Meet Uhuru Kenyatta’s adorable grandson (Photos)

Ever wondered how the Uhuru Kenyatta family lives? Like how they relate, are they more than friends and family? And does the president and First Lady take turns in bay sitting their grandkids or that the work of Nannie’s?

Uhuru with eldest son and daughter

Well, if you do – believe me you’re not alone. I also have answered questions about this powerful family.  Who is the hard headed one among their kids and now that two are already married – do they have fights? And does Uhur Kenyatta help in solving their family issues Ama kila mtu na mzigo wake?

Anyway the questions are many and I am not hoping to get answer anytime soon. With that said, guess what…. We finally have a never seen before photo of Uhuru Kenyatta grandson from his firstborn son, Jomo Kenyatta.

President Uhuru

Meet Uhuru Kenyatta Junior

Although this is not the first time Uhuru Kenyatta is stepping out in the company of his daddy; this time around the two year old accompanied his daddy for the flagging off of the WRC Safari rally.

As seen on the photos, the toddler stepped out in a white and blue striped shirt and is seen wearing a white cap – while his papa is seen in a blue and jungle shirt – probably to match that of his son.

Well- it’s not everyday we get to see the Kenyatta family out with their kids but here are photos of Jomo with his baby boy.

Amber Ray desperate for a husband? Socialite steps out in gorgeous bridal wear (Photo)

Socialite Amber Ray is portraying signs and symptoms of a desperate lady looking for a husband. Okay, we understand times are hard and so are the men in our society. I mean – look at it this way – women now have to compete with men for men.

Gerrit? Nikubaya, it’s either sharing which is no different from going back to the street and even Amber Ray can tell you life is no longer what it used to be. Just the other day, the lass was out here looking for a husband….just a wealth one and she’s good.

Amber Ray getting married?

Well barely 24 hours and Amber Ray is posting what appears to be her bridal photos. Wait…that was abit too fast, right? Or – that’s how it works?

I mean – you just go asking for a husband on Instagram and pap you got him?

Okay, maybe it works. Remember Risper Faith telling ladies not to ignore DM’s…. Because If she had ignored Brian – today she wouldn’t be living in her mansion. At 30 years.

Amber creating hype

Well maybe it worked for her – but then again – we all have our paths right? There are those who get lucky and some like Amber Ray who sample and songa….. soko ni ngumu.

Anyway all I can say for now is that chances are Amber Ray is hyping a new project and although her ‘I want a husband’ statement might be clout – I am sure deep down she dreads growing old alone.

“I wish my father loved me” cries Oga Obinna

Growing up with parents who barely show you any love can be traumatizing for any child and I guess this is why a grown man like Oga Obinna, still wishes he had a more loving dad.

I mean, it’s no secret that his dad treated him different because of his cheeky behavior which ruined their relationship. Speaking just recently, Obinna opened up about his struggling relationship with his dad saying;

I never had a father figure. I was the loud one and the noisy one. I used to think I was cursed because a mistake would happen, and my dad would beat me without finding out what happened. You will find that probably it was not me, but because he already beat me, so I would never snitch on the other person.

For that reason they both grew apart and Oga Obinna still held on to the grudges saying;

I am the type of person who holds grudges. I can hold grudges over years. So when he kicked me out of his home, I held that grudge. When I came to Nairobi, did everything I did, and Obinna happened, I said I am not going to forgive him.

Oga Obinna regrets relationship with dad

Also read: Wacha ikae! Oga Obinna forced to cut off his dad after years of trying to fix their strained relationship

Although their relationship still struggles, Oga Obinna recently spoke to SPM buzz where he confessed wanting a different relationship with his.

Ogaobinna with son

According to the Kiss FM presenter, he wishes his dad treated him like the rest of his siblings or even just loved him for who he is.

  I wish I had a more loving father and a friend.

However he still doesn’t regret how their relationship turned out because thanks to that kind of pain, he managed to make something out of himself, a career and a family he always wanted.

Maybe or maybe not because probably. If My father would have been present, maybe I would not have felt the urge to go out of my shell and probably I wouldn’t be me. Or maybe If I had that one loving dad, I would be a better, a better human being. I would be a better father, better friend maybe.

Lanes: Akothee on why she remains the highest paid musician in Kenya

Akothee is not getting off her high horse anytime soon and if you don’t like her – then that’s on you! Well after sharing details of how she dumped her ex, Nelly Oaks – the self declared president of single mums is now letting fans now know why she is the highest paid musician in Kenya.


Speaking during a recent interview Akothee went on to reveal that her rate card is what has her making money left right and center. This is because unlike other musicians who charge small amounts for their performances, she charges millions. Not Ksh 1M but Sh2, 352, 000.

Right now my rate-card is $20,000 (Sh2, 352, 000). Its value for money, I bring value. I think I’m the number one earning artiste in Kenya right now.


Well her only reason for asking for the crazy amount is because she always delivers what is expected of her; that is giving fans a perfect performance and the organizers also make money off her too.

Tough times

This is however new information since she had earlier revealed to charge Ksh 1 million for her services; but with the economy weighing down on everyone – she too has bills to settle and kids to look after.

Iwapo nikiitwa kwenye show mi hupeana rate card yangu ambayo ni Sh1 Miliion kwa sababu nauza brand… it is the value I am bringing on board.

