Size 8 responds to netizens mocking her for casting out demons, Claims God authorized her to!

It all started with a photo of Size 8 casting out demons, before the actual footage dropped on social media – catching fans by surprise.

From the clip, the preacher is seen commanding demons to leave the body of the man she was praying for, something netizens felt was kinda forced if not fake. Probably because of Size 8’s past and or like others put it Ka Ching! Another smart hustle for more money.

Well, seeing how much she has changed over the years and has invested in church ministries through her gospel music – it’s isn’t really fair to judge her with from her past mistakes right? She was young – naive and probably was doing it for the fame and money before her calling to serve as a minister, right?

But unfortunately her past is something Kenyans on social media have refused to let go of and continue to judge her with – despite having reformer her ways.

Preacher Size 8

Size 8 ministering with God’s authority

With her video making rounds on social media, Preacher Size 8 must have definitely come across it which explains a caption used on her latest post shared earlier today.

As seen on the post, Size 8 captioned it saying;

God has been teaching me to use my authority in Christ Jesus by faith I call into existance that which is not……..

And I’m assuming this is her hitting back at everyone who might have mocked her for believing her faith can cast out demons or work miracles. To her, everything is possible as long as God has authorized it to happen.

Well – I know this is just the beginning for her and incase she wants a successful ministry…maybe it’s time to learn a thing or two from the likes of Pastor Ng’ang’a, cause these streets are not favoring anyone!

Size 8 opens up on health condition that left her giving up on life

Preacher Size 8 has always had issues with her blood pressure. From what we’ve learnt is that the preacher developed hypertension from her pregnancy and what’s more surprising is that she was only 6 weeks pregnant with daughter, Ladasha Wambo.

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Since 2015 January I have had health issues and I never shared that side of my life. I remember I once collapsed in town and I was told my pressure was too high.

Size 8

Since then, Size 8 has been on BP medication which basically helps her stay alive; but so far she’s had a couple of episodes proving otherwise. A few weeks ago she was rushed to hospital following another hypertension episode that she claims left her giving up on life. Speaking through a new video shared on their YouTube channel, Size 8 said;

I have been on medication for a long time and I have been in and out of the hospital. This time it was serious as I was slipping into depression and I was almost giving up. I was tired of fighting and that is partly why I stopped putting up posts on social media.

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Size 8 hospitalized

HBP costing Size 8

So far we understand that Size 8 lost baby number 3 following same old same old blood pressure issues; but and this time around having lost a baby she had grown to love and cherish in her womb – Size 8 fell into depression hence started giving up on life.

However thanks to hubby, DJ Mo – Size 8 says she’s slowly working through her depression and has found more reason to continue living respect with her two kids looking up to her.

Size 8 on why she kicked out DJ Mo before packing her bags and leaving her marital home

Size 8 is one of those people who’s never shy to share details of her marriage. In fact, she’ll tell you everything in detail hence leaving you with two options – are you for marriage ama you’re for Nairobi’s per person sharing kinda arrangement.

couple, DJ Mo and Size 8

Well – despite having tried made her marriage appear perfect , we understand that she’s had her ups and downs as a wife; and has but the love and affection she’s always had for hubby DJ Mo always kept her grounded.

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I like being honest with marriage because when you’re honest, you encourage other people, when you paint a picture of perfection, you make other people feel like they’re in hell.

However speaking during recent interview on Kiss FM, Size 8 being hyper as usual disclosed unknown details of her marriage; like that time she kicked out DJ Mo following a small misunderstanding they’d had that day.

Size 8 and DJ Mo

Before I matured into a lot of things, I used to overreact, ata kuna day in 2016 nilifungia Mo nje, alikuta vitu zake nje na mlango nimefunga

But since this happened at the age of 27 years, she blamed her actions in childishness yaani utoto.

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Moves out because of temper

In 2018 Size 8 says she also pulled a stunt that even surprised her own people. This is after she disagreed with hubby (just like any other couple) but instead of working out their issues – she opted out. Speaking on how dramatic her past life was, the preacher said;

I’ve really sumbuad, I have packed and gone and I have really overreacted.

And in conclusion the preacher said;

…I can say I have really matured and I don’t pack and go after every argument.

Another one? Fans already congratulating Size 8 after ‘flaunting’ grown baby bump (Video)

Could it be that size 8 is with child 4 months after she lost her 3rd pregnancy following high blood pressure issues? If you remember well, back in October 2021 Size 8 and husband shared a video announcing the loss of their unborn baby.

Speaking through through their YouTube channel, DJ Mo opened up about his wife’s condition saying;

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Size 8 pregnant?

Dr Nyamu advised us, he said at this point we have to save the mum, we had no other option. We had to do that professionally, we are from the theatre and Linet is safe.

