Kamene Goro Celebrates 1st Marriage Anniversary With DJ Bonez

Radio personality Kamene Goro took to social media to celebrate her first wedding anniversary with DJ Bonez in a heartwarming post. Goro, known for her energetic on-air presence, shared her reflections on marriage, expressing her appreciation for love and support.

She acknowledged the challenges and rewards of finding the right partner, emphasizing the importance of companionship and mutual respect. Goro showered her husband DJ Bonez with gratitude, thanking him for his love, care, and unwavering support.

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The message extended to their close friends, Angela Mwasiaji and Jimy 254, who Goro described as constant sources of encouragement and inspiration. She also expressed appreciation for their silent supporters, concluding with a toast to “many more” years together.

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This celebratory post comes after Goro recently addressed online rumors about her pregnancy. She clarified that a recent surgery caused a change in her gait, sparking the unfounded speculation. Goro urged fans to be mindful of jumping to conclusions and to seek out factual information.

Murkomen Calls Out Reckless Drivers As He Plans Action Against Viral Video Of Passengers Hanging Out A Car Window

Kenya’s Cabinet Secretary for Roads and Transport, Kipchumba Murkomen, took to social media on Monday to address a dangerous driving incident. He shared a video of a white Mercedes Benz E-250 speeding down Mombasa Road with two passengers hanging out the windows.

Murkomen used the video to directly address the car’s registered owner, James Gathogo Njeri, highlighting the reckless behavior and potential danger posed to other road users. This public callout serves as a strong reminder of the government’s commitment to improving road safety in Kenya.

The incident comes on the heels of the recent launch of the National Road Safety Action Plan 2024-2028. Announced by President William Ruto on April 17th, the plan outlines a series of measures aimed at curbing reckless driving and reducing road accidents.

These measures include:

  • Zero tolerance policy: Stricter enforcement of traffic laws with no exceptions.
  • Enhanced monitoring: Utilizing technology to improve detection of violations.
  • Instant fines: A system of immediate penalties to deter reckless behavior.

President Ruto emphasized the importance of these new measures, stating, “No one will be exempted from road safety compliance.” The alarming rise in road accidents and injuries has spurred the government to take decisive action.

Murkomen’s public callout, coupled with the new National Road Safety Action Plan, sends a clear message: reckless driving will not be tolerated. The government, along with concerned citizens, is actively working to improve safety on Kenyan roads.

University of Nairobi Students Protest Dire Hostel Conditions

Students at the University of Nairobi (UON) are up in arms over the appalling living conditions in their on-campus housing. The University of Nairobi Student Association (UNSA) held a press conference on Sunday, April 21st, to voice their concerns and demand immediate action from the university administration.

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UNSA President Rocha Madzao, along with other student leaders, highlighted the unacceptable state of the hostels. These issues include:

  • Poor sanitation
  • Inadequate hygiene standards
  • Dilapidated infrastructure, with leaking roofs and faulty drainage systems

“These conditions are detrimental to the well-being and safety of the students,” stated Madzao. “We urge the UON to take immediate and decisive steps to address this pressing issue.”

Students emphasized the urgency of the situation, with one representative pointing out the potential health risks posed by inadequate drainage and leaks. They warned that a university-wide strike would be called within 48 hours if their demands were not met.

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“We are training to be future doctors, architects, and leaders, not deep-sea divers living in flooded rooms,” said a student leader. “The university administration needs to take concrete steps to fix these problems. Otherwise, we will be forced to escalate our actions.”

The students’ protest highlights the importance of safe and healthy living conditions for university students. The situation at UON serves as a reminder for universities across the country to prioritize student well-being and ensure proper maintenance of on-campus housing facilities.

Former KTN Presenter Michael Oyier Dies While Receiving Treatment

The media industry is in mourning after the loss of former KTN presenter Michael Oyier. According to reports, the news presenter died while receiving treatment in Nairobi Hospital.

Media personalities took to social media to mourn the revowned presenter.

Janet Mbugua took to her Instagram to express her shock upon learning about the news. She wrote;

”Just hearing about the passing of Michael Oyier, who I briefly worked with on KTN news in 2009, when I co-anchored a few bulletins with him.

He had such a signature style and voice. Condolences to family, friends, his colleagues and the media fraternity.