And just like that – she’s able to keep her brand at the top and is never approached by con event organizers because she’s not one to play with her money or investments.

“They could not stand watching me on TV” Janet Mbugua opens up on how Kenyans bullied & mocked her for being a pregnant news anchor

President Kenyatta himself announced to have quit Twitter following the harsh insults from KoT. Okay, imagine a whole president quitting social media because of cyber bullies – so what do you think a common Mwanainchi would do?

Well because of the same cyber bullying the number of suicidal cases have gone up; that’s because at sometimes some of these experiences end up causing too much damage hence the easy way out….suicide.

Some of the celebrities who have faced cyber bullying include Mulamwah, Boniface Mwangi and Janet Mbugua among others. For this r reason, Janet a Mbugua recently spoke to Aljeezera opening up about her experience with cyber bullies. Bet y’all didn’t know this but – Janet’s first pregnancy was not so easy!

Bullied for being her pregnant

According to Janet Mbugua, most of the people  who picked on her always targeted her pregnancy. For some reason, most felt she didn’t deserve to stand infront of a camera, pregnant and reading news….making it feel like being pregnant is a sin.

  As a news anchor, reporter, presenter, and as a woman on its own, there is always something that will come at you, unfortunately.


Every day it was hateful, spiteful messages saying you are too pregnant to be on TV. Or we can’t stand looking at you when you are reading the news like that.

Having faced the wrath of angry bitter kenyans Janet Mbugua joined Be Kind Online to help fight cyber bullying; and although this is a ‘disease’ that can’t be killed easily – I guess it’s time it was tackled different.

Betty Kyallo finally addresses ‘sponsor’ rumors

Betty Kyallo has been making headlines thanks to her new reality show, years after she quit her TV job to focus on personal projects i.e businesses and reality show.

With her offering something new to the entertainment industry – she has once again won the hearts of fans that have been supporting her since day 1. This also gives tabloids a season to keep up with her hence her latest interview where she reveals a few things we didn’t know about her.

Well, one of the things she talked about is what turns her off in a relationship and to our surprise – cheating is not one of them. According to Betty Kyallo infidelity isnt something that would make her walk out of a relationship – may be back when she was younger; but now that she’s grown….it’s all about how a man treats you.

You know when I was young it was cheating but I think I have been character developed and I’m like for me it is very deep things like dishonest. But I also want a man who treats me well. If you don’t do it, me I’m gonna go

The former anchor went on to add that so far she’s learnt that how a man treats you also matters. Wait, I thought she just said cheating wouldn’t make her leave….or that doesn’t qualify for ‘how a man treats you?’

Never mind.

Anyway speaking about this with Mpasho, Betty Kyallo clarified her point by adding;

One of the other biggest lesson is that the man has to actually treat me well. If they don’t have the time and the capacity and capacity I’m not meaning money. [I mean]the intention to treat somebody well, those are the things that really matter to me.


Seeing how successful she has since became – there are those who continue to imply that she gets her money or runs her businesses through the help of sponsors.

By sponsors maybe she means cooperate deals but again – we can’t forget she was linked to a certain Governor (the one who allegedly forced her out of a Porsche on Mombasa road) who is said to have spent millions on BK – hence her quick success.

However according to Betty – some of these stories are totally fake and as far as sponsors go – she is her own sponsor.

People have tried to say ‘oh she’s been sponsored’ but the truth is I am never sponsored. My projects are always sponsored by myself or by my banks that’s it!

Disrespectful child? Pritty Vishy takes a swipe at her dad, refers to him as a N*gga

Pritty Vishy has confessed that the woman she earlier introduced as her mum is actually not. Turns out her biological mum looks like her twin and apparently has been working in Saudi Arabia. Not sure why but zile vipindi ziko online ni mingi kishinda Telemundo.

Pritty Vishy biological mum

This is my mum mwache kujump into conclusion…The lady nilipost nikiwa na yy is not my mum ????it was only a pic my real mum ni huyu and she’s is saudi please

Anyway apart from unveiling her real mum’s photo, Pritty Vishy has also shared a few details of her dad….and all we know is that he is a dead beat.

The upcoming social media influencer popularly known for her involvement with Stivo Simple boy threw shade at her old man on Fathers Day while celebrating her mum. She wrote;

Meet Pritty Vishy’s mum

Happy fathers day to my mummy ????????
And to all men I won’t win my dad that nigga is a deadbit I said what I said

Pritty Vishy needs a PR team

At this rate I can say it’s about time the young lady got herself a PR team to help check on her posts cause….damn she’s spilling too much unnecessary information which she might regret in future.

But then again – there’s no good or bad publicity when it comes down to these celebs….anything goes as long as it’s controversial.

Tedd Josiah’s advice to people moving from one relationship to another ‘just to sample & bounce’

Tedd Josiah says the birth of his youngest daughter changed him forever and this is only because he had to raise her alone following the untimely demise of his young wife. Tragic but also a blessing in disguise judging from how the experience changed him.

Lately he has become a an expert in advising his followers on important matters concerning life. Well, on his latest post the social media influencer dedicates a special message to unstable people moving from one relationship to another – just for fun.

