“He could have left, but he didn’t” Diana Marua admits Bahati had a hard time first 2 years of their marriage

Diana Marua is not shy to admit that despite having been older than Bahati and more experienced in the dating scene; she still gave the guy a hard time as a young wife – I mean, age is nothing but a number, right?

Anyway with hubby busy with his campaign – Diana Marua continues to handle their YouTube channel where she recently shared a video about her marriage; and from what she says is that – Bahati had it rough.

The mum of 4 revealed this on a post where she wrote;

Diana Marua opens up about first two years of her marriage to Bahati

Our first two years of marriage with my Hubby were the most challenging weeeeeeeuuuuuuhhhh!!!!! Tulipitia lakini @BahatiKenya ndio alikipata 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

This comes days after Bahati’s interview on Mseto Eas Africa where he shared an example of what he had to put up with, the first year they got married. He wrote;

  The first year she would move out when we disagreed, it was one of the toughest. You had to go for her at her home, you start at zero again. She walked out 2 or 3 times, stabilizing a relationship takes time.

It was just bad – Diana Marua

Well – since she was the one acting up, Diana Marua went on to even reveal that till date – she continues to wonder why Bahati never left her cause back then – Wueh!

Bahati weds Diana Marua

I’m wondering why he never left me then I remember, true love exists coz this man loves me genuinely.

Anyway having realized that fans actually follow up and look up to her family (The Bahati’s) Mama Heaven went on to address her followers saying;

To hear that out marriage inspires some of you out here, it’s truly humbling. Today on #COOKANDREVEAL I met Christine and to know that we’ve impacted her life in someway, is heart warming.


Blessings dabo dabo! Popular Zora actress over the moon after welcoming healthy set of twins (Photos)

TV show Zora was among the top loved local shows and the fact that it had the likes of Sarah Hassan as Zora, Blessing Glungaho as Madiba, Jackie Matubia as Nana among others upcoming supporting top actors.

Well with Madiba and Nana having a child of their own after finding love while working together; another actress – Eunice David aka Hamida has welcomed her second born – set of twins and she cannot keep calm.

Okay, judging from her lengthy post, one would wonder where she got the strength to pour out her heart; hours after she was cut open for the CS process – but then again – this is no ordinary blessing nor is she a basic mum but a super one! Sharing the good news through her socials – the lady wrote;

CONGRATULATIONS EUNICE DAVID🎊🎊🎉🎉🎉 you’ve maaade it mamiiii!!!niseme nini bwana na umeamua,jamani nani APINGE!!…I will live to testify God’s LOVE and GRACE upon my life….lemme tell you maina wuueeh,watoto kweli ni baraka and I can testify on that,my 1st born came with blessings,yaani after some time ya kulea kulea my Baby gal..niko tu pale kwa hao concentration ikiwa ulezini,BOOM!! I received my contract with @jiffypictures the #ZoraSeriesProject.

Hardest pregnancy experience

Having welcomed her first child not so long ago, Hamida says this last pregnancy was more like torture. Ask your wives if you have any doubts about pregnancy being tough and what’s funny is that – just like the babies were two – so was the morning sickness. Double double.

Actress introduces twins

Haya,again when shooting the last few seasons of Zora,maina🫣 I conceived these two angels♥️(I see blessings)…while shooting those last few seasons,WUUUUEEEEH wamaitha🙆 whatever my body was battling on that set,only GOD knows better osiepa!!Morning sickness ya kubeba mmoja tu otek!! Hii ya twins sitaongelea leo🙌🙌but nilijikaza wadau and trust me,I conquered till the very last scene all Glory and honour to God🙏🙏Those 9 months hazijakuwa RAHISI,the journey of carrying 2 lives plus mine wasn’t a bed of roses for me maswahirba,at times I would give up,but God kept me strong&moving.

To her fans

Anyway, to her loyal fans always sliding in the DM to check up on her; Hamida had this to say;

Zora Actresses

Those always DMing/commenting “swahirba tunakumiss umepotelea wapi” now you know nlikuwa mission fulani undercover😝now accomplished🙌.

And lastly;

Thank you God for the reminder that you’ll never ever forsake me even in my worst situations,jina lako lipewe sifa🙏🙏
#WelcomeToTheWorldMyAngels #Mum C’s🤗


“I have always been the first to apologize” Akothee vows never to settle

Akothee has had 10 years of therapy to help deal with some issues from her past and now that she is stronger – the lady says she will not be allowing toxic energy around her aura.

Well – it hasn’t been easy dealing with a baby daddy that wasn’t supportive during her struggling days; to family members who feel they deserve a cut in her wealth now that she has money.

Speaking about this experience, Akothee earlier today shared a post where she wrote;

Now I know I am not the problem. For a long time I have fell a victim in the hands of mean family members ,I have always been the first one to say sorry even when they are on the wrong , wait ,it dint take a week before I was crying again 💔💔🙏 hurting again , 😢

Everyman for himself

According to the lady some of her family members are well known takers and if not handed what they want – the relationship becomes bitter. Like it’s her place to provide and fulfill their every need and if not – there’s bad blood.

