DJ Mo’s reaction after Diana Marua refers to her husband as ‘My King’

It appears that’s DJ Mo has become a big fan of the Bahati’s and if anything he is even one of the followers Mrs Bahati now has.

Thanks to a new post shared by Diana Marua where she praises  her man for being the best husband and king she could have ever asked for; we get to see many comments from fans including Mo who could help but admire this love.

Well, it’s obvious that Bahati and Marua make an amazing couple and from the look of things also inspire many who look up to them.

DJ Mo wowed by Marua’s love towards Bahati

In the post shared on Diana Marua’s page we get to see DJ Mo appreciate and admire how much the young mother adores her husband.

According to DJ Mo only a humble woman is capable of addressing her husband as ‘King’ he went on to comment saying;

???? ???? ???? ???? …it takes a humble woman to call her man a King ????…keep going guys … God bless you. @diana_Marua

Dj Mo

“Paid Ksh 120,000 for it!” Vera Sidika savage response at fan who criticized her for repeatedly wearing the same blouse

Vera Sidika seems to have grown thick skin when it comes to the harsh comments left by her critics on her social media pages.

The socialite cum business lady who is currently in the UK recently shared a photo dining at a posh restaurant. However one of her fans was quick to notice that she had repeatedly worn the same shirt twice; even after claiming she doesn’t recycle clothes.

I thought haurudiangi nguo ????????‍♂️

Well, judging from Vera Sidika’s lifestyle where she spends hundreds of thousands on small items like designer shoes or hair…. it’s obvious that Vera would claim she doesn’t wear the same clothes twice!

However this time around Vera Sidika decided to hit back by mentioning why she was allowed to repeat that particular shirt.

Apparently Vera Sidika spent ksh 120,000 on her blouse and for this reason was not about to just store it in her closet!

“I paid 120k for this shirt. So I’ll wear it till Jesus returns,”

Vera Sidika

Baby number 2 or Size 8 is putting on extra weight?

Singer cum preacher Size 8 has lately been keeping a low profile about her life unlike her old self.

The mother of one who was once quite active on social media seems to have taken a chill pill and is no longer as bubbly as before.

Size 8 then…

These days Size 8 prefers to share Bible quotes and encouraging messages on her gram – and truth be told seems like much changed about her after her miscarriage a while back.

Pregnant or chubby?

Away from that her, fans believe that she has put on extra weight as she happens to appear chubby in her latest selfie shared on Instagram.

A few of her fans went on to mention about the sudden weight gain which could only mean two things…either she is living a comfortable life or there could be another baby on the way.

Size 8 now…

Judging from her photos which only focus on the chest area and upwards… could it be that Size 8 is hiding a baby bump?




Singer Viviane in trouble for selling her fiancé’s items behind his back?

Chingi Changa’s hit maker Viviane has lately been keeping a low profile; and unlike before the lass seems to be taking her time in releasing a new project.

Being among the top female artists we have in the country, one would expect her to drop songs back to back… but owh well, Viviane is not the only one since the likes of Avril and others seem also busy with their private lives.

Viviane with fiancé

Anyway, earlier today Viviane shocked many after sharing a video showing a few items she is selling. Judging from her caption, the electronics she has put up for sale belong to her fiancé, Sam West who is apparently away on a business trip.

The singer went on to confidently confirmed that her man knew nothing about this; but since they apparently own too many screens in their house – the only option she had was to get rid of the ones they rarely use.

Fans warn Viviane

Looking at the comments, most of fans felt that this move would probably end up making her single.

Others explained that their men would throw them out of their homes if they pulled such.

check out the video below.

“Thank you for putting your life before mine hun” Saumu Mbuvi’s sweet message to alleged lover, Lamu senator

Word on the streets is that Saumu Mbuvi is no longer dating her rich boyfriend; in-fact she apparently went on to unfollow him and his new Wakanda club located in Westlands.

The two seem to have fallen out over an unknown issue that left Saumu Mbuvi ranting on social media. Through her Instagram page, the lass went on to say;

“I make mistakes, I get myself in stupid situations that I would have avoided from the start, I get hurt, I get used, I fail but one thing is for sure is that I never give up..I pick myself up, knowing so many people find inspiration in my doing and I’ve got to do what I have to do….one thing I would love to see in anyone looking upto me is never give up and perfection is overrated .your mistakes are what make you who you are …dont let anyone undervalue you!!PERIOD!!!”

