“Ajue Baba Mtoto ni Mama” Carol Sonnie claps back after Mulamwah’s recent exposè, reminds him he was never her type!

Mulamwah recent statement on his breakup with Carol Sonnie seems to have stirred more drama between the two exes; that is judging from a post shared by popular gossip tabloid quoting Sonnie’s recent response.

According to Carol Sonnie, Mulamwah was never her type to begin with and apparently her only reason for dating him was to gain followers. Hold up! Hold up – say what again?

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Comedian Mulamwah

Anyway judging from what Nairobi gossip wrote is that Sonnie opened to say;

Mulamwah wasn’t my type from day one, I only wanted to use him to gain followers.I want to remind Kenyans that.

Paternity issues with baby Keilah?

So from what we have gathered so far, that is from Mulamwah’s previous post where he wrote;

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Mulamwah and ex, Carrol Sonnie

Everyone asks this I choose not to speak, because if I speak, I may destroy her life forever. Affecting the little one too. Men keep quiet to protect a lot of things. Laying out her linen in the public to clear my name will worsen the worst already. Maybe one day you’ll know what really transpired. But I am not insane to make the decision I made. Men don’t walk away. Dig.

And judging from Carol Sonnie’s recent statement on who Keilah’s father where she allegedly said;

Latest dad in town, Mulamwah

ajuae Baba mtoto ni mama.

So could the baby be the issue?


Amber Ray shares biggest lesson she learnt from losing her best friend

Socialite Amber Ray recently lost her best friend Sally aka Empresal, something she now refers to a big wake up call on the importance of appreciating life while still alive.

Days after the funeral the socialite is back to her old posting days and if you thought losing BFF Sally was going to help her tone down the her freaky lifestyle; then guess what – it actually made her worse.

Amber Ray

This is because Amber says she now see’s life from a different angle; and unlike before when she lived life according to people’s expectations – this time around everything will be on her own terms.

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My biggest lesson from losing someone close to me is; You cannot lose what you didn’t have in the first place. A life lost is life itself reminding you that even though you are also on your way out, you are still here! I am still here! Now I will live like I have never before because I know now that I will one day be gone and in time forgotten by most.

Amber Ray – life is for the living

Her new decision to live life to the fullest is not new since we all know her slogan ‘life is for the living;’ that was dropped during her fight with Amira.

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Amber Ray

But come to think of it, has Amber ever lived by the rules? I mean, she’s a mum to a teenage son and still posts nudes… Anyway to conclude her post, Amber wrote;

In the meantime, nitawasumbua in ways even I don’t yet understand. But first, let me get my skin back on track 😉…. I will live even for those who cannot. Good morning world..


“If I speak I’ll ruin her life forever” Mulamwah on breakup with baby mama, Carol Sonnie

Mulamwah is not ready to talk about his break up with his long term girlfriend, Carol Sonnie who doubles up as her baby mama. However, this evening the comedian gave fans a reason to believe that he is not to blame for the untimely breakup.

According to Mulamwah, his reasons to walk out of his previous relationship are personal; but again he makes it obvious that baby mama is to blame while responding to a fan who asked why he called off the relationship.

As seen in a QnA post, the fan asked;

Why did you breakup with Sonnie?

Mulamwah hurting

To which Mulamwah responded;

Everyone asks this I choose not to speak, because if I speak, I may destroy her life forever. Affecting the little one too. Men keep quiet to protect a lot of things. Laying out her linen in the public to clear my name will worsen the worst already.


Maybe one day you’ll know what really transpired. But I am not insane to make the decision I made. Men don’t walk away. Dig.


Although the comedian hints about possible betrayal with his post; it’s hard to put a finger on what may have pushed him to walk out so fast with no second thoughts.

But again, like he said – one day the truth will out.


‘You play too much’ Heavily Pregnant Karen Nyamu told after jumping out of a Lorry (Photos)

Karen Nyamu must be around 6 to 7 months pregnant but this lady cannot keep calm. I mean, if she’s not running around with the campaign boys; she’s somewhere trying to mobilize the public to like her – you know, 2022 is an election year.