Size 8 on the other hand went on to talk about how high her blood pressure was hence making it difficult to even have the surgery. She said;

My blood pressure rose to a high level and for some time stayed abnormally high.
Doctors tried all their best to manage my pressure but it still kept fluctuating. They even administered different drugs to no avail. I had to undergo surgery.

Size 8 pregnant?

Well, I am no womb watcher but there is a new video of preacher size 8 looking super pregnant and from the comments – looks like fans can already tell.

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Size 8 pregnant?

So far fans have not only been sending congratulatory messages to the pastor and husband but some have requested the couple to go slow on the babies considering Size 8’s hypertension problem.

Anyway watch the new Instagram video that has left fans talking about the pregnancy.


Don’t Address Men- Andrew Kibe Reacts To Size 8 Being Ordained As A Pastor

Gospel artist Size 8 was ordained as a pastor on Sunday 12 this month and wooed her fans in her transition journey. Years ago, no one thought she would end up being a pastor; and this is why criticism piled up on her journey to ordination.

Some like Andrew Kibe believe she is not worthy of being a pastor; bearing the fact that she is already somebody’s wife. The former Kiss FM radio presenter shared his sentiments through a video on his Instagram page;

”I was like, ala, which church is this? Then naangalia nasema, the circus is here. Tuko kwa wajinga sisi wote. Tuende tu all the way mpaka mwisho mpaka country ichomeke yote. Pia nyinyi hamko serious. What kind of female pastor tells men? It’s high time men wake up…”

Size 8’s ordination-Google

People Wrote Me Off-Size 8

On the flipside, Size 8 is not taking any of the shenanigans as she proved her haters wrong for disapproval. Emotional Size 8 expressed how much the ordination meant to her as she shared;

”Am overwhelmed by the doing of God thru Jesus Christ in me. ???????????????????????? When I got born again many wrote me off and said I won’t even last a week in salvation; 8 years later now see God… His grace saved me from the secular world of music thru Jesus Christ and His power thru His spirit changed me to who I am today… ”

Size 8’s ordination was grace by a couple of celebrities; who also congratulated her for the milestone.

Celebrities Who Graced Size 8’s Ordination As A Pastor(Photos)

Born again musician Size 8 wooed her fans on Sunday, December 12 when she was ordained as a pastor at JCC Thika. The gospel singer has had a tumultuous journey as a mother of 2; with challenges that put her faith to the test. But she stood strong and proved her haters wrong after recounting how they doubted her.

Sharing on her Instagram, she thanked her husband Dj MO for standing by her side throughout her journey.

”Am overwhelmed by the doing of God thru Jesus Christ in me. ???????????????????????? When I got born again many wrote me off and said I won’t even last a week in salvation; 8 years later now see God… His grace saved me from the secular world of music thru Jesus Christ and His power thru His spirit changed me to who I am today…

My husband @djmokenya thank you for standing beside me today it was really important to me and to Pastor Kelvin Ephraim and Pastor Jackie Kelvin asanteni sana for mentorship and seeing God’s plan in me.. ….My parents the Munyalis asante… Congratulations to Pastor @timothy_kitui and the rest of the servants of God…
God thank you for loving me ???????????????????? this ordination is a gift from you”

Congratulatory Messages

Size 8’s ordination was graced by fellow celebrities like DK Kwenye Beat; Daddy Owen, DJ Mo, the WaJesus family, among others.

The WaJesus Family at Size 8’s ordination-Instagram (Courtesy)

DK wrote;

As you have been ordained today, our prayer to you is that may our good Lord keep you in perfect peace as you serve the sheep that He has placed in your hand and may He fill you with wisdom and knowledge to lead the people to greater heights in spiritual matters ,Through the mercies of the Lord,let me say congratulation Pastor @size8reborn”
DK Kwenye Beat at Size 8’s ordination-Instagram (Courtesy)

Daddy Owen reacted;

”I want to give thanks to GOD for my sister @size8reborn .. I am so proud of Linet.. I know your passion for serving GOD .. I have known u for years many don’t know that before u started your musical journey u were my dancer.. one day I will share the videos here???????????? but am so proud of u the Murayas May GOD continue blessing u and congratulations on your ordination ????????????????????????”

Size 8 reborn to be ordained as a pastor

Size 8 already graduated from Harvesters Global Church Bible training school in December back 2018; allowing her to officially become a preacher – but unlike her classmates, the mother of two took her tome before getting ordained.

Announcing the graduation from the Bible school, Size 8 through her Instagram page wrote;

Size 8 graduates from Bible school

The joy in my heart is beyond words. God thank you for the grace you have given me so far. I graduated today from Harvest Global Church bible training school.

