Pritty Vishy embraces her plus size figure displays acres of skin with bikini photos

Stevo Simple Boy’s ex girlfriend is living life to the fullest courtesy of her team and after landing several online deals – Pritty Vishy recently took a short vacation to enjoy the fruits of her labor.

Thanks to new photos shared on her page, we can confirm the lady is currently vacationing in the coast region; and because of the hit temperatures and high humidity at the coastal area, Pritty for the first time got to display what her mama gave her.

Blessings on Blessings! Stevo Simple Boy goes international with major hit ‘Haiwezi’ (Video)

As seen on the photos, the lady stepped out in a floral bikini which she accessorized using a coverup – but being a plus size girl – the cover up didn’t do much in terms of hiding the flesh.

Big girl turning heads

It’s no secret that Pritty Vishy is a plus size (something fans used to tease Stevo with) and having stepped out in the bikini not only gave her male fans a reason to lust but to slide in her DM.

Also we cannot forget the positive vibes Pritty Vishy is giving plus size girls with the new photos hence encouraging other women to do the same. Anyway below are the hot photos taken from Vishy’s latest vacation.

Comedian Nasra and husband expecting first baby together

Comedian Nasra is pregnant with her first child months after walking down the aisle with her best friend who doubles up as her hubby, Director Rashid.

The excited mum to be shared the news through her social media pages, giving her fans another reason to celebrate her and hubby. In a detailed post shared on her gram, the Churchill show comedian wrote;

Nasra announces pregnancy

This is the happiest I have been in a long time ????????I’m in love with a human I haven’t met yet ❤️❤️❤️❤️… can’t wait to meet you my baby????????????????????????????… imagine having a child with the love of your life????????I love you @director_rashid

The news however comes at a time when most of her fans had sort of let go after she pulled a clout chasing stunt that almost cost her career. Or did.

It Was Just A Mis-Understanding- Nasra Yusuf & Rashid Back Together After Weeks Of Separation

If you remember, a few months ago Nasra announced to have parted ways with Rashid – weeks after their wedding; a plan she thought would help get her fans attention….but surprisingly the joke did not settle well with her followers who already had enough of clout chasing stunts hence – lost some of her audience.

Nasra with hubby, Rashid

Baby to the rescue

However now that she is expecting her first child with the same guy she had ‘parted ways with’ comedian Nasra couldn’t help but use this opportunity to revive her career.

But then again, with the way we have seen motherhood slow down some of our female celebrities career – hopefully for Nasra things will work out differently…right?

Seunsharp confirms Asake’s upcoming show in Nairobi

So, now that the pandemic is over there is a space and good atmosphere to proceed with good work and start dishing out top notch events as usual; and this is where Nigeria born promoter SEUNSHARP comes in with series of events set for party lovers this 2022…. and from what I hear, it’s bigger and interesting.

Unlike last year, 2022 will be totally different the promoter and his partners are taking things to higher level this season. For the first time, they will be hosting Nigeria’s current sensational and hottest Afrobeat Artist  ASAKE a.k.a OLOLADE MR MONEY YBNL ACT live in Nairobi,Kenya.

Asake with Burnaboy during music video shoot

Mr Money YBNL ACT live in Nairobi

Sources close to the promoter have revealed the artist will be performing live on 2nd of July,2022, a huge concert that you can’t dear to miss at all. This event powered by SEUNSHARP entertainment company and his co partners entertainment company which are BRUCE & SHARP ENTERTAINMENT, DE HUNTERTVAFRICA AND ALEXANDER EVENT aims at promoting and creating a platform where Kenyans and Nigerian’s can mingle and creating a better relationship for fans from both countries.

Nigerian star to headline pool party

For this reason SEUNSHARP decided this year fans and love ones deserves the best of best entertainment not only for now but for years to come; which is why his not stoping the fun and good time on the 2nd of July.

After the said concert, word has it that there will be a VIP WET SPLASH POOL PARTY on July 9th of 2022, an exclusive and special VIP pool party.

Also with his experience in the entertainment industry, SEUNSHARP has been able to create a brand but not just a brand but a very unique and reliable one that represent his MOTHERLAND NIGERIA the Green White Green Party tagged.

Nigeria born promoter SEUNSHARP

The Naija Fest

Following last years successful event, the 4.0 edition of TheNaijaFest will be coming up this July 2022 as a follow up of his other events – meaning it’s parte after parte for Nigerian music lovers. Having created a relationship with a few Kenyan artists, this opportunity also gives our local celebrities an opportunity to party and network with Nigerian artists meaning – an opportunity to jump on a project with them too.

Bridget Achieng accused of sex trafficking & using the money to buy herself new set of teeth

Former socialite Bridget Achieng has not been getting her beauty sleep thanks to fellow socialite Black Cinderella who is accusing her of sex trafficking. This comes months after she’s also been dragged to scandals involving witchcraft, human sacrifices not forgetting prostitution; and many others we cannot talk about until confirmed.

Bridget Achieng speaks after teenage boy allegedly lost his life at her Nai Fest event

Bridget Achieng leaked video

“The video was doctored, I look different in person” Bridget Achieng speaks after nude video leaked

However this time around Bridget Achieng has found herself in a tight position. This is following confessions from the six women she invited to Turkey in the name of good job openings; only for them to later realize they’d been lured to work as her honey pot girls used to sleep with rich men in Turkey – then Bridget  pockets the money.