Karen Nyamu puff puff passing

Well, this past weekend Nyamu and her team visited Embakasi south constituency where they donated 203 goats to the public. Sharing photos from her political event, Nyamu wrote;

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Wakili wa form niko na form ya Christmas!! This Christmas #TeamNyamu and i are giving 203 mbuzis mitaani zote Kanairo. Kama usha enda ocha tutakupigia story haha! Kesho tunaanza Mukuru kwa Njenga, Mukuru kwa Reuben n pipeline in Embakasi south constituency; and Kayole and Soweto in Embakasi central n East constituencies. Happy holidays watu wangu nawapenda ajab!!

Karen Nyamu risking pregnancy?

Well despite many pointing out she had written her name on the goats (oh lawd) most overlooked the fact; that she also pulled a dangerous stunt that could have cost her baby number 3.

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This is judging from the two photos shared on her IG where she is seen jumping off from the lorry they were off loading the goats from. Not quite sure how it went down, but with a baby bump as big hers; I’m thinking Karen Nyamu likes to adrenaline rush that comes with playing risky.

But again, they say you can take the person out of the ghetto; but you can not take the ghetto out of the person, right?

Anyway check out the two photos below.

Pregnant Karen Nyamu about to jump off a lorry
Touch down!

Maureen Waititu caught on camera flirting with alleged handsome ‘boyfriend’ and fans love it! (Video)

Things have been looking up for Maureen Waititu after her ugly split with fiance, Frankie  Just Gym It 2 years ago. Okay, we get it – she may dragged the matter into 2020 and part of 2021 but at least she finally got to move on from her past.

Tbt: Maureen Waititu on vacation with new bae

A few months ago rumor had it that she had bagged a wealthy man that took her to Colombia; before he surprised her with another trip to Morocco where they both spent some quality time away from the kids.

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Since then, Maureen Waititu has been keeping her private life on the low; but there is a certain guy who has everyone believing that he is currently warming ‘mama boys’ bed.

Is this Maureen Waititu’s man?

From the photos taken during their 254 home photoshoot, one can clearly see how fine the guy is and could be Maureen’s type; that is judging from his body structure.

Maureen Waititu with alleged bae

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However this work relationship of theirs have people raising eyebrows thanks to a new video shared by Ms Waititu; where the alleged boyfriend is seen whispering something in her ear and from Maureen’s reaction – well, he must have said something really nasty! Like nasty good.

Ms Waititu with bae

Not quite sure what kind of friends these two are, but all I know is that there is some benefit in this friendship. Watch the video below.


Corazon Kwamboka steps out to party 12 days after C Section surgery, leaving Frankie with the babies! (Photos)

Former socialite Corazon Kwamboka just had a baby girl 12 days ago and the mother of two is already hitting drinking joints to ease off some stress.

The new hot mum in town revealed this through an Instagram post where she shared new hot photos of her 12 days post baby body; leaving fans with mixed reactions especially since she indicated the fact that she was about to step out for some mock tales (non alcoholics) with her girls.

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Well in case you were wondering who was left behind with the newborn and baby Taiyari; Corazon praised her husband Frankie saying;

Decided to step out for a sundowner with my girlfriends. Was feeling a little blue and my man said go do your thing baby I got the babies today.’ And sure enough just being able to enjoy a mock tail and a little gossip with my girlfriend gave me a new energy.

Supportive husband

Although many believe that this couple may not last for long; their love for each other continues to disappoint the haters since it’s obvious they ain’t going no where!

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According to Corazon, Frankie has not just been the man of her dreams but the most supportive husband she could have asked for. Praising him in a different post, Corazon wrote;

Away from all that lovey dovy stuff, couldn’t help but notice how fast Corazon Kwamboka’s  body is quickly shedding off the baby fat.

I mean, two weeks ago she was around 100kgs and today, she appears to have shed all that fat

Corazon Kwamboka flaunts post baby body
New mum in town, Corazon Kwamboka

DJ Creme Dela Creme back with his wife after nasty online breakup (Photos)

DJ Creme Dela Creme must be one happy man to have won his wife months after she walked out on him leaving with both their kids.

From the stories making rounds on social media is that Denise had bagged herself a wealthy man who took both her and the kids. For a minute, Creme Dela Creme sort of confirmed this with his ‘marriage is a scam’ post.

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Creme with baby mama, Denise

But oh well, heartbreaks can be rough but once fixed – everything falls back in place like it never hurt. I say this after seeing the new cuddly and lovely family photos shared by Creme after reuniting with his wife Denise.