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Announces her ordination

3 years later and Size 8 finally gets her prayers answered as she will be ordained on Sunday, 12 November as revealed on her lengthy post on social media where she wrote;

Also read:

Size 8

I will be ordained as a minister of God’s word, a servant of the most high God this Sunday and waaaa hiii ni emotional kwangu???????????????? God is not a man that He should lie. He chooses whoever and changes them to serve Him…. My life is like a movie from the secular world to an ordained servant of God ???????????? see God…… GODS GRACE IS Real…….. I got born again 2013 I started the Gospel music journey, five years later 2018 I went to bible school and graduated and now 8 years later 2021 am going to be ordained ???????????????? see God… And to God be the glory only by His grace, His power and spirit thru His son Jesus Christ has this happened.

And to conclude the soon to be pastress wrote;

IN GOD’S TIME HE MAKES EVERYTHING BEAUTIFUL!!! TO my husband @djmokenya thanks for allowing me to go serve God and to my Pastor and mentors Pastor Kelvin and Jacky Ephraim God bless you all…..

“I wouldn’t be here today” Size 8 recounts near-death experience as she celebrates son’s 2nd birthday

Size 8’s son turned 2 years today and like any other mother on social media; the gospel singer shared a never seen before adorable photo of her baby boy on Instagram to mark this special occasion.

Well apart from just the photo, Size also went on to pour out her heart in a catchy inspired caption where she talked about her near death experience; not forgetting her gratitude for being alive to celebrate another milestone in her son’s life.

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As seen on the post, Size 8 reveals how that her complicated C-section almost cost her life due to hypertension. Through her Instagram page, the mother of 2 wrote;

Muraya jnr

My little miracle @muraya.jnr turns two years today uuuuuuuwwwiii I can’t keep calm this is a great miracle a great milestone.

I wouldn’t have seen this day

Although it’s no secret that Size 8’s pregnancies have seen her cheat death thrice now, Mama Wambo says she is grateful to have seen this day.

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Woi devil you never wanted me to witness this day you wanted to kill me but see the greatestness of my God am alive to see jrn turn two. uuuuwwwiiii ebu we sing the celebrate Jesus song ya @evelynwanjiru_a uuuuwwwiiii see God Happy birthday @muraya.jnr. @djmokenya swity see God uuuuwwwiiii cc @ladashabelle.wambo

Loses baby number three

Muraya Jnr’s 2nd birthday comes just a few weeks after Size 8 had to undergo an emergency surgery following a complicated 3rd pregnancy that needed to be terminated.

Speaking about the scary experience, she wrote;

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Jehovah my God My Father through Jesus Christ I am greatful for life!! I would have died but you choose to save me. Though my little baby didn’t make it I know she is well in your hands oh God!!! Thank you God for allowing @ladashabelle.wambo  and @muraya.jnr to continue enjoying the presence of their mum!! In all things you remain to be God God all by yourself and everything working together for good in our lives!! Hallelujah!!

Size 8’s advice to artistes giving up on the gospel industry

Size 8 recently lost another pregnancy due to hypertension related issues, and barely a month after this – the singer is back to chasing the paper through her music.

Size 8 graduates as a pastor

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Well, we would have expected her to take sometime off to heal and mourn her late daughter like most mums would have, but not Size 8. She is already up and about promoting her new song dubbed utawale.

Speaking during a recent IG live, the singer for the first time addressed the issue concerning gospel artistes quitting the gospel industry. According to Size 8 most of these singers/preachers or so often get pressured into quitting the ministry by their peers. She said,

The Bahati’s and Muraya’s

I’m I am talking to gospel artistes and gospel ministers. I know times are hard but man don’t leave yet. Don’t do the wrong thing to please people. Hold on to God and he will lift you at the right time, Don’t allow the temptation to lead you. That is what my new song ‘Utawale’ is talking about.

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Taking back control

Seeing how the likes of Willy Paul, Bahati among other artists made the gospel industry look like a money making business, I guess its the same reason why new artistes  are quick to quit.

Well most join the industry expecting to make good money, but end up realizing that- vitu kwa ground ni different hence calling it quits. However size 8 encouraged them saying;

Gospel artistes, there is a lot of problems right now and things are not working. Don’t give in and step down to God’s work.

Her piece of advice comes weeks after Guardian Angel said that the gospel is alive, however the industry that ‘holds’ is long gone.

Size 8 loses pregnancy following uncontrolled hypertension

Size 8 and DJ Mo have announced the loss of their 3rd born after the gospel singer was forced to undergo an emergency surgery to get rid of the pregnancy following some complications.

According to husband DJ Mo, his wife has been in and out of hospital due to the pregnancy: and at some point Size 8 was baby king high blood pressure that hit 213 among other issues.