According to the ladies they travelled to Turkey thinking they’d be cleaners or maids – but to their surprise – turned out they were there for Wera or in other words – to sell their bodies to men willing to pay good.

The young ladies accusing Bridget Achieng of using them as prostitutes in Turkey

Ladies speak

From Black Cinderella’s Instagram live on Sunday, 12 June – the ladies were heard narrating how Bridget Achieng would drug them with something called Spanish fly; which allegedly makes a woman extra active when it comes to sex.

Like a viagra but more stronger to help them bed many men in a day.

Black Cinderella IG live with one of Bridget Achieng’s victims

However despite practicing the sexual acts, the girls end up with no cash since their madame Bridget Achieng is the one handling the payments. They also accused her of giving them one meal a day and of conning their desperate families back home in Kenya for more money.

She used the money to buy new teeth

Well with clients eyeing the Kenyan girls offered to them by Ms Achieng – rumor has it that this how she able to buy herself new set of white teeth through dental surgery.

Former socialite Bridget Achieng flaunts new dental-formula

You see…unlike most of you who would go for braces to fix crooked teeth….Bridget Achieng went for the easy way out like the Kardashians and other famous celebrities now that she could afford it courtesy of easy money.

However Bridget on the other hand has distanced herself from the allegations made by her ex friend, Black Cinderella saying ‘time will tell’ since these are nothing but baseless allegations.

Achieng responds

But now that the authorities and media personality Lynn Ngugi are on to the story; hopefully Bridget Achieng won’t find herself behind bars if not infront of a judge for the said sex trafficking gig she’s currently running overseas.

Akothee explains why she prefers death over divorce

Self declared president of single mums Akothee is back with another lesson for all of single mums thinking divorce is the solution to their failed marriages. This being a topic she’s tackled in her book Akothee Sibuor Madhako Quotes, the singer opens up on reasons why most separated couples should avoid dragging their personal lives to court.

Having had 3 failed marriages already I want to believe that Akothee knows one or two about marriages and relationships which explains why she continues to remain single.

Well according to Akothee it’s easier to live knowinv your spouse is dead rather than having to deal with them in court each and every time there’s a hearing. Addressing this, the single mum of 5 through her Instagram page wrote:

Pg 33) Its easier said than done , Divorce is worse than death , especially when children are involved. When you lose a loved one , you mourn you are broken once for the lose , you hurt you miss them ,and with time you heal! You start learning how to live without them ????

Choose your battles right

Not that she’s encouraging couple to stick to toxic relationships but she encourages many to have a discrete separation to avoid messing with the kids mental health. She went on to say;

But with divorce where children are involved , if you don’t choose your battle wisely , you will be broken daily , buried daily , hurt daily as the kids grow, forget living for a moment ✍ breaking up with a loved one leaving you behind with his / her copies is not something you can deal with in 3/ 4 years, this takes TIME. . If you have to divorce or break up , do it descently , you are not the first or last ,people survived We are with you in prayers ????

But again – all relationships are different and they also end differently. Her advise many not work for everyone but at the end of the day – at least we get her point – and that is your mental health and that of the children should always comes first!

Cashy Karimi takes a swipe at Khaligraph Jones wife, reveals she was the side chic not the other way round

At this point I think I can say being a bitter baby mama is not such a good look. It literally brings out the worst in you and no matter how much pain you’re in – those watching on the sidelines will view you as a crazy @$$ dramatic woman. If you doubt me, ask Maureen Waititu.

Yea Yea baby daddies can also be annoying but in our society – the man never really takes blame. For some reason, most baby daddies will continue living comfortably without being judged and some even upgrade their lifestyles – yet you’re just there yapping and throwing shade because of child support – and in the end you prove him right….the crazy baby mama refusing to let go.

I mean it’s not worth the drama. However you and I know that – but clearly Khaligraph Jones baby mama is having trouble accepting the guy isn’t just into their son; or maybe because of her current behavior – he would stay away from the child due to his mum’s rants.

For a while now, Cashy Karimi has been attacking Khaligraph for neglecting their son and after she introduced a white man – we all thought – finally she’s found someone who will finally help her move on and forward. But clearly Cashy isn’t about to give Khaligraph Jones and his new family peace.

Xolani hanging out with mum (Cashy’s) boyfriend

Attacks Georgina Muteti

The latest drama involving Cashy sees her attack Georgina Muteti (khaligraph’s new found love) for referring to Khaligraph as the best daddy ever. Georgina revealed this about Khaligraph while marking his 32nd birthday – but now her Simple post has sparked drama.

Looking at the whole scenario, I’m just wondering why would Cashy attack Georgina? I mean that’s how Khaligraph is in Georgina’s eyes right? The perfect man, best daddy and above all the lover she always dreamt of – so why get attacked for no reason?

Cashy bitter with Georgina too?

Well having come across Georgina’s post – Cashy on the other hand picked up her drama from where she had left off; and this time around all she wanted to do is reveal that her son was born way before Amali was born – meaning Georgina got involved with Khaligraph knowing very well he was still with her (Cashy.)

This is real timeline

Xolani- born September 2018 by me

The next birth – June 2019 not by me

Age difference….months. SMH and mnasema best Darry. Kwendeni sana.