New bae?

Judging from her latest post on Instagram many have been asking whether she is currently dating Lamu Senator.


This is after she showered him with praises on her post and went on to call him ‘future and hun.’

Well it’s hard to conclude however the post above confirms that the two might be more than just friends.

Blogger, Robert Alai marched to DCI headquarters after defying high orders against publishing gruesome photos

Controversial Kenyan blogger, Robert Alai arrested in Nairobi a day after police warning over his publishing of explicit content.


The police have forewarned the blogger against publishing photos of terror victims on social media.

An order Alai has gone against retweeting:

The issue here is not about posting those photos, for me it’s about the risks we’re putting our officers in terror prone zones

We spent millions on armored cars which turns out to be substandard given how they’re always blown up.

This is the real issue wacheni games.

Charles Owino´s argument is that if any of the officers´ family members are to come across such photos, it will be traumatizing for them.

On Monday, the National Commission on Integration Commission (NCIC) condemned Alai´s actions, accusing him of glorifying terrorism.

Whereas Mr Alai has the freedom of expression,

such publications can be interpreted as propaganda for war which is not protected under the Constitution of Kenya.

A crime that is punishable, according to the law as it risks harm to the country´s armed forces as well as their loved ones.


The blogger however soon after shares on social media:

I will continue to speak out for the poor police officers who are neglected, and their allowances taken by “wakubwa.”

We must give our men and women who die wearing uniform, respect, dignity and honor they deserve.

We shouldn’t treat our cops like dogs. I am angry!!

Shortly after backed by popular activist, Boniface Mwangi affirming:

It is immoral and criminal for the government to transport bodies of dead officers like trash.

There was no bodybags, not even bedsheets to cover their bodies.

The question is, where are the 30 armoured vehicles President Uhuru Kenyatta posed with in 2017?

However, Robert Alai has since then been picked and escorted to the DCI headquarters on Kiambu road.


The National Police Service on Monday picked on netizens who have been posting horrific photos of the Wajir attack.

Let this be a warning that such unpalatable acts shall not be tolerated.

Police spokesperson, Charles Owino told journalists that action will be taken, if anyone defies orders given.

This is in a statement addressing the press articulating:

As we mourn our fallen heroes,

posting of their pictures online by one blogger is very unfortunate, inhuman, glorifies terror & is tantamount to supporting terrorism.

This is indeed the lowest we can go.

We condemn this act in the strongest terms possible.

It is not only unpatriotic but is equally uncouth and unacceptable

Alai has reportedly posted bodies of the fallen Kenyan police officers whose vehicle ran over an Improvised Explosive Device during the weekend.

Roughly 12 officers died following the attack by Al-Shabaab militants in Wajir East.

“Ni ngumu kukusahau!” Faby Flavour cries out to his ex girlfriend

John Nyundo aka Faby Flavour is one of the fastest rising artists in East Africa. His passion for music has enabled him to venture into a career that will definitely put him on top music charts. 

Faby Flavour

However just like most new artists Faby Flavour struggled to put his music out there with no luck. But thanks to his hard-work and determination he luckily landed an opportunity to work with the Wasafi music label as a songwriter and background vocal artist for 2 years before deciding to return to his homeland, Kenya.

At this point the singer had already sharped his skills and his only way of proving himself was sending music demos to friends through social media, hoping to  get a good label.  


Call it luck or heaven sent, Faby Flavour was then contacted by Dominic Usseni, the president of Django Records, who was captured by the depth and essence of his music. 

He then showed his potential after dropping his first single Yaishe while signed under Django Records which pushed him to receive major airplay in both Kenya and Tanzania. 

Ni ngumu

Well, Faby Flavour is now excited to announce the release of his second single ‘Ni Ngumu’; a song that talks about the trials and tribulations that life brings yet can be overcome by one’s attitude. 