Size 8 suffers miscarriage

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Through his Instagram page, DJ Mo shared the sad news in a detailed post where he explained saying;

We have plans , But God has even better plans …as you have seen on YouTube ,Yes it happened , God gives & takes .

Pregnancy turns deadly

Although it’s not the first time Size 8 is facing a difficult pregnancy; DJ Mo says it took a team of doctors to help save his wife’s life as she had to undergo an emergency operation. He went on to add;

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It’s been around 5 months fighting with crazy pressure that hit 213 , emergency operation. Thank you Dr NYAMU and the team @komarockmodern for saving my wife , .. the speed at which you did all these – indeed I will always remember you saved my wife and making sure she is safe …

At 5 months of course the baby wouldn’t have mad it alive; but as much as it sounds sad for the family – DJ Mo says he is grateful that his wife made it out alive.

Thank God , you remain to be God in all situations . THE BABY DINT MAKE IT , but my wife is alive and safe . @size8reborn am with you – till the end.

Size 8 talks about near death experiences as she celebrates 34th birthday

Size 8 who started off as a secular singer somehow found herself in the gospel industry; and in less than a year, she was married to one DJ Mo who was also in the same industry – and the two became couple goals.

However life for size 8 changed after her first child; an experience that she says almost left her dad due to high blood pressure during C-Section birth.

Size 8 graduates as a pastor

With such an experience the gospel singer got so spiritual and even enrolled in Bible school; where she graduated or rather – was ordained as a pastor in 2018.

Another complication

For the second birth, things were not so different from the time she had her first born Ladashabelle; and if you remember well – Size 8 for the second time almost lost her life due to high blood pressure complications during another CS.

For most mums who have faced such complications during birth will tell you that this is one of the most challenging experiences; and unlike many would know – this brings a person so close to death that it changes a person.

Anyway, having overcome death twice the gospel singer recently celebrated her 34th birthday with special message where she wrote;

Size 8 celebrates 34th birthday

I’ve started a brand new year and am so greatful to God for life! Many of you take life for granted and never value it as a precious gift from God!! But if you have faced many near death experiences like me your attitude will change.

On the same post Size 8 went on to celebrate her 34 year journey adding;

@djmokenya thank you for a wonderful day!!

Another one! Size 8 spotted rocking huge baby bump (Photos)

Mama Wambo aka singer Size 8 has another bun in the oven.

If not, then I guess she is feeding a bit too much hence the grown kitambi; but something about her current oversized outfits screams ‘we’re pregnant but hiding it.’

Lately the singer has been stepping out with not only oversized outfits but keeps hiding her stomach area; a move she used to pull while pregnant with second born baby, Sam Jnr.

Size 8 pregnant with 3rd born?

Also, looking at the videos shared on Insta, one can see that size 8 lately takes up-close shots; probably to conceal the pregnancy but again – the puffed nose and sudden weight gain is selling out her well kept ‘secret’.

Size 8’s grown baby bump

Fans congratulate

However – it’s time for Size 8 to stop hiding the pregnancy now that fans have started to congratulate her for the new bun in the oven.

The congratulatory messages come shorty after her latest video where Size 8 is seen rocking an oversized jacket; but the growing bump still protrudes despite her efforts to hide it. One of her fans wrote;

Hiyo ni sweater ama Mimba naona? ????

Well from the size of the pregnancy, it’s clear that Size 8 is currently in the second semester meaning the year won’t end before we get to meet their third born.

Size 8 pregnancy showing

Cheating husband

The pregnancy however comes a few months after DJ Mo aka Samuel Muraya was exposed for cheating on his wife with certain lady from Bahrain.

Since then, Samuel Muraya has not only become a good husband and father to his kids; but lately avoids making unnecessary noise on social media like before.

Something else we also noticed is that he started posting more photos of his wife; unlike before when he used to sideline her on his social medias. Another marriage saves by blogger Obare.


Why Size 8 cannot stop gushing over hubby, DJ Mo

Size 8 is the perfect definition of mke mwema and if you doubt this; then I’ll remind that unlike Karen Nyamu who is currently making Samidoh’s life a living hell – Singer Size 8 shielded her husband despite him cheating with a Kenyan lady from Doha.

Anyway so far we understand that DJ Mo has been acting like the perfect husband since the exposè; and yes, we thank Edgar for fixing our celebrity marriages. Unlike before DJ Mo these days appears to spend more time with his family and so far, we understand he has been focusing on a project back in the village.