Finally wedding to happen?

Since their breakup happened a few weeks after their engagement announcement; we have reason to believe that the wedding is back on now that they’re back together.

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Although none has said anything about their reunion, the photos shared on their pages confirm that everything is back normal. Anyway check out the latest family portraits from Creme’s happy family.

Creme with his wife and daughter
Creme’s family

Meet Asia Brown: Vera Sidika finally unveils her daughter’s face (Photo)

Vera Sidika has finally unveiled her daughter baby Asia Brown’s face for the first time, a month after she safely delivered in a scheduled  C section surgery.

From the photo shared by Vera Sidika, we can indeed confirm that baby Asia is definitely her mother’s daughter. This is because baby Asia looks more like her mummy especially with the facial structure and chubbiness; but also looks like papa since they’re both light-skinned.

Introducing her to the online community, Vera Sidika shared an adorable photo of Asia wearing a princess like brown dress to which she captioned;

God has given His piece of heaven to us. Meet Asia Brown @princess_asiabrown 😍

Baby Asia Brown

Baby Asia Brown

Well, all we can say is that Vera Sidika for sure made a good choice in settling for Brown Mauzo who came in handy with the cute genes – now passed down to baby Asia.

Judging from the photo shared above we can also say Asia looks like her older sister (Brown Mauzo’s firstborn daughter) and yes, the singer must really be proud of his artwork.

Brown Mauzo’s first born daughter

Juliani’s baby mama gets candid about her body image and weight gain

Actress Brenda Wairimu is not only known for her acting skills but was also popular for her petite body. 5 years ago she remained the envy of many women who couldn’t help but wonder how she managed to maintain a petite body even after giving birth to her daughter. But I guess it’s all in her genes.

Well they say change is enviable and after the Corona pandemic happened – Brenda Wairimu’s physical appearance also started taking a turn. Yes, finally she was gaining weight – something most of her fans noticed immediately.

Tbt: Brenda Wairimu

Some said she was pregnant – but hey it’s been 2 years now with no bump or baby to blame for the body weight. So what really happened? Well, this is something I wish I could  also explains but unfortunately Brenda Wairimu is yet to talk about it too.

Loving her new self

Anyway if you’re wondering if Brenda Wairimu is worried about her new body weight and image; guess what – she doesn’t! Actually she seems to have fallen in love with the woman she has since grown into and to prove this, the mother of 1 shared a new photo to which she captioned;

Brenda Wairimu flaunts thick curves

Isn’t it crazy how womens bodies go in and out of style? Once upon a time, the heavier you were the more appealing you were said to be. Then came the age of every woman wanting to be slim as can be, then the BBL era, who knows what is next!!!

So according to her, nothing said by the society about a persons body is worth paying attention to; that is if you’re comfortable with your image. In conclusion, she added;

What I am trying to say is, may your body be exactly how YOU want it to be, because society changes it’s mind on what is deemed beautiful every other year, be your own kind of beautiful.


Kamene Goro sets the record straight on engagement rumors

Everyone’s eyes have been on Kamene Goro lately – and not for just any reason. The talented queen of airwaves is said to be engaged to her current boyfriend and I’m guessing the rumors were sparked by the big rock she has been parading on her social media pages.

Well, rumors making rounds is that the Kiss FM radio host will soon be walking down the aisle; almost 6 years after her South African fiancée dumped her days to their big wedding in Dar Es Salaam.

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Kamene Goro with ex

Anyway clearing up the recent engagement rumours surrounding her relationship with the yet to be unveiled man; Kamene for the first time confirmed that she is taken while on an interview with Mpasho – but unfortunately is not engaged.

‘I am not engaged…but I am taken’

Kamene Goro engaged?

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Once bitten twice shy

This comes at a time when many have been wondering about her love life which remains a secret to the public; but being a celebrity – we have no doubts that she may soon introduce him to her online family.

However having had it rough with the previous boyfriend/fiancé who ghosted her last minute; we sort of understand why she now feels the need to keep a low key profile on her new man.


Lanes! Huddah flaunts sandals worth Ksh 140,000

Socialite Huddah must be proud of her current business in Dubai that judging from her posts; where she appears to be living life to the fullest.