It took me 10 years of therapy ,crying and trying to figure out what else can I do 💪, then I realised Ooh Esther takers have no shame Guvers must creat boundaries 👏👏👏 today I can tell you for free ,I have blocked doors to even the closest family member , people I THOUGHT I couldn’t do without , people I EDUCATED and seen through life .and I don’t feel guilty about it . I am at peace and happy👏👏 .

But at 40 years, the mother of 5 has learnt that she owes no one anything not even her own kids! With the knowledge she now has, no one can guilt trip her even if it means becoming rivals.

AT 40 I cant afford to loose my sleep over lost envy in the name of rivalry . There is no rivalry Call it JELOUSY  PERIOD 🙏We can be in a family gathering and I don’t get carried away by the fact that ooh we are together ,shit ,I suffered and not going back . No hello ,no nothing ,not even them attending to forget about my wedding but even my burial .


“You cannot breakup today and move on tomorrow” Benpol implies ex wife, Anerlisa Muigai was cheating

Ben Pol has been maintaining a low profile since his divorce with Anerlisa Muigai and this is because he had a few issues to settle with himself before getting back to his old lifestyle.

Speaking during recent interview – Ben Pol has opened up about the changes in his life now that he is a divorced man. Among the many things he talked about is the fact that he still feels that his ex wife moved on abit too fast after their separation; something he also see’s as a red flag especially she claimed to love him.

Anerlisa with ex hubby, Ben Pol

After whatever happened in my personal life, in my opinion I felt that if someone was really in a relationship, that space and was really invested, you can’t end things yesterday and tomorrow you move on with life like nothing happened.

Seeks mental support

Well having married and invested in a woman he thought was the love of his life; the breakup did not go so easy for Ben Pol who also admits he had to seek help from a specialist – hoping to overcome his pain.

Speaking about his pain and how he managed to push through – Ben Pol said;

Anerlisa and Ben Pol’s young marriage allegedly going South

I had to cope and the copying mechanism meant I had to see someone who is a professional with those things. Got some counselling and what not…. So it’s true I was seeing a specialist, that I won’t deny.

What went wrong?

Anyway for those wondering what went wrong between the two, turns out that Ben Pol has also been asking himself the same question.

According to him, he still can’t pinpoint one thing that brought down their love ship…but all he knows is that this was God’s plan.

I cannot pinpoint one thing and say this is what happened. It is the universe that allowed us to go separate ways. Both of us. I can say it was God’s plan.

As for moving on, well according to the Bongo singer – only time will tell whether he will one day move on or not.

I am kind of single. I have been busy working and traveling but I don’t know what to say. That question might not help people but yes am single.


“You can’t bring me down!” Huddah’s bitter clap back at Murugi Munyi for criticizing her beauty products

My colleague once said Huddah is the kind of person that can’t handle criticism and clearly – he was right. I say this judging from her response following Murugi Munyi review on Huddah’s Rich Skin – where she spoke her truth.

Well you see – Murugi Munyi Kaka Yummy Mummy always reviews beauty products – just to keep fans updated on what products are good for their skin; and so far we’ve seen a couple of video reviews talking about beauty products like Estée Lauder among others.

As for Rich Skin, Murugi Munyi says it took her about a month before opening the package and to her surprise the packaging apparently reminded her of success cards. Probably because of the red roses pictures used to decorate the box.

Murugi went on to talk about the products mentioning that they are not 9 steps but 7 in the package as Huddah claims. She also noted that they all had the same instructions describing each product- which kind of a red flag since those purchasing don’t know what ingredients were used.

It says it’s a nine-step system, but this is similar to this and this is similar to this, so technically it is a seven-step system.


It feels like a bit of a red flag, I know it’s a red flag or it’s just the nature of the manufacturing, is that in all the products it’s written the same thing.

Huddah out with the guns

Like I said, Huddah doesn’t take criticism well and in response to Murugi Munyi – the beauty mogul responded saying;



If you thought that’s all Huddah had to say then you’re wrong. In her defense everyone who has tried pulling her down ends up in the losers section – and she’s sure about this. Addressing Murugi Munyi, the socialite wrote;

Everyone who tried to bring me down, is fallen  on their career and no where to be seen. Only God can say CUT not YALL! Keep hating.

And just like that, there’s new beef in town and fans feel that Murugi Munyi may have used this opportunity; to clap back following Huddah’s comment about plus size women.


Kipetero kiyesu? Man linked to Cartoon Comedian comes clean about their alleged romantic relationship

Okay Jajo Hughes says he is not dating anyone at the moment – meaning he is not dating cartoon comedian as reported earlier.

Well, his words say something different from his social media posts – because damn he sure does have a lot of photos with the comedian; and some clearly show how much affectionate he is towards the lass.

