Hit or a miss? Singer Dela modifies her white ‘sisal-like’ wig to this new look (Photos)

A few days ago Kenyans on social media went ham on Dela who stepped out with a wig that clearly looked like a white mop!

The photo shared on her Instagram was to hint that she might be up to a new project with fellow singer Nyashinski…however, seems that no one was interested in this as her wig had already caught their attention.

Dela rocking her white wig

Most fans left mean comments that could have triggered Dela to modify her white wig to a new look. Well, from a few photos shared from her recent performance at the Nokia Launch event – Dela is seen wearing the same wig which she seems to have dyed black at front part giving it a ‘new’ touch but come on….anyway below are the photos showing her new look!

Dela modifies her wig
Dela at the Nokia Launch

Glamour as OPPO holds a glitzy affair to launch their latest phone, black and classy!

Upcoming fashion designers on Wednesday showcased their creations at the OPPO F3 Black Limited Edition launch.

Various models took to the runway in a glitzy display of style and elegance that was attended by top personalities in Kenya’s fashion and entertainment industry.

Guests took in designs from Ian Omondi and Brian Mathews of Taisere Design, Carol Oyugi of House Korasewn and Hellen Githinji from G_ by Githinji in 2 hour long display at Radisson Blu Hotel.

With Kenya’s fashion industry being one of the most vibrant on the continent, the OPPO Fashion Night was established to showcase how mobile technology has enabled the fashion industry to break new ground in regards to designs, job creation, marketing opportunities and influencing popular culture.

A prime example of how mobile technology has impacted fashion is the heightened use if social media platform Instagram which has greatly enhanced the popularity of fashion influencers like Diana Opoti and Joy Kendi

“This is a great opportunity to work with a company like OPPO because it is my first corporate collaboration. I’m excited that they believed in me,” said Hellen Githinji.

It’s also fantastic for the fashion industry because it shows it is growing and the opportunities are endless. We usually just have stand-alone fashion shows but to combine a show with a phone launch says a lot,” she added.

With the new OPPO F3 Black Limited Edition offering a new direction in regards to style, OPPO is banking on the device to help them make inroads in the premium smartphone segment.

The designs on the runway were heavily inspired by the device’s matte black colour, sleek curved design and cutting edge technology.

“My inspiration comes from literally anything-be it a picture, a vision or even a phone- I get influenced by what is around us,” said Hellen.

The creations also represent OPPO’s vision of being trendsetters and being at the forefront of technology and lifestyle industries.

“This show is more than just launching the OPPO F3 Black Limited Edition. We are giving new designers the opportunity to show the world what they are capable in a very competitive industry,” said OPPO Mobile Kenya Brand Director Jessie Wu.

“Today’s event mirrors the same philosophy that we take with our products which is being edgy, stylish and catering to various tastes,” said Mr. Wu.
“The matte black colour is in response to our users varied lifestyles and fashion preferences,” he added.

The new version which will be available at authorized resellers comes with a pre-installed screen protector, jelly case, fingerprint reader, a 16 megapixel front camera and a two years official warranty for added value and protection.

The F3’s 16MP lens creates high quality selfie plus an 8MP lens for wide angle group selfies. With both lenses working in tandem, users are guaranteed a new level of selfie experience in the modern and social lifestyle.

It also possesses other leading design features including the ColorOS 3.0 operating system, thin body design with 6-inch screen dual-slot card tray and an octa-core processor backed by 4GB RAM. A 4,000mAh built-in battery gives the F3 and endurance of more than 17 hours.

The phone will retail for Kshs. 32,990 at outlets across the country.

At 2 years, Princess Latiffah Dangote can already walk in heels (Video)

Latiffah Dangote popularly known as Tiffah is Zari Hassan’s first and only daughter and for this reason the toddler seems to get everything she wants.

It is a new experience to have a baby girl in the house since Zari had earlier been raising 3 boys before she was blessed with baby Latiffah after getting pregnant for Tanzanian singer Diamond Platnumz.

