Nadia Mukami beats Tanasha Donna, Femi One and Vivianne as the hottest female artist in top charts

Nadia Mukami has proven that despite her young age, independence and amidst big names in the competitive music industry, she knows her place and through it she has thrived.

The beauty, has never slept knowing that her competitors are out there cooking up something to keep fans engaged and this has only pushed her to get to the top and if she can’t beat them, then they rather get to level ground.

Kenyan popstar, Nadia Mukami

According to top charts, Nadia’s recent collabos; Chomeka featuring Susumila among others earned her a seat at the high table flooring the likes of Tanasha Donna, Vivianne, Femi One who have been in the secular world longer than the youngstar.

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Nadia Mukami top charts

Sharing screenshots of the ranking on her page, the beauty topped in two categories; the first being the hottest Kenyan female artist and the second as the hottest female artist in Kenya where she beats the likes of Tanzania’s Zuchu and Nandy.

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Nadia Mukami top charts

For Nadia, her secret was her two collabos with Susumila and Sanaipei.

Tesa pulled down

The charts come at a time when fans are left without answers regards the popstar’s Tesa jam that featured Khaligraph Jones and Fena Gitu but was pulled down from YouTube soon as it premiered.

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Tesa jam artists

Funny enough, none of the three commented about it until a fan asked the songstress;

Congratulations dear please turudishie Tesa pale Youtube sijui Versatile anaikazia kwa nini

And Nadia responded;

…tarudi Team Nadia we are unstoppable ????????????❤️❤️

Fans however congratulated the 23-year old for her big win.

????????Ssa hatutapumua????????






Unakuanga umeweza Mukami????

Thick thighs save lives! Nadia Mukami leaves tongues wagging in new bikini video

A fine-looking Nadia Mukami has decided to give fans a treat to her chunky body after getting spotted in a tiny bikini that perfectly curved out the edges, leaving Team Mafisi to thirst over what they could not get their hands on.

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PrideInn Lantana hotel in Westlands spoilt the lass to the luxury of a heated swimming pool, serene environment and the place all to herself. The pool waters played a major role in showing off her curvy body that we probably were never as privy to because this time round, her swimwear paraded a good layer of her skin.

Nadia proudly flaunted her flat tummy that had seen her struggle for several weeks, hitting the gym running to allow her some courage to show off what her mama gave her and not having to worry about layers of skin around her tummy.

“I’ve been trying to work out guys, I’ve been trying,” she cried out while flaunting the golden gem on her finger.

For those that missed Nadia’s big day yesterday, then here were the preparations before they got to the AG’s office. Also, if you are curious enough, you notice a man’s hand holding onto the beauty’s chunky train, complete in a suit but never getting the privilege to have a glimpse of the lucky man who allegedly stole the 23-year old beauty’s heart.

For now, let’s go with the flow as we wait to see what she and her music producers have in store for us that they have been keeping us eager for all this while.

Nadia Mukami sparks wedding rumors after stepping out in a gown (Video)

Aged 23, successful, independent and a stunning beauty, Nadia Mukami has always had to answer the question; when are you getting married? A question she can finally get the privilege to honestly yet openly answer after recent events.

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The Kenyan popstar landed herself in several relationships that only turned out a mess, some where she faced accusations of abortion, others that saw her partner move on within a matter of days and some whose basis still remain unknown to us.

The sassy Nadia Mukami

Well, turns out that getting her Tesa video pulled down from YouTube and her stepping out in a no make-up look might have been but stunts to draw enough traffic to her pages ahead of her big day. Yesterday, the girl from Mwihoko who had previously stated she needed to build her empire before engaging any man into her life, came out to prove herself wrong attesting;

Unangoja utajirike ndio uoe, kumbe Mungu anangoja uoe ndio utajirike????????????

Pop star Nadia Mukami stuns in a full make up look

Her big day

The hot lass had their ceremony go down at PrideInn Lantana Hotel in Westlands, opting for a pink dress to the occasion. Not much was revealed about her better half but hinted that his name started with an ‘E’ adorably captioning “N + E= Forever ????”. Taking to her gram, Nadia shared fine details of her big day with fans in a short video screaming;


From the setting, it looks like the beauty and her mystery man formalized their relationship at the AG’s office, nothing to do with crowds and just the two of them of cos and the cameras. The pair had kept their relationship secret for a while now, revealing they met last year and after several months decided to formalize their union, a man she calls ‘the man of her dreams’.

Even though this might be another stunt to hype a forthcoming jam, we can only Congratulate her till then!

Nadia Mukami’s no make-up look blows up the Internet (Video)

Authenticity has proven an uphill task for majority of celebrities who have been pushed into a corner by the new times to conform to certain set standards.

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We talk of polished looks for the gents and a flawless one for the ladies. Your looks create the first impression and for masses, one gets judged from how they present themselves. The sharper you look, the better for you.

Kenyan songbird, Nadia Mukami

For the ladies, a flawless look has more often than not loosely translated into chunks of make-up and for those not as blessed with natural hair, then wigs are the way to go.