For instance as she celebrated her 30th birthday last year, the fella not only poured his heart out to lady but also mentioned his LOVE for her. Actually what he did was put the love bit of his post in CAPITAL letter to emphasize.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY 🥳🥳 to the most stubborn human being @cartoon.comedian 😂!💛💛As you turn 30 I’m wishing you the best in life.✨ The impact you’ve had on my life has been so touching and far greater than you know.♥️✨I’m wishing you a long and happy life, filled with the most magical and memorable times imaginable.🥳😉I LOVE YOU 💛♥️

I don’t know if this how people are appreciating their friends but honestly y’all – I must have missed out on this new bail of friends because mine act different.

Not dating

With the said, Jajo Hughes aka Mbagiruh has distanced himself from the romantic rumors linking him the actress.

He did this during a QnA session with fans where he responded to a fan asking about his romantic life.

Are You dating that sheng lady?

To which he denied by playing Lavalava’s inatosha song.

In another post he wrote;


Jimal Rohosafi bags himself new ‘hotspot’ to replace ex wife Amira (Photos)

Jimal Rohosafi has finally found himself a new hottie and judging from the photos – this young lady, Wangari Thiongo is way younger than both his exes Amira and Amber Ray.

This comes barely a week after he revealed what turns him off in a woman, that is – one who acts like a hotspot for every Tom, Dick and Harry. In the post Jimal Rohosafi wrote;

once I notice that am sharing you, I will leave you for them. I need a soulmate, not a hotspot.

However the post ended up receiving criticism from most women/feminists who called him out for being the actual hotspot; especially after having learnt a thing or two about his private life. The wife, ex side chic and a baby mama he keeps on the low.

Jimal and wife, Amira

Coming in hot with new alleged bae

Despite the hate from a few fans here and there – Jimal Rohosafi continues to make headline and this time around it’s because he was linked to a young lady many believe he is dating.

This is because, we have photos of the two enjoying each other’s company in Kajiado not forgetting g the many others photos shared by Ms Thiongo posing with the fella’s known Range Rover. The same car Amber Ray used to parade on social media claiming she owns it.

Well – there’s a new owner and seeing how fine  she is – clearly Jimal has a thing for BBW’s… big (thick) black women. Check out photos of the Lass below.

Jimal’s new babe

Actress breaks silence after ex Harmonize gets engaged to one of her close friends

Harmonize has always been that man that got away from actress Wolper stylish. You’d be surprised by how long it took her to get over him and despite having bagged herself a young man who is the father of her son, P – still – the lass can’t stop keeping up with Harmonize.

Wolper Stylish made this clear after sharing two posts in which she ‘celebrated’ her ex boyfriend for bagging himself another wife after divorcing Sarah Michelloti- the Italian ex wife.

For some reason, instead of ignoring the news like most Tz celebrities after learning about the engagement; Wolper saw it fit to post the couple on her gram. On one of her posts Wolper wrote;

#dramaQueensMoments #B6weLoveYou #Harmojala

And on the other post, Harnonize’s ex wrote;

#dramaQueensMoments #B6weLoveYou #Harmojala
Raaaaaaj wa Dada k 💜

Not quite sure why she captioned her posts with #dramaQueebsMoments; but as a lady I’ll tell you this…..jealousy is written all over this!

Wolper Stylish still hang on Harmonize

Well – they say Ukiachwa Achika but it’s usually easier said than done! Clearly Wolper Stylish is still hopeful about bagging Harmonize back despite seeing him move from one lady to another and now he is engaged.

But having shared a bed before – we can’t really say Wolper doesn’t have a shot….but with her friend Kajala already engaged to Harmonize – this also means the friendship will soon start to sink. And this time for it’ll be for good.



Arrogance or feminism? Lilian Muli forced to explain her single status

Being a single mum of two boys from different dads hasn’t been an easy thing for Lilian Muli who continues to struggle with her love life.

For some reason even her own fans can’t seem to understand why she remains unmarried or rather single,  despite all that beauty and brains.

One of her die hard fans on Twitter identified as Mwalimu Kevin Mokungutook to his social media pages to express how he feels for the TV star; not forgetting to ask whether or not her single status are a result of arrogance or feminism.

Lillian Muli why is such a beauty roaming this earth single? Lillian Muli was the first girl I fell in love with that was in 2005 when I was in class one. I used to admire her beauty. I remember every 9:00 p.m. news I would force my father to tune to KTN news just to have a glimpse of her

What could be the problem?

The concerned fan went on to further question why a woman like her is chasing after men  – when she is the one who should be chased;

Today it pains me to see the woman that I used to admire a lot is now chasing after men instead of the opposite. What went wrong? Is it arrogance or pride or is it feminism?

Adding that we’re it not for their age difference – he’d have never let her be single.