Tiffah rocking her new hairdo
Tiffah rocking her new hairdo

Anyway, from what many say…Tiffah seems to be Zari’s favorite child – only because she can easily connect with the baby girl her since her boys prefer playing with cars and play stations but now she has a daughter to pamper and bond with.

In the recent videos shared on Tiffah’s Instagram page, one can tell that Zari enjoys watching her daughter play with her make up, performs and even her super expensive heels which she can actually walk in.

Tiffah walking in her mum’s heels

In one video shows Tiffany walking in her mum’s like green pumps and from the caption, Zari seems excited to watch her baby pull a move that her aunt Esma (Diamond Platnumz sister) can’t. Anyway checkout the video below;



Positive or Negative? Watch Bridget Achieng get HIV test on camera!

Bridget Achieng who is a cast member at Nairobi Diaries reality show has taken an HIV test live on social media to show her fans her status.

The lass who is rumored to be in the same business as Vera Sidika and many more has before admitted to be offered money for sex…but as expected she never got into details as this is her private life!

Bridget Achieng
Bridget Achieng

In the video the lass is heard expressing her relief as the results come out negative and goes on to say that she is now planning to lay off unsafe sex until she settles down with her husband in future.

Doing this has however left many asking whether she has been involved in multiple partners since she seemed scared at first. Anyway, this move has encourage people to get tested for the virus, remembering that people who are HIV positive can live longer if they take their medicines and eat right!

Watch the video below;


Stylish like their daddy! Here is the new adorable photo of Lulu Hassan’s sons

Rashid Abdalla and Lulu Hassan must be proud of their two cute sons that we only get to see once in a while as the celebrity parents like to keep their private lives on the low.

Lulu with her sons

For this reason both Rashid Abdalla and Lulu Hassan often share work related posts on their social media pages, however just recently the Citizen Tv Swahili news anchor uploaded a new photo to show off her grown sons who seem to be following into their dad’s stylish ways.

They were pictured dressed in denim-on-denim outfits which they paired with suspenders and straw hats which undeniably looked cute on them. Lulu on the other hand captioned the photo saying:

So there are these boys who kinda stole my heart ❤️. They call me mommy…

Here is a photo of the cute boys!

Rashid Abdalla and Lulu Hassan’s sons

Anne Kiguta flaunts her beautiful natural hair that will leave most women jealous, we can bet on it! (Photos)

There is special about a curvy woman, with dark or brown skin who knows how to take care of her natural hair.

Whether you like it or not, most men detest weaves and prefer seeing their women rocking their natural hair but due to the pressure of always trying to look ‘modern’ women will always wear the fake hair!

Well, Anne Kiguta also like to wear weaves and truth be told – very few have seen her wearing her natural hair.

However I bumped into one of her Instagram videos and managed to get screenshots of her stunning natural hair that looks like a big Afro!

Her natural hair has left many questioning why she even wears fake hair when she has such beautiful natural hair underneath.

As expected the mother of three did not respond but you can take a look at her hair in the photos below.

Doesn’t she look lovely!

Issa problem! Singer Dela trolled after stepping out with this white wig

Singer Dela might be the sexiest singer we have come across in the longest time. She is playing in her own league – that is vocally and I bet the only person who is in her level musically is Victoria Kimani.

Away from that, Dela is not as sassy as we expected her to be. Let us just say that she is a simple lady who enjoys trying out new things and this is how she ended up with a wig that apparently looks like a mob.

Okay…to be honest the hair wasn’t that bad but the person who fixed it left her looking abit crazy and I bet we can all agree to this after checking out the photo below.

Fans on the other hand could not let this slide and decided to tell her the bitter truth with Zero chills judging from what some wrote….below are some of the comments left under the photo;

Betty Kyallo’s brother opens up about his struggle with depression and mental illness

Betty Kyallo’s brother, Brian Msafari has come out to reveal that he has been battling with Bipolar II disorder which is a form of mental illness.

Bipolar II is similar to bipolar I disorder, with moods cycling between high and low over time.
However, in bipolar II disorder, the “up” moods never reach full-blown mania or rather never get out of hand.