It will not shock you to compare and contrast a makeup look of your favorite celebrity against their no makeup look, it doesn’t end well. For some, there is not quite a difference while for others, you don’t need to look twice.

The natural Nadia

Kenyan pop star, Nadia Mukami decided to treat fans to a no makeup look while cruising the streets in her ride, all natural from her hair to the face.

Pop star, Nadia Mukami

Eyebrows and eyelashes had nothing on them as well. Her lips were nude.

The young lass hinted she might get trolled for her natural look but why not? She is comfortable in her skin, without all the unnecessary additions.

“What? I feel so confident today,” Nadia Mukami asserted.

Her goal was actually to test run whether short hair was doing her any justice before she hops from the long wigs she has been rocking of late.

The comment section housed mixed feelings, with some dying for her natural look while others kept it subtle.

magix_enga Peng ting


Eish babe you look so fine????????


Looking hot.. sisi ni wale was team nachuralli

Very beautiful without make up

Sio juju ni maobiiiiii

Whaaaa❤️❤️❤️imagine uko supu

Unakaa funny????????

Nadia Mukami’s collabo with Khaligraph Jones and Fena Gitu deleted from YouTube

Tesa was a track by Nadia Mukami featuring the OG, Khaligraph Jones and Queen of rap, Fena Gitu released barely 4 weeks ago but now no longer available on YouTube.

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A club banger that premiered on July 15, 2020 hitting close to one million views on YouTube just a week after its release.

The pop star had teamed up with the music sensations for a feel good jam that revolved around having a good time around friends and loved ones.

Tesa jam artists

From its props, to the beats, to the choreography, this was an all-time tune no wonder its kind of massive reception.

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Unfortunately, as fate would have it, fans are no longer privy to listen to and jam to the beats at the comfort of their homes because we can’t trace it.

This comes barely hours after the anthem bagged 100k streams on Boomplay, leaving the 23-year old over the moon.

Nadia Mukami’s Tesa jam rocking the airwaves

Nothing about it is yet to be communicated by either of the three artists, we can only wait.

Quick glance at Nadia’s Instagram page and you notice unlike previously, the YouTube link on her bio takes you to her Jipe jam featuring Marioo, a track that premiered on March 17.

Fena Gitu on the other hand, is all about her talks and advocacy around the rape culture.

Meanwhile, Khaligraph has kept his page busy with his most recent track Tuma Kitu, released on July 23.

Nadia Mukami has set the pace for other Kenyan female artists

When it comes to Kenyan music, I think Nadia Mukami is possibly one of the finest artists that we’ve ever seen, she is exceptional in every sense and I’m not exaggerating.

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Although she is barely even 5 years old in the industry, she has gotten to great heights and I would even dare say that she is the biggest female artist at the moment. Isn’t that a fact though?

Nadia Mukami

She is a great vocalist. For a long time I used to think Sanaipei Tande had a beautiful voice but then I came to know about Nadia Mukami and I changed my mind. She sounds so heavenly. I actually listen to her songs on repeat.

I also think that this lady is so hardworking. Actually she is. She keeps pushing herself and one day she might just be one of the finest African acts.

If I was her part management I would advice her not to slow down because there is no better recipe to being a great African act than constantly pushing yourself, something we’ve learnt from Diamond Platnumz.

Nadia Mukami

What people don’t know is that Nadia Mukami has the potential of becoming as great as Angelique Kidjo who might be a big comparison but I’m sure that she will get there.

Apart from the fact that she is really talented, one of the things that I love bout her is that she has managed to avoid scandals and this means that she can attract brands to work with her and whatnot.

If at all there’s a Kenyan female artist who has a high chance of bagging a Grammy, I believe it’s Nadia Mukami. I’m sure naysayers don’t believe it’s possible and I can’t wait to to tell them, “I told you so.”

Watch her latest jam with Marioo dubbed Jipe below and tell us what you think.

Nadia Mukami didn’t need to lie about dating Arrow Bwoy to push her music

A few days ago, Nadia Mukami left her fans disappointed when she revealed that she has never been in a relationship with Arrow Bwoy and that the claims that she made made that the two of them were dating were untrue.

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Although I am happy that she decided to set the record straight and explained that she just wanted to push their new jam dubbed Radio Love, I must say that I was not amused at all.

Nadia Mukami

You see, Nadia is really talented. In my opinion, she is one of the biggest female artists in at the country moment. As such, she does not need to go to such extreme lengths to push her music. Her music does not need PR stunts.

If you watched Arrow Bwoy’s earlier interview on The Trend where he refuted the claims, you could tell that he was was angered by what Nadia has said so much so that he told her to stop the sideshows and focus on her music.

Some of us hold Nadia in high regard. We believe that if anyone will one day bring home a BET Award it will be her and because I am not in the habit of sugar coating things, I will be the first to admit that she let us down.

Nadia Mukami has potential to make it big outside Kenya
Nadia Mukami

On the brighter side, I am happy that she came out to clarify things and now we can all move past the issue and keep listening to her good music because that is what we came to love her for.

I hope that her management team are not the ones who advised her to lie about dating Arrow Bwoy because if that is the case something like this; will happen again and she will end up ruining her career.