If only I was born early and gone to the same university as Lillian Muli currently I don’t think she will still be single. I know we don’t have perfect beings people make mistakes people forgive each other that is life. I would have fought for my marriage.

I am not single

Well with such a long post dedicated to Lilian Muli, for once she replied revealing her relationship status; and unlike we had earlier been told – turns out Lilian Muli is not single.

Yes, she now has a loving man by her and unlike before she now prefers keeping him on the low.


Mulamwah wilding out here with new girlfriend, caught on camera misbehaving (Photos)

Mulamwah is slowly getting back to his old self now that coparenting with ex, Carrol Sonnie. Well since their last fight, they’ve since learnt a thing about letting go and how they can share their daughter with no issues.

Well, I wouldn’t say there’s a chance of the tow getting back together especially after Mulamwah’s expose on his baby mama; but all I know is that they’ve finally agreed to coparenting in peace – maybe until Sonnie saw this past weekends photos of her baby daddy with new found love cum music signee.

Thanks to a few new photos shared by Ruth K, the same girl Mulamwah introduced as his new woman a few months after his breakup with Sonnie; we now understand that she’s still involved with Mulamwah and if anything – she isn’t letting him go anything soon.

Mulamwah and bae in Naivasha

As seen on the photos, Mulamwah said is seen living his best life with the new lady; and at some point they start grinding on each other…sema Pombe…but then again -when you remember how cold Nairobi is – you ought to be happy for the brother.

Anyway truth is, Mulamwah is clearly falling in love with Ruth K….and at this rate – I smell some more baby mama drama loading somewhere but this time around – it won’t be Carrol Sonnie fighting for child support.

Mulamwah and girlfriend misbehaving
Mulamwah with his baby girl

Terryanne Chebet a heavy alcohol drinker? She defends herself

Did you by any chance know that Terryanne Chebet likes her liquor? Actually we have every reason to believe that she enjoys drinking abit too much and thanks to a QnA – the former business anchor says she does it for fun.

From her response to a QnA post where a fan wrote asking;

Maureen Waititu and Terryanne Chebet

Do you get concerned that the amount of alcohol you consume is dangerous to your health?

A question that seems harmless but when you read it again…the meaning kinda changes. It’s like the person asking about Terryanne’s alcohol consumption – knows her on a personal level.

Alcohol is to be enjoyed

Well – seeing how Terryanne responded to this post somehow proves that there is something maybe we haven’t been told about the mum of two.

However according to her, Alcohol is beverage to be enjoyed not abused….but then, everyone has there limits – there are those who can take 2 bottles or whiskey to feel ‘the high’ others more or less….so question is what is her limit in this case?

I mean it wouldn’t be thaaaaaat polite to a point a fan has to ask about her alcohol consumption right? There’s more to it.

Anyway responding to the fan, Terryanne wrote;

No I don’t!

Alcohol is to be enjoyed not to be abused. I advocate for alcohol drinking. Drink better not more, you know?


Catherine Kamau finally slimming down after ‘ingesting ballon’

Catherine Kamau is getting her sexy back by all means and this is why she recently under the knife for gastric balloon procedure at Nairobi Bariatric Center.

Catherine Kamau

Her reasons for losing weight did not just include looking sexy but a healthy lifestyle now that she’d been declared Class 1 Obese bordering Class 2. Well, that’s after she welcomed her 2nd child – 13 years after she gave birth to her firstborn son.

Her body however started becoming overweight after giving birth: and unlike the first time she had a baby….this time around Catherine Kamau’s body fat was multiplying too fast; and the toughest part is that despite the dieting and eating healthy….the stubborn fat couldn’t just go away.

Catherine Kamau sliding back to old figure

For this reason – Catherine Kamau ended up opting for a gastric ballon procedure which aims at minimizing her food intake. With the ballon, Catherine Kamau rarely over eats – which is a big help for the weight loss.

Well, a few weeks after the procedure and the actress has already started showing the changes in terms of body size. Flaunting her new figure, Catherine Kamau shared a photo and video whining her waist while parading body goals online.

To caption her post, she wrote;

Till we get it right 💪🏾 6kgs down, lots of inches lost. A gastric balloon is NOT a quick fix, its a step in the right direction, you still have to put in the work, eat right, portion control.

Catherine Kamau showing off curves

Shots fired! Shots fired! Nelly Oaks responds to Akothee’s interview about their breakup

Barely a week after Akothee went on to throw shade at ex Nelly Oaks claiming she dumped him 6 months before ending the relationship; looks like Mr Oaks also has something to tell his ex girlfriend and mehn it ain’t pretty.

But like they say, pick fights with someone of your own size and maybe Akothee shouldn’t have cast the first stone because Nelly Oaks is conning in gun blazing and no regrets.

As Akothee boasts about dumping and leaving Nelly Oaks in a relationship he thought was blooming roosts; Nelly Oaks on the other hand is letting fans know what he was up to whenever his ex started acting up. With them other hoo ho*s and he is not keeping quiet.