Not that he is the first man to pull such a stunt – but someone clearly needs to help Cashy calm down…the guy left and forcing a child on him won’t bring him back either. At least that’s what netizens are saying….but then again….she

Wueh! YouTuber GK Nyambura says she visited ex boyfriend at 3Am to collect her clothes

Youtuber GK Nyambura gained fame after Covid -19 outbreak thanks to her videos that focused on mental health among other issues the new age kids were dealing with during the pandemic period. She slowly moved from sharing positive vibes to exposing her private life through her social media pages.

Back in January 2022, Nyambura was involved in a nasty scandal with boyfriend OnlyOmoke, an upcoming video Director who she accused of cheating on her.

Apart from his cheating ways, GK Nyambura  also revealed her ex man had infected her with an unnamed STI – just to show how bad things were in the relationship.

Tbt: Nyambura exposes ex, Omoke

However despite the cheating scandal (in January) it appears they got back together which brings us to their latest morning scandal.

Omoke exposes on and off girlfriend

Well, the new videos circulating on social media were shared by Omoke who accuses Nyambura of pulling up at his apartment on Thursday 9th… get this at 3AM. Yaaani saa tisa usiku after a girls night out.

Well I am thinking, there’s only two reasons why a lady would want to show up at an exes place at that time. For makeup s*x or  just drank s*x.

I know Most of y’all can relate – let’s not act like we haven’t come across that crazy ex or maybe you’re the crazy ex.


Nyambura shares side of the story

Judging from the videos, netizens believe Nyambura had other intentions for the late night visit; but problem is, she pulled up with her girlfriends yet Dzaddy (Omoke) thought she was coming over alone. Gurls!

I mean if you were Omoke and your girl visits you with her drunk friends – who probably insulted or even worse trash talked about you as you listen and still want to trash your house…wouldn’t you record to prove you’re not the problem but she is? We all would.

Ukweli, remember she’s the same lady who once accused him of infecting her with STI’s and bedding multiple partners…comes back and after kidogo kidogo relationship issues – she brings drama to your door step?

Anyway despite the young Omoke trying to prove his ex was dramatic – Nyambura now says she went over to pick her clothes. At 3AM?

(Let me think, mmmh if I was drunk and the ex i am accusing of physically abusing me had my stuff mmmmh….would I really want to go to his place in that state – not forgetting the 3AM cold? Mmmmh sioni, unless there’s more to the visit.)

Anyway according to Nyambura, her ex man is lying about the whole drama and the only reason he got to record her is because the gate man refused to let them out of the gate – hence forcing her and friends to stay in the parking lot. Mmmh Nyambura….mmmh. She wrote;

Picking up my clothes is legal. Thank you very much.

Not that we are taking sides….but come on…someone’s not being truthful. Or we just blame it on the alcohol and love,lust,or Nairobi cold season…?


Diamond Platnumz on babysitting duties while ex Tanasha Donna enjoys vacation in Europe

Diamond Platnumz has always proven to be affectionate towards his kids – now that he has matured and isn’t about his old ways. Whenever in South Africa, the fella always makes sure to spend some quality time with his two kids with Zari and when in Tz (maybe) he spends time with Hamisa’s son, Dylan; but this is something we still can’t confirm since they’re never spotted together.

Diamond Platnumz wiht his kids

Anyway he also has a son with Tanasha Donna  which explains his latest posts where he is seen parading their son on his pages. Judging from the short clips on his IG stories we believe Diamond Platnumz was on baby daddy babysitting duties – at least to catch up with 2 year old son.

Judging from how they relate we can also say Diamond Platnumz and Naseeb share a strong bond and despite having a busy schedule throughout the year – he always tries to stay present with the baby boy.

Diamond Platnumz visits Naseeb jnr at Tanasha’s home

Tanasha Donna in Europe

This time around Diamond Platnumz was however forced to visit his son at his exes apartment – now that she is away on business/vacation in Europe.

So far she’s been to France and is currently in Belgium where’s been sharing thirst traps on her TL – leaving most of her male fans wishing they’d bag her.

Well, since she hasn’t mentioned anything about any upcoming music, can’t help but wonder whether she travelled abroad for a music video…mmmh? Maybe. Maybe not.

Mama Baha reflects on her role as a mom on TV show Machachari

Being a new mum has now left actress Patricia Mburu popularly known as mama Baha reflecting back on the days she played the role of a mum to Baha and Govi.

Tbt: Baha, Govi and friend from Machachari

To her it was a blessing especially after years of trying for a baby and failing. In a way, the universe gave her two young boys who played the role of her sons – something like a miracle and at the same time – an opportunity to parade her acting skills.

Looking back at this she related with the boys on the show – it’s obvious to see that motherhood is something Patricia Mburu was born for. She not only knew how to handle the kids but was passionate towards them like her own little cubs – always stirring them away from trouble.

Machacharis Govi and Baha

Explains drive behind her role

Well this was only possible because of her love for character. Unlike many actresses who embark on acting careers looking for fame and money – Mama Baha says she did it for the love of acting.

The new mum revealed this in a caption used on her old photos with her two boys saying;

Patricia Mburu with Baha and Govi

Love of character, not pursuit of fame or money is what separates the great actor, the true artist….the kominsky method
#actor #tbt #setlife #tvseries
Cc @tyler_mbaya @malik_lemmy

Blessings on Blessings! Stevo Simple Boy goes international with major hit ‘Haiwezi’ (Video)

For a minute Stevo Simple Boy had been turned to a joke and his music – let’s just say there was no genuine love from most of y’all. Actually, he was mocked by many who kept mimicking him (especially Willy Pozee) but after all that – Stevo Simple Boy just went international!

