Willy Paul attracts massive backlash after copy-pasting Diamond Platnumz’ hairstyle (Video)

Willy Paul is back at it again and this time, he seems to be lagging behind with Diamond’s trend of hairstyles.

Pozze has been known to be striving to emulate Tanzanian superstar, Diamond Platnumz, at one point trying to put together a look similar to the Bongo artist before it proved a hefty price to pay and a fashion too hard to keep up with.

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Willy Paul called out for copying Diamond with new hairstyle in 2018

Next was the hairstyle, loosely tied long dreadlocks that saw the former gospel artist trend for a better part of late 2018. Pozze ditched it soon as he realized it was getting him nowhere and opted for a shorter Mohawk look that was a bit easier for him to maintain.

Plus, fans were not going to get off his back, consistently accusing him of copying Diamond’s trends with zero creativity of his own looks and fashion.

Controversial artist, Willy Paul

Pozze’s new hairdo

But now, he is back at it. Whether for clout chasing or if indeed Platnumz is his role model, the kiddo has opted for the short clumsy dreads that never ever looked good on Diamond. Actually, they just made him look wild but who is Willy Paul? He went for it.

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Ex-couple, Tanasha and Diamond

This is in a series of videos on his Instagram page that saw him brag to fans about his new hairstyle and his so-called soothing voice screaming; “NEW HAIR STYLE!!” And for those that could not help but criticize him, he stated; “Meza kinyongo.”



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That did not however stop fans from giving their two cents about the new hairstyle in town. Some mistook him for Otile Brown, others, calling upon Tanzania’s Nandy to come check out her ‘guy’.

kellykhumaloza 😂😂😂 So this hairstyle is introduced with a high note 👏🏽👏🏽

Willy paul mchafu😂😂🚀🚀

Otile brown me hupenda ngoma zako ..❤️💥🙏

Hiyo hair style imeweza eiiish,,,African princess umegotewa😂😂🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

Will unapenda kuturingia sana


Milly Chebby slays in two piece bikini leaving many with lustful thoughts! (Photos)

Terence Creative is a lucky man and he knows it! Having a hardworking woman like Milly Chebby brought out the best in him; and thanks to an interview done on Jalango’s YouTube show we managed to get the full information.

Just like any other couple the two have had their ups and downs but mostly; what matters is that they have been helping each other grow throughout the many years they have been together.

Life at the top has also not been so good as they both receive a lot of criticism from fans who barely know them personally! So far they have both been laughed at for having big bodies; but the good thing is that they barely care about unnecessary noise made on social media.

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For this reason, Milly Chebby this weekend decided to bless out timelines with never seen before bikini photos on her page. If you thought big women cannot slay in swimsuits; then allow Milly Chebby to refresh your memory.

Milly Chebby’s Yummy mummy side

For someone who welcomed a baby about a year ago, clearly Milly Chebby knows how to maintain her body! Yes, she may not be petite but looking at her photos before pregnancy and post pregnancy she appears to have added no weight!

In fact she actually looks way hotter and now that he has learnt to embrace her body!  This past weekend she spent some quality time by the pool enjoying some swim sessions; however looking at the photos on her page seems like fans were only interested in her bikini and curves!

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Anyway below are the thirst trap photos giving many sleepless nights on social media.

Milly Chebby slays in Bikini photos
Chebby slaying in new swimsuit photos

Video of Jamal Gaddafi and Naseeb Junior bonding sparks mixed reactions

The relationship between TV personality Jamal Gaddafi and singer Tanasha Donna is one only the two understand best.

But truth is, their bond only stands the test of time, growing stronger and tighter each passing day, as Jamal’s family warmly embraces Tanasha as a part of them and this has only silenced the critics.

Tanasha Donna dining with Jamal Gaddafi among other guests

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The two first made a public appearance together after Tanasha aka Aisha revealed she was now Islam during the first Iftar 2020 and since then, the two have been the talk of town.

Jamal Gaddafi with Tanasha Donna

They have been spending some quality time together, labeling each other as part of one team but what has caught the eyes of many is an adorable video of baby Naseeb bonding with Jamal Gaddafi as his mom keeps busy in the background.

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Jamming to her new track Liar, a little Naseeb Junior, struggling to comprehend what is happening around him, could only stare at the beauties and the screen, keeping it all to himself.

Tanasha with baby Naseeb Junior

In the background, Jamal’s family could be spotted rocking to Tanasha’s Liar track, pretty conversant with the lyrics. The singer whose heart had been gladdened by the adorable voices and love for her new track, would occasionally adore her son with kisses.

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Funny enough, a little Naseeb had already tagged Jamal as his Uncle, spending more time together and finding comfort in his arms.


Mixed reactions

Fans reacted to the new video, some excited and impressed by the TV presenter’s kindness and wholesomeness to accommodate Tanasha when she was at her lowest.

nikki_montent Tanasha with today’s society it’s not easy to get someone like Jamaal who really supports you emotionally like the way this guy has done to Yu. So happy for Yu , that’s called favour from God 🙏 keep up N. Be strong dear.


yasmin_lyall True friends don’t come easy. Alhamdulilah Tanasha is blessed and her team too. May you all prosper


munirataib Tanasha looks nice with abaya.. keep it up mashaAllah


trizahlizer Jamal u are a blessing u stood with tanasha ,may Allah bless u nd ur family


officialllavinediva Naseeb amekasirika Nini jamani❤️❤️


japhet618 Jamal you’ve got a golden heart💖may allah bless you abundantly


maisara.maulid 😅😅hyo mtandale anaona zogo t hpo😅

Sauti Sol’s Polycarp Otieno and Lady Mandy officially welcome newborn (Video)

It marks roughly 9 months since Polycarp and wife Lady Mandy were expectant.