The song is produced under Dominic Usseni Productions, mastered by producer Lizer Classic and video shot in Tanzania under the direction of Rahim. Watch the video below! 

After unfollowing Tiffah and Nillan, Diamond Platnumz continues to shower his last born with love on social media

Singer Diamond Platnumz shocked many after unfollowing his daughter Tiffah and son Nillan  on Instagram. This was apparently after Zari Hassan went to call out the Tanzanian singer for neglecting his children.

The battle between the ex lovers however continues to heat up especially now that Zari moved out of the mansion Diamond Platnumz had gifted her.

From their social media fans, many fail to understand how the children have been dragged into the drama that seems to be getting worse.

Hamisa and Diamond Platnumz son

However, things seem to be looking up between Diamond Platnumz and son, Dylan. The Tanzanian singer has lately been spotted commenting on his last born’s photo something that has left many talking.

A few hours ago Diamond Platnumz went ahead to share a new photo of his baby boy rocking his Kanzu and went on to write Lion just to prove all is well between them.

Anyway judging from Deedaylan’s latest photos we can all agree that he is taking after his daddy!


Endo Warrior, Njambi Koikai writes to US doctors in long moving post

Endo Warrior, Njambi Koikai hasn´t had it easy from her condition but remains thankful and now affirms her journey to recovery has kicked off.

In a long revealing post, the Kenyan personality reveals the massive and continued support given to her by the US doctors and therapists.

Njambi´s Thoracic Endometriosis condition was one of the worst ever seen and local treatment might not have confirmed her survival.

She therefore had to seek further treatment from specialists that has been seeing her spend millions on her treatment though positively responding to.

The reggae queen shares her story hoping that it will leave a mark in the lives of many for she believes she is a walking miracle.

Right from literally losing grip to gradually regaining her sense of touch in to seeing the Lord´s goodness as she proudly breathes again.

She is a bubbly media personality and her sense of humor even during her worst of times, is pretty admirable.

Njambi jests:

Mentally i feel like i can run with Eliud Kipchoge lol hata kama nitakimbia 20 metres????????????????

I believe i can conquer all my mind sets to do now.

However, she does not forget to remind her local and International family of supporters to keep praying for her so that she emerges Strong, as she pens:

The love

Fans storm her page and lovingly express:

God above everything ????????
Thankyou for being amazingly STRONG! Mungu atatimiza Jahmz! ????????????


God is great


Fight on Allah will see you through




Count alot on my prayers as usual ????????????.And your outfit is wonderful ????????and you also look stronger in that picture ????????

Jahmby youve been an inspiration to me all the way…jah bless… I love you
Empress divine
Mommy uko fiti,unapendeza pia u encourage those who wants to give up,battling a disease mpaka upigishe chini ivo means God is good
Amen. Our God of restoration will restore you fully
My sister big hart God is good all the time keep going big up strong bless you c u soon blessed

Be a pillar to the brave warrior whether in prayers or funding.

May she emerge victorious!

¨Do more. Add value. Earn more blessings¨ Kenyan youth applaud Betty Kyallo for listening to their pleas

K24 Journalist, Betty Kyallo has achieved milestones, as a single mom, entrepreneur and media personality as the Kenyan youth come out to applaud the beauty for her achievements.

Betty Kyallo has been enveloped in couple of nasty scenarios, whether her love life or business.

However, that has not stopped her from becoming who she is today.

¨Flair by Betty¨ beauty parlor has taken in a number of employees, dealing with hair, beauty and even barber, most of whom are youths.

Exclusively, Ivanna´s mum revealed that she has witnessed tremendous growth, one that she remains thankful for, expressing:

We have seen so much growth and I am very appreciative of my team for their commitment and expertise because that´s what has made us grow.


In a bid to promote her business, the mother of 1 randomly shares snaps of the inside of her beauty parlor on a normal day and captions:

And fans and followers promptly respond:

The young CEO has seen youths get worthwhile employment and leaves a mark in the society of today where youth employment is a fracas.


¨Flair by Betty¨ is a 1-year old luxury salon founded by the TV siren back in 2018 soon after she exited now Susan Kaitany´s ¨Posh Palace¨ hair studio and spa.

