Amber feels the same way since the last time she was interviewed, the lass expressed her interest in being with Chibu Dangote aka Diamond Platnumz.

Screenshot of Prezzo confessing his love for Noti Flow, are they dating?

So rapper Noti Flow dumped uncle Muss a few weeks ago stating that she was done jumping with men who are not ready to settle down. From her interview the lass went on to add that she is now waiting for Mr Right to complete her world and seems like she has indeed found the one.

After releasing a new song with Prezzo dubbed ‘Tupendane’ their fans could not stop praising the two for preaching peace and love to Kenyans who are currently torn apart between the Nasa and Jubilee leaders.

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However, rapper Prezzo did not get the chance to promote their song leaving many wondering what was happening. But his lady, Noti Flow earlier shared a screenshot of their conversation where Prezzo is seen saying that he lost his phone making it hard for him to share the video.

The rapper who is currently in Tanzania for business goes on to tell Noti Flow how much he loves her leaving us wondering what was going on between the two.

Noti Flow
Noti Flow

Well, we cannot confirm the relationship between these two but all we know is that the two are single since Prezzo’s ex fiancé moved on with her Caucasian man and are now waiting to welcome their first child while Noti already walked out on Uncle Muss.

Anyway, below is the screenshot of the two ‘love birds.’

Prezzo and Noti
Prezzo and Noti

“Prezzo and I are tight” Noti Flow responds following claims Prezzo gave her a raw deal

Noti Flow and Prezzo’s relationship is hard to grasp, one minute they are BFF the next they are enemies. The female rapper has now stepped forth to defend Prezzo against critics who claim he gave her a raw deal.

Late August Noti Flow was at loggerheads with Prezzo after he stood her up in her new video shoot. The lass claimed Prezzo caused her a big loss after he failed to appear in her video shoot for her song ‘Kamatia’.

Noti Flow and Prezzo

Noti Flow and Prezzo ironed out their differences and even dropped a new song together – ‘Tupendane’.  The song conveys a message of peace to Kenyans at this time when deep ethnic division threaten to tear the country apart.

New cracks

Some people claim Prezzo gave Noti Flow a raw deal in their collaboration. Apparently Prezzo has not shared the video on his social media pages when Noti Flow is doing all the donkey work.

Noti Flow however defends Prezzo claiming that the rapper and her were still tight. She explains that Prezzo lost his phone that’s why he’s unable to share their video.

“#peopletalktoomuch ? Well, there u hv it. Prezz n I are tight n the reason he hasn’t shared the video yet is coz he lost his phone just a day ago. He’s out of the country chasin ? . I mean come on , the song is barely 2 days old . #kenyans , I can’t believe some of y’all still hv the audacity to hate on such a genuinely patriotic song. It’s the #peace message we wanted / want to deliver. Please , #tupendane kama WaKenya. ❤??Shauri zenu, sisi tunapendana ? Na wenye wivu…” Noti Flow captioned a screenshot of her conversation with Prezzo.


Noti Flow and Prezzo deliver a special message to Kenyans

The writing on the wall indicate that things are about to go south for Kenya. This is why concerned citizens are trying to hammer sense into fellow compatriots.

Deep tribal divisions is threatening peace and cohesion in Kenya. Artists are trying to ease the tension by sending out peace messages to their fans.

Noti Flow’s ‘Tupendane’

Nameless was first to drop a new jam ‘Oh Why’ a few days ago. Noti Flow and Prezzo have since followed suit with their new jam ‘Tupendane’.

Watch the video below:


“Am financially fit” Prezzo responds after claims he gave Tanzanian studio his bling bling as collateral

Prezzo traveled to Tanzania a fortnight ago for various engagements. Apparently the rapper begged top studios in Tanzania to record his song.

Word has it that Prezzo moved from studio to studio in search of the cheapest offer. Shaffie Weru confirmed this on his column on the pullout of a local daily.

Reports further claim that Prezzo gave out his jewellery as collateral to be allowed to record. The rapper however refuted claims he has gone broke.

All these allegations are started by haters

Prezzo explained that all allegations against him are created out of jealously. He says he’s financially stable because he tagged along two people when he flew to Tanzania.

“All these allegations give people a rush when they point fingers at me. They will say Prezzo does drugs, but then I’ve never been to rehab even once in my lifetime. All these allegations are formulated out of jealousy. For me to travel with my crew already goes to show we are financially fit. If I wasn’t, then I wouldn’t be able to accommodate two other people with me,” said Prezzo.

The controversial rapper also revealed that he bought more jewellery while in Tanzania contrary to claims that he gave out his bling bling as collateral.

“I can even give you my video director’s number. They can confirm that I went there and bought even more jewellery. I came back with more, not less, jewellery. I had my own stylist and I had everything intact. As a matter of fact with three people, we flew there, we didn’t even drive.”