The pair gladly broke the news of a newborn on board on May 2. One who was going to be the first of Sauti Sol’s babies and who the 4 gents could not wait to welcome.

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The clock kept ticking, with videos of the couple preparing those delicacies in their kitchen, at other times, Lady Mandy stepping out for couple of photoshoots, her belly gradually protruding as weeks went by but unsure of the set date, fans kept hoping that the D-day would eventually come.

Polycarp’s wife Lady Mandy heavily expectant

True to it, the day was but around the corner. The couple was speculated to be gracing the delivery room early last week but it backfired, however, that was only a window to greater things, one that has now become the reality.

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The D-day

Breaking the news during their interview yesterday with Churchill Ndambuki, Polycarp who was present for the first half, could not help but seem uneasy, constantly starring at his phone and keeping it close, waiting for that call that was forever going to change his life.

Polycarp Otieno and Lady Mandy finally welcome newborn

As the 5 engaged in a heated discussion coupled with a few light moments, Mwalimu Churchill interrupted before Polycarp revealed;

My wife is due any time, so I must be on the lookout.

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The excited band members, already started throwing in all sorts of names for the yet to be born baby, warning the guitarist and his wife against giving their kid a strange name, characteristic of people from his hometown.

The Sauti Sol band

For Polycarp, their baby’s gender or name was going to come as a surprise to the world. As he pulled the guitar strings jamming to their new album, for a bit of hype on the Midnight Train jam, the phone rang and good news was out, Lady Mandy had finally delivered.

Congratulations to the pair! Now let’s sit and wait for it to unfold.


“Usiwahi post picha yangu mbovu,” an angry Octopizzo publicly blasts King Kaka

Rapper Octopizzo is really mad at fellow artist King Kaka; for posting an old pixilated photo taken back in the day.

The popular photo showing Khaligraph Jones, King Kaka; and Octopizzo all in the same photo left the ‘king or rap’ throwing shade at his brother for trying to bring the past back to life!

According to Octopizzo, rapper King Kaka should have found a better photo to post instead of using the one making rounds on social media. He wrote;

Khalighraph and Octopizzo beef

Buda niko na picha nyingi sana safi safi, usiwai post picha yangu mbovu kama hiyo tena.

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The rapper who is popularly known for his ‘pride and arrogance’ went on to compare his style to that of Khali and King kaka; and from what he wrote – it’s evident that his mind must be clouded a bit too much.

He went on to add;

Unafanya drip yangu ifanane na yenyu. That drip is expensive my friend.

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Octo’s own lane

Having achieved so much through his music, Octopizzo managed to change his life and looking at how far he has come; it’s clear to see why he doesn’t want to be dragged behind.

However, with such pride and still no new successful projects; I guess it’s time Octo took all that gas to the studio for new relevant music. I mean at least Khali is doing it!


“He was born purple in color and didn’t breathe for 5 minutes,” Frankie Just Gym It tearfully narrates son’s horrific birth experience (Video)

Frankie Kiarie is a father of 3 boys, now well experienced in parenting but his first son’s birth turned out a total scare for him and baby mama, Maureen Waititu.

Narrating the different birth experiences he had with his three baby boys on his vlog, the fitness and nutrition consultant admitted Lexi ‘s birth was the most scary thing he has ever experienced.

Frankie Just Gym IT with his son

Being his first and only child at the time, Frankie would occasionally grow cold feet every time Lexi was out of his sight because he felt like his heart was just walking around and he literally had no control over it. It was like a heartbreak.

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It all spins back to when Lexi was being born. Turns out that during his birth, he went for a solid 5 minutes without oxygen.

He was born without oxygen and that was the most traumatic experience to me. I prayed for him every second.

Frankie Just Gym It and Maureen Waititu’s first son, Lexxie

During those 5 minutes, Frankie and Maureen were shaken, it hit a soft spot in them, scared that this delivery was not going to be a success.

We thought he was gone. Plus, he came out purple.

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Single parent, Maureen Waititu

Despite being 4 years since the traumatizing experience, Frankie still holds Lexi so dear to him and believes he is a delicate child. Recalling the happening of events on that fateful day, Frankie narrated;

When I was driving from the hospital heading home, just before Maureen and Lexi were discharged, I was in autopilot. I got into an accident because I was just driving and my mind was in a daze. Only thing I was thinking about was Lexi the whole time.

Frankie Just Gym IT with their two sons

As for Kai Kai, he was the complete opposite. A free spirit, jolly and Mr strong man.


Former boxing queen Conjestina Achieng admitted to rehab for the 3rd time

Former boxing champion Conjestina Achieng is currently receiving treatment at an unknown rehab center where she is receiving treatment.

For years now Conjestina has been battling with a mental illness that may have been caused due to the hits received during her boxing years.

So far she has been admitted at the Mathare hospital where she was hospitalized for a few weeks; then unfortunately just after leaving the Rehab she was moved to the village where her situation worsened.

Conjestina mental illness getting worse

Also read: airlifted from Siaya to Nairobi by Governor Mike Sonko for treatment and rehabilitation on Friday.

2nd time in rehab

About a year ago Sonko also organized for Conjestina to be airlifted from Siaya to Nairobi for treatment and rehabilitation.