Nadia Mukami comes clean about her rumored romantic relationship with Arrow Bwoy

Nadia Mukami left many disappointed after she was romantically linked to singer Arrow Bwoy sometime back. Rumor has it that the two had been an item and just like most celebrity relationship; the relationship did not last for long.

In 2 months the two were back to making headlines and this time around, the rumors were linked to their break up.

However none of them got to address this issue while on an interview with Bonga na Jalas. Apart from confirming that she is currently single, Nadia opened up adding;

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I am single and working on my business. Arrow Bwoy and I never dated.


Singer Nadia Mukami

Explaining why she never confronted the person responsible for the rumor, Nadia said;

What happened was that a blogger wrote the story and we just decided to run with it. We used it to push our music

Why single

With all that beauty and brains, Jalang’o could not understand why Nadia still insists on being single; however while responding to this question, the young lady ended up giving valid reasons explaining why she prefers building herself than jumping into a relationship.

Pop star, Nadia Mukami

I feel like my early twenties should be my building years. A relationship right now can be a distraction. When yuh in the music industry sometimes people want to date you for the wrong reasons.

To prove her point, Nadia narrated about an old incident where her male companion asked her to pay for their lunch bill while on the date. Na Nadia concluded her experience with men saying;

It’s hard to find a good guy, people assume I am rich. There is a day we went out on a date and when it was time to pay, the guy gave me the bill and I had to pay.


Should secular artists continue releasing gospel music?

The local music industry is very interesting. The reason I’m saying this is because what happens is the exact opposite of what is expected under normal circumstances.

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For instance, you expect that secular artists, who often viewed as wayward, will release songs that mock God and tell us to disregard his teachings since they don’t really believe in Him themselves.

On the other hand, gospel artists, who are perceived as upright by members of the society, are expected to spread the word of God, win more souls to Christ and live according to his teachings.

Sauti Sol

However, what happens on the ground is different. More often than not, gospel artists do very little in spreading the word of God and the truth is secular artists have won more souls to Christ.

If you look at the songs which have been released by both sides over the last few years, I’m pretty you will agree with me gospel artists have abdicated their role.

If you are in doubt, perhaps you should ask yourself when was the last time that you listened to a gospel song and felt like it touched your life.


On the other hand, there are countless songs by secular artists that you listen to and you feel like God will never leave you in your time of need. They are Nadia Mukami’s Maombi, Sauti Sol’s Kuliko Jana, Nyashinski’s Mungu Pekee etc.

This really got me thinking because I can tell you for free that this trend is not about to go away. I often wonder if the so called secular artists should continue releasing gospel songs.

And the answer is yes because at the end of the day, the main goal is still achieved. The truth is that gospel artists are no longer serious about God’s work and we must give it to their secular counterparts for stepping up.

Listen to Maombi by Nadia Mukami below.

Nadia Mukami threatens to take legal action against fan who abused her on social media

Nadia Mukami is now willing to let fans who think she is a softy take advantage of her politeness and silence!

Well one Stella Bella is aware of this as she is the latest social media bully to be used as example after sharing a defamatory post against singer Nadia.

Singer Nadia Mukami

Through her Facebook page, Stella Mukami revealed that a while back, she reached out to Ms Mukami to perform at a certain event. And as event organizer Stella assumed that Ms Mukami would understand that she too was hustling to put food on the table.

How it all began

In detailed post that seems to have landed her in trouble; Ms Mukami revealed how she struggled to put everything together and of course managed to get Mukami the gig which was to pay her 80k. However being the hustler she is, Stella requested Ms Mukami to give her 15k (ya macho) while she remains with the 65k.

Stella’s post

However, this did not happen! Apparently Ms Mukami walked away with the 80k forgetting the agreement she had with Stella. This of course brought bad blood between the two and after trying to maintain her cool – Stella finally decided to expose Nadia.

Although the words used by Stella chose to use the worst words ever while throwing shade at Ms Mukami; there are those who couldn’t feel her pain

Nadia’s lawyers are work

Since social media is a place where news travel fast than anything else; It wasn’t long before Nadia caught wind of the story circulating on social media about her and Stella!

Well, as seen on a post shared by Seven Creative Hub who manage Nadia Mukami as an artist; we now understand that they have threatened to sue the lass if she fails to delete the post about Mukami in less than 2 hours.

Nadia Mukami’s management threatens to sue Stella

Part of the statement released also revealed that they would be suing Stella if she failed to apologize to the singer for using such words on the singer!

Well there you have it!

Willy Paul’s Itch for Nadia Mukami is over the roof in new track “Nikune”(Video)

When we thought Kenyans were in quarantine and practicing social distancing: BOOM!!! ” Nikune”  was released. A collabo between Willy Paul as he features Nadia Mukami.

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It is with deep regret however that the clubs are not operational for Kenyans to go out and enjoy this tune with their friends.

However we cannot dismiss that this jam is a big tune.Whoever brought Willy Paul to the secular world did a good job.No offence but his art on either sides is impeccable.