Okay, Stevo Simple was recently featured on Haiwezi by Cartoon 47 and South Africa’s Ntosh Gazi and truth is they dropped a banger! With Stevo taking over the song’s  hooks – I promise you will not have wasted your 4 minutes listening to this new banger.

Stevo Simple with Ntosh Gazi and others

Simple Simple si mambo ni Simple. Dimple dimple msupa hana dimple. Jiko jiko vitu zina digo. Jiko jiko kweli unajiko

Whats more interesting is that the video was shot in Kibera Slums – hence giving it the Soweto vibe Ntosh Gazi is used to seeing back at home.

Ntosh Gazi And Stevo Simple boy

Haiwezi imeweza!

For the first time Stivo’s new management has proven to its willing to help the singer grow; and with Freshi Baridi already a slogan among the youngins means there’s a future for a bigger brand associated with Stevo Simple.

Also, couldn’t help but notice how South Africa’s Ntosh_Gazi made sure Stevo Simple boy was featured in most of his shots – meaning he saw talent and appreciated it.

Mama’s boy! Mejja unveils adorable photo with his mummy leaving fans talking about uncanny resemblance

They say mothers and their sons share a special bond that cannot be broken. It’s true because even your own girlfriends and wives can’t come before your mums, right?

Anyway with that said, singer Mejja has given his fans another reason to talk after sharing a new photo in the company of his mummy dearest. Although he did not say much in his caption, all Mejja wrote is;

Khadija Na Mtoto Wake #BARAKA

Mejja with his mum

Well at least we got to know that his mother is called Khadija and and other thing is that Mejja looks everything like his mum; which leaves us wondering what other role his dad played apart from being a sperm donor. Mejja’s words.

Mejja’s absentee dad

A while back Mejja revealed that he was raised by a single mum, Khadija adding that he also took her last name since his dad dodged them while young.


Sharing new information from his childhood, Mejja once opened up in an interview saying;

  I call myself Khadija because my father was a sperm donor. As a child, I didn’t understand the sacrifices she made for us. Sometimes, I would find her crying in the house and she would act like nothing was wrong.


When I grew up and had my family, I realized she went through a lot to raise three boys. After coming to Nairobi, people would always comment about the name saying it’s a woman’s so I started insisting mtoto wa Khadija. She’s my inspiration.

Akuku Danger readmitted to hospital

Comedian Akuku Danger has once again been readmitted to hospital following issues with his health. From what we’ve been told is that Akuku Danger has been struggling with Sickle cell anemia since birth and now that he is a grown man – looks like his condition is worsening.

Well, a few hours ago his girlfriend Sandra Dacha shared a new post revealing that her man had been checked into hospital; but unlike the other times – Sandra this time held back from sharing any more information. Through her social media pages the actress wrote;

Akuku Danger readmitted to hospital

@itsakukudanger admitted again.

A few months back Mwalimu Churchill she’d some light on Akuku Danger’s condition saying;

Akuku Danger was born with Sickle Cell Anemia and it keeps coming and going. That’s cancer of the blood and he is always in and out of the hospital. Being able to come here and entertain you is what has kept him going.

Akuku Danger’s condition worsening?

Well, from the same speech given by Daniel Ndambuki during Churchill show’s fundraising event aimed at clearing Akuku Danger’s hospital bill; Mwalimu Churchill mentioned something about ‘being told you a ha year to live’ as he spoke about Akuku’s condition.

Not sure whether he said this to show how serious Sickle cell anemia is or he was revealing the timeline Akuku had been given by his doctors.

Imagine being told you have a year to live. Do you know how depressing that is? But he keeps going. The thing with the disease is that when it hits, it hits very hard.

And in 6 months since he left the hospital, the comedian is back to fighting for his life.

Juma Jux dumped by Vanessa Mdee’s look-alike over his involvement with Huddah

Juma Jux and Huddah look like the perfect match, right? However the two continue to insist that they are nothing but good friends making money together. With this, the two recently linked up for a romantic song and judging from the video – well…let’s just say this is what ‘bestie bestie chubwi’ actually means.

Well, rumor now has it that for this reason Jux has now been dumped by the gorgeous dark skinned lady he had been dating. This was revealed by Wasafi TV’s top gossip monger Juma Lokole while speaking to cohost Diva the Bawse, revealing the kind of relationship Huddah and Jux have.

Since their first song, Jux has been seeing Huddah. He told Huddah to come to Tanzania.

About Juma Jux losing his girlfriend who also apparently looks alike ex Vanessa Mdee’s twin; the Wasafi TV presenter went on to narrate;

Remember that girl Jux has been living within his lavish mansion. Let me refresh your memory. Juma Jux has been living with a girl, and I know because we go to the same gym. So during this year’s Valentine, Jux had a huge surprise for a girl he kept gushing about. A dark-skinned girl with beautiful legs. Have you seen how beautiful she is? And that girl resembles Vanessa Mdee because even during that time, Jux shared pictures and we all thought it was Vanessa.