But, unfortunately this did not also help as she was once again taken back to the village after her treatment; and usual there was no follow up!

However Carol Radull who has been following up on Congestina now says the boxer is doing well weeks after checking in into rehab for the 3rd time. Through her Instagram page, the lady wrote;

Conjestina in need of help

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Hi Guys.. A few weeks ago I visited Boxing Superstar Conjestina Achieng at her home in Yala. As you all know she was not okay and many of you asked how you could assist.

Netizens have also been asked to help out with the bill since the treatment is expensive. The sports journalist went on to conclude saying;

Alot has happened over the past month and she is now two weeks into a 3 month treament programme and progress is good. But the treatment is expensive and we need your support to see her through this as we also try and fill the gaps that were causing her to relapse. Details at www.tufund.org or simply spare what you can to the details on the flier. Please spread the word as well 🙏🏼 #SupportConjestina


Akothee finally finds new love

Kenya’s recording artist and businesswoman, Akothee never got to enjoy love life before going into motherhood. Right from being a child, into marriage and soon after into single parenthood, despite her chain of baby daddies.

Born in Migori county and the first daughter to her parents, an adventurous Esther Akoth got kicked out of her parents’ house at a tender age after falling pregnant for her then teenage boyfriend, Jared who is the father of her three girls.

Akothee´s first lover and baby daddy, Jakwath Jared Okwello with his daughter, Vesha

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It since became her new normal, thereafter birthing 2 boys from different fathers, but still remains a single mom. After years of looking to settle, a 40-year old Akothee has finally met the man who befits her heart.

Akothee finds love

Publicly breaking the news to her mom, the madam boss cried out that it is time her mother understood her situation and tried welcoming the men she meets, warmly into her home because she just doesn’t know how Akothee has been suffering being single.

Today I want to break some news to my mom ,that I have finally met someone that I think fits my heart 😭🙆🙆🙆🙆, but I know she will kwenda me ! 

Akothee with her parents

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For her, she was not about to retire and welcome grandkids before she enjoys a love life, which she never had.

From a child to a mother straight to grandma🤷😭😭😭😭,
👉Do you know I skipped some stage ,which is really disturbing me now 🙆🙆.

Single mother of 5, Akothee

Begging all who cared to listen to plead on her behalf to her mom, that she is about to bring a man home and she is not ready to see her mum grow cold towards her new man.

Someone to tell my mum ,she doesn’t know the cold that comes with being single , I know her very well, If I don’t groom her now ,she will embarrass me on the day of introduction 🙄🙄, my mom gets on my nerves every time she spots me with a man ?

Closing off; “My family is eager to know this Mr wrong I am dragging to the right 🤣🤣🤣.”

We can only bid our time and watch it unfold.


“RIP! I don’t know if I’ll ever heal,” Weezdom mourns the tragic loss of his ‘mum’ (Video)

Former EMB records signee, Weezdom was born and bred in the slum area of Mathare before gospel heavyweight, Bahati discovered him.

Before then, Weezdom was raised by several individuals, some who took up mother roles or father roles for him, to nurture him and see him get the best out of life’s goodness.

Weezodm losses his mother-figure, Faiz Peters

Individuals whom much has not been said about, but ones who remain an integral part in the singer’s growth. Having once been a garbage collector, drug addict and involved in crime but one who God decided to shine his light upon.

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Through music, the young kid has graced big platforms in the country, won awards he never even thought of but the people who journeyed with him through thick and thin, can no longer be physically present for him, following their tragic death.

Gospel musician, Weezdom

Breaking the news online, the gospel artist grieved;

RiP Mum 💔💔💔 @faiz_peterz 😭😭
I don’t know if I’ll ever heal from this.

Weezdom mourns the tragic loss of his ‘mum’, Faiz Peters (to his right)

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Identified as Faiz Peterz, Weezdom did not understand why it had to happen this way, leaving behind a void that might never be filled and a wound that might not heal as fast. He cried out;

I must say that the gift of life is the most important thing in this life. I have just received news that I have lost someone who was very important in my life and someone I wished would stay just to see my success. A close friend who became family with time. At my hardest times, she held my hand as a mother-figure. Rest in Peace Faiz Peters.



Fans consoled and comforted him that amidst the darkness, there will be light.

baraka_musiq254 Pole sana kaka

May her rest in eternal peace

😢😢😢 pole sana

Pole sana take heart

😢😢😢aki pole

😥😥pole Sanaa broo…it hurts Soo much to have such a big heartbreak wallai….wish you well bro…..we stand with you these hard times

pole sana bro this too shall come to pass 🙏🙏😭😭😭😭

😭 my heart’ breaks too, it is well.


Jowie Irungu gives a rare glimpse of his posh living room area (Video)

Singer Jowie Irungu has been making headlines on most tabloids for the right reasons. It now appears that the father of one got his breakthrough; after being released from Kamiti prison where he was being held.

Speaking during an interview with Jalang’o a while back, Jowie made it known that he was broke; but looking at the new video shared on his Instagram story one wouldn’t believe this!

Well, this is because the young man and his girlfriend live in one posh apartment as seen on a few of her photos. Judging from how neat and organized the house looks, we can confirm that indeed these two live a good life despite the challenges they have been facing for the past few months!

Jowie Irungu

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Inside Jowie’s apartment

Apart from the expensive curtains seen in the back ground; one can see that the house deco was done pretty well and by a professional – and I’m guessing this is where Ella comes in!

Indeed life can’t always be unfair and after the Kamiti life – Jowie must really be happy to be in the comfort of his home. As for now we only have a clear view of the living room area as seen on a clip shared by the lovely Ella!