The song is great feel good song especially when listening to it with a partner. Nikune simply translates to Scratch me’
Willy Paul is itching for a particular scratch, which makes the better part of the song. There’s a lot of repetition in the song but the lyrics are on point.

Mbona kipimo, usinipimie mama
Wakati jasho bado sijamwaga
Sijachoka ndio naanza sasa
Utamu wa mahaba ndio naleta mama.

Despite the Shaky camera noticeable during the video. The video is on fleek featuring just the two artists and one vixen. They do this song justice. The dancing these two artists showcase is  super sensual.

Nadia Mukami is setting standards high for female artists in the Kenyan music scene. She has taken the airwaves by storm dropping hit after hit. Having started just a few years ago Nadia has done several songs including: Maombi, Kesi, Si Rahisi, African lover, Ikamate hiyo and many others. She has also done collabos with artists such as, Mario, Sailors, Arrow bwoy,
From Mwana mkunaji and now ” Nikune,”  Willy Paul has kept on blazing new trails and has not allowed anything to stop him. He has an endless list of hits to his name as well as successful collabos with different artists in East Africa. The shift from gospel to secular didn’t dim his light as an artist.

Well, for these two artists the sky is not the limit. The Club banger these two have produced is worth the 100 million promised to artists by the president last week. Mkunaji atawezana lakini? I mean watch the video and tell us what you think.
Rating 9/10

Nadia Mukami has potential to make it big outside Kenya

In most countries, the male artists dominate over their female counterparts. Even in Kenya the discussion is always about Khaligraph, King Kaka, Sauti Sol, Willy Paul, Bahati or the Gengetone artists – who are mostly male.

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But somehow, there’s a female artist who has managed to break that ‘curse’ and that’s none other than the gorgeous Nadia Mukami – the lass who is behind hits such as; Si Rahisi, Yule Yule, Radio Love, Jipe, just to name a few.

Nadia Mukami
Nadia Mukami

In three years or so, she has gone from an upcoming artist to one of the most of the sought-after artists in the region and if you ask me, that is a commendable feat because it takes most artists a long time to get their names out there.

The truth is that Nadia Mukami is a hard worker and this is evidenced by the number of tracks that she has released since most of us came to know her.

To add to that, I think she has a good team behind her, they are always doing their best to ensure that she’s not only the best artist in Kenya but in the continent like Angelique Kidjo, Lira or Yemi Alade.

Nadia Mukami

Also there is the fact that she is beautiful, has a bubbly personality and her angelic voice makes you want to listen to her songs over and over. She sounds very pleasant to the ears.

Although it’s tough being a female artist, bearing in mind all the challenges that come with it, I think Nadia Mukami has the potential. I she continues at the same pace, then maybe, just maybe, she might bag a Grammy someday.

Watch her latest track with Tanzania’s Marioo dubbed Jipe below.

Nadia Mukami enlists Tanzania’s Marioo on ‘Jipe’ (Video)

Kenyan songstress Nadia Mukami, who is arguably one of the best female vocalists in the region, has released a new track with Tanzania’s Marioo, real name Omary Mwanga, and it’s a big tune.

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The jam dubbed Jipe, which is off Nadia Mukami’s forthcoming Extended Play (EP) titled African Popstar, has been ruling the airwaves since it came out a few hours ago and to be honest, we are also feeling it.


Jipe is a love ballad. From my understanding, it’s about two lovers who can’t get enough of each other. Interestingly, no one is against their union and there’s no drama, it’s the perfect kind of love.

This jam is so infectious. I’ve listened to it a couple of times since it was released and every time I play it, it’s like I’m hearing it for the very first time. Yup, it’s that good.

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If you have been  fan of Nadia Mukami as long as I have then I’m sure you know that she can really sing. God blessed her with an amazing voice and she knows how to put it into good use.

I don’t know about you but as I was listening to Jipe, I kind of felt like I was watching her live on stage performing it and in my opinion that is because the song is lively and energetic.

Nadia Mukami
Nadia Mukami

Marioo did not disappoint either. He spiced up the song by introducing the Bongo vibe in it. To add to that, he has an amazing voice that really blends well with that of Nadia Mukami.

The beat and instrumentation on Jipe are impeccable. They get you hooked from the moment you hit the play button and we have the one and only Alexis On The Beat to thank for that.

I absolutely love the video for this jam. Everything is on point, from the concept and execution, the locations, styling, props, lighting, scene transitioning, you name it.

Watch Jipe below and tell us what you think.

¨Until I have posted someone, I am single!¨ Nadia Mukami screams

Kenyan songstress, Nadia Mukami dismisses reports that she is taken or engaged to anyone after cheeky fans declared she is theirs.

It emerges that random individuals have put her up in their profiles and statuses, alleging that she is their girlfriend.

In a recent revelation on Switch TV, the hottie confirmed that she is single and anyone who insinuates she is dating them, is a cheat.

Nadia Mukami declares she is still single

Until she puts up someone on her official pages, then the rest are wanna-bes.

I find people putting my picture on their profile. Putting me on their status, Instagram, Facebook saying I´m their girlfriend. Until I have posted someone, don´t believe anything.