In an interview with The Standard, Brian Msafari opened up about his story which has touched many who did not know that he was going through a situation that has saw him come out as a conqueror thanks to his supportive family. He said,

“ I have a bipolar 2 disorder so it never gets to the point of suicide or self-harm. I just go through periods where I am so low, a period where every day is a bad day, and no matter how much alcohol you take it does not give you a high. In fact, nothing you do or take can get rid of the dark clouds in your life; You are trapped in a depressive State. Imagine having continuous bad days that will just not let up no matter what you do. Then when you are on a manic stage you feel like you can conquer the world, and during this stage, I can even do three days straight of no sleep and in the past, I would be doing two or three projects at ago and somehow manage.”

Brian went on to add how his sister, Betty Kyallo has been supportive for the last 3 years saying;

 “I have been dealing with depression as a result of bipolar for the last 3 years. Betty was always there for me even despite the fact that she was also going through her own struggles. She would go for Check ups with me and walked with me every step of the way.”

Betty Kyallo on other hand shared the beautiful message below congratulating her brother for being brace enough to share his story with the world. He said;

“Bro, I’m so proud of you for coming out and telling your inspiring story. May you impact lives and families dealing with what you went through I’m happy that you have gone through the fire and came out stronger with si much zeal for life. Love you to pieces. ❤️ #Stronger.”

Inside Lilian Muli’s fancy living room

Citizen TV’s news anchor Lilian Muli is among the most secretive media personalities we have in the entertainment industry.

She has however been sharing a few photos on her social media pages to show the life she lives when not on air.

I recently bumped into one of her photos where she is seen hanging out with her son in her living room. Though the photo does not show much apart from the TV and home theater stands – we are quite sure that she is living the good life!

Anyway, the lass has lately been spending a lot of time with her son despite her busy schedule and from her photos one can tell that she is one proud mother who knows how to juggle her work, son’s time and her own time to have fun.

Checkout the photo below;

This is how Janet Mbugua’s husband and his twin brother celebrated their birthday

Eddie Ndichu and Paul Ndichu turned a year older yesterday marking another milestone in their lives. The twins who are popularly known in the entertainment industry are also married to some of the big names we have making headlines in the country.

Eddie and Paul Ndichu

According to their social media pages, the Ndichu brothers celebrated their birthday at J’s Fresh bar and Kitchen located somewhere in Karen. From the photos and videos, the two were joined by their wives and close friends on this special day.

Janet Mbugua who is married to Eddie Ndichu shared a special message where she described her husband as her lover and friend on one of the many photos she shared to celebrate him. She wrote saying;

#Happy birthday to my lover and friend… God keep you!

Paul Ndichu’s wife also couldn’t help from appreciating her husband on his special day as she wrote to say,

It’s my husband’s birthday!! Happy birthday Mwaura. Love you forever bff and happy birthday to bro @Eddie Ndichu. We love you all and appreciate you. May God bless you with many more!

President Uhuru Kenyatta narrates his never heard before love story of how he met his wife

There are several love stories of couples who have been together for over 30 years and still counting but nothing beats President Uhuru Kenyatta’s love story of how he met the First Lady when he was still in high school.

President Uhuru Kenyatta and his family

Well, according Kiss 100 who first highlighted the story… President Uhuru Kenyatta met his wife Margret Kenyatta through her brother who he was schooling with at St Mary’s School.

Apparently the president revealed that Margret’s younger brother was the one who introduced him the two of them and that is how they both fell in love and settled down to start a family together. He said,

“Her brother was my friend in high school. Through him, I managed to meet his younger sister and we started off a relationship that has lasted from High school till now, and I’m thankful to God for that.”

He went on to add that some of the partners we meet now might be the people we spend our forever with.

“Who you meet today as a friend and a partner may be your First Lady tomorrow. The girl I met in High School is the First Lady…(laughs)”

After Davido, Sauti Sol planning to work with Wizkid?

Our close sources inform us that Sauti Sol and Davidi have an amazing project set to be released before the end of the year. Though we did not get more details about the song, we are sure that it will be one of the greatest projects we have seen this year from the boys.