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At this rate we might as well ask the couple for a YouTube show; because at the end of the day we want to know what Jowie is up to now that he is the entertainment business!

Ella posing in their posh living room

Frankie Just Gym It fiercely bashed after video of him dancing to Rhumba with newborn surfaces online

Popular fitness trainer, Frankie Just Gym It proudly embraced fatherhood with internet sensation, Corazon Kwamboka way before the baby was born.

And now that baby boy Taiyari is already out, the gym instructor has been spending more time indoors, bonding with his 3rd son but the most recent outdoor moment has crashed the hearts of many.

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The three were out to beat the August hot weather with a couple of ice creams, chilling out in the less-crowded malls and as Corazon was busy sitting her worked up body, Frankie pretty energetic, decided to introduce his weeks’ old son to some Kenyan music.

Frankie Just Gym It and son Taiyari

Rhumba music spoke to Frankie’s heart, with the little one strapped around his back, an ice-cream cup in one hand, and the other to hold onto the little kiddo just in case he slipped off, a pumped up Frankie turned the restaurant into a club.

A quick glance at your calendar and you realize baby Taiyari is not even 4 weeks old and the question many have raised is the vlogger’s audacity to play around with a baby too small to be out of the house and seated in such position. Meanwhile, from a distance, a baffled yet excited Corazon could be heard laughing her lungs out. Have a look;


Corazon rants about motherhood

The last 4 weeks have been nothing easy for a dear mama Taiyari-Corazon Kwamboka. Being a first-time mom, she thought there was nothing much around having a young one to tend to, a home to take care of and a personal life to keep track of, until it hit her hard that it can be a taxing process.

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Taking to the gram, the new mom, was spotted enjoying the outdoor serenity, admitting it has been a tough 4 weeks for her but she could never be more grateful for having an experienced father and partner, Frankie by her side.

Corazon Kwamboka enjoying her ice-cream cup at the mall

Major challenge Corazon was having is, she did not think through getting a nanny for the job because she didn’t quite understand why she needed one until she beat a good 4 weeks handling it all by herself and now groans;

…honestly being a new mom and doing it without any help, (no nanny) and still handling all my daily businesses personally would have been chaos if I didn’t have Frankie. All I’m saying is; respect to all mothers!!!!

Comment section

Concerned mothers took to the comment section to urge the new mom to get a nanny soonest possible otherwise she was going to suffer severe health problems, having come from a CS and straight into nursing.


Millions Sauti Sol lost because of COVID-19 (Video)

The advent of Coronavirus in Kenya came almost as good as a stamped confirmation that music artists were going to count big losses from performances, tours and bookings made globally due to the travel restrictions.

Probably no one saw it coming, so no one made prior plans on how to survive the pandemic and the heat we have since experienced from COVID-19 can never be fully described in words.

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For popular Kenyan boy band, Sauti Sol, 2020 was going to be an almost complete turn over, in terms of their global reach and platforms they would grace with 25 scheduled shows in America and 15 in Europe, a promise that was only washed away soon as the Coronavirus was declared a pandemic globally.

Sauti Sol in Burundi

The Sol family was soon after called for an urgent meeting, as their manager, Anchie Ng’inga broke the news of cancellation of their shows from across the world. Sharing intimate details on the same, the 4 band members, divulged;

“This year, was going to be a wonderful year, we had already booked many gigs,” Chimano stated.

Willis Chimano opens up on being a socially awkward child

Also read: “I never felt like I belonged,” Sauti Sol’s Chimano opens up on being a socially awkward child (Video)

The Sol generation signees were going to have one of the most eyeopening events scheduled overseas but that was never going to come to pass. At least not in 2020.

“Bensoul was to go to Australia, but their tour was cancelled. That irritates me,” Savara Mudigi continued.

Vocalist, producer and drummer, Delvin ‘Savara’ Mudigi

For Chimano, his trip to Australia was one he could not wait for, years and counting but just as his vision was about to come to pass, darkness struck.

“Sauti Sol had a tour planned for the States and for Europe. 25 shows in America and 15 shows in Europe,” Bien Aime revealed.

Sauti Sol’s lead vocalist, Bien Aime Alusa Baraza

That statement by Bien already tells you that were the shows to go down as planned, millions would have been made out of it but as we speak, they can only cry foul. Funny thing is, tickets got sold out in 24 hours, that was going to be the first show of such magnitude.

“Tickets were sold out within a day! I mean, that has never happened to us. And for a place like London,” Polycarp Otieno closed in.

Polycarp and wife Lady Mandy keeping it casual

The big question they were left asking is: What next? Have a listen, courtesy of Sol Generation TV;


Frankie Just Gym it’s priceless gesture after baby mama, Corazon Kwamboka complains of excess weight gain

Frankie Just Gym It and Corazon Kwamboka welcomed their first born, Taiyari a few weeks ago; and unfortunately Corazon has been feeling rather pressured by her baby fat.

Through her instagram page, Corazon Kwamboka went on to caption one of her Tbt photos asking; whether she would ever bounce back to her old body. Truth is, yes she might however weight gain should be the last thing on her mind right now; since she already has Taiyari to worry about.