Well, word making rounds is that she still cannot visit Kenya due to her relationship with on and off boyfriend, Apocalypse Bella; who is currently behind bars for conspiring to steal over Ksh1.5 billion ($14 million) in COVID-19 relief loans.

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Socialite Huddah

Since then, Huddah has been changing and living in expensive apartments in UAE – but most of her followers can’t still figure out how she affords to make that kind of money without working.

Well, if you thought her money should now wait till you see the expensive heeled slippers she recently spent Ksh 140,000 on.

Huddah stunting on haters

As seen on a new post shared on her page, the former socialite not only served her male fans with a new photo to drool over; but gave the females a reason to hustle harder with her new pair of slippers that cost $1390.

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Stunting on her fans, Huddah wrote;

Thats the shoe y’all


Well I guess this is what tumia pesa ikozee means. No? Also being one who is known to purchase legit designer clothes, bags and shoes; I guess this is just another ‘ordinary’ shoe she wore for a day or two before putting them away.



Popular news anchor joins the gospel music industry, drops first song (Video)

The music industry seems to be attracting many and so far we have seen the likes of Diana Marua, Willis Raburu among others launch their music career; and the latest to join the bandwagon is KBC’s Swahili news anchor Beatrice Gatonye.

KBC news anchor, Beatrice Gatonye

Unlike those joining the music industry for money, Ms Beatrice Gatonye opened up about her calling to the gospel industry; as she officially launched her new career in a star-studded event that saw family, colleagues and close friends attend.

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Speaking about her passion for music, Beatrice Gatonye told KBC entertainment segment;

Gospel singer cum journalist Beatrice Gatonye

I knew I could and wanted to sing when I was very young. I never let my passion die. And now I am proud to say I hit the studio and recorded three songs. I actually recorded all the songs in one month. My hubby has been my greatest support after learning I can really sing. I plead with Kenyans to support me spread the gospel.

Beatrice Gatonye music

Having launched a career she had been dreaming for years; Ms Gatonye finally gave fans a taste of her music and judging from the comments left on YouTube – let’s just say the gospel industry has a new artist to look out for.

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So far the new artist has recorded three songs namely Ninakuinua, Nani Kama Wewe and Wastahili – which she already uploaded on her YouTube. With such determination – believers can look forward to songs that will help build their faith through inspired praise and worship music.


Willy Paul seeks help from the DCI following Diana Marua’s rape attempt accusations

Willy Paul has allegedly resulted to seeking help from the DCI offices following rape attempt allegations made against him by Diana Marua and other young ladies claiming he either raped them or attempted to.

This being a sensitive case since it involved sexual assault, many prefer to watch how the story from the sidelines; to avoid complicating things for both the accused and the alleged victims.

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Diana Marua and Pozee

Anyway after losing his Ksh 10 million deal, a close friend of Willy Paul has come out to reveal; that the guy has now involved the DCI in the matter after realizing he was losing the battle online. Speaking to Edgar, the close source said;

Mumefanya Willy Paul aende dci the investigation starts tomorrow specific on Diana’s case.

Making moves on the low

Well since most of the celebrities have chosen to maintain their silence on alleged rape attempt case; Pozee’s only solution was to involve directorate of criminal investigations – as he hopes to find help.

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The close source went on to add that the information was private but having seen the number of women accusing Pozee on Obare’s page; he (source) then felt the need to give the blogger a heads up on the matter.

Ni siri tu nimekuibia but the case is already reported.

Pozee’s smart idea to run to the DCI comes close to two months after the The directorate of criminal investigations urged members of the public to take caution while reporting rape cases.

The DCI office went on to add that rape is a serious offence under the sexual offenses act; that attracts a heavy penalty of up-to life imprisonment.

Now let’s watch the two dance in court before the truth is revealed.


KRG’s message to his two sons following ugly divorce from their mum, Linah

KRG’s ugly split from ex wife Linah unfortunately ended up involving their kids and from the look of it; Linah has not seen her boys for the past 2 months and counting.

From KRG’s side of the story, looks like the hot mum of two chose to live life to the fullest; leaving behind her boys with their dad – and looking at her social media posts – the lady appears to be just fine.