Girlfriend stuck on relationship like glue

Well, having realized he has feelings for Huddah, Jux apparently tried getting rid of his girlfriend but she wouldn’t let go. His reasons for asking her to leave is because he allegedly wanted Huddah to stay at his place; but with the other woman still around – of course this wouldn’t work.

So Jux tried to break up with his girlfriend mimi na wewe kafanya bweka ya kila aina’ – do all kinds of good things but she told Jux she is not leaving his house

However with the music video out accompanied by more romantic photos, the other lady then had no option – but to hit the road at the end of the day.

But then again, these are just rumors from Tanzanian news outlet….however despite being a gossipmonger Juma Lokole always finds credible sources to his stories.

Maureen Waititu & family in mourning

It is indeed a sad day for Maureen Waititu and her family following the passing of their dearest grandma. The influencer who is known to many shared the sad news through her social media pages where she mourned the passing of the woman she was named after.

Maureen Waititu

From the post, Maureen Waititu described her late grandma as a wonderful woman – who probably also helped in raising considering Maureen was raised back in the village.

Although death is one painful rite of passage to living beings, in Maureen’s post – looks like her Cûcû passing is more of a celebration. The woman had clearly lived long enough to see generations change from one to another. So now as she finally rests, Maureen celebrated the life her grandma had lived in a post saying;

Maureen Waititu mourns late grandma

My sweet grandma, The wonderful woman I was named after, Cûcû Njambi has rested.
Rejoice with the angels . Rest in peace grandma ????

Maureen Waititu’s family

Well, so far all we know is that Maureen Waititu was raised by a single mum and despite trying to have a stable relationship with her dad back then – he never accepted her.

Maureen Waititu bonds with her absent father

This however brought about daddy issues (which explains the troubles in her previous relationship) but at the same time also helped shape the woman she has since become.

Anerlisa Muigai over the moon as boyfriend turns a year older

Just like Lilian Muli, Betty Kyallo, Zari Hassan and many others have not had luck in love so has Anerlisa Muigai. Despite bagging herself Ben Pol a few years back – the two got married and barely 6 months into their marriage, the two parted ways.

Anerlisa Muigai unfortunately then filed her first divorce at 31 years – confirming she was done and over with her marriage. After the separation rumor has it she got involved with Melvin Ibrahim who he is the director of Apex Automotive ke, a company that deals with dealing and importing cars.

Maybe an upgrade from her ex – which may also explain why she has been parading him on her social media pages of late.

Well, once again Anerlisa has decided to put her bae on display but this time around is because she was celebrating his birthday. In a post shared on her gram, Anerlisa marked her bae’s birthday saying;

Happy Birthday @m.e.l.v.i.n_I.b.r.a.h.i.m God Bless you.

Anerlisa celebrates new bae

Anerlisa enjoying new found love

The new post comes a few weeks just before the couple marks their first anniversary on 20th of June 2022; new information given to fans by the Keroche heiress.

Anerlisa Muigai

If we are not wrong, this means Melvin Ibrahmim and Anerlisa got involved way before she came out clean about her relationship with Ben Pol. However in April 2021, Anerlisa confirmed the divorce rumors in a post where she wrote;

I would like to make it clear that I signed whatever needed to be signed and I do not wish to be associated with anyone. My focus right now is my career and peace.

And by June she had already sealed another relationship with Melvin. Well, it’s been a year already and from the look of things – Anerlisa seems to have found her perfect match.

Revealed: Huge amount Jalang’o’s ex workers allegedly stole from his car

It has indeed been an awful weekend and week for Lang’ata MP aspirant Jalang’o who  continues to hunt down his two employees Eli Omundu and Morrison Litiema who stole money from his car this past weekend.

Jalango with his two workers

According to Jalango, he had assigned the two to wash one of his cars forgetting he had left a huge amount of cash in the particular car they were to clean. With this, the two saw an opportunity to make away with the money leaving the former Kiss FM asking his followers and other netizens to help him locate them.

In a detailed post shared on his social media pages, Jalango wrote;

Eli and Litiema are on the run , this morning they stole money from the car they were washing at home , their phones are off and they are running with their families.


If you see them please contact
0722915337 or report at the nearest police station. A reward of 100k for any information leading to their arrest.

Friend reveals Eli and Morrison stole Ksh2.5 Million

Although the media personality withheld from revealing how much was stolen (probably for his ex workers safety) a close friend of his, Billy Miya has come out to reveal the two employees apparently got away with KSh 2.5 million.

The fella revealed this through his social media pages saying;

Weuh! Shetani ni mtu mubaya sana. Unahustle na boss wako for more than 4 years, ile mwaka anaenda kuingia bunge shetani anakudanganya unaiba 2.5M. Yaani si mungesubiri boss aingie Bunge mukuwe mafutani. Jamani tupige ripoti polisi Au piga 0722 717 159. Pole sana @jalangoo itakua sawa. Uzuri alitupeleka moja kwa moja hadi kwao kupitia social media. Over to you @dci_kenya

Well, it’s been three days now since the police started hunting them down and so far – Eli and Morrison remain in the wind.

What’s more surprising is that the two had earlier spoken to Mungai Eve saying they’d never steal from their boss.

Our boss, Jalang’o even leaves millions in his car but we can’t touch them. Our faithfulness has made us stay with Jalang’o. You wait for your salary at the end of the month

Well – they say money is the root of all evil and these two have proven this saying right.