The award-winning singer shockingly revealed that someone even went ahead to call her his ´wife´.

Someone called me wifey and everyone was like, and I was like, I don´t even like the guy.

Nadia Mukami terms male fans calling her their girlfriend, as cheats

However, asked to pick between Khaligraph Jones and Octopizzo, she blatantly went for Khaligraph.

Music breakthrough

Away from her popularity and admiration especially from the male audience, Nadia spoke of her growth in music and how she started out.

I feel like my talent is being appreciated because one thing about me is that when I was starting out I banked on my lyrics and my voice. Because I was like, you are pretty yes, but what if uchape overnight or something happens to you or you get these funny funny things that people in the industry bank on. So I wanted to really come in the industry in a different way and I think lyrics and voice has super worked for me.

When I started out, I banked on lyrics and my voice and it has worked – Nadia Mukami

She terms her approach to music-making as ´unique.´

Mine is actually very different. I get instrumentals and demos then I write, then I sit down and listen to the demos. After I have the demos, I approach a producer and tell them I want this song completely different.

Sailors Gang release highly-anticipated collabo with Nadia Mukami titled ‘Ni Tekenye’ (Video)

The much-anticipated collabo between Sailors Gang and sensational songstress Nadia Mukami is finally out and it is getting a lot of love from their fans.

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The jam titled Ni Tekenya has been ruling the airwaves since it was released a few days ago and by the look of things it is going to be one of the biggest songs in 2020. Do you want to bet?

Nadia Mukami
Nadia Mukami

When I first heard that Sailors Gang and Nadia Mukami were in studio, I was really pessimistic. Actually, I was a bit worried because I thought it would be risqué.

I was mostly scared for Nadia because unlike Sailors Gang, she has gained a legion of followers because of her ‘clean’ songs, the kind that you can listen to even when an elderly person is around.

When Ni Tekenye finally came out on Tuesday, I was really impressed. I love the fact that it’s not only ‘clean’ but also a love ballad of sorts. Who thought we would ever see this day?

This jam is so infectious. Once you start listening to it, you’ll keep hitting the replay button until kingdom come. All I am saying that it’s really catchy.

Sailors Gang

Sailors Gang members i.e. Miracle Baby, Shalkido, Lexxy Yung, Qoqosjuma and Masilver did a good job. They might have just proven that Gengetone is here to stay.

Other than the gibberish that Miracle Baby says in the hook, I loved Masilver’s verse in this track followed closely by that of Shalkido. But hey, who is ranking them? Not me.

As expected, Nadia Mukami really came through on this jam. She spiced it up with her beautiful voice and sexy dance moves because let’s be honest, who does not want to see the Si Rahisi hitmaker dancing by the beach?

The beat – which was produced by the legendary Vicky Pon Dis, is also on point. It puts you in a party mood from the moment you hit the play button.

The video is so dope. Apart from the beautiful shots, I was also impressed by the styling, flawless scene transitioning and of course the sexy video vixens. Props to Kevin Provoke.

Watch Ni Tekenye below and tell us what you think. Enjoy!

Nadia Mukami trolled for chasing clout, by using American rapper, J Cole as bait

Kenyan songbird, Nadia Mukami is on the receiving end after fans called her out for cheap publicity, by insinuating she is dating J Cole.

In a series of Instagram posts and updates, the songstress shared a photo of herself grinding on the American rapper alluding:

Jcole my love????

Finally we have decided to make it official????

Kenyan songbird, Nadia Mukami allegedly dating American Rapper, J Cole

Before gushing:

You know I do not like public relationships????but he got a charm on me????My chum chum????My abuju buju???? Beyoncé and Jay Z got nothing on us! Hashtag love looks like this! #Your couple goals! Hashtag Love like Juliet and Romeo (put a snap of fingers as sound effect)
We won’t listen to haters, our love is strong❤️ #kaNadiakatambe

According to the Kenyan lass, ´their love´ is second to none. Forget Beyonce and Jay Z or even Romeo and Juliet, their tale is different.

On a couple of slides, Nadia decided the only way she could prove haters wrong is by sharing screenshots of their conversations.


Fans are however not taking any of it in. According to them, first, it is clear all that was Photoshop.

Secondly, J Cole is married to a dear Melissa Heholt, with whom he has a second child. So unless Nadia comes in as a second wife, fans are not quite sure there is any relationship.

American rapper, J Cole and his wife, Melissa Heholt

Lastly, no one is up to believe J Cole went round the world and ended up landing in Kenya to seek a wife, particularly, Nadia Mukami.

Take a look at some of the harsh comments:

_shar.on__ show us the conversation where he said you should DM him????



@nadia_mukami mwaari..u sure that’s the original account uh?????????



@_denis_mwirigi atleast ata angemfollow????????????


nitramyrn Unatafuta clout ww????????????




@nadia_mukami is that serious! You’ve gone far before setting up with home gangs….all the best if it’s true



@nadia_mukami kumbe cardi hakudanganya ama kazi ya Mungu haina makosa


jamaaflanimpole Peana io kitu naniiii peannaaaaaa????????????????????????????????????????????????


fashioniconstan_ Halafu haters watasena ni Photoshop????????????????