Anyway, she went on to caption her post saying:


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Will I ever get this body back? 3 weeks till i hit the gym again @frankie justgymit you must train me till i get her. you owe me

Frankie the perfect baby daddy

Well, if you thought the young father would instead refuse to help then you thought wrong! Seems like Frankie is also looking forward to seeing his new found love lose the baby fat sooner or later. Responding to Corazon’s post,he wrote;

Corazon Kwamboka with Frankie

Don’t worry I got you

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Having bagged herself a health fitness trainer; Corazon must count himself lucky because their is no way baby daddy would let her down! Also judging from how fine ex Maureen Waititu looks; I bet having a revenge body on Corazoon would be better for him and his image soon.

Anyway, hopefully this couple will document their weight loss journey; inorder to help the new mothers who still can’t afford


Juma Jux reveals why he would never quit music for love like ex, Vanessa Mdee

Juma Jux moved on quite fast with his caucasian hottie. However, things between the two ended as fast as they had began and since then; Jux is now having fun and not committing.

Speaking to Wasafi media a few days ago, Juma Jux went on to reveal that his ex quitting music was a big mistake. According to the singer, he can never give up his career because of music as nothing in life is permanent.

Well judging from how he spoke during the interview; it appears that he already gave up on love after his last break up. However seeing his ex Vanessa Mdee with Rotimi having such a wondering relationship must sting one way; or another but indeed losing her must have been the biggest mistake her ever made.

Juma Jux dismisses breakup rumors with Asian girlfriend

Also read: Vanessa Mdee responds to rumors claiming boyfriend, Rotimi beats her up!

I won’t kill myself for love

His interview comes a few months after Vanessa Mdee announced her exit from the music industry. According to the lass, she needed some time to herself and her new found love hence the music break.

But this move seem to have rubbed Jux the wrong way judging from how he spoke during the interview. He went on to open up saying;

Exes Juma Juxx with Vanessa Mdee

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Don’t let you life depend on someone. Love someone but don’t make it as through, if she/he is not there. Everything goes wrong, no. There are second chances in life. Vanessa and I separated, I got into a relationship that was I was happy and now she is in a relationship. And that’s how life is. Right now, i can’t say because of that, I will kill myself or leave music no. Because of love? No. I can’t do that.

Well…judging from how happy Vanessa Mdee now looks, let’s say quitting music was then worth it.


Another one! Fena Gitu finally comes out as she confirms Lesbian rumors in new video

Fena Gitu has indeed given us a reason to talk thanks to her latest video shared on her Youtube channel. Although the video is from her latest song dubbed Siri unleashed; we have every reason to believe that she may have chosen this particular song to confirm her sexuality.

As for now we cannot confirm whether this is true or not but from the Videos contents we cannot help but as ourselves whether she used the song to come out. If indeed this song was aimed at announcing her sexuality after years of fans speculating that she could be interested in fellow women.


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The video shared on her Youtube channel and Instagram page has attracted all sorts of comments from fans. There are those who applauded the lady for coming out; while others couldn’t help but point fingers at the lass and video vixens.

Chimano comes clean

This comes barely 2 weeks after Chimano introduced the love of his life through a photo shared by Bien. As seen on the post and an interview done by Chimano a few days ago; the stylish fella revealed that he had a few issues while growing up but he never knew what they were.

Fena Gitu

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Yes, he born special and above all was able to embrace himself despite the name calling on social media. Well, his sexuality is no longer a topic after years of many trying to find out what he was; and of course, nothing really changed as he continues to be the same man we know!

Fena Gitu comes out


Akothee fashionably claps back at haters with detailed tour of her extravagant kitchen suite (Video)

Singer and philanthropist, Akothee lives life on her own terms and unapologetically so, but when you think she has not upgraded enough to your perceived standards, then you just dug your own grave.

The melanin-skinned beauty has declared war on her trolls who dissed her kitchen space for being too simple and traditional unlike what one would expect of a celebrity of her kind of status.

Madam Boss Akothee

Currently residing in her home in Rongo, the businesswoman who knows every corner of her house, decided to take fans and her critics aboard an exclusive tour of her flashy kitchen and test what more they had to rubbish about her properties.

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With a machete in hand, an enraged madam boss sharpened her tools of war ahead of a big fight. She poured it all an angry rant, screaming at the top of her voice I’m not sure how next-door neighbors handle it but she sure is extra.

Akothee living life on the fast lane

From her steel fridge-freezer to her boldly painted kitchen cabinets, to the polished surfaces and floor & wall tiles, the singer had had it enough bashing “you can’t update my life with bundles 💃💃”.

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Complete with a chips machine, dishwasher and dryer, in-built grill and microwave. For her, it was up to her to decide whether she would wash utensils or have them go into the dishwasher. Whether to cook with her charcoal jikos or to use the grill or gas. Have a look;



Cuteness overload! Rare photo of the hot Ekirapa ‘twin’ sisters that has brought social media to a standstill

Beauty does lie in the eyes of the beholder. But there is just that kind of beauty that lies in the eyes of everyone. Plainly put.

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Sassy TV host, Grace Ekirapa comes from a family with such strong genes of exceptional beauty especially among the girls and fans just can’t get enough. It is unmatched and all sorts of reasons have been attached to it but the truth is, these ‘triplets’ are stunning.

The Ekirapa triplets; Grace, Juliet and Tushlyne

More often than not, whoever ends up on the screen usually seems so breathtaking (Grace still is) until you meet those who never made it to the screens and from the same family and you wonder where such gems have been hidden for all the while.

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Known for their gorgeous natural looks, Grace Ekirapa’s light-skinned sisters decided to serve fans some hot sauce recently, after the Crossover 101 presenter went online to flaunt just how nobody can match her sister’s unfiltered looks be it Monday or Friday.