The single dad went on to address an important issue of why people in this generation can’t simply settle down saying;

A lot of people reach out to me about love and why people in this generation can’t settle. With the advent of social media and swipe for the next man/ woman came the culture of “sample and bounce” so people find it hard to plant roots in a human, in a place, be grounded and build with one person day in day out.

Misplaced priorities in life

From his detailed post, we can simply say Tedd Josiah feels this generation has lost its priorities in life. This is because unlike before, nowadays couples break up because ‘one is broke’ or is bored in the relationship – petty excuses not knowing life is a roller coaster… today you’re up, tomorrow down.

People find routine boring yet routine and consistency are the only things that can build a co. Empire or couple and home.
People also leave at the 1st sight of poverty or change of fortunes… yet life is a rollercoaster ???? of some days u got and some days not…..

Having been brought up in a different generation where couples valued love/affection over material things; Tedd Josiah feels it’s time people unlearned the new culture of things and maybe take up on things that matter.

It’s a culture that needs to be unlearned cause this generation has become like flags in the wind… blow any which way with no purpose. Have purpose direction and commitment

His latest post comes months after he addressed the issue of people approaching single parents just to taste waters; not knowing the effect they have on the single parent and the child involved.

Alaaaaa! Eric Omondi denies wanting ex Chantal Grazioli back

You see everyone was surprised to see Eric Omondi come online and defend his ex girlfriend Chantal Grazioli; after she received one harsh beating from her now boyfriend, Nicola Traldi.

Like, is that what exes are doing now? Cleaning up their exes messes after they’ve moved on? Ama kila nyani na starehe zake?

Anyway the 40 year comedian not only exposed but also shared a video showing how badly his ex girl was hurt; and being a light skinned woman – clearly she bruised up like a peach – something you wouldn’t wish on anybody’s daughter.


Well as fans called out Nicola, they also demanded for justice which explains why he is now behind bars. Apart from that, they’re are those who feel that Eric Omondi helped Chantal because he still has hopes of getting her back. Wow.

Eric Omondi on wanting a relationship with Chantal

Okay, I know we all have that one ex we all feel got away and in this case – fans feel that Eric Omondi lost his gem and that is Chantal Grazioli. This is because of how he stepped in to defend her from her violent man….call it simping…but I’ll promise you that Eric won a few hearts with that stunt.

Comedian Eric Omondi with girlfriend, Chantal

And after sampling his tugirlfriends and still not settling down; netizens claim God opened a window for Omondi to win his girl back but from his interview with Milele FM’s Ankali – Eric says that is not the case;

Mimi na Chantal tunaongea sana, unajua karibu tuoane. Tulipoachana tuliachana kwa uzuri. Mimi na Chantal tumekuwa na urafiki wa ukaribu. Sio lazima ukisaidia mtu ati murudiane. Hamna! Mimi nimemove on na maisha yangu.”

According to the comedian, he only did this because Nicola was threatening to involve the ‘who and who’ running the nation; as a defense mechanism to prove nothing will happen to him.

Huyo jamaa alikuwa anam threaten, anajua the who is who. Hiyo ndiyo reason alinipigia, maanake pia yeye lazima angetafuta mtu ambaye pia ako juu. Mimi Mungu ameniweka juu. Si unona ameshikwa?

Well….let’s wait and see how the story will go after this. Don’t be surprised if Nicola wins Chantal back – leaving Eric Omondi on the sideline.

Photos from Ngina Kenyatta’s private wedding surface online

Ngina Kenyatta is not only a new mum but also a new wife now that her bae Alex Mwai who doubles up as her baby’s father. The two welcomed their first child together (a daughter) in 2021 – something they kept on the low until the last minute.

Well, just like the pregnancy – the couple also kept details of their wedding on the hush hush as they exchanged vows in a low key traditional ceremony as revealed. Word has it that this was a red themed event where Ngina stepped out in a stunning red gown and so did her bridal team.

Being an important ceremony especially since she is the only first daughter – we honestly can’t imagine how expensive the event was; I mean, her daddy is the president after all right?

Wedding photos

Anyway despite trying to keep the event private, there are a few sources who managed to leak some information to the media about the wedding. When asked for more details about the wedding, one source said;

 I am not in a position to tell you yes or no because it’s also private. Even the person who told you that…I don’t know…guys also need to give people their space,

Thanks to these sources we also have a few not so clear photos from the wedding, but what’s important is that we can confirm it happened, right?

Check out the photos below:


“Wasn’t me!” Eli Omundu paints partner in crime, Morrison Litiema as mastermind behind heist

Word making rounds on social media is that Eli Omundu and Morrison Litiema who allegedly stole a couple of millions from Jalang’o’s car have surrendered to the DCI.

This is after they were smoked out of hiding by the police and now that they’ve been found – the two have started opening up on why; and what led them to steal from a boss.

Eli Omundu and Morrison Litiema finally speak up about alleged heist

But as you already know – money is the root of all evil. I mean didn’t Judas sell out Jesus for 30 Silver coins….now imagine what he would done if he’d been offered millions that time…huh.?

Jalango facing betrayal

Anyway just like Jesus was good to Judas Iscariot – Jalango too handled his workers as family and was even promoting them on social media hence the small cooperate deals they’d started making money off….but in end they played him.