The salon is located in Kilimani´s FCB Mihrab building that saw her cough thousands and eat into her savings.

Funny thing is how closely apart the 2 salons are located but the two hopefully let it all rest.

Betty´s piece of advice to those about to give up is:

If you have a heart beat there´s still time to achieve your greatest dreams.

Never give up. Keep going, hustle hard, keep positive people around you… and most importantly pray.


Diana Marua reveals she once worked as an Mpesa Agent to make ends meet

It was Throwback Thursday and Diana Marua makes a shocking revelation of once being an Mpesa agent.

In a brief yet revealing video clip shared on her Insta story, the expectant wife to Bahati shares:

I used to work at this pharmacy before it was renamed goodlife…

As an mpesa agent…my first job.

This far, I call him Ebenezer ????

However, she attests it all to the God Almighty for having brought her this far:

Use what you have as a stepping stone to your next level…

It takes time but grow

Diana shares a piece of advice sighting that one day you will break barriers, but it needs patience and trust.


The reality TV Star recently featured on the cover of ´True Love´ magazine as she shared struggles of her past life that took all sorts of corners.

She however remains thankful to her late mother for bringing her to this world as she proudly expresses she is glad to mother son, Morgan and daughter, Heaven.

It also goes unsaid that hubby, Bahati has been a key figure by letting her mother his blood daughter, Heaven and appreciates the unending love.

Wig off! Hijab on! Zari Hassan out to embrace the Holy Month of Ramadan

Zari recently took off her wigs flaunting her natural hair but that could be because she needs to rock her duly ´Ramadan attire´.

The fashionable Boss lady professes the Islamic religion though on normal days, she does her thing: hair out and heels on.

Ideally, it is customary that a Muslim woman ought to have her head covered, ankle-low loose-fitting attire whenever in public.

However, seems that is not her ´thing´ probably doesn´t feel the ´vibe´.

Unfortunately, the religious season is here and it needs to get accorded the respect it deserves.

She takes on her religious Islamic attire and embraces it all.

As the holy month of Ramadan kicked off, the business woman captions:

My Muslim family.

Starehe MP, Jaguar comes out to publicly warn Kenyans to stay off the new ¨Jaguar Loan App¨ that is reaping thousands from Kenyans

Kenyan artist-cum-politician publicly identified as Jaguar has come out strong to dismiss any links in connection with the now trending ¨Jaguar Loan App¨ .

In the current technology age and time, rapid growth of mobile lending applications has been massive and beyond human control.

It´s brand

The latest is the ¨Jaguar Loan App¨ that has opted to use the popular artist´s stage name probably in a bid to promote itself countrywide.

As well as grow to its peak in the mobile lending apps´ business.

The application that can easily be accessed from the Play store, has been used to con off unsuspecting Kenyans who are hungry for mobile loans.

However, the Starehe MP has disowned the loan app that is tagging along his name.

Furthermore, the mobile app uses a vintage photo of the MP as its brand logo.

The products

The mobile app alleges to loan Kenya´s netizens loans from as high as Ksh 5,000 as its minimum amount.

The application developer apparently states that the app is here to save Kenyans whenever they are in need.

As a brand statement, the mobile app´s text reads:

Loans makes it easy for you to access loans from your phone anywhere, any time

Users who log into the mobile app, are requested to fill in necessary bank details, apply for a loan where they stand a chance of receiving the cash requested, independent of the Bank.

¨Jaguar Loan App¨ was born on the 28th of March this year but not sure how many Kenyans have fallen victim for such high level of deceitful fraudsters.

Be Warned!

MP Charles Kanyi Njagua gives prior warning to Kenyans to stay away from con artists, whether mobile applications or even street brokers.

He warns citizens to be on the look out and keep off from falling victims of such fraudulence:

Kenyans don´t get duped…

It would be so sad to lose your money to unscrupulous people.

Jaguar shares:

Background checks

It ought to be noted that with the recent campus students´ hacking into mobile loan apps´ IT system, it is definite that thousands of Kenyans have been over reliant on mobile loans.

This has come as a massive relief for Kenyans who have fallen captive with their enormous mobile loan apps´ unpaid debts.