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On the other hand, Maina Kageni wrote;

“We have lost a legend. Thank you for everything Michael Oyier… one of the very best newscasters I have ever known…. a true example of commitment, discipline and encouragement!!!! Sincere condolences to the entire media fraternity and the family (Peter, Paul, Olga) and friends. Rest In Peace Michael Oyier……”

Janet Mbugua Narrates Inspiration That Gave Her Confidence Of Calling Her Ex-Boyfriend

Carol Radull also confirmed the news as she wrote;

“Worst news ever. Former KTN and Kiss100 News presenter Michael Oyier died while receiving treatment at Nairobi Hospital.”

Oyier’s death comes just a month after the passing of Rita Tinina; whose prowess in the media industry was also acknowledged. May they rest in peace.

Jackton Odhiambo’s plea to be release on bond after allegedly confessing to murder is sickening

Jackton Odhiambo is either just a cold murderer with zero sympathy or is currently having major mental breakdown or worse – is just a don’t care who wants the court to release him on bond while the police continue their investigations on the murder of Edwin Chiloba- who he had earlier confessed to knocking out cold.

Jackton Odhiambo with late boyfriend, Edwin Chiloba

Well as seen on social media word has it that Jackton Odhiambo recently pleaded with the court for an immediate release, as he hopes to get back to work since he has a family to look after. Okay yea…you read it right. Jackton, a murder suspect has the guts to ask the judge to release him….yet his boyfriend is lying somewhere in a morgue waiting for burial.

With that i guess its onky fair to assume Jackton Odhiambo has clearly lost his mind or has someone powerful protecting him hence his request….I mean, he must have b*lls of steel to assume a judge would release on bond while facing murder trial?

The late Chiloba with Jackton Odhiambo’s girlfriend and newborn

Jackton Odhiambo losing his mind?

Okay, okay I know Maxine Wahome was granted bond after her deadly fight with the late Asad Khan…..but at the time the guy was still alive – but in Jackton’s case – he allegedly killed and stuffed the guy in a metal box…tell me how the law can allow such a person to the public?

Anyway while others feel his recent request is part of him wanting more fame – its also obvious to see it isn’t normal for him to just act like nothing happened. I mean….the guy allegedly killed and broke his late boyfriend’s in a box…..how is that even normal?

Shakilla knows deep down inside kenyans are not buying her Tory Lanez story

Shakilla wants you to know she is not a local socialite but an international one who made $3000 for just twerking while on an international call with one Tory Lanez.

Not quite sure where that came from….i mean we were already aware that she can shake her nyash and still remember what she did to the poor remote….but about the Tory Lanez payment story mmmmmh not so sure. I say this because Shakilla loves the attention and i am 100% sure she would have announced this years ago…..so why mention it now?

Well the only reason i can think of is none other than a clout chasing stunt….how else would you explain the sudden oh i got paid Ksh 300,000 just to dance post?

Shakilla doing the most

If you remember well, just the other day she was out here telling us she wants to feature in adult film (thats if she has not already started) and although we also dont know where that came from…..all we could see is a young lady fighting to remain relevant with a controversial post.

However at this point, tushajua Shakilla anapenda vipindi which is why Kenyans remain unbothered about her Tory story. I mean, inatuhusu aje and wait…if she got the money as she says, why is it that she had to feature on Eric Omondi’s reality shows….na yeye ni superstar? Shakilla anafaa kuzima hiyo kitu…period.

Amira showing off her new man months after nasty breakup means there’s plenty of fish in the sea for everyone

Amira has finally moved on from her ex husband Jimal and thanks to a video shared on her IG, we almost got to see the fine Somali man she has allegedly been seeing for a while now.

This new development comes right after Amber Ray and Kennedy Rapudo announced they are expecting their first child together – and seeing everyone wants to brag about how good life has been to them…..Amira too jumped in, showing off her man dressed in a pink polo shirt and a black hat to hide his face.


Since this was video uploaded on her IG stories, we also got to see that Amira was in the company of her younger son and sister; meaning she is finally comfortable introducing her kids and family to her new found love.

Tycoon behind helicopter rides?

Also now that Amira wants the world to know him, i cant help but wonder – could he be the tycoon behind Jimal’s ex wife lavish lifetsyle?


I mean, despite being kicked out from her Syokimau house – Amira never went online to complain about losing a house….but instead she started parading a high end apartment that she upgraded to….and from the rumors, seems like her new zaddy has enough to spend on both her and the boys……and now you can understand why Jimal has been claiming money isn’t everything.