Eli and Morrison steal from Jalang’o

Well this heist however turned out to be Eli Omundu’s biggest regret that is judging from the new information he shared with Ankali Ray on Milele FM. From what he says is that the heist story is a lie and never did he steal from his boss. He went on to justify this by claiming he’s been broke for the longest time and never has he ever thought of stealing from Jalang’o.

Hatuwezi fanya kitu kama hio [kuiba]… Picha ilikuwa hewani, unaweza kaa uone raia wamechukua sheria mikononi mwao.

Wasn’t me

When asked how they spent the money – now that they claim to be broke, Eli distanced himself from the heist leaving his partner in crime Morrison looking like the mastermind behind the robbery. He said;

  Mimi sijaona pesa yote. Ata saa hii nimesota mbaya. Labda Morrison aongee pande yake. Labda alichukua akanicheza, sijui.

Is it just me or is this whole heist story starting to feel like we’re being played? Think about it this way – if you stole from your boss and get caught wouldn’t you be pleading your case; and asking for forgiveness none stop?

Well in Eli and Morrison’s case – they hope to sit down and have some Black Label with their former boss as they sort this issues out. Yes I said Black label….lanes.

  Tunangoja boss tuongee vizuri na yeye, tujue ni vipi. Tumezungumza na mdosi na hana tatizo. Sasa tunataka tupatane kidogo, tukunywe hata Black Label tujue niaje.

Twins! Omosh shares throwback photo of late dad leaving many confused by uncanny resemblance

Did you know that Omosh and his late dad look like twins? Well, now you know. The actor   confirmed this with an old photo of his dad shared on his Instagram page.

From the photo I can confirm his followers were forced to do a double-take on Thursday after Omosh, 51, posted a vintage photo of his doppelgänger dad taken back in the day.

Well, it’s not a new thing to see sons take after their fathers – but in Omosh’s case we can say the two generations of Kinuthia men look like clones, if not twins. However the only difference between them is that Omosh’s late dad rocked dreadlocks while young – something Omosh didn’t borrow from his daddy.

Omosh’s parents

It’s not the first time the actor has been posted a photo of his dad online. The first time he introduced his parents to his social media many didn’t catch their striking resemblance since his old man was already aged. Showing them off to the world, he wrote;

Omosh’s parents

  Dad, Mum and I,,, I love you so much my parents may God give you more years.. MOB LOVE #parents#moshkizangila #panahaa #tumsinguyaz #omosh #kizangila

A year later, he announced his dad’s death saying;

Omosh’s dad laid to rest

You will be missed forever and always. The beautiful moments you shared with us will always speak of the great person that you were. Rest in peace Dad????


Khaligraph Jones hits back at baby mama with new song dubbed Blue ticks (video)

Cashy Karimi who is popularly known for her status ‘Khaligraph Jones baby mama’ has been making headlines for the past few days after dragging her family drama to her social media pages.

So far she’s tainted her baby daddy’s image by accusing him of being a deadbeat dad and a father who allegedly blocked his own son’s scholarship to play football in UK but the rapper refused to issue a consent letter.

Cashy Karimi unveils boyfriend

  My baby got a blessing, he got a scholarship to play here then travel to Lamu then travel to the UK then back. So I believed that was a good opportunity because my kid wouldn’t need anyone anymore,”

Well you see, a child cannot leave the country without the consent of his parents…whether separated or divorced so long as the parents names appear on the birth certificate both parents hold full custody of the child. For that reason, the parent who is not accompanying the child on the said trip has to issue a consent letter – to prove they are aware of their child’s trip.

Khaligraph Jones drops new song

Anyway seeing how dramatic Cashy Karimi has been on social media – Khaligraph Jones has now dropped a short snippet of a song we believe is dubbed blueticks.

Khaligraph Jones with ex, Cashy

From the lyrics you can clearly tell he is throwing shade as he sings kwa Messo ni blue ticks which simply means “I ignore the messages by reading and not responding” and I’m thinking….mmmh new dedz to Cashy?

Anyway I wouldn’t wanna get into deep especially since this is a family issue that can only be resolved in a family court. Listen to the new song below.


Reactions from fans after Mishi Dora asks Kenyans to help her settle Ksh 152k debt at popular club

Celebrities out here are doing the most to prove a point and I’m guessing some like Mishi Dora are even willing to pile up debts – just to maintain a certain lifestyle but in the end…the truth always comes out.

Mishi Dora leaves no room for imagination in new photo

Anyway, about two weeks ago Mishi Dora was arraigned in court following failure to pay up Ksh 152k which she owes popular club, Golden Ice Bistro. From what we’ve learnt is that the bill piled up to that amount after ordering ordered two chicken breasts valued at Sh3,000, one cocktail drink valued at Sh2,000, two bottles of 300ml coke valued at Sh500, a one litre bottle of mineral water valued at Sh400 and three bottles of Redbull energy drink valued at Sh1,650.

If you thought that’s too much, you haven’t heard half of it yet. Well, Mishi is said to have also allegedly ordered six bottles of Belaire Luxe 750ml valued at Sh75,000and seven Hennessy VS 750ml valued at Sh70,000 which she shared with the invited guests at her event.

Time to pay up

However when asked to pay up, word has it Mishi Dora started playing cat and mouse games – camas she claimed her bank card had issues; hence asking the Ice Bistro manager to accompany her to her apartment where she had stored some cash for raining days….knowing very well she didn’t have any cash.