@fashioniconstan_ ???????????? Cole is already married naona amepata second wife. ???????????????? we are very happy on her behalf…. Atleast day Cole atakuja kulipa dowry atathrow performance????????????


michael_ngene98 Utakulwa tu na uachwe.



@michael_ngene98 mapema mno????????????????hata vera na otile waliachana tu


maniac_boo Enyewe there is power of pussy ady international ????????????sio juju ni maombi????????


shaddy_wa_techcentral The photoshop guy did a great job. How much did u pay?


chris_curltexx Umeamua ku smash yesu????????????


Kenyan female musicians should put in more work in 2020

In as much as 2019 was a great year for many local musicians reason being Gengetone literally blew up, I kind of felt like female musicians were left behind.

Think of it though, if someone asked you to name Kenyan female singers who shone this year I’m sure they would be a handful and I’m not kidding.

Noti Flow
Noti Flow

The list would probably have the likes of; Nadia Mukami, Fena Gitu, Noti Flow, Jovial, Femi One and that’s it but I’m sure many people can’t even name one song that was released by some of the aforementioned artists in 2019.

I understand that female artists face more challenges in the industry because many of the key players like producers, videographers, promoters, marketers don’t take them seriously but we need them to pull up their socks.

I don’t know why but something tells me that 2020 will be a great year for female musicians. I just have a feeling that we’ll see more releases from them compared to 2019.

I remember those days when many female artists were a big deal and the whole country was literally paying attention to them and waiting for their next release.

Femi One
Femi One

For instance, I am sure you all remember the beef between Noti Flow, Njeri, Femi One and Kyki. That is what I want to see more of next year and I am not saying they have to insult each other to get us talking.

All I am saying is that we need female musicians to take center stage in 2020 because as things are at the moment, it seems like Kenya only has male musicians.

Nadia Mukami gets naughty in new banger ‘Ikamate Hiyo’ (Video)

Fast-rising singer Nadia Mukami is back with a new jam but it’s quite different from the songs that she has released previously.

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The song dubbed Ikamate Hiyo was released two months after she teamed up with Masauti, alias Kenyan Boy, on Lola.

As the title suggests, this is not a love ballad but a song that lies somewhere between seductive and explicit (You’ll decide after listening to it).

Ikamate hiyo loosely translates to hold that and we all know what is being held here, don’t you? For those of you who are acting like prudes, it’s her waist!

Apart loving Nadia Mukami’s twerk in the video, I also thought the lyrics were dope, albeit simple.

Nadia Mukami

There’s an element of naughtiness in the lyrics like the part where she says ,” Tamu kama embe dodo, nitakupa mpaka uzirahi…njoo niongeze, ikamate usilegeze…come let me give you a  little taste, later me and you participate.”

I really love this song because the truth is that I’ve really longed for the day when we can finally see this side of Nadia Mukami. She wasn’t going to sing about love forever or was she?

Vicky Pon Dis really did justice on the beats. In my opinion, it really blends well with her lyrics and/or voice. It puts you in a party mood instantly.

The video was directed by Dolls and he also did a commendable job. I really loved the smooth scene transitions!

Watch Ikamate Ilivyo below and tell us what you think.

Nadia Mukami is going places

As I was watching Nadia Mukami’s latest single dubbed Ikamate Hiyo, I could not help but wonder how she has learnt the ropes so fast. I was actually amazed.

You see, this sultry lass has made a name for herself as the queen of love ballads but for her 7th studio single, she did something out of the norm.

I honestly never thought Nadia Mukami would one day release a song that borders seductive and explicit but she did and it was executed perfectly.

Nadia Mukami
Nadia Mukami

Artists need to do something that is out of the norm every so often as it often helps in breaking monotony.

I doubt many people would be as excited if she had released another song about love because in as much as she’s talented, it gets boring eventually. Trust me.

In the song, she not only sings about naughty things, she’s also twerking ladies and gentlemen or what the youngins refer to as kurombosa and it’s lit!

The way I see it, this lass is going places because she understands what the industry needs. Maybe, just maybe other artists should borrow a leaf from her.

Watch Ikamate  Hiyo below and tell us what you think.

Magix Enga Vs Motif Di Don: Who is the baddest producer?

These days, almost every song begins with the words, “Motif Di Don” or “Magix Enga on the beat”. You would be tempted to think that the two are the only music producers in the country which is not the case.

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While the are are countless music producers in Kenya, the work of Magix Enga and Motif Di Don really stands out. They have a distinct approach and this explains why they are a cut above the rest and the most-sought after beat makers.

Motif Di Don
Motif Di Don

Each of them has worked with the biggest names in the entertainment industry and in a way they have helped propel the new Kenyan sound that made many people realize that they can actually enjoy local music.

Magix Enga has worked with the likes of Otile Brown, Timmy Tdat, Arrow Bwoy, KRG The Don, P-Unit, Zzero Sufuri, Ethic, Alvindo, King Kaka, Kristoff, Khaligraph Jones, Prezzo, Naiboi, Mejja, Rankaddah. The list is endless.