Fear the silent ones

The fella made this known in an Instagram stories post where he flaunted expensive bottles of the good alcohol and in the back ground – you can hear drakes Money in the grace hit…..and the most interesting part is that he chose this part of the song;

I mean, where the f*ck should I really even start? I got hoes that I’m keepin’ in the dark
I got my niggas ‘cross the street livin’ large
Thinkin’ back to the fact that they dead


And at this point Im like….somebody take away Nelly Oaks phone! Ata choma!

But this being the first time we’re seeing him fire back indirectly means he is done getting toyed with; but since he also had other h*es on the side….I guess the score between him and Akothee is 1-1.



Soko ngumu: Shix Kapienga urged to settle down after revealing she is single at 35 years & still family-less

Time is clearly not on Shix Kapienga’s side now that she is 35 years and is still single. Well all we know is that she could be dating someone on the low but that doesn’t make her his wife until the necessary is done.

However responding to one of her followers asking;

Is it true you turned 35 and still not married yet?

To which Shix Kapienga responded with a sarcastic question asking;

Surely, kwani kuna deadline ya kuolewa?

Still feeling unsatisfied by her response, another fan hit back once again by asking about Kapienga’s marriage plans since time is running out and the looks are also adjusting to the age. The fan asked;

Are you married

Which she responded saying;

Eiiii pressure ya nini jameni?

Times running out

well at the age of 35 years with no signs of starting a family or settling down must be alarming to her fans but judging from how comfortable she seems means maybe – just maybe she isn’t the type to play wifey or mummy to a family.

Shix Kapienga

I mean, by now she could have had a child of her own especially since her two best friends Jacky Vike (Awinja) and Wilbroda (Jacque Nyaminde) have at least one kid although they remain single mums.

But clearly from how Shix Kapienga is moving chances are that she prefers doing life alone with no responsibilities i.e mummy duties – simply because she wants the simple stress free life.

Word has it that Shix Kapienga almost settled down with alleged ex lover MC Jessy who she had been dating a few years back. Rumor on the online streets was that the comedian dumped his wife for Kapienga – but after dating for a few months, unfortunately the relationship didn’t make it out alive.

And now all we know about Shix Kapienga remains single but then again – didn’t Machachari’s mama Baha welcome her first child at 39 years? So yea – Shix might have a little more time to start her own family.


Meet Uhuru Kenyatta’s adorable grandson (Photos)

Ever wondered how the Uhuru Kenyatta family lives? Like how they relate, are they more than friends and family? And does the president and First Lady take turns in bay sitting their grandkids or that the work of Nannie’s?

Uhuru with eldest son and daughter

Well, if you do – believe me you’re not alone. I also have answered questions about this powerful family.  Who is the hard headed one among their kids and now that two are already married – do they have fights? And does Uhur Kenyatta help in solving their family issues Ama kila mtu na mzigo wake?

Anyway the questions are many and I am not hoping to get answer anytime soon. With that said, guess what…. We finally have a never seen before photo of Uhuru Kenyatta grandson from his firstborn son, Jomo Kenyatta.

President Uhuru

Meet Uhuru Kenyatta Junior

Although this is not the first time Uhuru Kenyatta is stepping out in the company of his daddy; this time around the two year old accompanied his daddy for the flagging off of the WRC Safari rally.

As seen on the photos, the toddler stepped out in a white and blue striped shirt and is seen wearing a white cap – while his papa is seen in a blue and jungle shirt – probably to match that of his son.

Well- it’s not everyday we get to see the Kenyatta family out with their kids but here are photos of Jomo with his baby boy.


Amber Ray desperate for a husband? Socialite steps out in gorgeous bridal wear (Photo)

Socialite Amber Ray is portraying signs and symptoms of a desperate lady looking for a husband. Okay, we understand times are hard and so are the men in our society. I mean – look at it this way – women now have to compete with men for men.

Gerrit? Nikubaya, it’s either sharing which is no different from going back to the street and even Amber Ray can tell you life is no longer what it used to be. Just the other day, the lass was out here looking for a husband….just a wealth one and she’s good.

Amber Ray getting married?

Well barely 24 hours and Amber Ray is posting what appears to be her bridal photos. Wait…that was abit too fast, right? Or – that’s how it works?

I mean – you just go asking for a husband on Instagram and pap you got him?

Okay, maybe it works. Remember Risper Faith telling ladies not to ignore DM’s…. Because If she had ignored Brian – today she wouldn’t be living in her mansion. At 30 years.

Amber creating hype

Well maybe it worked for her – but then again – we all have our paths right? There are those who get lucky and some like Amber Ray who sample and songa….. soko ni ngumu.

Anyway all I can say for now is that chances are Amber Ray is hyping a new project and although her ‘I want a husband’ statement might be clout – I am sure deep down she dreads growing old alone.