If you know, you know! Akothee introduces boyfriend to the ‘green lodge’ and he likes it

Singer Akothee has been having lots of fun with her new found love and we cant blame her for that. Lately she has been sharing nothing but happy posts on social media and despite losing her pregnancy a few weeks back – she’s back to entertaining her man.

So, if i may ask when was the last time you had fun with your spouse? Like have some cute fun and games just to keep things spiced up? I bet you don’t remember but thanks to Akothee, she gets to remind you how love feels in the money moon months.

As seen on a new post, Akothee brings out her kienyeji side by introducing her caucasian fiancé, Omondi to the green lodge….if you know you know….and its just hilarious coming from the mother of 5. Imagine at 40 years, Akothee still behaves like post teen and we love it….i mean who wants boring when you can get extra with Akothee?

Akothee showing Omondi her kienyeji side

Well, since many dont know what the green lodge means then watching Akothee’s new video might just help you figure what that means….not forgetting also show you how wild she can get.

Ahh Mr OMONDI Deno ,it was just a joke Yes we called it green lodge but I never had an action here ???????????? Omondi weri koda @misteromosh

And you still wonder why Akothee can find love at 40 something years, yet you and your gorgeous 20 something age can’t bag a man…..inaitwa kujituma.

Justina Syokau quiting gospel music to venture into church ministry is a business upgrade

Justina Syokau has a new song dubbed Twendi Twendi Thili and unlike her other songs, this one is receiving much criticism since she decided to talk about kupanuliwa in the song.

 People have really trolled me, the hate I am getting for singing is too much. I wonder what you want me to do for you, when I sing you should be happy. I am always begging you to give me jobs instead you just keep trolling and insulting me,

Well, seeing that kenyans misinterpreted her song – the gospel artist held an interview recently to explain her message as well as announce she is now quitting music to start an online Facebook church.

According to Justina, her main reason for quitting music is because she now believes there are people out to destroy her career. Okay wait…with how bad things have been for kenyans, honestly who has time to waste plotting against Justina?

Clout chaser

But then again, you have to remember most Kenyan artists depend on clout to survive in the music indutry; and just like the rest – Justina Syokau is already pulling her stunts on social media.

Speaking on the career change, Justina Syokau said;

2023′ is the last song am releasing because the trolls have become too much, I am now starting a church I will be going live on my Facebook page to preach and prophecy.

Think about it, if it were you – wouldnt you also pick a career with more money? I mean churches have proven to be great investments and the best part is that people are willing to pay to cash to ‘see’ God.

Amber Ray should have waited before starting a family with Kennedy Rapudo

Amber Ray just got engaged to Rapudo the other day and I remember saying this was done abit too early considering they had just dated for a few months.

But since mlisema mapema ndo best, guess what – Amber now has a bun in the oven and from her post – seems like this was a planned pregnancy….which could be a good thing but at the same time, a mistake considering they’re still getting to now each other.

However, we also have to remember it’s their life and as much as we are telling them what they should have done…..truth is – all they’re hearing is background noise.

Mapema ndo best

Okay….I know its none of our business that Amber Ray got pregnant (again) before walking down the aisle with her new found love; but having had enough experience with her relationship with Jimal, one would think she learnt her lesson – but mapens ni mapens.

Rapudo proposes to Amber Ray

Anyway judging from the comments left by her fans, seems that most agree she should have waited till marriage; but then again, time is moving a little bit too fast and so is her age…..so why not.

Well with a baby on the way – at least Amber Ray now has something new to keep her busy instead of attacking her ex co wife, Amira.

Simple boy should avoid Pritty Vishy like a plague – she’s a bully

Pritty Vishy isn’t planning on letting Simple Boy breathe even after he left her a few months back. We say this because – right before the holidays, Vishy released a new song dedicated to her ex man – Simple Boy and judging from the lyrics….Vishy will never respect Stevo Simple Boy even if he was the last man on earth.

Yes, you see for a relationship to survive – there must be love, trust and above all respect – something Vishy will never know about, that is judging from how she talks about Simple Boy.

Actually listening to her new song dedicated to Simple Boy proves that Pritty Vishy has been the problem in her own relatinships; because for some reason anataka kukalia wababa wake sana….and luckily for our boy Stevo, he dodged that bullet right on time.

Stivo Simple boy spotted with ex, Pritty

Pritty Vishy needs to calm down

For that reason, we now have every right to advise Simple Boy on the importance of avoiding such a woman in his life, because clearly this one has enough daddy issues showing from how she treats her men.