Size 8 showing off in laws unfinished home

As seen on his gram, DJ Mo is now almost done with the bungalow he has been building his parents; and this being one of his biggest achievements – his wife Size 8 cannot stop praising him for this. To mark this milestone, Size 8 through her Instagram praised her hubby by writing;

DJ Mo and Size 8 mark 7th wedding anniversary

May God bless this guy @djmokenya how he selflessly gives to his parents ???????????????????? woi Jehovah bless him!!! Sons out there please remember home when God lifts you up!! Honor your parents for this is the 1st commandment with a promise that it may be well with you and you may live long on earth

DJ shows off his parents home

Replaced from Crossover

Well, although no man is perfect – it’s no secret that DJ Mo’s cheating scandal affected him in various ways. Since the exposè the former gospel DJ not only lost his job at crossover 101; but also close friends and sponsors who were looking to invest through him.

But anyway – this is a lesson well learnt but at least he did not lose his wife and family, right?

”Doctors Surrounded Him Trying To Save His Life” Size 8 Narrates How She Almost Lost Her Son

Being a mother is one of the most demanding responsibilities women have. Losing a child you carried for 9 months is even more painful. The most traumatizing experience one can have as a mom is delivering the baby then losing them in the ICU moments later. Gospel musician Size 8 has revealed the scary story of how she almost lost her son Muraya Junior in ICU. She posted a picture of Muraya while in the ICU months ago, versus him currently.

”Mungu UMETENDA makuu huyu alikuwa @murayajnr 1st days in hospital in the ICU I almost lost him the 3rd night doctors surrounded him trying their best to save his life and Jesus Christ alive in me did a miracle and my son didn’t die.

You see me always praising God for He has done beyond my imagination!!! I am nothing without God. Never give up on God no matter how hard your situation is. I TESTIFY ABOUT GOD DAILY. Bow down and worship YAWEH…”

Size 8, whose real name is Linet Masiro Munyali, is a mother of two. Her first born is a girl by the name Ladasha Belle Muraya. Size 8 is married to Samwel Muraya, commonly known as DJ Mo, a disc jockey. The two have been together for a long time and are serving netizens with couple goals.

Even though marriage has its own challenges, the two seem to be thriving with each other.

“Stop blaming others and take responsibility for your actions ” Size 8 cryptic post leaves tongues wagging

Size 8 has shared a new post that has left many assuming that all might not be well with her. This is after sharing a post talking about the importance of taking responsibility of ones actions; and not trying to blame it on others.

According to the gospel singer once a person accepts their own wrong doings; good things may start happening due to the clear conscience. The post read;

Stop blaming others for the things going wrong in your life. Man up and take responsibility for your own actions. You and no one else is responsible for the way you feel or for what happens in your life.

Size 8’s post

Look within first

Although the post doesn’t really say much; it’s obvious to see that she may have been directing it to someone. However the post comes just a few months after husband, DJ Mo was exposed for cheating on his wife with a certain lady from Bahrain.

Although the gospel DJ managed to convince his wife to say; all I know is that ‘trust’ became a problem. Anyway, to caption the post above – Size 8 wrote;

Singer Size 8 speaks

The moment we stop blaming others and we take responsibility for our own actions and out comes in our personal life we have started succeeding!!!! Look within 1st to see what is the problem in you and ask God to help you change all your internal faults in you and you will realise external forces have little effect on you!!!

Singer Size 8 responds to pregnancy rumors after baby bump video emerges online

Singer Size 8 left many wondering whether she is carrying baby number 3 jusdging by her bulging belly as seen on a new video.

While many ushered in the new year at home; Size 8 had the opportunity to entertain fans through a gospel show where she performed New Year’s Eve. What however caught most people’s attention is the growing belly that she was seen rocking on that night.

Size 8

Could be that the white top she wore exaggerated the size of her belly; but all I know is that many believe that the Muraya’s have a baby on the way; barely 2 years after welcoming baby Muraya jnr.

Size 8 speaks

However turns out that Size 8 was just full and not pregnant as many thought. She made this known while responding to the pregnancy rumors making rounds online.

Speaking about this, Mama Ladashabelle went on to say;


Size 8 went on to add that most of the time when pregnant; she is always on low spirits unlike what is seen on the video making rounds online. Mama junior went on to say;


Never seen before photo of young Size 8 back in class 7

Singer Size 8 has always been a lightskin from birth. Unlike most women who have altered their looks, the singer tries to maintain her natural looks even when with makeup; and truth is Size 8 aka Linette is one hot woman.

To prove that nothing about her looks has changed; the lass recently unveiled a never seen before photo taken back when she was in class 7.

Size 8 reborn

Judging from this photo we can confirm that the singer has not changed much over the years; but now that she is a grown woman – of course her body size has changed but in terms of facial looks she remains the same.

Young Size 8

Through her social media pages, Linette unveiled the class 7 photo taken while performing at music festival.