“I wish my father loved me” cries Oga Obinna

Growing up with parents who barely show you any love can be traumatizing for any child and I guess this is why a grown man like Oga Obinna, still wishes he had a more loving dad.

I mean, it’s no secret that his dad treated him different because of his cheeky behavior which ruined their relationship. Speaking just recently, Obinna opened up about his struggling relationship with his dad saying;

I never had a father figure. I was the loud one and the noisy one. I used to think I was cursed because a mistake would happen, and my dad would beat me without finding out what happened. You will find that probably it was not me, but because he already beat me, so I would never snitch on the other person.

For that reason they both grew apart and Oga Obinna still held on to the grudges saying;

I am the type of person who holds grudges. I can hold grudges over years. So when he kicked me out of his home, I held that grudge. When I came to Nairobi, did everything I did, and Obinna happened, I said I am not going to forgive him.

Oga Obinna regrets relationship with dad

Also read: Wacha ikae! Oga Obinna forced to cut off his dad after years of trying to fix their strained relationship

Although their relationship still struggles, Oga Obinna recently spoke to SPM buzz where he confessed wanting a different relationship with his.

Ogaobinna with son

According to the Kiss FM presenter, he wishes his dad treated him like the rest of his siblings or even just loved him for who he is.

  I wish I had a more loving father and a friend.

However he still doesn’t regret how their relationship turned out because thanks to that kind of pain, he managed to make something out of himself, a career and a family he always wanted.

Maybe or maybe not because probably. If My father would have been present, maybe I would not have felt the urge to go out of my shell and probably I wouldn’t be me. Or maybe If I had that one loving dad, I would be a better, a better human being. I would be a better father, better friend maybe.


“They could not stand watching me on TV” Janet Mbugua opens up on how Kenyans bullied & mocked her for being a pregnant news anchor

President Kenyatta himself announced to have quit Twitter following the harsh insults from KoT. Okay, imagine a whole president quitting social media because of cyber bullies – so what do you think a common Mwanainchi would do?

Well because of the same cyber bullying the number of suicidal cases have gone up; that’s because at sometimes some of these experiences end up causing too much damage hence the easy way out….suicide.

Some of the celebrities who have faced cyber bullying include Mulamwah, Boniface Mwangi and Janet Mbugua among others. For this r reason, Janet a Mbugua recently spoke to Aljeezera opening up about her experience with cyber bullies. Bet y’all didn’t know this but – Janet’s first pregnancy was not so easy!

Bullied for being her pregnant

According to Janet Mbugua, most of the people  who picked on her always targeted her pregnancy. For some reason, most felt she didn’t deserve to stand infront of a camera, pregnant and reading news….making it feel like being pregnant is a sin.

  As a news anchor, reporter, presenter, and as a woman on its own, there is always something that will come at you, unfortunately.


Every day it was hateful, spiteful messages saying you are too pregnant to be on TV. Or we can’t stand looking at you when you are reading the news like that.

Having faced the wrath of angry bitter kenyans Janet Mbugua joined Be Kind Online to help fight cyber bullying; and although this is a ‘disease’ that can’t be killed easily – I guess it’s time it was tackled different.


Nikubad: Amber Ray turns to marriage for financial support

Your favorite Instagram influencer Amber Ray is ready to settle down as a submissive wife but with a condition. She is only looking for a man who can help her financially now that the economy no longer allows her to live as an independent.

Ama she meant married men? Nothing personal though.

Okay I know she’s is only bluffing…I mean we’ve been here before right? Remember she was ready to settle with Jimal and despite him having money wait scratch that, Amira once revealed he lives on loans…so I guess that’s why Amber Ray didn’t stay, right? Ogopa madeni.

Then she moved on with Eric Omondi’s bestie – Anto – but of course this was just a fling, nothing much…we know Amber Ray’s type. Rich. The other pretty faces like Kabba are only for pictures, giggles and fun. Remember the guy complaining about bush sex…?

Amber opting for marriage

Well since these guys couldn’t offer her the glam lifestyle, Amber Ray is out here looking for a man  who can support her and son.

She made this known in a post where she wrote;

Okay, the economy is no longer suitable
for me to remain an independent woman. The time has finally come. I am now considering listening to you niggas for supplemental income. I’m ready to settle down 🙌🏼this time I mean it!🤣 #Amberthebrand

So does this mean her new bae Kennedy Rapudo hasn’t qualified for the husband position, Ama niwache siasa? 



Jimal Rohosafi reveals biggest turn off in a woman months after ex wife moved on with somebody new

Jimal Rohosafi is out here sharing some of the qualities that turn him off in a woman and it’s only funny because – mmmmh sounds like double standards. Okay okay, according to Jimal he does not share his women – if he catches you, his gone. Like literally gone. He wrote;


once I notice that am sharing you, I will leave you for them. I need a soulmate, not a hotspot.

I know what you’re thinking….come on! The same thing he claims turns him off is actually something many netizens watched him do unapologetically only for him to say he can’t put up with that kind of behavior months later. Like I said, double standards.