And with how humble Stevo is, having him in a relationship with Vishy will not just make him a weaker man but an unhappy one. Well, chances are that he either looks for a kienyeji or stays celibate for the rest of his life….because clearly, Pritty Vishy isn’t what he wants for a wife.

Sauti Sol always pulling the victim card

Sauti Sol is risking the chances of getting cancelled by their own fans thanks to the stunt they pulled this past weekend during Sol Fest.

From what fams are claiming is that Sol Fest was fun not because Sauti Sol stepped on stage and decided to perform their best songs; but because other artists like Nadia and Konde Boy actually gave electrifying performance despite being among the first opening acts of the show.

Sauti Sol on the other allegedly decided to show up at 3AM while most of their fans are worn out, passed out and way to wasted to care who was performing at the time. Most actually felt used by the boy band: who on the other hand are claiming Fans always use them as a punching bag. Actually what Savara wrote in Sauti Sol’s defence is that;


Guilty as charged

Well, seeing that its not Bien who is out to speak for the team also says alot. I mean, he is always the first one to defend his brothers but this time around, Bien amenyamaza kama maji ya mtungi.

Well, the only i believe Bien hataki story mingi is because he knows they were wrong for disappointing the same people giving them views on YT; and whats even worse….Savara pulled the victim card before consulting his mates and now, now everyone is talking about the band being over-rated and not forgetting those who are ready to drag them on social because – they’re big mad!

Samidoh bitter after baby mama dumps him

Honestly, we have been waiting for Samidoh to speak up after Karen Nyamu announced she had decided to end her relationship with Mugithii singer Samidoh; now that she has realized her love for him is making her come off dramatic and just a troubled lady.

Samidoh and baby mama, Karen Nyamu

Okay….we agree that this time around she is making sense but the unfortunate bit is that she had to be dragged in mud for her to learn; and although she says kitu hananga ni haya – trust me, Karen Nyamu must have felt sh!+y after learning that her own baby daddy asked bouncers to throw her off the stage.

Yaani, mtu wako. Your own pillar of strength asked security to kick you out…ata kama she was drunk, dramatic, wild? Thats the mother of your kids. But then again, if not that situation – probably miss Nyamu would have continued hanging on, hoping she too would get recognition from Samidoh….but machooos!

Karen Nyamu

Samidoh responding to fans

Anyway days after the incident, Samidoh’s fans continue to troll him now that he got dumped by Senator Karen Nyamu; and as seen online, one of his followers wrote:

Samidoh wacha kujifanya hujui uliachwa na Nyamu (stop pretending as if you don’t know Nyamu has left you.)

To which Samidoh hit back with;

Mtu akijua nalipwa aje? (so if one knows how will that pay me?

A response i feel was unnecessary especially since it came off abit ‘sensitive’ kidogo aumwe na roho kinda situation; and with this – i can bet he is not going to let this slide without a huge apology……but question is – Senator akona nguvu ya kusema no?

Amber Ray and kennedy Rapudo: Showing us how blended families work

I know there are so many prophets of doom who have already foreseen the ugly ending between Amber Ray and Kennedy Rapudo; but then again, si tulisema pia ya Karen Nyamu itaisha na machoozi…..and now look.

Anyway whether its a shortterm relationship or long-term one thing we are learning from the couple is that blended families now work better than they did in the past. This is after the two linked up their kids (from previous marriages) for a family day out and judging from the posts shared online – lets just say wamefit so perfect kama glove.

This is also shows us the kind of relationship Rapudo has with his ex wife….and so far – the two appear to have moved on and are just coparenting – meaning they both have a right to introduce their kids to their new partners.

Amber Ray and Amira on kids

Asking how i know? Well, a while back Amira called out Amber Ray for allagedly trying to communicate with one of her sons (Amira’s) and this brought too much drama….and i am guessing its because Amira had not accepted that Amber Ray as Jimal’s potential wife.

However if she had, i am guessing Amber Ray would loved to have them as small brothers to her first and only child, Gavin – but it ended in tears.Anyway- at the end of the day everyone is different, but then again we are starting to see why Rapudo fell in love with Amber Ray…..she makes a good mum.

Karen Nyamu should have left Samidoh the 1st time he publicly denied dating her

One thing we have always said is that mambo ya watu wa wiwili ni ngumu and although many feel that Karen Nyamu should have learnt her lesson from her fight in Dubai – chances are that she may reconcile with her baby daddy, Samidoh.