Who did it better showing off guns? 15 photos of Kenyan celebrities brandishing deadly assault rifles

The law forbids brandishing of guns in public. But this does not necessarily stops people from showing off deadly assault rifles.

A few celebrities in Kenya are licensed gun holders. The like of Prezzo is known to carry his gun everywhere he goes. The rapper has also been caught in endless gun dramas.

The majority celebs who do not own guns have also been seen brandishing firearm. The guns they showed off on social media are usually owned by licensed gun owners.

Who did it better?


Mike Sonko’s daughter Salma Mbuvi


Mike sonko

Vanessa Chettle




Babu Owino


Shaffie Weru






Nyota Ndogo


Mother-In-Law’s actor Mustafa


Mzazi Willy Tuva

Drama in Tanzania! TID warns Prezzo to use condom when sleeping with Amber Lulu as Gigy Money calls him ‘chawa’

Drama king Prezzo left Tanzania in shambles following his romantic escapade with popular Tanzanian socialite Amber Lulu.

The controversial Kenyan rapper was in Tanzania a week ago and he’s already dominating headlines in Bongo for all the wrong reasons.

Prezzo hooked up with popular Tanzanian  video vixen-cum-socialite Amber Lulu the moment he touched down in Dar es Salaam. The two lovebirds were seen in public display of affection at various places including hotels and bars.

Amber Lulu and Prezzo

Prezzo’s involvement with Amber Lulu prompted onetime Bongo superstar TID to warn him. The ‘Siamini’ hit maker advised Prezzo to use a condom when making out with Amber Lulu who has a bad reputation in Tanzania.

“Prezzo kula bata mwanangu fanya mambo na Amber Lulu, Prezzo pole sana jiongeze mtu wangu, tumia mpira (condom) ya gharama zaidi ambayo hujawahi kutumia kabla, kwa sababu sehemu unayokwenda ni moto,” TID said.


The Kenyan rapper told EATV that he was disappointed by TID decision to warn him in public, he said that the singer ought to have called him because he had his contact.

“Namshangaa mshkaji wangu, kuna watu huwa wananiingia kwa kona mbaya, ukiingia kwa kona mbaya mimi ni msela nitakuzingua, kitu ambacho sijafurahia ni kwenda kutangaza kwenye TV, yeye ni mshkaji wangu angenipigia simu akaniambia, na sio kuniharibia ‘mood’ yangu”, Prezzo said.

Meanwhile another Tanzanian socialite Gigy Money was not pleased that Prezzo hooked up with fellow socialite Amber Lulu. Gigy Money told EATV that the Kenyan playboy was a louse (chawa).

Gigy Money

“Prezzo chawa tu kama chawa wengine tunaweka, we kamshobokea katoka Kenya kuja Bongo unashangaa nini, umemuona Lulu ameenda Kenya mzuri huyo sio mbaya kwa hiyo nyiye tulieni tu na wengine watakuja kutoka Mardagasca, UK,” said Gigy Money.







Boss Moves: Prezzo reveals why he met up with Nairobi’s Governor, Mike Sonko

Rapper Prezzo has lately been keeping a low profile making many wonder what he has been up to. However, I have learnt that the fella has been up and down working on different projects.

While many might think that he has been stressing over his ex getting pregnant for her new beau…the rapper has been handling matters that will help many youths who are caught up in drugs and those handling illegal weapons.
Speaking to popular news outlet the rapper came out to confirm that he indeed met up with Governor Mike Sonko just recently where they talked about several issues that will help the youths in the country. He said;

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“Yes, it is true I paid a courtesy call on Governor Sonko in his office and among the things we talked about was the issue of drug abuse and illegal guns in the hands of youths, not only in Nairobi but also in other urban centres across the country. I have first-hand experience in this and I am offering myself to articulate the issues,”

Having been caught up in drugs a while back, Prezzo said that he is now reformed and is focusing on helping others who are facing the same problem. He concluded by adding;

Before and After; Prezzo

“I am a reformed CMB Prezzo and right now, my focus is on serving my generation through such openings and using my life experience as a reform ambassador for youths,”

Well this is a move we expect our leaders to concentrate on and hopefully Prezzo will make a difference as our Youths seem to be caught up in the fast life that forces them to use drugs and at the same time choose the life of crime to satisfy their needs.

Prezzo reveals why he is not in contact with his 7 year old daughter

Rapper Prezzo has opened up for the first time to reveal why he is not close with his 7 year old daughter despite being the biological father.

The fella who is popularly known for his scandals and current beef with Mustafa told Kalekye Mumo, that it has been a while swings he talked to his ex wife following their complicated relationship that ended a few years ago.