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Well, it’s not my place to take sides on who is right or wrong; but yea, it is what it is – family drama. Just to prove how much the kids are involved in their parents ugly split, KRG recently shared a detailed post directed to his boys where he wrote;

I’m so proud of you guys…. You have overcome a situation that was supposed to make your life difficult but we have worked closely together and we are doing great 👍 #Bughaaa Boys #GodOverEverything

Ugly split

The post comes weeks after KRG exposed his ex wife for demanding 350K per month as child support; something we all thought sounded absurd judging from the bills listed on request.

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From her spousal support, Linah alleged had the following demands that totaled up to ksh 350,000.

House Rent Ksh 160,000
Groceries: food, fruits and dry grain Ksh 50,000
Milk Ksh 25,000
Clothing Ksh 50,000
Electricity Ksh 30,000
Water Ksh 15,000
Toiletries Ksh 20,000


“We’ve become even closer” Babu Owino speaks on his new found friendship with DJ Evolve after shooting incident

Hours after Senior Principal Magistrate Bernard Ochoi announced that DJ Evolve had dropped his case against Babu Owino; the politician has now opened up in a detailed post aimed at thanking Wvolve for the kindness.

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As seen on the statement issued online, Babu Owino thanked the court for allowing both him and Evolve to solve their issues out of court. He also went on to applaud DJ Evolve for making the right decision (despite the pressure from the public) and for standing for what he believes is right.

DJ Evolve

Babu Owino’s statement read;


DECEMBER 16, 2021


I welcome the recent decision of the Senior Principal Magistrate Bernard Ochoi in which the court allowed DJ Evolve and I to resolve matters while embracing Alternative Dispute Resolution. I thank the court for being bold enough to uphold the restorative principles of Justice enshrined in the Constitution of Kenya 2010.

Praises Evolve for bravery

The case being of public interest, Babu Owino is aware that many would have preferred seeing him behind bars; but thanks to his close friend, DJ Evolve – this will never befall on the Embakasi East MP.

Politician Babu Owino

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Thanking DJ Evolve for being fair, Babu Owino went on to add;

DJ Evolve is a brave and inspirational young man. I remain indebted to him for the gracious manner in which he has carried himself during this obviously challenging time.

As for those who were not aware of the relationship Babu Owino and DJ Evolve had before the incident; the MP updated them saying;

We were close friends and have become even closer through this Damascus moment and I am committed to honoring my part of the agreement.
Thank you.

Babu Owino

And there you have it!


Shame on you all! Amber Ray issues statement following rumors surrounding her best friend’s untimely death

It still remains a big shock that Sally better known as Empresal is dead. From the stories shared online, rumor has it that she may have passed on following a skin lightening IV process she was receiving while intoxicated.

Although the rumors are still baseless since the postmortem results are not yet out; a few informers confirmed that the bleaching injection or Vitamin C is what messed with her blood pressure hence the untimely death.

The late Empresal aka Sally

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Well of course these being rumors, all fans can do is wait to hear from late Sally Wangeci’s family; to avoid causing more pain to the injury.

Amber Ray speaks

Hours after sources leaked information concerning the botched bleaching process; Miss Amber Ray has released a new statement defending her late friend from the rumors.

According to Amber Ray, the late Sally was born naturally light skinned unlike the rumors  claiming she may have been killed by a bleaching injection. In a bitter rant, Amber Ray wrote;

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  I have never been the kind of person to address rumours but I just want to make it clear that my BFF didn’t die of skin bleaching injection as you all idlers claim. She was born naturally light and so beautiful.

Details on postmortem

The angry socialite went on to bash the tea master for spreading ‘false’ information while even the family is still yet to find out what killed Sally Empresal.

Speaking about the postmortem Amber went on to add;

And we are still waiting for the postmortem results. So Please, as much as it’s ‘tea’ for you at least get the facts right. Imagine we as her closest people don’t know what killed her and you, a stranger… you’re busy running your mouth like kitimba mwene etoo. Shame on you all.


Adorable! Catherine Kamau shares rare photos of her lookalike daughter to mark 2nd birthday

Catherine Kamau has been floating on air with happiness after her daughter Njeri turned 2 years recently; and yes we totally understand why she couldn’t keep calm.

Having had her first born while still in college, Catherine Kamau popularly known as Kate actress never got to do much for her son; but 15 years later she has every reason and all the money she needs to spoil her second child, Njeri.