And with the current escalating status of the Kenyan economic, life has presented harsh and crude conditions for sustainability of households.

As we speak, over 500K individuals have been blacklisted by CRB (Credit Reference Bureau).

This comes as a result of 1 out of every 2 people having acquired loans from mobile lenders.

It is a pity but one ought to tread carefully if at all you seek to reap out of your sweat.

P Units Gabu caught on camera taking a dump in a bucket at a hotel lobby

Gabu who has been releasing numerous hit songs for a while now has shocked many after a video showing him taking a ‘dump’ at hotel lobby in Bahrain.

The singer who is currently flying high with his new hit song ‘Koroga’ featuring Arrow Bwoy and Daddy Andre shared the clip on his Instagram page; attracting quite a mixed reaction.

Gabu taking a dump?

Controversial video

The video which seems to have been taken by one of his friends shows Gabu running while holding a newspaper – then heads to sit on what appears to be a trash can where he pulls his pants down.

Not quite sure what he does in the bucket but the popular singer uses a page from the newspaper to wipe himself; before running away. 

Well, this is however not the first time we are witnessing a celebrity pull such a stunt to create controversy on social media. Anyway watch the video below.

Gabu teams up with Arrow Bwoy and Daddy Andre for a new club banger

After successfully taking over the Kenyan music Gabu the award winning artist from Kompakt Records and co-founder with Steve Ogechi of Kompakt Records have teamed up with Ugandan singer, song writer and producer, Daddy Andre  and arrow Bwoy to release a studding banger dubbed “KOROGA” for lovers of great music and good vibes. 


The new hit song to be released Koroga is a blend of three nationals including; the director Kenny, originally wasafi records producer.

Speaking about his new collaboration, Gabu opened up saying;

“Arrow Bwoy is a great artist  in east Africa and Daddy Andre has a different  kind of style and sound. And therefore the blend among  the three acts would take the market by force.” 

Daddy Andre who is also part of the project went on to add; 

“It’s an African sure hit song from east Africa of course, big up to Gabu and Arrow Bwoy for inviting me on board to get this track, it is a blessing to me.”

Arrow Bwoy


The trio layered arrangement expresses ambitious orchestrations, more of a concert band with distorted electronic synthesizer that act as the melodic instrument; the lyrical inspiration is a club song and a different kind of style by all the artists in it. 

Therefore this attracts a more concert setting with African dances Koroga is a brooding number, containing a blend of melancholic yet entertaining lines that discuss finding ones comfort, the three acts alongside Churchill are the lyrical geniuses behind the hit. 

Video concept

The video shot in Tanzania features beautiful models and flexy guys in an outside performance; while Gabu focuses on an indoor performance.

So far the hot sizzling hot banger is definitely about to give most artists a run for their money. 

Zari steps out bra-less confirming her ‘girls’ are still firm even after 5 kids!

Zari Hassan has been pulling quite some stunts on social media. Word making rounds is that she is currently planning a low key wedding that will only be graced by family and friends.

The boss lady revealed this through her Snapchat where she told fans about her upcoming wedding that we all need to look forward to.

Apart from that Zari Hassan recently decided to show off her boobs in a mirror selfie that left many talking. Judging from the photo, one can see that Zari’s photo was clearly aimed at proving that her body is still young.

Akothee’s ‘girls’

Zari’s latest photo however comes a few weeks after she went on to compliment Akothee’s firm breasts on Instagram.

According to the lady, having 5 kids doesn’t mean that one cannot take care of her body. And well, just by seeing how young Zari appears, it’s evident that not even 5 kids can slow down her youthful soul.

Check out the photo below.

Zari shows off her girls

“How did I ever get so lucky!” Tanasha Donna’s special message to Diamond Platnumz

Tanasha Donna and Diamond Platnumz have been dating for a while now and from the look of things these two seem to get stronger everyday.

Despite both living in two different countries they often make it possible to see each other; however most Tanzanian on Instagram feel that this relationship will not last.

Even with the negative vibe coming their way, Tanasha continues to prove that she will not be living her man anytime soon. Just recently through her Instagram page she a photo of the Tanzanian singer and went on to caption it;


How’d I ever get so lucky Jamani? ????????❤️????❤️

I thank God for you everyday????