The Ekirapa triplets with their dad

This time round, they went all casual in black Tee’s and grey sweat pants, no additives but they only set the Internet on fire. Officially introducing their social media accounts as;

I have the kind of Sisters that can Slay in Crocks😍😍😍😂😂😂😂 @juliet.ekirapa @tushlyne

Grace Ekirapa’s dotting sisters take over the internet

The comment section was lit up, some drooling over the beauties, others asking about their kind of personalities and others wishing the gems would drop in their arms one of these fine days.

anthonygathinjiWas tush ever suspended in school? She has a gangster look . In a good way though.


marymurithi_Yenyewe…they are beautiful sisters..❤️❤️




wanjiru.muhiukiaWow, you have beautiful sisters🔥🔥, you’re blessed


emudogaI was about to say the same “they can slay in Crocks” 👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾


thee770aceFFf Asap🚀💯✨


tushlyne😍😍😍🤗🤗courtesy of one n only “u”😘😘






Hapana tambua Corona! Flamboyant lawyer Donald B Kipkorir splashes KSh8M on sleek German machine (Photos)

Someone said, that when you feel the heat of the economy hitting you hard, you better do your research first because if you think you are in the pool with the rest, then look again.

And no matter the economy of the jungle, the lion will never eat grass. As Corona proves tough and eats through powerful economies in the globe, not everyone’s pockets are running dry, whichever means they use to source their paper, is story for another day.

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So one of Kenya’s most elite and successful lawyers, Donald B Kipkorir this afternoon decided to crown his hard work not with too much to ask but with a sleek Mercedes Benz E Class 2019 edition.

Filthy rich Kenyan lawyer Donald B Kipkorir purchases brand new Mercedes Benz E class

Yes, it is what it is. The affluent legal professional broke the announcement on his Twitter account, with a string of photos of his new ride, as he got it from the dealers DT Dobie and as he unpacked it for a grand homecoming.

Donald B Kipkorir’s sleek German machine

Going further to declare and boldly affirm that he’s never worried about parading his flashy lifestyle nor how he goes about his financial business because him and KRA are cleared.

“Just taken delivery of my new Mercedes E300 from DT Dobie … I celebrate my milestones bec I have never stolen & will never … KRA knows every shilling I make,” he tweeted.

Donald B Kipkorir’s tweet

For the record, Donald B Kipkorir is not your normal guy when it comes to his kind of fleet of cars. Nope! The known stinking rich city lawyer owns his own chopper that he used to fly to the polling station to vote during elections.

Flamboyant lawyer Donald B Kipkorir lands in chopper at polling station during 2017 elections

He is the very same tycoon who imported his own sugar during Kenya’s contraband sugar saga in mid-June 2018. The list is too long to continue but that is one Donald B Kipkorir for you! Check out more photos of the new ride in town;


Singer Vivianne brutally attacked after her unfiltered mean remarks on Internet sensation Azziad Nasenya (Video)

Masses are tired of the commonly adopted stereotype that before your star shines, you need exposure and if you can offer it for free, then the better.

A phrase that has been used on those green in the field or those upcoming talents and that has become one too many an abused statement in the public sphere by the ‘seniors’ against their ‘juniors’.

The time for that is probably gone and with the age of the Internet any skill can be self-taught and sharped through maximum Internet use. Azziad Nasenya has become a force to reckon with in the entertainment industry, one of the most sought after young influencer and personality the country has birthed.

Online sensation, Azziad Nasenya

After fame struck through Femi One and Mejja’s Utawezana track, Azziad’s flag rose higher and after realizing her unmatched worth, she had her rate card set her standards in the entertainment industry.

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So now recently, after Vivian and Stivo Simple Boy’s new track Simpo Simpo premiered, the songbird reached out to Azziad to help promote her song but what ensued, left some bitter taste in the singer’s mouth.

Simpo Simpo hitmakers, Vivianne and Stivo Simple Boy

The ongoing beef

During a recent Insta Live interview with Jamal Gaddafi, Vivianne bashed the TikTok sensation for being too proud despite her young experience in the industry, for asking that she gets paid before she can promote the new jam.

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Young boss Lady, Azziad Nasenya

Pretty unimpressed with the dancer, Vivianne remarked;

I was a little bit surprised by her response because she came just the other day, our song is doing well but she did not even bother to dance to the music.

Mixed reactions

The short minute clip has since gone viral on our inter-webs, Kenyans torn apart between who is to blame, who should be defended and who should be thrown stones at. But for a better percentage, Vivianne is on the receiving end;


The untold story of how Sauti Sol’s Bien Aime’s flashy childhood turned into abject poverty in a split second (Video)

I guess we never miss the waters till the well runs dry and we never see the storm coming until the strong wind starts to blow. Phrases that remain inked in Sauti Sol’s Bien Aime Baraza’s mind forever after his family suddenly moved from grace to grass.

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Bien Aime Baraza and his siblings grew up with a silver spoon for a better part of their childhood. Living a life that many would term ‘privilege’ in Nairobi’s lush neighborhood of Kilimani, rubbing shoulders with the who’s who, because that was their standard life.

Lovebirds, Bien Aime and Chiki Kuruka

His dad’s home would be mistaken for that of a politician or local chief at the time, because for majority of the underprivileged around their neighborhood, they knew Bien’s dad was the go-to person be it bursaries, be it handouts, their home housed many strangers.

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Not until life hit them from a different angle.