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Catherine Kamau alias Kate Kamau with her adorable baby girl, baby K

As seen on her page, the toddler was taken out for classy princess photoshoot for her birthday; and the photos seem to have captivated fans by the striking resemblance between Catherine Kamau and her baby girl.

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Njeri turns 2

This comes  as a surprise judging from how Catherine Kamau once made her fans believe her daughter had taken after daddy’s genes – hence the stagnant hair growth.

However from the photos shared below, fans beg to differ judging from the striking resemblance between Catherine Kamau and her baby girl, Njeri. Anyway to mark the special milestone, Catherine captioned her daughter’s photos saying;

Let me tell you maina , I had prepared a whole photo shoot , she shot in this one dress and was DONE ,njeri hapangwingwi 😂


“Willy Paul is drowning in depression” Friend begs blogger Edgar Obare to intervene

A lot has been said about Willy Paul in the past but everything about his life and brand changed after Diana Marua accused him of rape attempt; an incident she says occurred a few years back.

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The rape attempt story that has been making news since Diana Marua’s YouTube video is said to have ruined Willy Paul’s life – as he now behaves like an unstable man.

This was revealed by a friend who reached out to Edgar Obare hoping the investigative blogger would help shed some light on the issue as everyone seems to be siding with Diana Marua.

As seen on the screenshot, the friend says Pozee has been drowning in stress and is currently depressed to a point of committing suicide if not helped. The said friend wrote;

Were close with Willy Paul and that’s why I am doing this coz this weekend we were together and I saw how much that guy is suffering manzee. Anatembea kama mtu Amelewa coz of stress.

Not in a good place

So according to the friend, Pozee has not been himself for the past few days and from the look of things – he ain’t behaving normal.

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The friend says Pozee rarely talks like he used to and this is making his friends freak out as they have no idea what he may be thinking. He went on to add;

Please save a soul from committing suicide (sijasema that’s his plan) but that guy is not in a good place saa hii and you’re the only one who can help him clear his name.

Well, honestly this is a tough one and since the two parties want to settle the case in court – probably that’s the only help Pozee might end up getting. That is if his story is true.


Jua Cali celebrates his gorgeous mum’s 70th birthday with sweet tribute as he unveils her face for the 1st time (Photo)

Jua Cali is over the moon to have his turn 70 years and if you thought boys don’t get excited about birthdays; then wait till you see how the gengetone artist celebrated his mum.

Well since not many are making it past the ages of 50 or 55, it is indeed a blessing to have Jua Cali’s mum mark her 70th year around the sun. What’s more surprising is that she actually looks younger than her age; that is judging by the photo shared by Jua Cali to celebrate her.

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Anyway as seen on the gengetone IG page, he went on to mark this special milestone in a post where he wrote;

Jua Cali

Watuuuuuu!!!! Help me wish my Mum a happy 70th Birthday 🎂🎉🎊 Tunakupenda sana mum endelea kublow hizo 🕯 🕯 kabisa!!!

Jua Cali’s mum

Judging from the photo shared above, it’s obvious to see that Jua Cali’s mum is a spiritual person; and is quite active in church as she’s part of the women’s group which can be picked from her outfit.

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Looking at the lady, it’s also evident that she has strong genes which were passed down to her son and now grandchildren who look everything like her.

Anyway, happy birthday to the grandma and many more!


“Will you afford to maintain her lifestyle?” Bahati hits back at critics pushing him to divorce Diana B

So word making rounds on social media is that Diana Marua had a thing with Willy Paul before she met Bahati. However according to Diana B, there was nothing between her and controversial love artist Pozee; but claims he once tried raping her back in Syokimau…..and, let’s just say fans feel played by the ongoing scandal.

The Bahati’s

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Of course they’re those who believe Diana B’s side of the story, considering the number of times Pozee has been exposed by different ladies for his fisi ways.

However Pozee also has his supporters who believe Diana B played the rape card to hide the fact that she had a one night stand with Pozee; but si mlisema Nairobi ni one big bedroom? Ona sasa.

Diana B with hubby, Bahati

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Bahati on divorcing Diana B

Anyway with this scandal escalating, Bahati has come out to speak about his relationship with his wife; following the many mean comments pushing him to divorce Diana B. Speaking in a video shared on social media, Bahati went on to tell off haters saying;

Also read:

I want to state that I am not sorry to every hater outside there who wants me to break up with my wife… You want us to break up, then? Get a life.