She went on to caption the post saying;

Enyewe nobody knows the future hapa I was in class 7 presenting a poem at the music festival I didn’t know that leo itakuwa hivi so be positive as you start the year no matter how beaten you are put your Hope’s in Jesus Christ you dont know what beautiful things that are ahead.

Size 8 back in class 8

Well, from this photo we can already see how baby Ladasha belle will look like in the coming years.

Size 8’s former brother-in-law exposed for beating and cheating on ex girlfriend (photos)

FBI dancer who is also Size 8’s former brother in law and father to Mary Munyali’s son has been exposed for cheating and beating his Somali girlfriend, Isha as seen online.

Turns out that behind the couple goal photos shared online; there were tears and sleepless nights from the crazy beating and abuse Isha was receiving from slay king boyfriend.

Tbt: Ezra with Size 8’s sister

This comes about a year-plus after the slay king allegedly dumped his family; that is Size 8’s sister (Deejay Seven) and son for the petite Instagram model he was dating and living with.

However months down the line it now appears that Karma may have caught up with the dancer; as he is currently making news for the wrong reasons!

Violent man

As seen on the posts shared by Isha (the ex) she goes on to confirm break up with the screenshots of people exposing Ezra for cheating on her. One of the screenshots

While in another, a neighbor talks about how she pitied Isha for being beaten by Ezra a while back…

In yet another screenshot, a mutual friend went on to mention how Ezra would boast about Isha paying his bills;

Anyway, I guess the only person reading this tea making rounds on social media with a smile on her face is MMunyali; who was allegedly left overnight by the baby daddy despite having started a family with the guy.

Dancer Ezra’s Somali ex

But hey….do these Instagram relationships with slay queens and kings really last?


“‌I was with Size 8 that night,”‌ DJ Mo addresses claims he was cheating on wife after being spotted solo in hotel room

Gospel celebrity couple, DJ Mo and Size 8 reborn have turned tables after responding to infidelity claims whose whole story fans were never given.

It started with photos of the gospel DJ in a hotel room by himself, at a time when the two were not quite in good terms. Fueling speculations that his wife had kicked him out of their matrimonial home in Lavington.

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It then boiled into an entire infidelity saga, entangled in the mix of now-engaged Switch TV host, Joyce Maina and constant fights in public spaces witnessed between the married couple.

DJ Mo and Size 8 reborn

Unfortunately, what fans were never told, is that this was not the entire picture of the story.

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The untold facts

In their latest vlog, DJ Mo and his wife Size 8, looking all loved up took fans back to the photo of him solo in a hotel room. Before giving us a video of his wife standing on the other side of the bed, discussing marital issues.

The DJ clarified: “‌I was with my wife that night, but people didn’‌t know that!”‌

Size 8 and DJ Mo

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To which his wife confidently supported: “‌It was important for us to stay private, to pray and work on ourselves. I felt we needed that time alone and to put God at the center of everything.”‌

Adding: “‌I was the one who looked for our room and ensured the kids had someone to take care of them. And we spent the whole night together, praying and just telling God to defend us and fight for us,”‌ explained the mother of two.

Size 8 expressed disbelief that fans were actually waiting to see her throw out her husband and his clothes, following the infidelity scandal.

The Murayas

Sadly, she was not the type to react spontaneously without reasoning and without consulting God who had brought them together.

And that is how, the two are still accommodating each other, so in love and living under the same roof as they mark 7 years in marriage.

Have a listen:

Size 8 blames husband’s cheating ways on the devil

Singer Size 8 must be going through a hard time especially now that everyone knows that her husband cannot keep it in his pants!

This is after blogger Edgar Obare shared receipts proving that indeed DJ Mo has been in an entanglement with a lady from Bahrain. Well, the exposè not only left DJ Mo looking like the cheating type but confirmed that he is unhappy in his marriage.

Singer Size 8 speaks

Size 8 speaks

Addressing her husbands infidelity through her Instagram page, Size 8 made it known that her marriage is not as perfect as many assumed!

What has been said about my marriage has been said whether it is true or not I dont know only God knows the whole truth and we cannot reverse what has been said.

She however went on to admit that at the moment she remains bitter with what has been happening; but what seems to surprise fans is the fact that she claims the devil used and lied to her husband.

DJ Mo video calling Side chick

I ve been angry and sad handling things physically but that stage is over for the bible says in Ephesians 6:12 we wrestle not against flesh and blood but against principalities rules of darkness mashetani And if any of us fight physically we are bound to fail coz the devil is the main enemy not people. So no point of bitterness anger unforgiveness or fits of rage!!