However we also have to remember that being a Muslim man – Jimal is allowed to marry up to 4 wives. So far we’ve heard there is/was Amira and another one Catherine Wangui not forgetting Amber Ray….who I think could have earned a seat in Jimal’s home but wasn’t ready to settle down at the time.

Amber Ray Vs Jimal’s baby mama, Catherine Wangui

Jimal Rohosafi heartbroken?

Well his post may also be aimed at alleged ex wife Amira who recently revealed she’d moved on with somebody new.

Tbt; Amira with Jimal

Of course it wouldn’t be easy for Jimal Rohosafi judging from how far they’ve come together – then just like that – his wife is in another man’s bed? That kind of sh!t will turn you to a relationship quotes Guru. Ask Jimal.


“I was misunderstood” Govi explains what he meant by saying ‘He only dates older women’

Former Machachari actor Govi started acting at the age of five – something he says might have influenced the man he is today. Speaking in a recent interview the young man revealed that unlike other kids who grew up in the company of their age mates – he got to live his childhood with adults making him mature abit too fast for his age.

Tbt: Baha, Govi and friend from Machachari

If you grow up somewhere seeing older people behaving in a certain way, you might end up liking that and for my case.

With everyone acting all grown up, Govi says he started borrowing some of these characters – which explains his interest in older women…. Probably because he doesn’t relate so well with immature ladies.

Being exposed to older people at a young age has made me want to date a woman older than me. Once in school, I pecked a classmate and she started crying, I was like why is she crying? It is normal.

I was misunderstood – Govi cries

Apart from that, Govi has now come out to explain what he meant by saying;

Machacharis Govi and Baha

In my own life, I have dated older ladies from back then.

A statement that was later used against him by Kenyans on social media – painting him like he only prefers sugar mummies ama wamama wa Harrier.

Explaining this to Mpasho, Govi said;

Kenyan fans are interesting. Old means, someone or something that is overstayed. For me, I meant older. You could be a day older and that is what I meant.


I am open to dating any woman but my preference is older, which women which could mean, one day older, two months or even 50 years older.

But as for him, he only dates women who are 4 years older than him and below.

I think that is the oldest that I have gone. That is my limit. Four years and below is my preference.

So that means 30 plus olds don’t stand a chance. Sorry ladies!


Ouch! Akothee reveals she was mentally & emotionally disconnected from Nelly Oaks while still dating

Singer Akothee recently revealed she’d parted ways with boyfriend Nelly Oaks following issues that were affecting her health. According to the singer, relationships were not only weighing her down but also distracting her.

The mother of five shared this through her Instagram page while announcing her breakup with Nelly Oaks saying;

I have walked out of other relationships with different ups & downs, so this last one shouldn’t be a shock or a surprise. It’s just a personal decision, I need time to concentrate on my new Found happiness with less destruction, I need to work on myself and my career, I am not ready for any commitment, questions, or answers to what transpired just didn’t want to hurt anyone. but sorry it is what it is

Despite the breakup post,madam boss made it known that she still respects the fella as they share a long history;

Me and Mr. N have a family Relationship back in Rongo. For that matter let’s respect family and keep family RESPECT, He is not someone I just picked on the streets. So for that matter Wishing All of you the best of life

Detached from relationship

However speaking to presenter Ali on a recent interview Akothee now says she detached herself from Nelly Oaks in December 2021. So basically the guy was in the relationship by himself for 6 months not knowing Akothee was done.

Okay – sounds really mean but then again Akothee isn’t the type to sugarcoat her stories meaning things didn’t end so well for the two.

  I would never announce a break up if I’ve not walked through it. Even the biggest of the biggest celebrities out there struggle with relationship… actually, according to me I had walked out of the relationship back in December.

And I guess this explains why the two no longer follow each other on social media and why they’ve since deleted each other’s photos on their social media pages too.


Chantal Grazioli’s ex man appears in court on domestic violence charges (Video)

It’s indeed not a good day for Nicola Traldi who is facing domestic violence charges after he allegedly beat up Chantal Grazioli this past weekend.

The viral story shared by Eric Omondi took many by surprise – maybe – because we never saw it coming. Before the violence, we had gotten used to seeing the lady share couple goals photos alongside her man, Nicola; but for some reason he never reciprocated the love shown by Chantal. Red flag.

Well, they say in a relationship there’s that one  person that falls into deep without realizing it and I guess in this case – it was Chantal.

Nicola arraigned in court

Anyway as we have already seen, this relationship was toxic on the low until the night Nicola decided to go rogue on Chanty.

Traldi arraigned in court (photo courtesy)

Although he claims he has been framed, the evidence and witnesses seem to have a different story. Maybe just maybe he is suffering from amnesia caused by alcohol he had consumed leaving me to wonder – how drunk was he?

But now that the case is already in court – let’s see what happens.