On the other hand, Motif Di Don has produced songs for Masauti, Ethic, Otile Brown, Khaligraph Jones, Masterpiece, Nadia Mukami, Qritical, Pro & Lava Lava and Rayvanny who are both Tanzanian singers.

If you are a fan of Kenyan music, like yours truly, then I’m sure you’ve seen your favourite local musician in the aforementioned names. What’s even more is that most of them are big acts which also means that Magix Enga and Motif Di Don are the baddest producers around.

Magix Enga
Magix Enga

In as much as they are both incredible and doing their very best to grow the local industry, at the end of the day, one of them has to be better than the other and that’s what I want to find out from you. I’d like to know your perspective of them.

So tell me, who do you think is the baddest producers between Magix Enga and Motif Di Don? Leave a comment below.

6 collabos between Kenyan and Tanzanian artists that we’d totally love to see

Kenyan artists have been working with their Tanzanian counterparts a lot more lately so much so that people who don’t like Bongo music, like yours truly, are starting to feel like it’s worth their time.

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We’ve seen some impressive collabos between Tanzanian and Kenyan artists in the recent past. Some of the include; Timmy Tdat & Rosa Ree, Willy Paul and Nandy, Bahati and Rayvanny, Juma Jux and Nyashisnki and so on.

In my opinion, we need to see more of these and that’s why I came up with a list of artists who I think should work together because why not? Also there’s the fact that it well grow East African music.

That being said, here’s our wish list of collabos:

1. Nadia Mukami and Juma Jux – After watching their mash up of African Lover on Coke Studio, I think these two should get into studio like yesterday.

Nadia Mukami and Juma Jux
Nadia Mukami and Juma Jux

2. Rosa Ree and Khaligraph Jones – This collabo should have happened a long time ago. I mean why not? Both artists are bad-ass rappers and they would really kill it on one track.

Rosa Ree and Khaligraph Jones
Rosa Ree and Khaligraph Jones

3. Otile Brown & Vanessa Mdee – I’m not quite sure about this but something tells me that a collabo between them would be totally fire. I’m looking forward to the day they will give us a treat.

Otile Brown and Vanessa Mdee
Otile Brown and Vanessa Mdee

4. Arrow Bwoy and Rayvanny –  I live for the day these two musicians will release a song together. Thinking about it just gives me goosebumps. If a collabo between them comes to pass, it will be the biggest song of the year.

Arrow Bwoy and Rayvanny
Arrow Bwoy and Rayvanny

5. Nyashisnki and Nandy – I feel like a collabo between these two would be pure bliss. Nandy’s smooth vocals would really blend in well Nyashisnki’s rap. Get into studio guys!

Nyashisnki and Nandy
Nyashisnki and Nandy

6. Vivian and Darassa – This is another one that I’m not quite sure about. However, I feel like a rap-infused song with Vivian’s vocals would be totally fire.

Vivian and Darassa
Vivian and Darassa

Which collabo are you looking forward to? Tell us below.

Arrow Bwoy needs to be very careful

To date, I’m yet to come across a song by Arrow Bwoy that I didn’t think was a hit or that I didn’t vibe to at all. It almost as if everything he touches turns into gold. I’m sure you agree, don’t you?

The singer whose real name is Ali Yusuf this rare gift of infusing English, Swahili and Luganda lyrics and ends up with a very unique and beautiful sound. The beat justs complements his style.

Arrow Bwoy
Arrow Bwoy

Unlike what most people think, Arrow Bwoy is not a newbie. He has been in the game since 2012 when he was part of a group called QBIC. He ventured out on his on in 2015 and got his first hit Digi Digi in 2017.

Since then, his star has continued to shine so much so that he even landed collabos with Jamaican heavyweights Demarco and Cecile. This is not a small feat but I’m sure you already knew that.

Locally, he has worked with the likes of Gabu, Masauti, Otile Brown, Timmy Tdat, Nadia Mukami, Sudi Boy, King Kaka, Krg The Don, Voltage Music, Jovial just to name a few.

As you listen to all his songs, you can’t fail to appreciate his ingenuity. However, you’ll also notice that he sounds pretty much the same in all of them which to be honest, I feel like it’s something that might curtail his success.

Arrow Bwoy
Arrow Bwoy

You see, in as much as all songs are done by the same person, hence they will have the same voice, music fans expect you to vary your songs so that you don’t bore them the way Jaguar did. It’s just what it is.

In my opinion, Arrow Bwoy needs to be careful or he will lose relevance in no time. He should look for ways of varying his sound so that his fans don’t feel like they are listening to the same song over and over

Listen to his latest release dubbed Ngeta below.

Revealed! Nadia Mukami took advantage of Diamond and Zari´s love triangle to release her anthem

Petite Kenyan songstress, Nadia Mukami reveals her hit song ´Lola´ was born as a result of Diamond Platinumz and Zari Hassan´s break up.

Exclusively to Citizen TV´s 10 over 10 show, the songbird expresses:

I write my music from my life experience and that of others.

Like Diamond and Zari, I learnt a lot from them and from Hamisa Mobetto.