As for women going through the same pain she is currently facing; Size 8 went on to encourage them by saying;

To all women and men facing hard situations of all kinds in marriage God is able to defend your homes let’s pray in the name of Jesus!!
LET THE MARRIAGE PRAYER MOVEMENT BEGIN FROM TODAY FRIDAY AND SATURDAY!!! We meet live on my ig and Facebook on the 3rd day at 8pm that is on Saturday for atleast 30mins of praying together.

in conclusion mama Muraya Junior went on to add;

Look, I am the LORD, the God over every creature. Is anything too difficult for me!!! Jeremiah 32:27 MARRIAGE IS A VERY GREAT COVENANT!!! A COVENANT CREATED BY GOD!!! @djmokenya @ladashabelle.wambo @muraya.jnr #themurayas #DineWithTheMurayas

“Iteni Diana achukue haka…” Bahati attacked after siding with DJ Mo on cheating scandal

Bahati has not been spared by trolls after defending counterpart, DJ Mo’s cheating scandal expose.

The gospel artist, who many believe is still a child popular for his nickname Mtoto wa Diana, shocked fans after coming out to side with the disk jockey over infidelity claims.

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In an interesting, suggestive post, the Wanani singer urged DJ Mo to “always keep his head up no matter the depth of the sea”, if he wants to stay afloat.

Bahati consoling DJ Mo after viral cheating scandal

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The backlash

What angered Kenyans most was Bahati’s audacity to bring in God into the extra-marital affair, claiming that “God only gives his strongest and toughest battles to his strongest soldiers.”

Suggesting that DJ Mo and Size 8’s saga was all God’s purpose from the very beginning, further urging him “Soldier on!”

Embattled couple, Size 8 and DJ Mo

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Clearly, the father of 4 did not figure out the consequences, with tables turned on him, now receiving massive backlash from netizens.

“Baha uko na kiherehere. So who called you to this matter??” one fan lashed out. Social media users termed his post “kiherehere”, while slamming him for using God’s name where it was just not applicable. Have a look:

Singer Bahati trolled after siding with DJ Mo
Bahati trolled after siding with DJ Mo
Artist Bahati trolled after siding with DJ Mo

Size 8’s first post after husband’s cheating scandal confirms she is hurting

Singer Size 8 must be going through a hard time especially now that the entire world knows that her husband has been cheating on her with a young lady from Bahrain.

The cheating scandal sparked by the couple started off as a joke; only for things to get serious at the end. Word making rounds on social media is that the couple was hoping to catch people’s; only for the joke to turn on them.

This was however all thanks to Edgar Obare who left no stone unturned during his expose on DJ Mo; who had been said to be dogging his wife for years. But due to lack of evidence, the guy never got caught!

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Size 8 speaks

With the story out, of course it is no secret that their marriage has been facing serious issues; but for the sake of their brand, the two kept holding on until after the expose.

Size 8 who has not only been hurt but embarrassed by her husband has finally opened up in a new post where she wrote about Jesus’ love. Through her gram, the mother of 2 wrote;

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Jesus is the same yesterday, today and forever!. How great is our God and how deep is his love for me and you that He sent his son Jesus to die for us all and raised him from the dead and sat him on his right hand far above all devils just for me and you!!! This is so precious more than even gold.Gods love never changes he is a great loving God in all ways He is good, perfect and loving!!! Working out all things for our good!!! If you believe this type God I bless you!!! God I bless you!!!!

Fans on the other hand went on to leave supportive messages under this post as they encouraged the singer not to let this affect her.

Others went on to congratulate her for always covering up her husband’s messes; for the sake of their kids. But after yesterday, will their love go back to normal?

“We are like everyone else, tusidanganyane,” DJ Mo claps back after viral cheating scandal

DJ Mo has told off critics pointing fingers at him after his recent cheating exposé went viral.

This is after a lass who claimed to have bedded the gospel disk jockey since 2016, came out through popular blogger, Edgar Obare.

Leaking finer details of their private conversations, complete with screenshots of explicit videos and photos the two had been sharing.

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DJ Mo’s defense

After realizing that things were not working out his way, the father of two has come out to slam trolls for pretending that this is not what goes on in every other marriage.

Samuel Muraya aka DJ Mo

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In his post, Mr Muraya first bashed Edgar Obare for pocking his nose in affairs that do not even involve him. Further declining to comment on screenshots doing the rounds, of his alleged cheating affair with a chocolate-skinned babe.

He then went ahead to call out Kenyans who were acting like this was news regards marriage scandals, clarifying that in every marriage, there is a fight. “We ain’t perfect. Tusidanganyane,” he stated.

According to him, couples will always disagree and go through their fair share of ups and downs. The only difference here, being that he and his wife Size 8 reborn are both celebrities and their marriage battles are captured on camera.

Celebrity couple Size 8 and DJ Mo

In what fans have termed one of the most anticipated TV shows to air on local station NTV, many have already arrived at conclusions, others sitting pretty and watching as the drama unfolds.