Having gotten used to the flashy lifestyle, Bahati further went on to ask the haters whether they would finance her if he left her as advised. He said;

If I give you this girl, will you maintain her? Do you know how expensive she is?


They are saying we did all that for trends. You should also break up with your wife we see if you will trend.

Alaar…aki pesa na mapenzi wewe….anyway there you have it.


Weezdom’s ex girlfriend serving body goals with latest thirst trap photo, leaving no room for imagination

From what I can tell is that there is no much difference between the gospel and secular industry in Kenya. Actually when you think about it, the gospel industry seems to be doing the most in terms of scandals compared to the secular artists.

Anyway I say this because so far we’ve had scandals from Pozee, Bahati, Mr Seed and of course Weezdom who already quit his gospel projects. Before then, many had known him as Bahati’s best friend, then something happened between and Diana Marua Drama; which eventually broke his friendship with mtoto wa mama.

Lovers, Weezdom and Staicey

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Away from that, I’m assuming y’all remember Mylee Staicey the hot thick girlfriend Weezdom was dating a few months ago before parting ways? Well, since her breakup it appears that she has been living life as it should be which explains her latest thirst trap.

Serving Body goals

Lately the lass has been sharing a lot of professional photos on her page but only one caught my attention cause damn; Weezdom may have played himself by leaving her.

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Okay, okay….it’s not that I have forgotten about her alleged relationship with Ezra and his friends; but si waliblame shetani? Anyway despite the cold weather making it hard for most singles out here; I bet Mylee’s body goals photo might just make it feel like summer is already here.

Weezdom’s ex girlfriend, Mylee Staicey

Awwww: Frankie Just Gym It on why he named his daughter after his grandmother

Frankie Just Gym It and Corazon Kwamboka recently welcomed their second child together and guess what, it turned out to be a girl. Like, Frankie Just Gym It’s first and only daughter after 3 boys.

Of course having a girl child in his family came as a blessing not just to him but his entire family as she was born the same year he lost his favorite grandmother. Speaking on a video shared on his YouTube channel, Frankie opened up about his grandmother revealing why he loved her till the last minute.

Corazon Kwamboka with hubby, Frankie Just Gym It

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According to Frankie, he wasn’t privileged to grow around his mum since he travelled a lot; hence leaving the responsibility to his grandma who raised him to be the man he is today. He said;

9 months ago, in march my grandmother passed away…she has been like a rock to me, she raised me. She was the one who was on the ground, my mum had to travel for work. To a point where the table was turned…she raised me to become a man, then she was not able to take care of herself, so I ended up taking care of her

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We’re pregnant and it’s a girl

Having lost her not only hurt him but broke him considering the amount of time he had spent with her all those years. However, after she rested – Frankie says it’s when they realized they were pregnant.

The pregnancy was however special as it turned out to be his first daughter…. a daughter he believes was born to feel the emptiness his grandmother left after she passed on. He went on to add;

When she passed away it really hurt me…after that we found out we are pregnant. When the baby turned out to be a girl, I was like ‘this is the universe speaking to me, this is my grandmother coming back


Kahush introduces hot girlfriend, hints about possible wedding in near future (Photo)

It’s been a while since Kahush dropped a new song but hey – we ain’t complaining since his latest posts suggest he has been working on his personal life; and sadly ladies, the hot fella seems to have recently bagged himself a hottie and no, she ain’t your average girl!

Kahush’s girlfriend

The new kid on the block left most of his female fans heart broken after unveiling a photo of the lady he has been dating for the few months (If not weeks) and yes, she is a hot dark chocolate skinned lass with a simple but classy taste in fashion.

Just like her man, the lady looks a cool kid and looking at her photos; it’s obvious to see that there is some class – and trust me it’s not the forced slay queen kinda vibe.


Well having introduced her to his fans, Kahush recently held a QnA session where he gave fans a chance to interact with him. Of course there are those fans who inquired about his new music; and those who couldn’t wait to ask about his personal life. Like you.

What caught our attention most is the fact that Kahush got to talk about his future plans with the lady; and turns out that he is not in the relationship for fun and games but for life.

He revealed this while responding to a fans who asked;



To which he responded by saying;


So now we wait, right?