Amerukwa! “I never left my wife of 11 years for another woman” Samidoh denies relationship with Karen Nyamu

Samidoh wildling with wife, Edday

Okay, before that happens again….lets discuss Karen Nyamu’s biggest mistake that has now left her looking desperate and dramatic – all in the name of love….but whoever she loves seems not to feel the same way – which leaves us wondering, Kwani Karen Nyamu hajiamini?

I mean, the senator is not only an independent woman but one with brains (book smart), beautiful and quite lovable….but from the way she has potrayed herself the past few months makes it easy to see right through her – and yes like you guessed, Karen Nyamu is not a hopeless romantic but just another woman in her 30’s afraid to grow old alone.

Side chick drama? Karen Nyamu reacts after singer Samidoh publicly denies having serious relationship with her

Samidoh with his bubbly and fun baby mama, Karen Nyamu

Karen Nyamu one step from being denied thrice like Jesus

Well, months ago after Karen Nyamu spilled details of her affair with Samidoh, we all saw how the fella handled the situation by choosing his wife over Karen Nyamu.

Actually, what he did was announce that he only has one wife that is Edday…..a stunt that we assumed would have taught Miss Nyamu a lesson…but no she still went ahead and continued dating Samidoh thinking she was part of his life.

However after the Dubai stunt, its obvious to see that Samidoh was only having fun since once again….he publicly embarrassed Karen Nyamu by having her kicked out of his event….get this…a few hours after they had spent the night together in Dubai. Toxic. Toxic.

Well, Karen Nyamu now says she is done with the guy – but watu wamejifunika duvet moja huwezi jua…..lets give the breakup shelf life of two weeks, and see whether Karenzo will not be crawling back to her man.

Former Manzi wa TRM finally understands you can’t take a man off the streets and turn him to a husband

Caro Leehavi who was popularly known as Manzi wa TRM before dropping the name seems to be facing some relationship problems, a few weeks after she had reconciled with boyfriend, Weezdom.

You see, the two rekindled their old flame months after Caro Leehavi exposed the fella for being a womanizer who was playing both her and Weezdom’s ex Miley Stacey. Whats actually funny is that Caro made sure she had tainted the guys name to a point we never thought they would get back together….but mapenzi ya watu wawili ni ngumu.

Mylee with bae, Weezdom

Anyway, despite the drama – Caro Leehavi still reconciled with Weezdom as seen on several posts (now deleted or archived) shared on her page; and for a minute the two seemed quite in love as they kept throwing pet names like babe, mpenzi around.

Bittersweet love

The two went as far as taking traditional couple goal photos, convincing us that this time around it would end in marriage.

Weezdom with ex, Manzi wa TRM

However Caro has lately been sharing posts about love hurting and why women should always put themselves first….and I am like – wait – tena wameachana? Weezdom amefanya ile kitu tena.

Well, as much as we want to sympathize with Caro Leehavi – I also feel like she got herself in the mess when she decided to take the guy back…..thinking she would make him a better man.

However truth is, no woman can change a grown man hivyo tu. A grown man knows what he wants and will keep doing what he feels is right no matter how much he is loved by a woman.

Again…..if he has real feelings for you, he will adjust his ways to ensure he keeps you but if he doesnt….that man is for the streets, and the sad part is that youll keep trying to fix something you didn’t break until you lose yourself in the mix.

And look…. Caro Leehavi is now dealing with a heartache she would have dodged months ago.

Size 8 has every right to deny services from an LGBTQ member

Jony the hairdresser must be tripping judging from an expose he did on Size 8 where he claims the preacher is a judgemental person….and although she preaches the word of God, she doesnt practice it at all.

This was after Size 8 turned down his services and from Jony The Hairdressers view, this happened because – Size 8 believes he is gay. Well, being one who cross dresses and wears full makeup – i mean what else would the preacher assume?

Anyway sharing his experience with his followers, Jony through his social media pages wrote;

True story loves , the so called “gospel ladies “ apparently canceled on me based on the fact that I’m “gay” from the things I post here . I’m a believer of Christ and one thing I know ,God is just and loving . He has sustained and elevated me all my life , so if anyone doesn’t want to associate themselves with sinners they might as well leave their adulterous partners. Real question though,how do y’all get to judge based on someone’s sexuality?This is an “A class hypocrisy “.And y’all should be ashamed .I understand we all have preferences but let it be work related , my delivery of the work ! . Kwanza who said I’m gay ?