Anyway unfortunately for her, this time around she did not get away with the bill just because she is famous. Her celebrity status are actually the reason she remains behind bars and is now asking fans to step in on her behalf by raising some money.

Well – I know it doesn’t sound right – but come on Mishi Dora….mchango ya Pombe? Anyway having seen Pendo’s post – netizens on the other hand had this to say about the fundraising appeal requested for Mishi.


Trouble in paradise for Nick Mutuma and actress Bridget Shighadi?

So…actress Bridget Shighadi popularly known for TV shows Maria and Zora appears to have deleted photos of her baby daddy Nick Mutuma; who also seems to have done the same hence leaving fans asking whether the two have parted – again.

The Mutumas 

Having seen this kind of stunt (deleting photos) before of course we also had to ask whether everything is okay especially since they also deleted their family photos. Well, a reliable source recently informed Ghafla that the two are no longer an item and unlike the other times they’ve broken up, they did it quietly this time around.

This however does not come as a big surprise especially since we’ve seen them do this a number of times before. Yes, Shighadi and Mutuma have always had a shaky relationship for years…breaking up and making up – way before they had a baby together.

On and off

The last time Nick Mutuma had broken up with the actress, he quickly moved on with singer Tanasha Donna in 2017 but from what I heard….the relationship wasn’t as pretty as portrayed by their couple goals photos.

By the end of 2017/2018 Nick and Tanasha  had already broke up and when asked why the actor/model responded saying;

Si ni life (its life). Not all relationships work out.

And now it looks like Mutuma is back to being a bachelor….maybe not for long judging from his on and off relationship with Shighadi over the past years. No?

Tried reaching both Nick Mutuma and Bridgette Shighadi but unfortunately our call went answered.

Mother and daughter? Sarah Kabu introduces her grown niece, netizens question uncanny resemblance between the two

Sarah Kabu recently unveiled a photo with her niece posted on her social media pages to celebrate the 20 thing year old lady for graduating with a degree in Statics. Big win for the lady and her family which explains why Sarah Kabu couldn’t contain herself after the graduation.

As seen on the caption, Sarah Kabu described her niece Faith a jury as a hardworking and virtuous woman mentored by both her and Sarah Kabu’s mum. We also understand Sarah’s intentions for sharing the post is to help her niece land a scholarships for masters degree abroad in Data science and analytics – hence the reason she asked anyone with connections to come through for Faith.

Sarah Kabu introduces niece, Faith

Congratulations ???? ???? ???? to my niece @njiru_faithk for your hard work in school as an A material. We are so proud of you for graduating with a degree in statistics ???? ???? ❤️ they say that your network is your networth #teamsarahkabu i know most of you are bossladies somewhere please connect her with a job. Shes a virtuous girl mentored by me and my mum so she won’t disappoint.

Sarah Kabu’s resemblance with niece raising eyebrows

Okay, now that Sarah Kabu avoided mentioning anything about the girls parents – netizens started linking her to the young lady thanks to their striking resemblance.

Well, most mentioned that the girl looks like a mini Sarah Kabu…so could it be that…you know Simon Kabu has a 24 year old, so could Sarah also have an unknown child?

But again, do you really think she’d hide a child she had in her youth? Okay, Simon Kabu did (kinda) until Sarah spilled the tea…but would Sarah pull the same stunt? Maybe but then again – wouldn’t it be silly to introduce her as a niece?

Anyway sharing more information on Faith, Mrs Kabu went on to write;

shes starting oracle systems short course immediately to perfecther skills in the research and data management in the it world. In the meantime anyone with connections za scholarships for masters degree abroad in Data science and analytics please connect me. ???? she’s currently interning @bonfireadventures and performing well.

Saying they could be mother and daughter sounds a-bit far fetched but below are some of comments left by fans after realizing how much Sarah Kabu and her niece look alike.

“They have finally reached out ” Jalango shares update on Eli and Litiema

Word making rounds is that chances are that Jalang’o and his workers came up with a plan/skit where he would accuse them of robbing him and disappearing – a strategy that would help win sympathy votes now that elections are around the corner.

For some reason – netizens did not want to believe that Jalang’o would leave a huge amount i.e millions in his car – and still entrust the same vehicles to his two workers. From what most netizens say is that paranoia would never allow them to ever trust a person that much….like come on, we’re talking about millions of shillings here.

Revealed: Huge amount Jalang’o’s ex workers allegedly stole from his car

Eli and Morrison steal from Jalang’o

Anyway speaking to Mungai eve in recent interview, Jalang’o came out clean distancing himself from the clout chasing stunt. In his voice, you can hear the bitterness he still holds inside after being betrayed by the two people he had trusted with his home and even drunk with once in a while in his backyard.

Police matter

Through the interview, we also learnt that Eli Omundu and Morrison Litiema already reached out fans are in contact with both him and the police.


Although Jalang’o says he is yet to come into terms with such betrayal – truth is, there is no way he would rehire these two. Not just because once bitten twice shy but because they’ve proven themselves in broad daylight.

As of now, we’re hoping the police and the politician will share more details about the two and since they’re in Bungoma…chances are that the DCI are already tracking them too.