Amira confirms moving on from ex husband, Jimal Rohosafi – spills interesting details of her new lover

It’s been a minute since we all heard about Jimal and his wife Amira, right? Well turns out that the two are no longer living as man and wife – that is according to Amira’s social media pages where she’s been giving fans new intel on her private life.


In a recent post, Amira who is a mother of two has revealed that she has a new lover who is not only loving her right but is treating her like the queen she is. The lady made this known through a funny post captioned;

When my ex asks how my new person is treating me

And since nobody in particular (fans) had asked about the new alleged man ( well apart from ‘ex’ Jimal) to me it looks like Amira was just trying to throw shade using the post – especially now that she has a new person in her life and ex is still on his own. Maybe.

Jimal and wife, Amira

Amira finds love?

Well judging from how she described the new feeling she’s experiencing with her new man, it’s obvious she is happy; or is trying to prove a point – but then again why would she when fans saw she what she went through with Jimal?

Anyway according to Amira, her new man is treating her better than  she’d ever imagined. She wrote;

Kwa Kifupi nadekezwa

Also looking at the new house she recently moved into – allow me to say Amira’s new man isn’t playing around when it comes to giving her the queen-like treatment.

However – what if the new man is still Jimal? What if….mmmh let’s see whether she’ll soon introduce him to the world too. Just for the doubting Thomases.

Sarah Kabu demands apology from Simon Kabu’s 24 year old daughter

Bonfire Adventures CEO Sarah Kabu has come out to reveal that there are still some unresolved issues between her and hubby Simon Kabu. Well, this is after their online ‘breakup’ that saw Sarah Kabu spill unknown details about her family’s private life.

We learnt about Simon Kabu having kids with other baby mamas on the side and of course about his first born daughter – Maureen from his first relationship.

The same Maureen Kabu has however become a thorn in Sarah’s flesh – which brings us to Mrs Kabu’s latest statements about her step daughter. Speaking to Mpasho, Sarah revealed her reason for exposing hubby, Simon Kabu is because he took the kids without her consent; a move that left her feeling like a crazy woman. She said;

I was trending because I was defending my children I feel they are very precious and nobody should pull such a string just because you have some rights.


I had never imagined that someone can come pick my kids and go with them without my permission. When it happened I became like that chicken who defends her chicks.

Sarah Kabu still beefing with step daughter

On the same interview – the mother of 2 went on to add that the issue between her, Simon Kabu and his step daughter are yet to resolved.

Simon Kabu’s eldest daughter

This is because she still awaits for Simon Kabu’s daughter to issue an apology for taking part in ‘kidnapping’ of her kids back in March.

Everything has not been ironed out since I have not received an apology from the lady and there are still other dramas happening.

Well – I guess each family has a share of its own drama and the Kabu’s are still figuring there’s out.

Alaaar! Stivo Simple boy accuses ex of bedding over 50 men (Video)

Rapper Stivo Simple boy is out here serving tea and the sad part is that – things are getting too personal or rather – getting out of hand.

Well, I don’t know whether you go around telling people about your exes body count – but Stivo does. The freshi baridi hitmaker recently had a candid interview with Oga Obinna where he talked about his life, career and of course – his past relationship.

Stivo with Oga Obinna

As usual we all wanted to hear what he says about Pritty Vishy the woman he had dated for months after years of being single. Yes, Stivo was single for a long time and I know this because after his first hit ‘Mihadarati’ he went on different interviews where he said he was a single man.

However in 2021 we all met Pritty Vishy – the woman that rooted for his success and even exposed his management for using him. Well, despite playing wife….things didn’t end so well for Pritty Vishy. So now I’m assuming she won’t be taking up such roles in future.

Stivo’s management doing the most

Now that he is no longer with the lady, looks like his management has him exposing each and every dirt he has on his ex. Okay, maybe not his management but then again aren’t they the same people who approve what he can and can’t say during interviews?

Anyway speaking about his ex with Oga Obinna – the singer revealed he was aware of how generous Pritty Vishy was when it comes to men. Apparently despite being with her, he already knew that his ex had been involved with over 50 guys. Alaaaar.

Nilikuwa najua hizo mambo zake, si ati sikuwa najua. But what I want ni ashikilie tu mtu mmoja.

When asked by Obinna how men many he knew from her past, Stivo revealed;

Wengi. More than 50. Nilinyamazia tu.

Beef? Bien’s reaction to Jalang’os robbery is sure to raise eyebrows

I am starting to wonder whether Jalango and Sauti Sol’s member,Bien have beef. Well just a few weeks ago, Bien was asked to pay Ksh 5 million by one of Jalang’o’s workers (Morrison) who had accused theSauti Sol member of turning his old photo to a meme.

Morrison’s reasons for demanding Ksh 5 million from Bien is because – using the photo and circulating it on social media not only brought back old but ugly memories from his past. So for compensation – Morrison and his advisers asked for Ksh 5million.

Eli and Morrison steal from Jalang’o

Barely a month after this – Jalango now says he wants Morrison Litiema and another worker, Eli Umundu behind bars for stealing from him. That was quick right?

So turns out that these two allegedly made away with unknown amount of money; but since Jalango is offering 100k to whoever with information on the two – means they indeed did him dirty.