The steep downward slope

Narrating his ordeal through their YouTube channel Engage Talk, Bien recalled how his dad lost his job in 2000 and his mom got retrenched same time. That translated into one thing; life was never going to be the same again.

Sauti Sol’s lead vocalist, Bien Aime Alusa Baraza

Bien and his sister had to leave the posh school. The family had to move to a smaller house, change their diet and lifestyle because that was what his dad’s savings could afford them. It got to a point they could no longer afford to pay rent in their new house and had to move out to their unfinished building of a house, for shelter.

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It came from the tasty recipes and dishes to an everyday menu of githeri. That never felt any good for Bien and his siblings. Despite the numerous applications his parents would send out month in, month out, the responses were the same “we regret.”

Celebrated singer, Bien Alusa Baraza

It became a ritual until they stopped sending applications. His parents had given up. Bien’s once all adorable, breathtaking mother was reduced to a mom who would light the firewood to boil maize and beans for her family every evening. Life completely changed forever.

Despite the major blow, his overturned childhood has taught him lessons for life; to keep his circle small, to save every little coin, to love back those that love him and always to wake up before the sunrise to toil because he never wants to go back there again! Listen to his story;


Harmo Rappa’s new marriage getting toxic, Arab wife caught on camera abusing him (Video)

Harmo rapper recently held a low key wedding with the love of his life; but barely a month after exchanging vows things have already started to fall apart.

This was made public by a video taken during a press conference where Harmo rapper’s wife confessed to several disturbing things. According to the lady, her husband not only does the house chores but also washes her inner wear!

The lady believed to be a Tanzanian Arab went  on to confess that Harmo rappa is no real man as he allows her to sleep around; in order to make money that will sustain them as a family!

Hamo rappa with look alike, Harmonize

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Boychild down!

Judging from the fact that she could not let the young man speak for himself; proves that indeed Harmo rapper faces a hard time with his new wife.

Not quite sure how true this is considering the fact that Harmo rappa has been trying to get back on the scene; months after taking a break from the social media life.

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His alleged wedding was also aimed at promoting an upcoming video – but judging from the video below; it’s no secret that he may have also been forced to feature his cruel wife but hey, who know?



Cute video of Khaligraph’s little daughter innocently jamming to his new song melts fans’ hearts

I don’t know about you but I have this strong feeling that Khaligraph’s dotting daughter is a spoilt daddy’s girl. I’d highly doubt she would pick her mom over her dad any day as long as he’s in the house but only the rapper can tell us more.

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Khaligraph and his daughter, Amina Jones Ouko have been best buddies ever since she came to light. Sometimes forced to shoot a music video carrying her in his arms because she just doesn’t understand that daddy’s gotta hustle. A move if anything, has created a bond between the rapper and his fans who appreciate the fact that despite his celebrity status, family will always come first.

Cute daddy-daughter moments of Khaligraph Jones with daughter Amina Jones Ouko

I kid you not though, when the light-skin cute babygirl is in her daddy’s arms, nothing scares her, she actually goes very silent, something I’m not sure is a common characteristic among the dads.

A good example is this shoot right here;


And having been schooled on the nitty gritties of music production and all it entails, the young girl has shown a promising future in music.


This is after recently getting spotted jamming to her dad’s recent hits Yes Bana and Tuma Kitu. The kid knows when to nod, when to clap those hands and when to keep it silent.

A cute video that has melted the hearts of his fans, too young to even understand what her dad sings to or even what he does for a living but she has proven all odds wrong. In fact, she enjoys seeing her dad on the big screen and when she is around her dad, home is at peace.

It’s so adorable, have a look and be the judge; Don’t forget to swipe left.


As a section were left ribs cracking, others could not help but adore the sight to behold.

She claps with that O.G power❤




jones my guy


Chimano parades his huge bulge in white pants leaving many ladies thirsty (Photo)

Sauti Sol’s Chimano is a sweetheart to many and now that his sexuality is no longer a topic of discussion; the young man continues to keep us entertained on social media.

So far it is no secret that he is also a fashion killer always blessing fans with nothing but fine looks on IG. His latest photo where he stepped out in white pants – paired with a silk like print shirt has left many ladies wishing they could have a piece of him!

This is after a few female fans noticed that the fella is ‘loaded’ in terms of the huge bulge protruding from his crouch!

Well, looking at the photo, it’s obvious to see that indeed Chimano is a true Luhya – but unfortunately for the ladies; the Sauti Sol singer already has a boyfriend!

Chimano showing off drip

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Thirsty fans

Apart from making his huge bulge a topic of discussion, a few female fans couldn’t help but show thirsty they could get!

Trust, with Nairobi ladies probably Chimano’s boyfriend should claim his man – because these streets are not so safe!

Sauti Sol’s Chimano leaving the ladies thirsty

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Looking at the photo above it’s also obvious to see that Chimano knows how to keep a crowd talking; and the fact that he can slay better than most fashion queens out here – means there is no stopping him!

Anyway at least now that his well kept secret is no longer an issue; the young man can continue entertaining us since we already love the person he has since become!

Chimano attracting thirsty comments
Thirsty comments on Chimano’s post

“I wanted to surprise her but she surprised me instead,” Arrow Bwoy painfully narrates how he caught girlfriend cheating during Corona 

Music has been a source of refuge for the heartbroken, those in mourning and those fighting untold battles. Artists more often than not tell their stories through lyrics, relieve their pain in the choreography and emotional composition and at the end of it all, proves therapeutic.