Entitlement much?

Okay Okay….I know Jony the hairdresser just tried to pull the gay card by asking who even said he is gay…..but darling – your page says it all.

Jony the hair designer


But then again, were not here to point fingers – but show Jony the hairdresser why his rant was irrelevant and unnecessary to share online; yet – this is something he would have addressed in private – keeping in mind that everyone is entitled to their opinions…and whether LGBTQ or not – Size 8 is allowed to say no.

Also, what are the chances that Size 8 is the first and only client that has ever refused services from the stylist? I mean….these things are never that serious to a point they end up online, right? You can easily walk into a store and they refuse to serve you, will you through tantrums or cause drama? It’s there right to do that….and if unhappy, sue them and see how far the case will go. Sigh.

Unless there is proof of name calling or insults ….Jony needs to hold his horses next time.

Nicholas Kioko’s song is proof as to why Kenyan music can not make it past our borders

Nicholas Kioko and girlfriend Wambow Ashley are expecting their first child together and yes – this is just one of the many blessings these two have received this year.

So far, we understand the guy is ranked among the most successful content creators in the country and looking at his journey – indeed Nicholas has put in work to get where he is today.

Nicholas Kioko

Well apart from that, looks like Nicholas Kioko has been keeping a hidden talent which he recently exposed by realising his first song featuring his girlfriend; and judging from how netizens reacted….mmmmh let us just say – music isnt for everybody but again, it’s a business with good money when you have a godfather.

Kenyan musicians

Get this….we are not saying Nicholas Kioko can’t sing or his music is basic….but all we are saying is that he could have done better now that kenyans are asking for new unique content…ie Sauti Sol’s Lil Mama or even Bahati’s vernacular songs.

I mean, with the way other artists have been trying to keep up with artists from other countries, maybe….just maybe…we would have expected Nicholas Kioko to borrow a thing or two. How else are we to compete or have radio stations playing local music and not Tz or Nigerian music?

Maybe i am wrong but judging from some of the comments left under the music video…i want to believe that I am not the only one who feels Kioko would have done better.

Well, the quality of the video is however impressive.

Pritty Vishy kissing a girl is just another experiment to remain relevant

Okay, it clearly appears that Pritty Vishy is fighting to remain relevant in the industry but without having Stivo Simple by her side….things aren’t working out like before.

Problem is, she can’t go back to the guy especially after she mocked him and openly confessed to cheating on him…a stunt that made Stivo Simple look less of a man.  But again, this happened a few months back when everyone in the indutsry wanted a piece of Pritty Vishy and I guess the fame and attention got to her head, hence the attitude.

Stivo Simple boy spotted with ex, Pritty

However what Pritty Vishy did not know is that Kenyans can easily give you short term fame and forget you even existed come the next day….something I now believe Pritty Vishy is currently experiencing.

Doing it for clout

But thanks to her team, seems like Vishy is now willing to fight for her spot in the industry and what better way to keeps tongues wagging by exchanging Saliva with a female bestie, Becky Akinyi.

Having been a good girl from the word go, this was kinda surprising but also daring coming from Pritty Vishy…and although people have been throwing shade – mmmh can’t say the boychild community has any problems with Vishy sharing such content – if thats her passion. They’ll watch and support.

Pritty with Georgina


Anyway the kissing stunt comes just days after she was seen carrying Georgina Njenga like a baby…sigh…but si mlisema mnataka content.

Reasons why Butita and Mammito’s love boat is finally drowning after years of dating

Okay….before i even say anything – Butita says he never attended Mammito’s event…yet there are those who claim they saw him at the venue and infant in the company of Mammito. So who do we believe?

Or wait…could they teaching us how to mind our business? Because one minute iko ivi and the next...mara oh ni uongo…but can’t say we’re not learning, right?

Eddie Butita with Mammito

Anyway whether together or not, below are a few reasons I feel may have led to the facing challenges in their romantic relationship; which then led to the alleged breakup.

No growth

From what we know is that Butita and Mammito have been dating for years, their relationship remains at the same position. No growth in terms of engagement, marriage or even a baby – and this is an obvious red flag since you just can’t be a boyfriend or a girlfriend for more than 5 years – and you dont know where its headed.