Bien with the sarcasm

With the story spreading like wild fire on social media, Bien also came across it and I’m guessing he has every reason to feel that Karma may have done him justice.

I mean, how else could he explain this? Just the other day – Morrison was threatening to sue him for a meme; and judging from his confidence… there must have a been a big force supporting and boosting him to sue Bien….then surprisingly the universe decides to turn tables…? Mmmh.

Anyway – commenting on Jalango getting robbed, Bien wrote;


Bald man with few words? Or is it just mockery?

Netizens on the other hand reacted to the comment saying;


Jalang’os ex workers still on the run after stealing money from him

Someone once told me not to trust anybody. Like honestly, trust is something earned and not given out freely no matter how long you’ve known a person. Well, this is something I’m pretty sure Jalango knew before entrusting his workers with access to his car this past weekend.

From what we’ve learnt is that the Langata parliamentary aspirant Felix Odiwuor aka Jalango was robbed blind by his two favorite workers – Eli Omundu and Morrison Litiema. According to the former Kiss FM presenter – the two allegedly made away with some huge amount of money, that had been kept in the car they’d been assigned to wash.

Eli and Morrison steal from Jalang’o

Although he did not disclose the amount stolen by the two grounds men, Jalango is however offering Ksh 100,000 to anyone with any information that can lead to their arrest.

Still hiding

Well, the other sad bit is that the two are on the run together with their families – meaning this was well planned out; however what they didn’t know is that this stupid move just closed doors of opportunity for their siblings and children.

Eli and Litiema are on the run , this morning they stole money from the car they were washing at home , their phones are off and they are running with their families. If you see them please contact
0722915337 or report at the nearest police station. A reward of 100k for any information leading to their arrest.

I mean, if Jalango is voted in – the first people I am sure he will take care of is those around him. Maybe Eli’s and Morrisons’s kids would have had no issues with school fees, there wives offered jobs or a given money for a small businesses…relatives given job opportunities- no matter how small, right? But then again – we all think different.

Anyway as of now the search continues and I guess Kenyans have also learnt from Jalang’os experience. I mean, who would have ever thought Eli and Morrison would rob Jalang’o? Who?

Mishi Dora arraigned in court after failing to settle Ksh 152,000 bill at popular club

Y’all remember that time Mishi Dora shared a 200k club bill just to show off how much a friend had spent during a night out?

Well, seems like she pulled the same stunt but problem – unlike her friend who had money to settle the bill at the end of the night – Mishi didn’t. This was revealed recently after she was arraigned in court following failure to pay Ksh 152,000 which she owes Golden Ice Bistro at Nextegn Mall along Mombasa.

Mishi exposed for dodging Ksh 152,000 club bill

Word making rounds online is that Mishi Dora held a small celebration a Golden Ice Bistro at Nextegn Mall along Mombasa road; to mark the release of Olaedo, a Nigerian film she appeared in.

The actress apparently ordered 6 bottles of Belaire Luxe at KSh 75,000, 7 Hennessey bottles at KSh 70,000, two chicken breasts, energy drinks and water which amounted to the said bill.

Photos from the event

Judging from photos shared after the event (on May 26th), we could tell that Mishi had gone all out to impress her guests. She not only invited the likes of Nicah the Queen but other low key socialite and for the night – Mishi stepped out in an Yvonne Forest attire and we all know this didn’t come cheap.

Mishi Dora with friends at Golden ice Bistro

However turns out that despite balling this hard, Mishi Dora allegedly didn’t have the money to settle her bill hence the cat and mouse games she started pulling on Golden Ice Bistro’s management.

Mishi arraigned in court

Apparently when time came to pay up, Mishi started making excuses that her ATM wasn’t working; and instead Mishi then requested that the club’s manager Dennis Munyasia and the marketing manager to pick the money from her apartment – knowing very well she didn’t have it.

With the mind games getting old – Mishi allegedly requested to be given a few days to which she would then settle the bill. 4 days later (since May 26th) – the socialite was then arrested for dodging calls and refusing to respond to the clubs management on the pending bill.

Mishi aka Diana Clara Ojenger was taken Akila police station before she was arraigned in court where they released her on KSh 50,000 cash bail and an alternative bond of KSh 200,000.

From how this is going looks like the socialite has no option but to pay up since dodging the court will just make her life harder.


Weuh! Inside Stivo Simple boy’s bedsitter before fame & new money

Stivo Simple Boy never had it easy while growing up and things actually got worse for him after coming to the city – hoping to better his future and that of the next generation.

However the city life wasn’t as easy as he thought. That’s because getting a job needs connections which he didn’t have hence forcing him to look for alternatives just to survive.

Stivo simple boy

Im guessing this is how he ended up venturing into music and after his Mihadarati hitsong, Stivo finally got his breakthrough. Just to show how far he has come – the freshi baridi hitmaker recently shared a video showing his bedsitter to the world – and honestly – Stivo is slowly making progress.

Speaking about this particular bedsitter, the singer wrote;

Maisha yangu kayole before mambo ikue freshi barida… Before nihame… Nashukuru Sana wakenya kwa kunisapoti Sana maisha imeanza kubadika mzidi kunisapoti mungu awabariki Sana…

Pritty Vishy’s efforts in improving Stivo’s life

This new developments come months after Stivo’s ex girlfriend Pritty Vishy exposed his previous management for using Stivo’s money to enrich themselves.