Pick your side.

Drama after DJ Mo tries to get back wife who took off with their children (Video)

Things have gotten messier for the Muraya couple, after Size 8 reborn reportedly left her matrimonial home again with her children, spending nights in a popular city hotel.

As captured on video during their recent outburst, the mother of 2 in the company of a close friend who is a pastor, was talking about the upcoming launch of her hairline, before DJ Mo walked in unannounced.

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An irked Size 8, looking unsettled and annoyed to see her husband on site, shouted: “what is this guy doing here?”

The drama

A calm and embarrassed DJ Mo walked in and took his seat, telling Size 8 it was time they fixed their marital issues once and for all.

Gospel singer Size 8

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“Which marriage?” questioned the gospel artist. This forced a friend and a pastor to intervene, but a charged Size 8 lashed out at the two, angry that her husband had not even attempted to woo her back into a peaceful marriage. He had made zero attempt.

“Hakunibembeleza na haku-apologize. Aliniachanisha akaenda,” screamed the light-skin babe.Explaining why she immediately unfollowed her husband on IG.

NTV gospel show DJ Mo aka Samuel Muraya

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Pained by their marital wrangles, DJ Mo tried to defend himself, annoyed with his wife who went telling the whole world that he cheated, thus creating a bad impression of him.

“I don’t care what people out there are saying or want to think, because right now, there is no Size 8,” declared the Yahweh singer.


Meanwhile, having given up that their marriage could even work, DJ Mo ended by saying; “whatever kakinuka, wacha kanuke!” Watch:

How DJ Mo’s very humble beginnings nearly cost him his marriage to Size 8

Turns out that Size 8 reborn and DJ Mos marital problems did not start the other day, after their recent revelation of how their families opposed their union.

While counselling their close family friends who are set to wed in October, the pair spilled fine details of how DJ Mos low financial status nearly cost them their marriage.

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Size 8 started by complaining about how backward her husband was, a man living in the city but still showing his village traits. The singer went ahead to expose her husband’s not-so glorious past.

Size 8 with hubby, DJ Mo

DJ Mos humble beginnings

According to Size 8, women nowadays want very flashy weddings because there is someone out there they want to make jealous and to also prove to the world that they have an able husband.

Speaking of their own experience, DJ Mo recalled how when he visited Size 8’s family, he was never warmly welcomed.

People wrote him off. Because he was a DJ and his brand was just coming up. But me in my private room with God, I believed DJ Mo carried a garment of wealth, not financially but wealth in terms of faith. Even when I was getting married to him, I was not comfortable, explained Size 8.

Celebrity couple Size 8 and DJ Mo

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She went further to disclose that when she met her husband, he was living in a funny KSh13k house while she was staying in a KSh33k house and she just felt a bit off.

He did not have a microwave, a fridge, he was just too broke. He only had a car, but a smaller one than mine. But in my private chambers, God had told me hes going to be someone of wealth,” affirmed the singer.

So I realized this guy has potential. Hes coming up, so Im not going to stress him with a big wedding. Fast-forward, 7 years later, today, I ask him for pocket money, she wrapped up.

Size 8 reveals why she almost gave up on God!

As a mother who struggled with high blood pressure during the birth of her firstborn; Size 8 thought that chapter was close until she got pregnant with baby Muraya Jnr.

Just like her first born, Size 8 struggled with baby Muraya’s pregnancy an at some point the singer felt that her mission on earth had come to an end.

However due to the may complications, baby Muraya had to arrive earlier than expected. Size 8 says her son arrived at 7 months and being fragile, he had to be taken to the ICU.

Singer Size 8 with her adorable son, Muraya Jnr

Aki huyu mtoto ako blessed. Hii room inakaa amazing. Mimi bado siamini. His Journey was not easy, we almost lost him. I almost died so many times, my pressures were high and nikiingia hii room sai am just seeing how God is faithful…

Showing off her son’s nursery bedroom, Size 8 went on to open up about him being a blessing to her life as she added;

this is my best place in the house, hako katoto kamepitia sana… Naflash back akiwa ICU and then amaadaktari wamemzunguka and that was 3am in the morning and when I see this its wow!

Muraya Junior the blessing!

Even after fearing for her own life; Size 8 went on to add that she was more worried about her son and at some point she almost gave up on God.

This was however after learning about how delicate his case was. The mother of two added;

The Murayas

It’s been a journey I thought my boy @muraya.jnr would never make it out of the ICU @rfh_healthcare surrounded by doctors. I almost gave up on God now see God look how beauty His room is. NEVER GIVE UP ON GOD!!!! @littlecribs thank you???????????????? watch full video NOW on the Murayas YouTube channel link on my bio……….cc @djmokenya”