There song with C4 Pedro is not only taking over the airwaves in East Africa but in Africa as a whole. Their latest hit song #friendzone is also proving to be an anthem among fans who cannot help but sing along to each and every lyric in the song.


Away from that, we understand that the boys (Sauti Sol) had an opportunity to hangout with Wizkid during his recent trip to Kenya. We are not quite sure whether they are up to a new project but we so since they were with Cedo.

Photo Courtesy of Tinseh

Wizkid brings down KICC with an electrifying performance despite the rain!

On Saturday 22nd July, Nigerian singer Wizkid managed to attract an audience of over 10 thousand fans who availed themselves to catch a glimpse of the singer performing in Nairobi.

Wizkid in Kenya

Wizkid totally shutdown Nairobi as fans struggled to get into KICC even after he was done performing. Word has it that the police were forced to come help out the bouncers as the crowd had gotten out of control.

Wizkid in Nairobi

The singer however completely pulled off a great show in Nairobi despite the star girl (Huddah) jetted off to Tanzania where American rapper Future was performing alongside South African rapper,Cassper Nyovest.

Anyway, Wizkid continues to wow many as he leaves no stone unturned as he takes his performances round the world. Watch his amazing performance in Kenya.



Stunning! Real Housewives of Atlanta star Shamea Weds her Kenyan sweetheart Gerald in a star studded wedding

This past weekend was the Real Housewives of Atlanta were in the country to celebrate one of their cast members, Shamea’s wedding that went down at the Fairmont Mount Kenya Safari Club.

The lovely African American lady exchanged her vows with her boyfriend of 3 years Gerald Mwangi in front of close friends, relatives and family who availed themselves for the special occasion.

Judging from the photos making rounds on social media it is quite clear to see that Shamea was joined by her fellow cast members that is, Kandi and her husband Todd Tucker, T.I’s ex wife (Tiny) l, her dad and elder sisters among others.

Looking at the photos and videos there is no doubt that Shamea definitely gave her new Kenyan family something to talk about as her wedding gown looked like something out of a fairytale.

Below are the photos from the ceremony;

Mishi Dorah shuts down abortion and miscarriage rumors by sharing new baby bump photo

Nairobi Diaries cast Mishi Dorah has seen it all so far. She is not a favorite to many but luckily, she cares less about what fans say about or rather think of her.

Just recently word has it that the actress cum mother of two children had an abortion terminating her pregnancy now that the baby daddy had denied taking up the responsibilities. Others however claim that she suffered a miscarriage after her fight with one of her co-actors.

Anyway…seems that all these rumors were all lies. Mishi Dorah shared a new photo parading her huge baby bump which has left many surprised at how big it has grown.

Well…we are not sure whether her white man or Rayvanny is the one responsible for her pregnancy. Check out the photo below;

Mishi Dorah

Sarah Hassan shares a photo hanging out with her look alike sister, team Mafisi take a look!

Sassy and sexy Sarah Hassan has been missing from the Kenyan entertainment scene for a while now that she relocated to the United States with her husband.

She was however back in the country a few months ago for her wedding that went down at the Karura Forest – which saw only friends and family attend the beautiful ceremony.

Life in the United States looks like it is favoring her as she keeps looking hotter in each new photo she shares on her Instagram page. Just recently she uploaded a photo introducing her look-alike ‘sister’ (Wanja Hadashah) leaving many confused by their beauty.

We are not sure whether they are biological sisters or just friends who call each other sister-sister. Anyway, check out their photo below;


Mama Diamond Platnumz sends Zari’s family this message as they mourn the loss of their mum

Death comes like a thief, it robs us our loved ones but since it not a disease that can be cured…we all live knowing that it will one day come for us.

This morning Zari Hassan and her entire family woke up to bad news of their mum passing away at a certain hospital in Uganda where she had been admitted. The socialite announced this through her social media shocking fans and friends who quickly rushed to console her.

Her baby daddy Diamond Platnumz also did the same and now his mother ‘mama Dangote’ has shared a post through her social media to console the mother of her grandchildren as she goes through this trying time.