The young lady who has been making headlines ever since Stivo dumped her once came out guns blazing as she accused his management of theft and negligence saying;

Last year December alihamishwa akapelewa kwa bedsitter na the management akapelekwa Kayole from Kibera. Unajua kulikuwa nakesi zilikuwa zimetokea fans wake wakiuliza mbona Stivo siple boy life yake haijachange ata after akuwe celebrity. Hiyo place anaishi haiku sawa but wake atasema to iko poa juu hakuna kitu anaweza fanya ama kusema,


Hiyo management ilikuwa inataka akae place hakuna mtu namcorrupt na kumwambia that hii si poa. Yeye anabelive place you iko comfortable akisema that that watu huanza from somewhere na anaona vile alitoka kibera akaenda kayole amemake a big step.

But now that he is under mib Africa management – life imekuwa freshi baridi.

“Some people will never forget me” Amber Ray unapologetically mocks bitter ex boyfriend following bush s€x exposé

For some reason Amber Ray’s ex boyfriend Kabba felt ameangukia but judging from his latest post where he complains about the Kamba bae – we can confirm that yeye ndio alikuwa ameangukiwa.

Asking why? Well, it’s not everyday we come across grown men complaining about their exes online…..especially after they’ve already parted ways, right?

Most even prefer to keep their exes name off their mouths leave alone social media, but unfortunately not for Kabba.

As Amber now says, there are many who will come cross her in life, but she promise very of these people will forget her; a statement shared after learning what her ex, Kabba posted about her on Wednesday evening.

Responding to his bitter posts, Amber Ray wrote;

I know I’m not good enough but some people will never forget me in their life???? #ukambanibreed???? #amberthebrand

Kabba’s exposè on Amber Ray

Well, thanks to a few posts shared late last night by Kabba who spilled some unknown details from his past relationship with the Kamba bae, Amber Ray; we can now confidently confirm the Sierra Leonean fella is having a hard time forgetting his ex Kenyan lover.

This is after he publicly spoke ill of her, exposing some of the things she taught him like – bush sex, sex while driving – yaaani wild things his other ‘average’ women had never shown him before.

Well not speaking for other men but I think Kabba is the only man who can complain about such an experience, right?

I believe men of today like surprises in the bedroom, I’m not talking about hiring a birthday clown – but things like a late night nurse or better yet – how about a naughty cop?

I mean how else will you keep him off br*zzers and the rest if you’re entertaining?

“Ofweneke is mine” Akothee confesses

Singer Akothee is one of the those artists who rarely give shout outs to fellow celebrities but when it comes down to comedian Dr Ofweneke – the mother of 5 can’t hold back from showering praise on this guy.


As seen on a new post aimed at appreciating Ofweneke for being her favorite MC, Akothee earlier this morning shared a long post talking about her work relationship with the comedian saying;

There are those who say they have your back ,then there are those who gives you their back to sit on when all the chairs are taken. That’s my Personal Mc Without @drofweneke in my Event ,I’d better cancel.

Why Akothee praises Ofweneke

From what Akothee says is that working with the comedian has always been easy for her since he always delivers as promised; and unlike working with other MC’s who will probably let you down or even fail you – Akothee says she’s never had to struggle when it comes to this particular comedian.

Akothee to Ofweneke

Just to prove how much his work is appreciated by Akothee and her relatives – the singer pointed out that her own mum looks forward to seeing Ofweneke MC; and incase he is not coming for Akothee’s event  – then she (mama Akothee) won’t show up either.

Akothee made this known on the same post where she went on to say;

Applause for the baddest MC
The most booked, the most active my mum always ask Is OFWENEKE the MC ? Then I am coming . This guy is Active❗️ He is already booked 4th june for me & 26th June for my sister in laws wedding ???? And 3rd December for my other event ???? You can now take him for the rest of the dates. Please 4th June 26th June 3rd December OFWENEKE IS MINE ????????????????????

Well – we’re not saying the madam boss is kissing @ss (she doesn’t) but looks like Ofweneke is really making her happy, right?

Imagine if all celebrities celebrated their MC’s this way… they’d be challenged to better their skills even more, right?

Samidoh’s wife goes all out for her one & only son as he celebrates 6th birthday

Edday Nderitu is a happy mum to have her baby boy turn 6 years, just a few months after she welcomed her last born – a baby girl with husband, Samidoh.

Celebrating her son’s latest milestone – Edday Nderitu showered her baby boy with praise in a post where she wrote;

Samidoh’s firstborn son


Happiest birthday to my one and only son…Mike spiderman mama loves you♥️

I am guessing the one and only part was emphasized now that Samidoh has another son with Karen Nyamu; and being a woman – Edday, maybe just had to put it out there.

Karenzo ignores step son’s birthday

Unlike last year when Karen Nyamu wished Samidoh’s son Mike a happy birthday – this time around she chose to maintain her silence – and we can tell something is wrong.

For some reason – Karenzo has been maintaining a low profile especially when it comes to her personal life and matters regarding her relationship with Samidoh. Ever since her affair with the singer was publicized, she somehow become the new face of ‘side chicks.’

This is however after she was exposed for having an affair with Samidoh, knowing very well that he was married to Edday; but now that Karenzo and Samidoh have two kids together – I guess it’s time Edday accepted her co wife and the kids got to know each other, right?