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Kenya’s popular Coastal dancehall artiste, Arrow Bwoy born Ali Yusuf is not an exception. Having been in the recent past romantically linked with pop star, Nadia Mukami in a relationship whose details remain scanty to date but unlike the babe, Arrow Bwoy hopped onto the next train.

Ex-lovers, Arrow Bwoy and Nadia Mukami

The Toto hitmaker soon after found love, one who kept his sheets company and heart warm amidst the cold season, only to end soon as it started. It so turns out that the kid went into a long-distance relationship with his significant other and after days of not spending quality time together, there is this one day Arrow Bwoy decided to go the extra mile and surprise his girlfriend at her house.

“This Corona will show us things. It is the reason behind many families breaking up and I am a victim. The other day, I had missed spending quality time with my girlfriend and so I decided to borrow an essential services pass from a friend to go to her place at night for a surprise,” he narrated in an exclusive with SDE.

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Celebrity artiste, Arrow Bwoy

Tables turn on him

Little did he know, he would be in for a rude shock. So he did some shopping of ready food, to spare his girlfriend the hustle of cooking and plus the more time they could spend together, then the better. So off he went to her house and well well well, what welcomes him? His lass in the hands of another man.

I decided to buy grilled chicken from one of the eateries in town and then headed to her place where I have never needed permission to visit at night. Upon getting there, I caught her pants down with another man and what an embarrassing moment this surprise turned out to be.

Arrow Bwoy born Ali Yusuf narrates his painful heartbreak

He spared the two of them any drama and decided to walk out but through his new jam Mapenzi balaa, he explains it all, the pain, the disappointment, the heartbreak.

I was hurt so deep but I didn’t want to cause drama. Being the man I am, I could not turn this into a fight. I turned back and headed home where I decided to fight back by expressing myself through the lyrics of my latest song.

Check out Arrow Bwoy’s most recent release Niache Niende featuring Otile.


Multi-millions Jalang’o has been minting from his YouTube channel revealed (Video)

20 solid years of hard work, focus, determination and self belief have seen one of Kenya’s acclaimed comedians, Jalang’o break barriers to dine and wine with the high and mighty.

A boy from Homa Bay county who dared to dream at a young age, with only a skill in drama and theater that has since opened numerous doors for him. Talk of set book plays to TV drama series, to working in well established radio stations in the country and today, he stands as a jack of all trades.

Celebrated media personality, Jalang’o

He wakes up every weekday for a morning show at Kiss FM later running his own side shows among them his YouTube platform. That stands as one of Kenya’s fastest growing channel having been birthed barely 3 months ago after Corona pierced through our boundaries.

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The comedian turned radio personality, started it off like a joke, sitting some of the best personalities in the country be it in the political arena, media space or the entertainment industry, he has brought them all on board.

Multi-talented media personality, Felix Odiwuor aka Jalang’o

During his recent interview with Tonnie Murithi and with a channel that currently boasts of at least 200k subscribers,  Jalang’o revealed YouTube recently gifted him his first hefty cheque of KSh1.8M just like that.

Jalang’o TV, we’re barely 2 months old and already at over 200k subscribers. Do you know for the first 3 months since I started my YouTube channel, I’ve had at least 4 shows every week. And YouTube sent us our first cheque of KSh1.8M, just the other day.

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His Instagram multi-millions

Forget his YouTube, the kid has been reaping way more millions from IG, talk of the adverts his timeline is full of; for every advert or foreign material that doesn’t seem like personal content, that is a cheque right there.

I have made close to KSh3M a month. Every post is paid for, from the decor companies, to the tour & travels, manufacturing industries, entertainment companies etc. I don’t just wake up and post stuff, it is money bro.

MC and comedian, Jalang’o

His secret was one, consistency with content and self belief that you are the best at what you do even if there are people above you. And that is the short story of a broke and rusty teenager from Homa Bay who today stands as one of the most sought after media personalities in the country.

Have a listen;


10 spectacular photos from Betty Bayo’s daughter’s lavish birthday party that are a sight to behold

Ever since her divorce, Betty Bayo’s life has taken an interesting turn. From opening up about her battles, gradually healing her wounds, finding satisfaction in life and upgrading her lifestyle and that of her children.

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The celebrated gospel singer and TV personality has decided to spoil her children to the finer things in life, going the extra mile for her daughter as she turned a year older despite the hard economic times.

Singer Betty Bayo does the unthinkable for her daughter Sky Victor as she turns 8

Known as Sky Victor, the young beauty’s 8th birthday event was going to be a tale to forever tell, a memory forever inked in her mind and a reason to forever thank her mom for giving her the best in life.

1. A whole week affair it was going to be as the journey kicked off in the spa and beauty parlor where the dear baby girl and her friends were spoilt to high-end skin care treatment, manicure and pedicure ahead of the big day.

2. As the big day arrived, Sky Victor and her friends rocked bold ladies’ suits with her navy blue suspenders distinguishing her from the rest of her entourage.

3. They were picked up by a Range Rover limousine in a red carpet, executive affair  headed to the venue where it would all go down.

4. Betty opted for an outdoor event by the swimming pool where Sky Victor was taken for a bath just to mark the big day.

5. Soon after was the cake-cutting event where a changed Sky Victor wore a pink ballerina dance kind of dress as those invited cheered her on and adored her with sweet, loving words for the major mark in her life.

6. Finally, the cake went down and friends and family were able to spoil themselves to the sponge vanilla cake as they engaged in all sorts of activities.

The bonus, was a road-trip to Mombasa for Sky Victor, her mom and family alongside the Kabus who were the minds behind the entire 8th birthday celebration.