Mama Dangote however kept brief as she wrote saying

Nairobi Diaries star denies sleeping with ‘Uncle Muss’, but is she being sincere?

This is not the first time Noti Flow has come out to deny or rather brush off rumors claiming that she has been getting intimate with Colonel Mustafa also known as uncle ‘uncle Miss’ from the Nairobi Diaries show.

Uncle Muss with Noti Flow

According to the singer cum rapper, they are just friends who happen to share a similar vision and this is what connects them! Speaking during a recent interview apparently the lady said;

“I’m not smashing Moustapha. He is a good friend and we get along in many ways; we share a vision. Actually, Moustapha has just called me, we are supposed to be having a photo shoot together.”

She went on to add that she is aware that people have been claiming that they are smashing on the low but this does not bother her since she knows her self. She said;

“I know people have been talking about us and the blogs have been busy too, may be that’s what they want to see,”

Do you think she is being sincere? Anyway, we will soon find out as Mustafa has always been one to kiss and tell (oops!).

Stunning: Nyota Ndogo parades her curves and thick legs in tiny red dress!

Kenyan singer Nyota Ndogo is not any average lady. She is a wife, mother and a pretty hard working lady that has been through all sorts of hardships to get to where she is right now.

In the past few years, the lady has been keeping a low profile about her life and family but after her wedding to her Caucasian man the lady released a few projects that have seen her rise to the top – getting back to where she was.

Anyway, just recently she stepped out looking fabulous in a short figure hugging dress that portrayed her curves that very few people knew she was hiding under her buibui.

Well, if you haven’t seen the photo then check it out below;

Nyota Ndogo

KDF soldiers caught on camera shooting innocent Kenyan in broad daylight

When we are busy praying for the Kenyan defense force to remain safe due to some of the challenges they face as they serve the nation, a video certain video has surfaced online igniting anger among the Kenyan citizens.

The video shows three men wearing the KDF uniform shooting a man believed to be a fellow citizen with no mercy and in the background one can actually hear one of them speaking fluent Swahili – something that confirmed the soldiers are Kenyan.

Judging them position the man wearing green shorts and at shirt with no shoes on his feet it is easy to tell that he had surrendered but from how he was shot one would think he was armed with explosives or even a gun…but the video clearly shows how defenseless he looked.

From the video we can all tell that he received several shots and even after dying they kept pumping more bullets in his body. What’s more surprising is that the video was taken by one of the soldiers who might have shared it widely.

Kenyans on the other hand have been expressed their disgust towards the video and if anything, this must be one of the very few things we get to see as we all remain behind the curtain.

Checkout the video below;

video courtesy of YouTube.


Diamond Platnumz rumored baby mama cries out for help after realizing she is wasting her life in cheap liquor

Word on the street is that Chibu Dangote aka Diamond Platnumz sired a daughter with one lady by the name of Hawa a few years ago before he became famous.

Hawa is the lady he featured in one of his songs dubbed ‘Nitarejea‘ that was released back in 2013. During a recent interview with Udaku exclusive, one of Tanzanian radio shows – Hawa revealed that she has a daughter with the singer but due to his career, they decided to keep her on the low.

Away from that, Hawa recently had an with Global Publisher from Tanzania where she opened up about her struggle with cheap liquor (gongo) to relieve herself from the stress she feels.

Diamond Platnumz with Hawa from Nitarejea

The lady says she started using the cheap liquor since she is not in a place to buy good liquor. Her main reason is to forget that her husband of 1 year left her without saying where he was going and it has now been 2 years since she heard from the fella.

Anyway, right now she is pleading with her fans and the government to intervene as she is willing to quit the liquor but needs someone to do so.


Below is the video she was featured in;


Meet Jamal Gaddafi’s younger handsome brother, he is single too!

Truth be told, Jamal Gaddafi is not any average guy. He is not only hard working but one with class, has good taste in fashion and from what I hear…he also has a good personality.