Diamond Platnumz dismisses side chick

This special message comes just a few weeks after Diamond Platnumz exposed his former ex side chick for trying to ruin his relationship with Tanasha.

Diamond Platnumz went on to share WhatsApp receipts showing how Lynn had been trying to get his attention but he kept on pushing her away especially because of his relationship with Tanasha.

well, I guess he finally decided to change after Zari left.

Photos from Saumu Mbuvi’s lit birthday party thrown by her wealthy boyfriend

Saumu Mbuvi this past weekend turned a year older and to mark this special occasion; her boyfriend went to give her nothing but the best.

Well, word has it that the lit party went down at Club Wakanda where only friends of the couple were invited.

Judging from the decorations seems that this was a pink and purple themed party and and Saumu Mbuvi wouldn’t have wanted it any other way!

Perfect match

This party however comes just a few weeks after Saumu threw her man the most perfect birthday party. She went on to celebrate him through her Instagram page where she went on to write saying;

“With you by my side, I feel very safe and ready to take on any challenge or obstacle. You are an amazing teammate, and I love you for that. Happy birthday, my love,”

And now in return the young man treated his wifey to this perfect party. Checkout the photos below.


¨One day, I cashed $10 M put it in the boot of my car and put it in my room¨ Africa´s richest man, Dangote makes funny revelation

Africa´s richest man, Aliko Dangote recalls a day when he could not believe the multiple dollars in his bank account until he physically touched it.

One of the few African billionaires, Aliko Dangote

The affluent aging man, takes us back to a day he never thought he would be worth dollars let alone a continent´s wealthiest man.

Funny thing, is his act of ignorance.


Just Saturday, in an interview, the Nigerian business mogul reveals his source of wealth, from way back:

After a year or so, I realized I had more that 12/13 billion and you now, look! all these are just written numbers.

At that time, banks had no restrictions, I therefore wrote a cheuque and cash, $10 M and I took it home for myself.

Nigerian business mogul, Aliko Dangote

I put it in the boot of my vehicle and I went home, opened it and looked at it and said okay fine, now I believe I have money.

This drew a lot of laughter both from his interviewer and the audience who could not believe how hard it was for Dangote to come to terms with his accumulating wealth.

Next day, I drove myself back to the bank and cashed the money.

Award-winning billionaire, Aliko Dangote

When asked about the current amount present in his wallet as we speak [sic]:

You will be surprised, I don´t even have $1.


He does make a lot of money now, No! That would actually be an understatement, let´s use ´handsome´.

However, Aliko now realizes it is just but numbers in the bank, it doesn´t matter now.

Below is his interview on Saturday, 6th April 2019:

Photos Courtesy

Mama Sepetu confirms Wema is now dating a fellow lady

Wema Sepetu might have changed her lifestyle after losing the extra weight she was carrying; but she continues to pull her old usual stunts.

Word making rounds on social media is that Wema Sepetu and her mum are currently not in good terms. Well, this is after Mama Sepetu tried to discourage her from being friends with women who were looking for intimate friendship.

In a leaked phone conversation between Mama Wema Sepetu and popular Tanzanian IG influencer; you can hear the lady saying she needs all Wema Sepetu’s friends to talk to her.

Apparently this is because Wema Sepetu has not been listening to her mum now that she is dating a lady by the name of Diana.


Bisexual behavior 

This is not the first time Wema Sepetu is being accused of dating a woman. In the past she was said to be dating both female and make…but as for now she is definitely head over heals for her new woman.

Wema Sepetu’s lover, Diana

Caught pants down: Who are your sources Anerlisa Muigai when it comes to recounting your weight loss journey?

Kenya´s Keroche Breweries heiress, Anerlisa Muigai seems entangled with facts about her weight loss journey.

The gamble

First, it was 10 years back, but now, it is 5 years back.

If anything, years should actually be adding up if at all she is growing older.

Fine, she never underwent surgery for weight loss, good for her, but could she at the very least just get her facts right on how long back?

Basing on her post, she definitely seems irritated by people who keep following her up about her weight loss journey.