Additionally, Nadia´s debut single, ´Si Rahisi´ speaks in reference to her music journey which has been filled with potholes.

The fast-rising female artist expresses her desire to be the best female artist in East Africa, a title no one would be surprised with, if she bagged home.


´Lola´ anthem comes as her 6th studio single and video.

The new jam featuring Masauti is currently trending at number 6 on You Tube.

Kenyan singer, Mohammed Ali Said, is known for his melodious flow and wide vocal range that has resulted in the piece of art, ´Lola´.

¨Lola¨ is about a love triangle between two lovers who hustled together before amassing wealth.

However, the boyfriend betrayed their love through cheating scandals.


Nadia Mukami and Masauti have set the bar too high with their new collabo dubbed ‘Lola’ (Video)

The much-anticipated collabo between Nadia Mukami and Mohammed Ali Said, popularly known as Masauti, is finally out and believe you me it’s a classic!

The song dubbed Lola premiered a few hours ago on YouTube and it has already garnered 20,000 views. Chances are it will hit 100,000 views in 24 hours. Do you want to bet?

Lola is a Swahili word that loosely translates to “I see you”. The song is about a lady and a gentleman who fell in love when they were young. They saw each other through difficult times and acquired wealth together.

Nadia Mukami
Nadia Mukami

However, their love turns sour when the man gets involved with another woman. His partner only came to learn of the affair on social media. As such, she’s wondering why he didn’t tell her that he had fallen in love with another person.

As expected, Nadia and Masauti both showcased their lyrical prowess in the song with smooth lines that pleasant to the ear. I kept hitting the replay button and you can’t even blame me.

The song’s chorus is easy to remember. It goes like, “Lola, yamemwagika hayazoleki lola X 2, lola yamemwagika bass, lola sasa umeniacha na nani, lola rudi kwangu mimi, lola sasa umeniacha na nani mama yoh, lola rudi kwangu mimi.


I was particularly impressed by the video which was directed by Deska Torres of Platnumz Films. Not only are the shots are perfect, the scene transitions are also good.

The beat for Lola was made by Motif Di Don who is arguably one of the best producers in Kenya right now. He really came through with a decent beat for this song. I wasn’t disappointed.

Watch Lola here and tell us what you think.

Nadia Mukami set to stage a collabo with Willy Paul

Fast-rising female songbird, Nadia Mukami is now prepping Kenyans for a massive collabo with controversial gospel artist, Willy Paul.

The petite singer-songwriter has revealed to fans that it is currently cooking but will soon drop too.

Nadia has conquered the odds in the lucrative industry, making moves with big artistes, the likes of Arrow Bwoy, allegedly her boyfriend and now Kenyan boy, Masauti.

Well, her collabo with Pozze might be the most anticipated having in mind the controversy surrounding the ´Hallelujah´ singer.

Based on Willy Paul´s recent character, getting down low with girls in the clubs, it is evident he is now into the secular world.

Pozze has however staged collabos with Tanzania´s Rayvanny and Nandy, which one would least say, are household names.

Nadia however cited that she looks forward to working with veteran artist, Nyashinski, some day.

Kenyan musicians whose songs all sound the same and what they need to do

There are some Kenyan musicians who sound the same on almost every song they release. Sometimes it’s so hard to tell whether you’ve listened to the song before or if it’s new.

In most cases, this affects artists who sing. Other music genres, for instance Hip Hop, is all about the flow, rhymes and the beat. As such, it’s hard to find two songs that sound the same unless all the aforementioned things are the same.

Several local musicians have been on the spot before for sounding the same on almost all their songs. I’m sure some of them are not even aware of this because let’s be honest, an artist is not the best judge of their own music.

Before he ventured into politics and took a backseat in making music, Jaguar, was often accused of copy pasting his songs. There was a common joke in the entertainment circles that he kept releasing the same song with different titles.

In his defense, Jaguar explained that his songs sound the same because they were done by the same person. He missed the point but that’s a story for another day.

Other local musicians who sound the same in every subsequent release are Nadia Mukami, Arrow Bwoy, DNA, Dufla, just to name a few.

The only Kenyan musician who has managed to get away with sounding the same is Jua Cali. He has been sounding the same way since he debuted in the local entertainment industry but most music fans don’t seem to mind.

Jua Cali

There’s no denying that all these musicians are talented. However, I’m sure most music fans would appreciate if they can tell their songs apart.

And no, I didn’t say they should swap their voices with other artists. Far from it. Instead, they should look for ways of adding flavour to their songs so that there is a clear distinction with every subsequent release.

So the question is, what should these musicians do? In my opinion one of the solutions to this is working with different music producers. Every producer has a unique style. As such, if the artists will be able to incorporate different elements into their music with every subsequent release.

The other solution is doing more collabos. This often works. Working with another artist will definitely vary thier songs. For instance, the could do a collabo with a rapper which will help break the monotony.

Lastly, they could explore other music genres. I’m sure many music fans appreciate versatile artists. By trying out other genres, they will be proving that they can think outside the box.

What are your thoughts on this? Leave a comment below.