Well, his younger ‘ brother’ who happens to be a male model is also following into his footsteps. He has great taste in fashion and has entrepreneurship skills as he owns a couple of business in the country.

As revealed the young man goes by the name of Habib (Habib_kenya) and from the few photos I managed to get there is no doubt that he has learnt a lot from his mentor who also happens to be his big brother.

He has however been keeping a low profile until Jamal introduced him to his fans. Anyway, below are a few photos of Habib.

H_art the band involved in yet another road accident

Uliza Kiatu hit makers were yesterday involving in a road accident that left their bumper damaged as reveal on their social media pages.

They shared a photo to show how damaged their was and captioned it to thank God for helping each one of them walk out alive once more from the accident.

“Sasa hizi ndio gani aaarghh!!!”

This is however not the first time the boys are getting caught up in this kind of situation and for a minute I am now starting to question their driving skills. Sometime last year they also revealed to have been involved in an accident along road and announced this through their Instagram page as they wrote to say,

“Truly, God is our Healer & Our Protector. This morning we got into a grisly accident & we Thank the Lord that none of us got seriously injured but one thing for sure is, for that split second just as we thought it was our last God rescued us & reminded us that truly, if the Lord is With You then nothing can harm you. We maybe in pain but don’t worry, we are OK *sisi ni maninja, we will survive*. Thank you all who put us in your Prayers Daily they keeps us going through our day., may the Lord Bless you”

Below is the photo they shared after their first accident.

“Avril is fake and has no talent!” Popular Tanzanian singer blasts ‘uko’ hit maker

This is the first time we are hearing someone claim that Avril from Kenya has no talent.

Well, not everyone will be your fan or support what you do and this what one Tanzanian singer by the name of AT did to ‘Nikimuona‘ hit maker during his recent interview.

According to A.T, Avril is just a basic singer with no talent and he questions why most Tanzanian artist always wish to work with her despite her lack of talent.

Speaking to CloudsFM in Tanzanian the singer says he discovered this after working with Avril in a song that is yet to be released.

This was however a few years ago and since Avril did not deliver as expected he opted to keep the Jam on the low as he feared wasting the good beat on a project that was not going anywhere.

We are not quite sure whether the two have any personal issues…. but all I can say that -it’s a shame to have a man like him speaking ill of a woman in public since once you disrespect a woman in public, then who will teach the youth to respect women in the society.

This is what he said;


Ringtone takes shots at those bleaching their skin, yes Khaligraph Jones is in the list!

Controversial gospel singer Ringtone has always been open his thoughts and as usual, he never filters what he says whether bitter or sweet.

In his recent interview with popular news outlet, Ringtone called out those bleaching their skins in order to look more attractive. This is however something that he does not support as he believed we were all created in the image of God. Speaking to Pulse, the singer said…

“If the Bible says you were fearfully and wonderfully made, why should you go on bleaching or doing other forms of body modifications? Are you a car?”

He went on to condemn the act by strongly saying the society should not entertain this…

“I mean, unless it’s there are healthy risks and out of doctor’s advice, why would you re-model your look. No! We can’t keep on entertaining this,”

Well, this comes a few weeks after Khaligraph Jones was trolled for bleaching…but did he really care? I guess not!

“You would have made a beautiful bride” Fans praise Size 8 after stepping out in stunning white wedding dress

Singer Size 8 is undeniably one of the most stylish mums we have in the entertainment industry. She is simple when it comes to her outfits, but mama Ladasha always finds a way to look amazing in everything she wears.

Anyway, a few years ago she got married to the love of her life, DJ Mo – in a civil marriage that only allowed those close to her attend.

And since it seems that she did not want something exaggerated, the still enjoys her marriage – together with the DJ Mo and their baby.

Size 8 and her family
Size 8 and her family

The singer has however left many questioning why she did not choose a white wedding while others praised her fine looks and figure after stepping out in a gorgeous white dress….that clearly shows how much she would have stunned on her wedding.

But as expected, the singer did not respond to the questions and captioned to say the dress she had worn was from one of her latest song which she recently released.

Below is the beautiful photo;