Prezzo’s ex wife with their daughter

According to him, his ex-wife Daisy Kiplagat was in love with Jackson and not rapper Prezzo and for this reason they had split since the rapper was not willing to let go of his career for his family. He said;

“Marriage life was good because I got a beautiful baby girl out of that. But Daisy loved Jackson Ngechu Makini but hated Prezzo but I couldn’t let go of the brand since I took so long to build it,”

When asked about his daughter, Prezzo said that he did not file for the custody of the child to avoid traumatizing his daughter with the nasty struggles that come up during divorce cases. He said;

“I never ever went to court to claim (my daughter) because whatever is put on Google will never be erased. I don’t want my daughter to go on Google and see this conflict between her mum and her dad,”

He however made it clear that he has given Daisy time to exhale because at the end of the day they will always remain connected since they have a child together. He also added that he has never hit her and will always respect her.

“It’s complicated. I think Daisy just needs some time to exhale. I would never ever talk ill about Daisy because she is the mother of my child. There was no violence. She gave birth to a beautiful girl for me so I have never laid my hands on a woman.”

Prezzo’s mum shows off her rapping skills before planting a kiss on her son (Video)

Rapper Prezzo is among the few artists who flaunt their parents on social media. So far we know that he enjoys taking his mother out for dinner if they are not home keeping up with a movie or just chilling.

The ‘bad boy’ recently shared a video hanging out with his mother – who by the way has proved to be a big fan of her sons songs.

After Prezzo introduced her to his fans, she takes the opportunity to express how much she adores her son before she starts rapping to his popular song Ma fans before Prezzo joins to sing along with his mama.

Well, the video has left most of his fans impressed by how close the two are and for seeing Prezzo for once acting humble his mother. Watch the video below;

Female rapper who bedded Prezzo falls victim to his deception again

Ladies have complained about Prezzo a zillion times, but somehow the bad boy rapper still gets new victims. This time round it was a female rapper.

Female rapper Noti Flow is at loggerheads with Prezzo after he stood her up in her new video shoot. For starters, Noti Flow and Prezzo know each other all too well, they caused stir last year when they shagged and shared photos of their moment together on social media.

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Noti Flow now claims Prezzo has caused her a big loss after he failed to appear in her video shoot for her new song dubbed ‘Tupendane.’

Noti Flow

She claims that on the eve of the shoot, Prezzo started giving her all sorts of excuses not bearing in mind that she had paid Kes 100,000 for the closure of part of Nairobi CBD where the shoot was set to happen.

Noti Flow also said that it was Prezzo who demanded to be featured in her video, only to stand her up even after she paid for a Kes 10,000 suit which Prezzo was to wear.

“This s**t nigga stood me up on my video shoot of the song that he had actually requested me to include him. On the eve of the day, he started giving me all manners of excuses including telling me that I was close to Colonel Mustafa whom he doesn’t get along with and whom he had a feeling would be part of the shoot. Prezzo never paid a dime, all he needed was to be there. Even the suit he was to wear on the day I had paid for it but he never went for the measurements until a day to the video shoot. Who does that? He is such an a** hole,” Noti Flow ranted.


Prezzo explains himself as to why he wished death upon Colonel Mustafa, things just got personal!

Just recently Mustafa Colonel was involved in a road accident that saw his fellow Nairobi Diaries co-star Luwi get admitted to hospital and is currently fighting for his life as he suffered major injuries.

However, when friends started sending get well Prezzo apparently said that Mustafa should have been the one in Luwi’s shoes since he deserves it.

Prezzo Mustapha

His statements caught many by surprise as many did not understand why Prezzo could wish death upon someone he has known for over 10 years now.

However…Prezzo has finally opened up to explain why he said this and boy does he sound mad. He wrote;

“Cha kwanza jiulizeni nilimkosea nini huyu uncle Kalulu? Cha pili we ni Mpumbavu kwa kumtukana Mamangu. Ila ntakuweka kwa maombi. My brother Luwi I love u and I know ur strong, I’m also not worried coz Allah is in control so it shall be well.#Rapcellency #TheMakiniTeam.”


He went on to add;

“Hii niliisoma na iliniuma sana. Hadi wa leo nakumbuka tarehe huyu taila alintukania mamangu mpendwa. So nilikuwa na interview juzi na @mpashogram nikafungua roho yangu kwa uchungu sana kwasaabu mamangu ni Mungu wangu wa pili. So uncle ukwaju, sijui uncle Mnato aliona ni jukumu lake kuntukania mamangu mpendwa. Kuna waloniingilia kuhusu nilichosema kwenye interview yangu waliponiuliza kumhusu huyu chakubimbi. On the real, I’d really like to take this moment to say….I am so so so apologetic to absolutely no one!!. Mamangu Ndio kila kitu Kwangu. Hakuna kalulu yeyote ana haki ya kumtukana. Bara letu la Africa linatufunza kuwaheshimu wazazi na wakubwa wetu so Mustapha tusi uliomtukana mamangu hata hivyo ni starehe ya babangu. Tafuta kiki kutoka kwangu mimi Prezzo na sio mamangu!!!#

But was is it really fair to say that?