Pritty Vishy embraces her plus size figure displays acres of skin with bikini photos

Stevo Simple Boy’s ex girlfriend is living life to the fullest courtesy of her team and after landing several online deals – Pritty Vishy recently took a short vacation to enjoy the fruits of her labor.

Thanks to new photos shared on her page, we can confirm the lady is currently vacationing in the coast region; and because of the hit temperatures and high humidity at the coastal area, Pritty for the first time got to display what her mama gave her.

Blessings on Blessings! Stevo Simple Boy goes international with major hit ‘Haiwezi’ (Video)

As seen on the photos, the lady stepped out in a floral bikini which she accessorized using a coverup – but being a plus size girl – the cover up didn’t do much in terms of hiding the flesh.

Big girl turning heads

It’s no secret that Pritty Vishy is a plus size (something fans used to tease Stevo with) and having stepped out in the bikini not only gave her male fans a reason to lust but to slide in her DM.

Also we cannot forget the positive vibes Pritty Vishy is giving plus size girls with the new photos hence encouraging other women to do the same. Anyway below are the hot photos taken from Vishy’s latest vacation.

Comedian Nasra and husband expecting first baby together

Comedian Nasra is pregnant with her first child months after walking down the aisle with her best friend who doubles up as her hubby, Director Rashid.

The excited mum to be shared the news through her social media pages, giving her fans another reason to celebrate her and hubby. In a detailed post shared on her gram, the Churchill show comedian wrote;

Nasra announces pregnancy

This is the happiest I have been in a long time ????????I’m in love with a human I haven’t met yet ❤️❤️❤️❤️… can’t wait to meet you my baby????????????????????????????… imagine having a child with the love of your life????????I love you @director_rashid

The news however comes at a time when most of her fans had sort of let go after she pulled a clout chasing stunt that almost cost her career. Or did.

It Was Just A Mis-Understanding- Nasra Yusuf & Rashid Back Together After Weeks Of Separation

If you remember, a few months ago Nasra announced to have parted ways with Rashid – weeks after their wedding; a plan she thought would help get her fans attention….but surprisingly the joke did not settle well with her followers who already had enough of clout chasing stunts hence – lost some of her audience.

Nasra with hubby, Rashid

Baby to the rescue

However now that she is expecting her first child with the same guy she had ‘parted ways with’ comedian Nasra couldn’t help but use this opportunity to revive her career.

But then again, with the way we have seen motherhood slow down some of our female celebrities career – hopefully for Nasra things will work out differently…right?

Seunsharp confirms Asake’s upcoming show in Nairobi

So, now that the pandemic is over there is a space and good atmosphere to proceed with good work and start dishing out top notch events as usual; and this is where Nigeria born promoter SEUNSHARP comes in with series of events set for party lovers this 2022…. and from what I hear, it’s bigger and interesting.

Unlike last year, 2022 will be totally different the promoter and his partners are taking things to higher level this season. For the first time, they will be hosting Nigeria’s current sensational and hottest Afrobeat Artist  ASAKE a.k.a OLOLADE MR MONEY YBNL ACT live in Nairobi,Kenya.

Asake with Burnaboy during music video shoot

Mr Money YBNL ACT live in Nairobi

Sources close to the promoter have revealed the artist will be performing live on 2nd of July,2022, a huge concert that you can’t dear to miss at all. This event powered by SEUNSHARP entertainment company and his co partners entertainment company which are BRUCE & SHARP ENTERTAINMENT, DE HUNTERTVAFRICA AND ALEXANDER EVENT aims at promoting and creating a platform where Kenyans and Nigerian’s can mingle and creating a better relationship for fans from both countries.

Nigerian star to headline pool party

For this reason SEUNSHARP decided this year fans and love ones deserves the best of best entertainment not only for now but for years to come; which is why his not stoping the fun and good time on the 2nd of July.

After the said concert, word has it that there will be a VIP WET SPLASH POOL PARTY on July 9th of 2022, an exclusive and special VIP pool party.

Also with his experience in the entertainment industry, SEUNSHARP has been able to create a brand but not just a brand but a very unique and reliable one that represent his MOTHERLAND NIGERIA the Green White Green Party tagged.

Nigeria born promoter SEUNSHARP

The Naija Fest

Following last years successful event, the 4.0 edition of TheNaijaFest will be coming up this July 2022 as a follow up of his other events – meaning it’s parte after parte for Nigerian music lovers. Having created a relationship with a few Kenyan artists, this opportunity also gives our local celebrities an opportunity to party and network with Nigerian artists meaning – an opportunity to jump on a project with them too.

Bridget Achieng accused of sex trafficking & using the money to buy herself new set of teeth

Former socialite Bridget Achieng has not been getting her beauty sleep thanks to fellow socialite Black Cinderella who is accusing her of sex trafficking. This comes months after she’s also been dragged to scandals involving witchcraft, human sacrifices not forgetting prostitution; and many others we cannot talk about until confirmed.

Bridget Achieng speaks after teenage boy allegedly lost his life at her Nai Fest event

Bridget Achieng leaked video

“The video was doctored, I look different in person” Bridget Achieng speaks after nude video leaked

However this time around Bridget Achieng has found herself in a tight position. This is following confessions from the six women she invited to Turkey in the name of good job openings; only for them to later realize they’d been lured to work as her honey pot girls used to sleep with rich men in Turkey – then Bridget  pockets the money.