Celebrity status

Can you imagine the kind of pressure these two have been putting up in their DM’s. Well, looking at how fine Butita is, i am pretty sure he has a few ladies in the DMs giving him sleepless nights lol….and Mammito – well, shes a beautiful woman – so imagine the tycoons who have been eyeing her. Another major reason as to why celebrities avoid dating fellow celebs.

Butita with wife, Mammito


Just like other relationships, chances are that these two eventually outgrew each other after years of dating; and now that they have evolved and mingled with many other people – chances are that they’re no longer compatible as lovers.


With Butita having 30 and Mammito having clocked 29 years…..mmmmh, I can say they are agemates and as you already know….this type of relationships never end up in marriage and as you can see…these two might have ended a beautiful relationship after years of dating.

Harmonize needs therapy & time off relationships to fix himself

When Harmonize left Wolper Stylish for his now Italian Ex wife, there are many who threw shade at actress Wolper claiming she was too old for Harmonize…but what many didnt want to hear is how much she had invested in the guys life only to be battered and dumped last minute.

Harmonize with ex, Wolper

Well, same case to that of Italian ex wife Sarah Michelloti who he ‘abused’ mentally to a point he would have open affairs, simply because he nolonger felt the same way. Just like fans did with Wolper, they also blamed Sarah Michelloti for her failed marriage and now the lady relocated back to her country to after a nasty heartbreak.

Anyway like they say, every dog has its day or rather siku za mwisho ni arobaini and finally we’re starting to see the toxic traits in Harmonize that could be affecting his relationships now that he recently literally beats Kajala out of their relationship.

Harmonize is broken

Well having had a bitter exit from WCB and losing close friends like Diamond Platnumz – not forgetting the pain he went through that period….I feel like Harmonize is a man with q bruised ego.

This is because he was betrayed by those closest to him making him have trust issues and his only way of releasing the pressure is by hitting his women. Like honestly, have you seen how big that guy is? Not forgetting that he works out on a daily basis, so yea one punch from him and you’re out.

So yea – with each and every woman walking out due to his anger issue or ego – maybe its time Harmonize worked on his issues before involving himself with somebody elses daughter. If not – I guess he’ll keep up with his trend till the end.

Esther Musila happy marriage to Guardian Angel proves age is nothing but a number when it comes down to genuine love

Esther Musila who in her 50’s appears to look happier each day and i want to believe this is because she found her soulmate, Guardian Angel who is in his early 30’s who she recently married.

With a 20 year age difference of course this couple didn’t have it easy the first weeks they announced their relationship online; and from the comments we saw, many seemed to imply Guardian Angel was in on it for the money….while Esther Musila was bashed for eyeing ‘small children’ but either way, they never let this affect their new found love.

So why do you think a woman at Esther Musila’s age can relate so well with a 30 something year old man?


Well I can only imagine that Guardian Angel has proven his Maturity is on the same level as to that of Esther Musila….which is why they can have grown up conversations and handle things as two grown ups….otherwise, I dont think Musila would risk raising another woman’s son when she already raised her now adult children.

Genuine love

With real love, relationships work out naturally. It doesnt matter whether youre having bad days or arguments every now and then…..because love has qualities you cant fake…maybe for months, but not for years.

Mr and Mrs Guardian Angel

Old soul

It’s either Guardian Angel has an old soul inside his 30 something body or Musila has a young Soul – because how else would i explain why these two click so well to a point they settled down as man and wife despite their age difference.

Celebrities who keep turning the same age year after year

I totally agree that women fear aging and if anything 99% of them lie about their ages and funny thing is that our own favorite female celebrities actually do it in public eye.

For this reason, I have come up with a small list of renowned female celebrities who have been turning the same age year after year….forgetting their physical appearances say something totally different.


Well Huddah has been in the industry for over 15 years now and i say this because she was among the featured video vixens on song Manyake released in the early 2000; meaning she must have been legal by then or around 17 years….and almost 20nyears later, she claims to be in her early 30’s….like how? Not possible and the only explanation is that she chooses to lie about her real age, yet their are videos from 2000’s showing a grown Huddah.

Vera Sidika

Okay, although she never featured in any music videos from early 2000’s – all we know is that for sure, Vera Sidika lies about her age too. Asking how we know? Well, she used to be besties with Huddah back when they hustled together and having been in the industry for over 14 years….you cant tell me Vera Sidika is still 31 years. Maybe late 30’s if not early 40’s.


Rapper Ssaru claims she just turned 19 years as of 2022….and I don’t want to burst her bubble but gurl you look nothing like a 19 year old unless she’s on something making her age faster than her actual years on earth. Anyway, what many feel is that she could be in her mid if not late 20’s.