Anerlisa Muigai´s before (left) and after

She felt she needed to share her weight loss journey, because perhaps, it would aid somebody else.

But whoop! fans got her wrong.

However, according to her previous posts that have since then be deleted, the math just doesn´t add up right.

Photo Courtesy

To answer the question of how many years I have struggled with my weight, it is actually 10 years.

I started caring less about what I ate.

So to explain the 1st picture, I lost all the weight (35kgs) in just 3 months.

I was on a strict vegan and juicing diet which I later found was unrealistic and that is the reason I added all the weight back.

Anerlisa Muigai in a previous post

So, the above photo was shared in 2018, which Anerlisa captioned ¨7 Years Ago¨.

That is fine but apparently, as we speak, she talks of 5 years down the line, recounting her weight loss journey.

So, which is which Anerlisa?

Question is, when exactly did she gain her weight because we now have 5 years, 7 years and 10 years…and still counting.

“Mwisho wake wanawake wanne kwani hajui!” Diamond Platnumz lovers continues to shade Tanasha Donna

If I am not wrong, Lynn has indeed confirmed that she has been seeing Diamond Platnumz on the side. Just a few days Lynn went on to share a selfie from Diamond Platnumz bedroom just to prove the singer was still in her life.

With the news making rounds on most tabloids, Tanasha Donna decided to address the issue through her Instagram page.

According to her post, Tanasha warned fans from believing everything being said on social media.

Fans pitty Tanasha

Seeing how Diamond Platnumz treated Zari when they were in a relationship; many believe that the Tanzanian singer is finally bored with his Kenyan girlfriend and now wants drama.

Most fans went on to warn the young NRG radio presenter telling her to leave him before he continues to embarrass her.

Four wives

Anyway in a new phone call interview, Lynn goes on to shade Tanasha saying Diamond Platnumz is allowed to have 4 wives; after being asked whether the bed she was sleeping on belonged to Baba Tee.

Overwhelmed: Kenyan artists make a surprise visit to see Njambi Koikai in the US

Media personality, Njambi Koikai has been battling endometriosis for quite a while now but inspires many as she shares her journey.

Just recently, she unveiled her 3-day ´theme yellow´ awareness which has seen media personalities, celebrities even individuals stand with her on this.

This is to create awareness for the condition that is mercilessly attacking girls and women unsparingly, globally and without warning.

Via Instagram, Kenyan artists: King Kaka and Benachi paid the reggae queen a surprise visit.

Njambi is exhilarated because Kenyans of all ranks in society have stood with her and still are all through her journey.

She still recalls days when the Rap King, King Kaka, worked with her.

He would design their posters at Luthuli and Taveta road while he was still hustling.

Other endometriosis warriors

Renowned media personality, Janet Mbugua, was not left behind, after she shared her ovarian endometriosis ordeal, online.

She is part of the 3-day theme yellow campaign, in support of fellow sister, professional, and warrior, Njambi Koikai.

Elsie Odhiambo, Founder of the Endometriosis Fondation of Kenya, explained her traumatizing experience too.

Elsie Odhiambo, Founder of the Endometriosis Foundation of Kenya

Former Nation FM radio presenter, Ciru Muriuki also shared her journey battling the condition.

March is the Endometriosis month, let us create awareness unceasingly, for our dear sisters, mothers, aunties…name them.

Renowned Kenyan media personality who battled ovarian endometriosis behind the cameras for more than a decade now

Former Citizen TV journalist, Janet Mbugua is known for her inspirational Instagram posts which seek to encourage someone out there.

She rarely gives us insight into her private life but she recently opened up about her battle with, endometriosis.

The feedback

Her post seemed to have touched the hearts of many, whom also opened up about a similar situation a loved one underwent.

Gents and ladies both flocked her Instagram page, sharing own traumatizing experiences and that of their loved ones during periods.

I had those painful periods when I was in high school and my mum was really concerned, we tried so many supplements bt nothing, I dreaded those days I was on my periods coz the first 2-3 days were th worst I couldn’t get out of bed…

Could even crawl like a baby to th toilet…

I was always on painkillers during my cycle…but am glad after I gave birth my periods are now mild and manageable..