It’s a girl! Msupa S unveils her newborn’s adorable face (Photo)

Msupa S just welcomed baby number 2 and the hip hop artist can’t keep calm. Well, after keeping her pregnancy on the low for the first 7 months; Msupa S finally clean about her pregnancy a few months ago after unveiling a baby bump photo.

The news came as a surprise to many since most of her fans were not aware of her Kenyan boyfriend living in the United States. However after going through her posts, many realized that the fella had been quite active on the comment section; and I’m guessing this is how the guy got to bag the hip hop artist.

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Pregnant Msupa S

Well, 9 months later and baby is finally here to keep Msupa S a bit busy. However, this time around she has all the help she needs from her baby daddy; unlike the first one who left her stressed and depressed following certain relationship issues.

Msupa S introduces daughter

Anyway thanks to a new post shared on her Instagram page, we understand that the singer recently welcomed her second baby girl and she couldn’t wait to introduce her to the online family.

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Sharing her daughter’s first photo on Instagram, Msupa S wrote;

My permanent blessings ❤️

Check out the newborn below, isn’t she adorable!

Msupa S newborn daughter

Who’s the daddy? Mulamwah’s ex girlfriend responds to those pushing for daughter to undergo DNA paternity test

It’s been one long weekend and we’re back to the same old scandals but at least with new scripts! Well, after Carrol Sonnie announced her breakup with Mulamwah a few days back; the comedian confirmed the news with new photos of his latest girlfriend – and boy do men move on so fast. Machooos!

Mulamwah moves on so quickly, introduces new girlfriend

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Anyway with that kind of breakup – of course Mulamwah and his baby mama have not been in good terms chini ya maji; and this is something that cannot be hidden that is judging from how they both speak through their social pages.

So, all we know is that Baba Keilah has so far moved on to his latest girlfriend and from the photos and videos shared on his gram; all I can say is that this relationship (between Mulamwah and new bae) did not start yesterday – that is judging from their closeness.

Carrol Sonnie on dating propesa and daughter’s DNA

With Mulamwah enjoying his new found love, his baby mama on the other hand is handling trolls and is responding to false claims linking her to a certain comedian called Propesa. Speaking about this in a recent post, Carrol Sonnie said;

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Mulamwah’s ex, Carrol Sonnie

Hello fam, it’s so BAD seeing people take advantage of the current situation and it’s not even funny…kindly to those who have been posting pictures and saying we are dating please pull them down. This is nothing to play with or rather take advantage of. Sio fiti manze. You are creating a very bad image out there and it’s not good for me and my little angel.

And for those who assume the breakup was caused by baby Keilah’s paternity; Carrol went on to address them saying;

And for those insisting that we should do a DNA to confirm things,that is up to me and mulamwa to decide. They are private matters and keila has NOTHING to do with our differences. Please don’t make this situation harder than it is already for us fam.

But on the reals though….someone needs to protect her peace of mind especially since she just have a baby the other day….because postpartum depression is real.


“Let’s learn to be truthful” Nicah the Queen tells Diana Bahati

So looks like a few people here and there were  aware of Willy Paul and Diana Marua’s fling but chose to keep quiet after Bahati wifed her.

I say this because so far Weezdom has been dragged into the matter and now Nicah the Queen says both her; and ex husband, Dr Ofweneke met Pozee while he visited Diana Marua in her Syokimau apartment a few years back. So meaning, there are more who know of this story.

Nicah the Queen

However according to Nicah the Queen, she feels like Diana Marua may have exaggerated her story after claiming Willy Paul tried to rape her.

This is because at the time Pozee had picked her from Greatwall phase 1 they passed by Phase 2 to say hi to Ofweneke; and Diana who was on the Co drivers seat did not seem uneasy or in any danger – in fact she was singing to a song playing in the car.

Weezdom clinches hard on ¨Nicah the Queen¨

Nicah the Queen opens up

In a detailed video shared by Nicah, the mother of two defends Willy Paul against the allegations made by Diana Marua; saying the lady was too comfortable around the singer at the time  – for her to accuse him of rape.

Judging from her tone it’s obvious to see that Nicah is on Pozee’s side as she insists on the importance of being truthful. Well maybe things may have changed after they left the greatwall residence; but again, could Diana be regretting her one night stand with Willy Paul hence the whole drama? Who knows!