Shorn Arwa

Youtuber/content creator and a marketing influencer Shorna Arwa continues to insist that she is in her early 20’s and although we like her and want to hang on to every word she says
…..problem is – her looks say something different. Maybe late 20’s or early 30’s – but still, she looks great.

Female celebrities should learn a thing or two about privacy from Femi One

I consider Femi One as one of those female rappers who understand their role in the entertainment. This is because she owes her celebrity status to her music that has given her recognition over the years.

Rapper Femi One

One thing for sure is that her journey and growth as a rapper has had its share of up and downs…sometimes missing in action but all through – she maintains a very private life something not many female celebrity relate with.

Low key and still afloat

Unlike most who use their personal lives to keep their celebrity status afloat, Femi One has for years maintained a private life with or without new music.

Femi One in lingerie

Don’t get me wrong, I did not say she doesn’t post photos or videos in the company of those she considers friends…because what I mean is – she keeps her personal life off the grid.

Well, you may agree with me….but show me another female celebrity who doesn’t use their personal life to create abuzz online.

Pretty Vishy is giving relationship advice to the wrong crowd

Pritty Vishy is back and this time around she is not about to put up with any nonsense especially from men. The lass revealed this in a post where she took a swipe at men saying they cheat too much – and this is why she remains single.

Pritty Vishy with bae, Madini

Okay last we checked, her relationship with Madini Classic turned out to be clout and i guess the only real boyfriend we met is Stivo Simple boy; a man that walked out of her life because of her cheating ways….alafu today, Pritty Vishy says men are the problem when it comes to relationships.

As seen in her post the socialite went on to add that despite a man bagging himself a good woman, he still ends up cheating;

Stivo Simple boy spotted with ex, Pritty

Let me just remind you..meeeeehn are never satisfied hunny..let no man make you change your personality, shape career for him to be with you. A man will have a very nice figure, classy and a wife at home and still chieft [cheat] with a fat, unshaped (fupi round) who is a maid????????…main message don’t let a man tell you what to do,who to be,and the kind of a body he want juu bado ata CHEEEEAT????‍????️????‍????️????‍????️

Practice what you preach

Well like i earkier mentioned, the reason Pritty Vishy is now single is becauese Stivo Simple couldn’t put up with her cheating ways; a statement she personally confirmed during an interview with Mungai Eve saying;

I have ever cheated on him, but with 3 wababas. The wababas used to spoil me with money, but Stevo did not know it. I do not feel guilty about it, there’s no room for regret.

And now she is a victim? Okay…okay i know its tough out here and they no longer make men like they used to….but come on Pritty Vishy why should we take relationship advises from you when we all know you played our boy Stivo Simple? Or should I shout Karma?

Karen Nyamu should not be worried about Samidoh’s other wives teaming up against her

So we have all been right to say that Edday Nderitu and Bernice Saroni have been ganging up against Karen Nyamu who they feel is not only a husband snatcher but a woman with maybe no morals.

Samidoh with his first wife, Edday

The two best friends proved this a while back in a post shared by Bernice Saroni where she took a swipe at side chicks who ruin other women’s marriages….to which Edday Nderitu responded by saying:

It all starts with a man who doesn’t respect his family, Then comes a side chick who thinks she is better than the wife, then comes children who suffer because of two selfish people and that’s why suicide in pre-teens and teens has increased.

And it was at this moment we realized that Edday Nderitu will never accept the fact that her husband Samidoh has Karen Nyamu as his second wife. Although on the response you can clearly see she blames men for entertaining side chicks…still, she also blames the women.

Why Karen Nyamu’s response was unnecessary

Well, being one who cannot keep calm after getting roasted online wait….actually no one roasted her. What happemed is, Edday Nderitu and Bernice Saroni just came up with a stunt they knew would get to Ms Nyamu….and look, they were right.

Anyway having seen her ‘cowives’ gang up against her – Ms Nyamu decided let me show these women that I am unmoved and shared the post below;

Which I now feel was uncalled for. I mean, why engage while she already has the man in her corner why care about anything else and I am sure she’s heard kelele za chura hazimzuii ng’ombe Kunywa maji, so why bother?

I mean, last we checked Ms Nyamu had revealed how she steps up to get tenders for Samidoh to give Edday and still….she gets mocked around..mmmh hapana haiwezi.