Now can even continue with daily chores with ease, jus a mild pain on th first 2days….

@jahmbykoikai @officialjanetmbugua u inspire me,now I understand more what my problem was bt I wasn’t aware..


My sister goes through this every month and I cannot stand her pain. I literally almost always cry with her during these days. She can barely do anything during these days and it is the hardest thing a big brother goes through to see her sister helpless. I always talk about her condition and I am praying she gets help. She lost her self esteem and the bubbly little girl I raised is lost in this painful experience


@eddah_bange I totally relate!!


Am reading this from my toilet sit due to cramps,? I find comfort here.I use painkillers but sometimes they don’t help!

I pray, pray for the end of this pain!

Resonating with you!I get super lazy!


Oooh” laparoscopy ” avery painful process,i went throu the same case but i thank God that now i am amother of boys …dr Anisa bhagazal took me throu this for 3yrs ….there is hope for your endo sisters #letsfindendometriosisfcure #endoawarenessmonth


Period pains are among the worst thing that we women my case i experience pain that paralysis me..that means i cannot get out of bed, i vomit, i diarrhoea and at times i run out of breath and faint..painkillers are no longer a solution for me because they do not work and also i might vomit them..when i go to the hospial, they give me an injection which stops the pain..However, i am afraid because immediately i get the injection, my blood stops flowing..this thng is scaring me to hell and i do not a good gynaecologist to see..please someone help


Feel appreciated

God bless you @officialjanetmbugua for sharing ur story and motivating women out there..I hope you overcome it completely together with others like @jahmbykoikai my prayers are with you


Thanks for opening up this means alot go some of us…its an encouragement


It is amazing how supportive and relating one´s experience can be to many.

She is a warrior!

Be Warned! Betty Kyallo claps back at fan with no apologies

Recently, K24 journalist, Betty Kyallo jokingly posted about being mad at her bae but chilled out after receiving cake and flowers from them.
During her birthday

However, a fan went ahead and commented on the same:

Deep down this lady is hurt… I know what you feel Betty but utakua sawa.

Fortunate enough, the TV siren decided enough is enough and that this guy would have a taste of the beauty´s wrath.

She did not give it a second thought, rather gave the fan a piece of her mind.

My friend cheza ligi yako brathe.

One mumo392 went ahead and reiterated the same:

@luckydaslive sure cheza kwako uku n juu

Time and again, we´ve witnessed fans lash out at the media personality, Betty Kyallo, whether questioning her age, marital status, her ex-lover Dennis Okari or even her weight.

But the TV beauty queen decided enough is enough. And if need be, she will discipline fans who seem to be after her every slight move.

The comments

@bettymuteikyallo be nice???


@bettymuteikyallo tell them you don´t suffer and will never suffer from any attachment disorder,_, you have a life yoh!








Fans fully had her back on this!

¨It was hard for me,¨ Lilian Muli´s post-natal ordeal

When I was poached by Citizen TV in 2010, I had lost so much weight.

I weighed 56 kilos at the time after having my baby.

This, the Citizen TV journalist explained, was after the birth of her first born son, Josh.

I didn´t look nice by the way, but everyone was like how did you lose after having a baby?

What a lot of people didn´t know was that the birth of my first child took a toll on me emotionally and mentally.

Media personality, Lilian Muli

Many might have been impressed by how fast she lost her baby weight which to ladies, is a major concern especially for good looks.

TV Queen, Lilian Muli

However, it wasn´t a result of something good that had happened.

So I went through an episode of post-natal depression so I couldn´t eat, I couldn´t function.

It was hard for me.

TV Queen, Lilian Muli actually hardly ate well and it took a toll on her.

The produce

However, all these had its good side.

Mother of two, Lilian Muli

¨Slim Possible¨ was born soon after.

When I finally got over that I got into that serious healthy eating program and I really watched how I ate and worked out religiously.

So when I walked into Citizen TV my boss was like ´Hold up, how old is your baby?´

And he asked ´How are you this tiny?´

So I told him about my depression and my deliberate decision to put on weight.

And then he said ´Okay fine, you are the person we have been looking for.´

And so…Slim possible was born.

´Slim Possible´ is a show on weight loss.