According to the ladies they travelled to Turkey thinking they’d be cleaners or maids – but to their surprise – turned out they were there for Wera or in other words – to sell their bodies to men willing to pay good.

The young ladies accusing Bridget Achieng of using them as prostitutes in Turkey

Ladies speak

From Black Cinderella’s Instagram live on Sunday, 12 June – the ladies were heard narrating how Bridget Achieng would drug them with something called Spanish fly; which allegedly makes a woman extra active when it comes to sex.

Like a viagra but more stronger to help them bed many men in a day.

Black Cinderella IG live with one of Bridget Achieng’s victims

However despite practicing the sexual acts, the girls end up with no cash since their madame Bridget Achieng is the one handling the payments. They also accused her of giving them one meal a day and of conning their desperate families back home in Kenya for more money.

She used the money to buy new teeth

Well with clients eyeing the Kenyan girls offered to them by Ms Achieng – rumor has it that this how she able to buy herself new set of white teeth through dental surgery.

Former socialite Bridget Achieng flaunts new dental-formula

You see…unlike most of you who would go for braces to fix crooked teeth….Bridget Achieng went for the easy way out like the Kardashians and other famous celebrities now that she could afford it courtesy of easy money.

However Bridget on the other hand has distanced herself from the allegations made by her ex friend, Black Cinderella saying ‘time will tell’ since these are nothing but baseless allegations.

Achieng responds

But now that the authorities and media personality Lynn Ngugi are on to the story; hopefully Bridget Achieng won’t find herself behind bars if not infront of a judge for the said sex trafficking gig she’s currently running overseas.

Akothee explains why she prefers death over divorce

Self declared president of single mums Akothee is back with another lesson for all of single mums thinking divorce is the solution to their failed marriages. This being a topic she’s tackled in her book Akothee Sibuor Madhako Quotes, the singer opens up on reasons why most separated couples should avoid dragging their personal lives to court.

Having had 3 failed marriages already I want to believe that Akothee knows one or two about marriages and relationships which explains why she continues to remain single.

Well according to Akothee it’s easier to live knowinv your spouse is dead rather than having to deal with them in court each and every time there’s a hearing. Addressing this, the single mum of 5 through her Instagram page wrote:

Pg 33) Its easier said than done , Divorce is worse than death , especially when children are involved. When you lose a loved one , you mourn you are broken once for the lose , you hurt you miss them ,and with time you heal! You start learning how to live without them ????

Choose your battles right

Not that she’s encouraging couple to stick to toxic relationships but she encourages many to have a discrete separation to avoid messing with the kids mental health. She went on to say;

But with divorce where children are involved , if you don’t choose your battle wisely , you will be broken daily , buried daily , hurt daily as the kids grow, forget living for a moment ✍ breaking up with a loved one leaving you behind with his / her copies is not something you can deal with in 3/ 4 years, this takes TIME. . If you have to divorce or break up , do it descently , you are not the first or last ,people survived We are with you in prayers ????

But again – all relationships are different and they also end differently. Her advise many not work for everyone but at the end of the day – at least we get her point – and that is your mental health and that of the children should always comes first!

Cashy Karimi takes a swipe at Khaligraph Jones wife, reveals she was the side chic not the other way round

At this point I think I can say being a bitter baby mama is not such a good look. It literally brings out the worst in you and no matter how much pain you’re in – those watching on the sidelines will view you as a crazy @$$ dramatic woman. If you doubt me, ask Maureen Waititu.

Yea Yea baby daddies can also be annoying but in our society – the man never really takes blame. For some reason, most baby daddies will continue living comfortably without being judged and some even upgrade their lifestyles – yet you’re just there yapping and throwing shade because of child support – and in the end you prove him right….the crazy baby mama refusing to let go.

I mean it’s not worth the drama. However you and I know that – but clearly Khaligraph Jones baby mama is having trouble accepting the guy isn’t just into their son; or maybe because of her current behavior – he would stay away from the child due to his mum’s rants.

For a while now, Cashy Karimi has been attacking Khaligraph for neglecting their son and after she introduced a white man – we all thought – finally she’s found someone who will finally help her move on and forward. But clearly Cashy isn’t about to give Khaligraph Jones and his new family peace.

Xolani hanging out with mum (Cashy’s) boyfriend

Attacks Georgina Muteti

The latest drama involving Cashy sees her attack Georgina Muteti (khaligraph’s new found love) for referring to Khaligraph as the best daddy ever. Georgina revealed this about Khaligraph while marking his 32nd birthday – but now her Simple post has sparked drama.

Looking at the whole scenario, I’m just wondering why would Cashy attack Georgina? I mean that’s how Khaligraph is in Georgina’s eyes right? The perfect man, best daddy and above all the lover she always dreamt of – so why get attacked for no reason?

Cashy bitter with Georgina too?

Well having come across Georgina’s post – Cashy on the other hand picked up her drama from where she had left off; and this time around all she wanted to do is reveal that her son was born way before Amali was born – meaning Georgina got involved with Khaligraph knowing very well he was still with her (Cashy.)

This is real timeline

Xolani- born September 2018 by me

The next birth – June 2019 not by me

Age difference….months. SMH and mnasema best Darry. Kwendeni sana.