Disrespectful child? Pritty Vishy takes a swipe at her dad, refers to him as a N*gga

Pritty Vishy has confessed that the woman she earlier introduced as her mum is actually not. Turns out her biological mum looks like her twin and apparently has been working in Saudi Arabia. Not sure why but zile vipindi ziko online ni mingi kishinda Telemundo.

Pritty Vishy biological mum

This is my mum mwache kujump into conclusion…The lady nilipost nikiwa na yy is not my mum 😑it was only a pic my real mum ni huyu and she’s is saudi please

Anyway apart from unveiling her real mum’s photo, Pritty Vishy has also shared a few details of her dad….and all we know is that he is a dead beat.

The upcoming social media influencer popularly known for her involvement with Stivo Simple boy threw shade at her old man on Fathers Day while celebrating her mum. She wrote;

Meet Pritty Vishy’s mum

Happy fathers day to my mummy 😍🤪
And to all men I won’t win my dad that nigga is a deadbit I said what I said

Pritty Vishy needs a PR team

At this rate I can say it’s about time the young lady got herself a PR team to help check on her posts cause….damn she’s spilling too much unnecessary information which she might regret in future.

But then again – there’s no good or bad publicity when it comes down to these celebs….anything goes as long as it’s controversial.


“Fagia Kwako nanii” Diana Bahati tells off hater warning her against entertaining Bahati’s baby mama in her matrimonial home

Diana Bahati has lately been keeping a low profile especially with hubby busy campaigning for the Mathare parliamentary seat.

Diana Marua and Bahati

She however hasn’t stopped updating her fans on social media about her whereabouts not forgetting the kids too. This is however the first time she’s been this low key on social media but then again – time is changing everything and so are people growing up too.

Anyway with that said, Diana Bahati recently hosted Yvette Obura to their new home since she is Mueni’s mum and Bahati’s baby mama.

Heaven hanging out with Mama Mueni

Being one who has been pushing for a positive relationship between her and Yvette – for sure – we’ve seen Diana Bahati do some wonderful things most women in her shoes would never to do for their partners exes/baby mama.

Diana Bahati deaf to the haters

Well maybe not them but Diana – says she does this for the sake of kids. By now fans should understand they are a blended family and need to build a strong foundation for their kids relationship. Right?

But despite making this known, there are a few characters on the sideline who feel that Diana Bahati may end up regretting her choices – since keeps entertaining Yvette at her home.

Maybe too many Nigerian movies? 

One of the fans warning Diana Bahati wrote;

Diana, I repeat you will regret it.just a matter of time her second born will be Bahati’s again.


To which Diana Bahati on the other hand responded saying;

Kila mtu afagie kwake. Watoto ni Baraka Ama?


Alaaaaa! Eric Omondi denies wanting ex Chantal Grazioli back

You see everyone was surprised to see Eric Omondi come online and defend his ex girlfriend Chantal Grazioli; after she received one harsh beating from her now boyfriend, Nicola Traldi.

Like, is that what exes are doing now? Cleaning up their exes messes after they’ve moved on? Ama kila nyani na starehe zake?

Anyway the 40 year comedian not only exposed but also shared a video showing how badly his ex girl was hurt; and being a light skinned woman – clearly she bruised up like a peach – something you wouldn’t wish on anybody’s daughter.


Well as fans called out Nicola, they also demanded for justice which explains why he is now behind bars. Apart from that, they’re are those who feel that Eric Omondi helped Chantal because he still has hopes of getting her back. Wow.

Eric Omondi on wanting a relationship with Chantal

Okay, I know we all have that one ex we all feel got away and in this case – fans feel that Eric Omondi lost his gem and that is Chantal Grazioli. This is because of how he stepped in to defend her from her violent man….call it simping…but I’ll promise you that Eric won a few hearts with that stunt.

Comedian Eric Omondi with girlfriend, Chantal

And after sampling his tugirlfriends and still not settling down; netizens claim God opened a window for Omondi to win his girl back but from his interview with Milele FM’s Ankali – Eric says that is not the case;

Mimi na Chantal tunaongea sana, unajua karibu tuoane. Tulipoachana tuliachana kwa uzuri. Mimi na Chantal tumekuwa na urafiki wa ukaribu. Sio lazima ukisaidia mtu ati murudiane. Hamna! Mimi nimemove on na maisha yangu.”

According to the comedian, he only did this because Nicola was threatening to involve the ‘who and who’ running the nation; as a defense mechanism to prove nothing will happen to him.

Huyo jamaa alikuwa anam threaten, anajua the who is who. Hiyo ndiyo reason alinipigia, maanake pia yeye lazima angetafuta mtu ambaye pia ako juu. Mimi Mungu ameniweka juu. Si unona ameshikwa?

Well….let’s wait and see how the story will go after this. Don’t be surprised if Nicola wins Chantal back – leaving Eric Omondi on the sideline.