Not that he is the first man to pull such a stunt – but someone clearly needs to help Cashy calm down…the guy left and forcing a child on him won’t bring him back either. At least that’s what netizens are saying….but then again….she

Wueh! YouTuber GK Nyambura says she visited ex boyfriend at 3Am to collect her clothes

Youtuber GK Nyambura gained fame after Covid -19 outbreak thanks to her videos that focused on mental health among other issues the new age kids were dealing with during the pandemic period. She slowly moved from sharing positive vibes to exposing her private life through her social media pages.

Back in January 2022, Nyambura was involved in a nasty scandal with boyfriend OnlyOmoke, an upcoming video Director who she accused of cheating on her.

Apart from his cheating ways, GK Nyambura  also revealed her ex man had infected her with an unnamed STI – just to show how bad things were in the relationship.

Tbt: Nyambura exposes ex, Omoke

However despite the cheating scandal (in January) it appears they got back together which brings us to their latest morning scandal.

Omoke exposes on and off girlfriend

Well, the new videos circulating on social media were shared by Omoke who accuses Nyambura of pulling up at his apartment on Thursday 9th… get this at 3AM. Yaaani saa tisa usiku after a girls night out.

Well I am thinking, there’s only two reasons why a lady would want to show up at an exes place at that time. For makeup s*x or  just drank s*x.

I know Most of y’all can relate – let’s not act like we haven’t come across that crazy ex or maybe you’re the crazy ex.


Nyambura shares side of the story

Judging from the videos, netizens believe Nyambura had other intentions for the late night visit; but problem is, she pulled up with her girlfriends yet Dzaddy (Omoke) thought she was coming over alone. Gurls!

I mean if you were Omoke and your girl visits you with her drunk friends – who probably insulted or even worse trash talked about you as you listen and still want to trash your house…wouldn’t you record to prove you’re not the problem but she is? We all would.

Ukweli, remember she’s the same lady who once accused him of infecting her with STI’s and bedding multiple partners…comes back and after kidogo kidogo relationship issues – she brings drama to your door step?

Anyway despite the young Omoke trying to prove his ex was dramatic – Nyambura now says she went over to pick her clothes. At 3AM?

(Let me think, mmmh if I was drunk and the ex i am accusing of physically abusing me had my stuff mmmmh….would I really want to go to his place in that state – not forgetting the 3AM cold? Mmmmh sioni, unless there’s more to the visit.)

Anyway according to Nyambura, her ex man is lying about the whole drama and the only reason he got to record her is because the gate man refused to let them out of the gate – hence forcing her and friends to stay in the parking lot. Mmmh Nyambura….mmmh. She wrote;

Picking up my clothes is legal. Thank you very much.

Not that we are taking sides….but come on…someone’s not being truthful. Or we just blame it on the alcohol and love,lust,or Nairobi cold season…?


Diamond Platnumz on babysitting duties while ex Tanasha Donna enjoys vacation in Europe

Diamond Platnumz has always proven to be affectionate towards his kids – now that he has matured and isn’t about his old ways. Whenever in South Africa, the fella always makes sure to spend some quality time with his two kids with Zari and when in Tz (maybe) he spends time with Hamisa’s son, Dylan; but this is something we still can’t confirm since they’re never spotted together.

Diamond Platnumz wiht his kids

Anyway he also has a son with Tanasha Donna  which explains his latest posts where he is seen parading their son on his pages. Judging from the short clips on his IG stories we believe Diamond Platnumz was on baby daddy babysitting duties – at least to catch up with 2 year old son.

Judging from how they relate we can also say Diamond Platnumz and Naseeb share a strong bond and despite having a busy schedule throughout the year – he always tries to stay present with the baby boy.

Diamond Platnumz visits Naseeb jnr at Tanasha’s home

Tanasha Donna in Europe

This time around Diamond Platnumz was however forced to visit his son at his exes apartment – now that she is away on business/vacation in Europe.

So far she’s been to France and is currently in Belgium where’s been sharing thirst traps on her TL – leaving most of her male fans wishing they’d bag her.

Well, since she hasn’t mentioned anything about any upcoming music, can’t help but wonder whether she travelled abroad for a music video…mmmh? Maybe. Maybe not.

Mama Baha reflects on her role as a mom on TV show Machachari

Being a new mum has now left actress Patricia Mburu popularly known as mama Baha reflecting back on the days she played the role of a mum to Baha and Govi.

Tbt: Baha, Govi and friend from Machachari

To her it was a blessing especially after years of trying for a baby and failing. In a way, the universe gave her two young boys who played the role of her sons – something like a miracle and at the same time – an opportunity to parade her acting skills.

Looking back at this she related with the boys on the show – it’s obvious to see that motherhood is something Patricia Mburu was born for. She not only knew how to handle the kids but was passionate towards them like her own little cubs – always stirring them away from trouble.

Machacharis Govi and Baha

Explains drive behind her role

Well this was only possible because of her love for character. Unlike many actresses who embark on acting careers looking for fame and money – Mama Baha says she did it for the love of acting.

The new mum revealed this in a caption used on her old photos with her two boys saying;

Patricia Mburu with Baha and Govi

Love of character, not pursuit of fame or money is what separates the great actor, the true artist….the kominsky method
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